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  1. Le Lexy is my 'significant other' and i'm happy with that Pete!x However....a dog doesn't tell me i'm 'ridikoloss'....!!!!xhehe!x That terminology comes from her Mam aimed at me I gather....but I do get my own back on the annual 'family' trip we have together to the seaside....!!!!x I also luv Lexy's bravery in givng it laaaarge....but....like her Mam when it comes down to it....runs a mile...which is why I care for both!!x Enjoy your peace...and quiet...whilst you can mate!!x You've heard of the chicken run...well this is the swan scarper....hehehahahahah!!x @@ ~ LUV SOOTY X realworld.mp4 chickenrunyt.mp4
  2. Hi all!x Some of you have waited 3+ years for this....and it is finally coming!x Due to a new dawn that enables the next event to reach its full potential I am pleased to announce that the film I made of the original first ever Dancing on the Comedy Carpet for Cancer Research UK is being edited for release...for free for all!x Many 'faces' featured on it and lots of happiness was had...so super to be able to share that joy now the...err...comedian...has 'retired'!x Here's a 'taster' of what's to come and indeed the Local Authority have granted permission to the new Committee running the event the right to hold the event on the Sunday Bank Holiday 26th May 2019....I...will be there...and look forward to what I believe will be the biggest attendance yet........there to do....as I said 3 years ago!!!x Enjoy and I will be back with the full film when done!x LUV SOOTY X taster2018fb.mp4
  3. I do seem to produce gorgeous Gals Peter....and yup she'll be joining the endless stream of heart breakers i'm sure!!x Off on a UK trek tomorrow taking in Scotland and the South Coast and all in between including Manchester...Birmingham...Newcastle...and .so will see upon my return what is well....and what ain't my old Mate!x Me personally.....always good and looking forward to spending every minute i can with Lexy as she gets older! I see her once a week every week....more than what i did with my first two who I saw once a week max although not 'quality' time with them....that was for their first 10 years....then for the next 7 I was out at NS doo's every weekend I came home so they saw even less of me....and I regret it all today...the lack of time with them bit!x So 3rd chanced Peter and i'm taking it....!x Here's a pic of my eldest daughter Nats....she married last year and lives outside Beverley near Hull now....gorgeous gal too....and Lexy's Mam...6ft 1" bruiser....and I have the marks to prove it...hehe!!x My Son got married a few weeks back too....both him and Natalie danced at Northern doo's as kids...proper little Cambridge Stompers.....but sadly suffered the downside of me and their Mams 'come down' after our intense involvement with it....so aren't interested today! Hopefully Lexy will take an interest in the vinyl...she loves music and dancing...so on the right track and I can leave her my collection to be appreciated....and not flogged as 'good riddance to that'...hehe!!x Thanx for asking mate and hope all's well your end!x LUV SOOTY X
  4. Morning!x Just scrolled through the pics posted since I last popped in a week or two ago....and sorry i can't click 'like' to them all as i'd be here all day....but SUPER stuff and thanx for sharing!x Here's a funny moment i've had since I posted my last lot of pics.....my baby girl 'givin it laaarge'.....until i told her a Tiger was coming...hehe!!x LUV IT...and her!x Linton Zoo near Cambridge!x Popped in t share another 'film' that is overdue...the 1st Comedy Carpet event back in 2015.....now able to be edited and released to my satisfaction!x I said it would....and will drop a taster in one of the forums...coming soon for all those who featured and were there...!x @@ ~ LUV SOOTY X tigercoming.mp4
  5. Was spinning the Hyperions in the mid 90's...£400 back then...but always sounded a £1000 pounder and dances like one...!x LUV SOOTY X @@ ~
  6. Correct Kenb...but as recent as the Printworks 2 weeks ago I had more than 50 folk asking if that was my real name....so no harm in putting the truth out there is there...!x Lexy my baby gurl knows the craic from an early age!!x Some folk actually say...'I can't call you that'.........and I insist its on me passport and limo number plate.....to save them having to explain why.......! LUV SOOTY X
  7. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Hi all...and wow...just realised I haven't been in here possibly this year....time flies and all that and hope you are all well!x I View full article
  8. Hi all...and wow...just realised I haven't been in here possibly this year....time flies and all that and hope you are all well!x I do contribute to forums and the like elsewhere but am busy so do forget to pop in here. However...I don't go to many doo's these days possibly 3 or 4 a year mainly Charity based functions on a National scale so perhaps don't have much to say in here....'hard core' you lot is!!x So..it is a Charitable event that brings me here...The Printworks. I have been involved since day 1...SUPER folk and no hassle...however after 2 years of being stuck in the Bierkeller for 16 hours DJing...LUV'd IT mind...I have chosen to be a free spirit these last 2 years and make an independent film of it....and it goes down MASSIVE!!x I am sure I put last years in here...170,000 watched that...well chuffed...and in just 2 weeks...50,000+ have watched the 2018 one....and I present it here for your enjoyment!!x Incidentally...the 'Togetherness' of Kings Hall in 2003 film has surpassed 1.6 million views since putting it on line in 2014!!x On that basis...whilst I don't say much anymore....what I have done and said....looks like resonating...forever....! There's quantity...and quality...I do prefer the latter!x I actually was at Kings Hall last week...friend owns a business behind it....gobsmacked to walk around the corner and there it was...!!x Wishing you all a SUPER 2018...or Xmas now.......as I say time does fly when one is happy out there!x Thanx for reading X @@ ~ LUV SOOTY X 48,000 came through the Printworks on the day...and so far £30,000+ has been raised from this years event with more coming in...and that...is Official.....job being done...X Click here for film>>>> MSF The Printworks 2018...according to Sooty!!x
  9. I asked Mike if you lot are causing any grief and he said no....so things are quiet Steve!!x Sorry I ain’t been making any noise in here but I restrict it to the real world these days...still got Grenfell...Peedo activity in the football world catching perpetrators and bringing to account wrongdoers on me plate...and manage to fit in 1400 mile treks around the UK sorting all kinds of things out...which keeps me mellow tbh!x However I have had discussions with folk now running Blackpool’s comedy carpet....and theee comedian has been removed at long last. I now believe that function can go forward and reach its potential and may invest some of my spare time into helping that happen...so still got my hand in so to speak and indeed buying tunes.....dunno where I’m gonna spin them tho’...hehe!x I popped in to share info on another function I’ve been involved in since Frank Byrne (RIP x) started it....the Printworks! I couldn’t post the link to a film I made which has had 50,000 hits in 2 weeks but Mike has sorted it so it will be an article as such which he is featuring on the site this evening!x All good and great to hear from you!x LUV SOOTY X
  10. You too Martyn...I like folk who are always buzzing and make an impact...hehe!x @@ ~ LUV SOOTY X
  11. Hi all!x I popped in a year or so ago...and looked at your pics....LOVE THEM!x I take about 100 a week when out there of all kinds of things...and last week i did a 1400 mile trek around the UK and choose the sunrise at Saltburn from the pier end out of that journey!x 2nd pic I came across these minis heading for some car rally somewhere at a service station on the M5! 3rd pic is of the Newport Transport bridge in Wales....great piece of engineering and captured its Victorian heritage in the early morning mist methinks!x 4th is of my local Town St Ives...besides promoting successful nighters in the 90's there...it also has a wonderful Medieval centre and bridge...caught here in panoramic view at 8am 2 weeks ago!x 5th and 6th and final for now is of my baby girl Lexy!x We spend a day each week together...I come back for it wherever I am in the World...end of. We do all kinds of things...visit museums...go canoeing...and she loves climbing and daring/scarey stuff...oh and insists on wearing wellys wherever/whatever...but her fav is...going on a bus! This is our trip on an open top bus with good friend Shane as the driver!!x All my pics are done with an Ipad...the recent ones done with the new Ipad Pro 10.5"....it does me...I reckon!x Keep clicking...I like pics!x LUV SOOTY X
  12. Hi all!x Just got this exact copy....and was gobsmacked to do so...for £20...off Ebay!!!!x My baby girl Lexy now 2 1/2 in the middle...and the record suits us both!x @@ ~ LUV SOOTY X
  13. Dunno Pete.....but we arrive in the morning Amigo!!!x @@ ~ X
  14. There....consider me 'told' Maslar hehe...and your welcome!!x As said...I don't do 'chat' and certainly can't be ar*ed with being 'organised'...hehe...FREEEEDOMMMM...!"!x Honestly tho....how many in here have been...know out of any worth? Does anyone really want to know the truth anyway? Naaa...just 'chat' on the whole. Not being condescending...just honest...I live in the real world and deal with its consequences and by mentioning it was just confirming my point about just that....knowledge...is power...and can make most other comment......irrelevant tbf!x I'm gone...and luv ya Mate.......OGUUUURTS RUUUULE!x @@ ~ X

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