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  1. SOOTY

    poltical posts in freebasing - views?

    Dunno Pete.....but we arrive in the morning Amigo!!!x @@ ~ X
  2. SOOTY

    poltical posts in freebasing - views?

    There....consider me 'told' Maslar hehe...and your welcome!!x As said...I don't do 'chat' and certainly can't be ar*ed with being 'organised'...hehe...FREEEEDOMMMM...!"!x Honestly many in here have been...know out of any worth? Does anyone really want to know the truth anyway? Naaa...just 'chat' on the whole. Not being condescending...just honest...I live in the real world and deal with its consequences and by mentioning i..
  3. SOOTY

    poltical posts in freebasing - views?

    P.S.....i've been at Grenfell...since day 2 of the fire. Helped organise the 11 separate factions/Community groups that surround the Tower to form 1 voice to confront and bring to justice those who did wrong. The 'truth' of that HORRIFIC situation has still not been aired or seen by 'the masses'. No talking in forums has come near it either. I have attended meetings at Westminster several times with victims.....and perhaps am the mos..
  4. SOOTY

    poltical posts in freebasing - views?

    Miss you too Maslar....hahahahah!!!x Get ureself together Bruv....editing ure post then!x You did say it....'why should folk stalk' in essence....?!x I 'stalked' the Russian mini fleet as it went through the Channel en route to Syria....never said a word to them...but learnt looooads!!!x Don't look for a 'response'...I never do...I just speak...put it 'out there'...end of. Yes if folk want to respond...i'll engage....but i..
  5. SOOTY


    Finally....before I go...and I don't frequent this or any other 'forums' anymore outside of FB...too busy in the real world...X However...I do get messages from friends I made in here over the years and certainly have missed many of your birthdays and the like!!x make amends for's my Baby Gurl now 2 Lexy....doing that for me...!x At 56....being a Dad again....well...can't recommend it tbf....BUT....LOVE IT...and h..
  6. Morning all!x I am a positive guy and don't have time for sh*te...misery or Eastenders cr* many know. However....we are all human...and fail on occasion. This is one of those moments I failed a friend...and feel bad...and so try to make amends by 'remembering him' to you all here...X Yes...i've had a horrible couple of weeks of late....excuses of sorts. I was due to go to France to join Media friends and Police pals for a Charl..
  7. SOOTY

    poltical posts in freebasing - views?

    Morning!x Besides crooning about Women or Men...most of the music 'we' endear to ourselves was done by many 'kids' who were Politically aware in their day. 1000's of tunes have a 'message' it seems sad to think we are thinking there is a 'divide' between such things and we shouldn't mix them in debate on a 'Soul' forum or be contemplating getting rid of such platforms within it. Our Souls are stirred by such things....i've made ..
  8. SOOTY

    State of the Union??!!!x

    Found this I made for the intended 'release' last Xmas...!!x The trailer came from a warped video which is all I had at the time!!!x It WILL be up in full for this one.....X Definitely outta here and will be back for Xmas....!x By the way Geeselad...Nick Knowles of SOS DIY fame LUVS his Northern too...!!x He came to me with £20 Million and 100 workers for the Grenfell folk...he knew i'd helped organise/co-ordinate the people su..
  9. SOOTY

    The Casualeers

    BRILLIANT....luvly to read folk are still respecting our roots with quality tunes!x I first heard Dance Dance Dance in my school youth club aged 14 mid 70's. Luv'd it....made me dance. When I made a decision to DJ on the Northern scene it was among the first 100 records I bought...from Robyn Gourlay...!x That was '93. By 94 I had a mint Roulette demo and was dead proud of it!x So...I get asked to DJ at the 100 Club Xmas Party '94/5 ..
  10. SOOTY

    State of the Union??!!!x

    Thanx Patto and all...X I do miss popping in and can say the same for many other personal/chillout forums/websites featuring interests I have. In essence...I devoted myself to some National tragedy's in the past 2 years.....and a moral 'crusade' against some National outfits protecting peedo and other degenerate types of abuse. Politics plays a part too...and carries responsibility. I travel 2000 miles a week UK wide on average visit..
  11. SOOTY

    State of the Union??!!!x

    I can say without hesitation he certainly was Geeselad....and the 'evidence' is confirmed on the Wigan 30th as good friend and 'hard core' Soulie features on there in an interview I did with him.....his job then...and for 20 years??......roadie for Motorhead!!!x He sat in the gantries Worldwide sorting the light show out from a laptop....headphones on listening to Northern as Lemmy Aced the spade from the stage....!!!x Tony collected..
  12. ...I play it EVERY time I dj at party's.....and used to at my Soul Nights in the 90' myself.....whilst packing away with the lights on.....since I added it to my collection in '93!x I was prepared.....!x @@ ~ LUV SOOTY X
  13. Hi all!x Sorry I haven't popped in for over a year I think....been busy UK wide doing this and that in the real world...oh....and trying hard to remember from 29 years ago how often to change a nappy and the like due to a very late addition to my family in the form of a baby Gurl named Lexy who is now 22 months old...with a ready made Bro of 29...Siss of 27 and is an Aunty to a 5 and 3 year old........and it kicks off when the Furby ..
  14. SOOTY

    Your Current Must Watch Tv ?

    The Young Pope series.....Jude Law....I think his best ever performance and right 'deep' stuff!x Thoroughly enjoyed!x I did mention 'Westworld' series when it got started in this thread.....and did satisfy my interests to the end too!x @@ ~ LUV SOOTY X
  15. SOOTY

    Seen Any Good Films Recently

    Saw 'FILTH' t'other day.........never seen owt like it.....since Trainspotting as the ad sez!!!!x Glad I don't do drugs anymore....that woulda been a mess watching it for sure!!!!xhehe!x Off to Edinburgh/Glasgow this week......will walk some of those streets featured......quite scared now...and definately won't glance at any blonde lady's!!!!x @@ ~ LUV SOOTY X