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The Manchester Soul Festival at The Printworks 2018

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The Manchester Soul Festival at The Printworks 2018 magazine cover

Hi all...and wow...just realised I haven't been in here possibly this year....time flies and all that and hope you are all well!x I do contribute to forums and the like elsewhere but am busy so do forget to pop in here. However...I don't go to many doo's these days possibly 3 or 4 a year mainly Charity based functions on a National scale so perhaps don't have much to say in here....'hard core' you lot is!!x So..it is a Charitable event that brings me here...The Printworks. I have been involved since day 1...SUPER folk and no hassle...however after 2 years of being stuck in the Bierkeller for 16 hours DJing...LUV'd IT mind...I have chosen to be a free spirit these last 2 years and make an independent film of it....and it goes down MASSIVE!!x I am sure I put last years in here...170,000 watched that...well chuffed...and in just 2 weeks...50,000+ have watched the 2018 one....and I present it here for your enjoyment!!x Incidentally...the 'Togetherness' of Kings Hall in 2003 film has surpassed 1.6 million views since putting it on line in 2014!!x On that basis...whilst I don't say much anymore....what I have done and said....looks like resonating...forever....! There's quantity...and quality...I do prefer the latter!x I actually was at Kings Hall last week...friend owns a business behind it....gobsmacked to walk around the corner and there it was...!!x

Wishing you all a SUPER 2018...or Xmas now.......as I say time does fly when one is happy out there!x Thanx for reading X


48,000 came through the Printworks on the day...and so far £30,000+ has been raised from this years event with more coming in...and that...is Official.....job being done...X


Click here for film>>>> MSF The Printworks 2018...according to Sooty!!x



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You will be bringing your records as well as the camera next year for sure. Top film as always my good mate.

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Great to see you again sooty like Kiddo said bring your records next year and come play in our room mate.

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