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  1. State of the Union??!!!x

    Found this I made for the intended 'release' last Xmas...!!x The trailer came from a warped video which is all I had at the time!!!x It WILL be up in full for this one.....X Definitely outta here and will be back for Xmas....!x By the way Geeselad...Nick...
  2. The Casualeers

    BRILLIANT....luvly to read folk are still respecting our roots with quality tunes!x I first heard Dance Dance Dance in my school youth club aged 14 mid 70's. Luv'd it....made me dance. When I made a decision to DJ on the Northern scene it was among the first...
  3. State of the Union??!!!x

    Thanx Patto and all...X I do miss popping in and can say the same for many other personal/chillout forums/websites featuring interests I have. In essence...I devoted myself to some National tragedy's in the past 2 years.....and a moral 'crusade' against some ...
  4. State of the Union??!!!x

    I can say without hesitation he certainly was Geeselad....and the 'evidence' is confirmed on the Wigan 30th as good friend and 'hard core' Soulie features on there in an interview I did with him.....his job then...and for 20 years??......roadie for Motorhead!...
  5. ...I play it EVERY time I dj at party's.....and used to at my Soul Nights in the 90's........to myself.....whilst packing away with the lights on.....since I added it to my collection in '93!x I was prepared.....!x @@ ~ LUV SOOTY X
  6. Hi all!x Sorry I haven't popped in for over a year I think....been busy UK wide doing this and that in the real world...oh....and trying hard to remember from 29 years ago how often to change a nappy and the like due to a very late addition to my family in th...
  7. Your Current Must Watch Tv ?

    The Young Pope series.....Jude Law....I think his best ever performance and right 'deep' stuff!x Thoroughly enjoyed!x I did mention 'Westworld' series when it got started in this thread.....and yup......it did satisfy my interests to the end too!x @@ ...
  8. Seen Any Good Films Recently

    Saw 'FILTH' t'other day.........never seen owt like it.....since Trainspotting as the ad sez!!!!x Glad I don't do drugs anymore....that woulda been a mess watching it for sure!!!!xhehe!x Off to Edinburgh/Glasgow this week......will walk some of those streets ...
  9. Driving an old and/or classic car ?

    FANTASTIC thread Chris L....and some SUPER cars....no not some....ALL!!!x I may be bias as i've always enjoyed classic/vintage cars of all kinds since jumping into a Triumph Herald estate aged 15.....steering wheel was bigger than me!!!x I came looking for an...
  10. Seen Any Good Films Recently

    ....just watched episode 2 Steve.....they is 'on it' and yup looks like the series will be 'cult' like the original film became!x Summink to return home and look forward to each week from the telly....and I haven't been able to say that for a while....or sinc...
  11. So England win 2 - 0 is that enough ?

    Morning!x Interestingly.....England's under 21/19's and right through the younger levels have been doing better than they have for years....which sadly doesn't get the headlines. Gareth has been at the heart of that and Dan Ashworth's youth programme rather t...
  12. Seen Any Good Films Recently

    Afternoon!x I've watched 'classic' Sci Fi films looooads of times.....luv em....but.....for some reason i hadn't watched Westworld...Yul Brynner job....for years!x In fact i remember watching it as a kid in the 70's...and perhaps watched bits of it when chann...
  13. ....errr.....our kids were welcome to stay as long as they wanted. My Son is 28 in a 13 year relationship and has 2 kids aged 3 & 1.....Daughter married last month aged 27 yesterday.......both now have their own homes and are more successful than me and t...
  14. ......there you go Chris!!!x http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=302095115098#ht_500wt_1282 @@ ~ LUV SOOTY X ...dosh will eventually find its way to support a function for a foottball fan who was beaten senseless an...
  15. Big Sam, good luck to him

    ...dare i suggest the other was this night Chris?!x This is the picture that went Global and captured it all....in a frame.......achieved innocently whilst a simple click and shoot man was trying to get a pic of his fellow fans and everything in the pic!!x Ca...

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