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July Newletter part 3- All things dmsc


July Newsletter part 3 -day after

Here we go, another view on dmsc going ons, first thanks to all who showed last Friday at the Springfield. All feedback from main room was it was a good one.

friday 09 July 2004 - Natural born Monkey

This event marked the two year point of DMSC, as such were hoping for a cracking nite with best of last two years. however think fair to say while main room was up to usual standard sound wise and as always at the end of the night had the usual feedback, overall this didnt happen.

Turning up at springfield led us to the first (and not the last problem of the nite) someone had eaten half the dancefloor, turns out a overnite leak had caused damage to a third of the floor, which had been covered with carpet. With a bit of "changing rooms" carpet moving action, did manage to reclaim a bit more of the floor but was fair bit reduced. Unavoidable and apoligies go out.

main room

Onto main room, numbers down a fair bit, clashes with other events, the fact it was on a friday, reasons perhaps. Due to amount of events now at stage where avoiding any clash with similar or close by events is impossible. Such is life, as we feel we are the only ones in this part of the world offering what we do, have to just shrug and crack on

Dj wise, running order went like this - Steve T/Mike h, Mark Speakman, Keith Williams, Andy Killick, Robbo, Steve T - had a extra hour compared to last one due to later circunstances, and as the nite finished had the normal feedback from both regulars and new discoverers. Thanks to all guests

Playlists hopefully should follow, thanks to all djs -
usual "all over the place mode" dealing with going ons (see below) so unfortuantely missed a fair bit,
Mark Keith and Andy have said will send playlists so just a few odd hazy memoreies , George Jackson - I dont have.. , Utopias, Parasians - Twinkle little star, Rees Flores -Tell It to My heart, being just 4 quick ones, never realised that Andy Killicks Lou Pride cover was one Shifty used to play till Nick told us

all era room

The normal line up less Phil Blacknel who couldnt make it, Pete Bangor, Chico were joined by Steve t, after the last one were hoping numbers would approve. Unfortunately due to the low numbers the hotel requested that we close early

as said apoligies to nite on all those who attended for this room, and all the djs, explained reasons and the run up to it on the nite,

final view , due to a email recieved felt a need to bash out the full story - apoligies if of no interest or too dep but due to email thought needed to put it down

At 1000 the management of the hotel asked me to close the second room, I asked them why and they said, due to the hotel being so busy they had to use the second room for breakfast the next day and thus had to set it up. They had staff waiting to set it up. Due to the numbers using the second room, and fact they had staff waiting for the sole purpose of setting up the second room, in order to save paying staff up to 1am they were asking if possible to close it. I wasnt happy about this after discussion we agreed to look at situation again at 1030.

At 1030 the numbers hadnt improved, I suggested various work arounds which included us setting it up, however none were viable.I asked the views of co-promoter Steve T, the djs from the all era room, I then made the decision to close it as requested by the hotel management.

Understand that there were people not happy about this and all who complained were offered their money back. While this was far from ideal and not happy with it myself one bit, it was felt this decision was best for the event. I could have said "no way", however felt that this would have damaged the good working relationship we had with the hotel and damaged the event and could have led to us no longer using this venue. In past a flexiable approach has worked both ways and while the second room future is now being decided, if had insisted it stayed open am sure that in future it would no longer have been available to us. It was far from ideal espically after time and effort the djs put in.

Thats what and how it occured, far from ideal and am first to admit it however hopefully even if you do not agree with decision on this matter, by reading this are at least aware of the facts and my thinking behind the decision.

crowd and laughs

somehow learnt how to differate between a authentic 60s denim jacket and a replica

digital camera was took out of retirement and failed to work

Crowd wise, good as alwasy to meet up with many regulars, Nick G won the "Nick brown" "Out of the blue" award, was good to catch up with member 001, Graham and Liz deserve a mention, as first time to say thanks to both for recent hospitality. Nods to all rest, and thanks for showing up. Also good to see fair few fresh faces and hear their feedback

Final View

As always thanks to all djs - always check that they all enjoyed doing it and all did, and great feedback on all spots

half a dancefloor gone missing, overnight leaking roof, numbers down, major problems with all era room, clashes with events, occcurances jacking me off before hand.........
and still despite all this at end of nite had the now usual feedback,
(and as far as i was concerned) still went home with that monkey glow, after two years it onwards and upwards

Saturday 04 Sep is the next one - 100% booked
details soonest

transport will be sorted out if there is a demand for back and forth to keele niter

Future of Monkey

simple as far as am concerned back to the old **** off attitude.

dj bookings - in past we had two top class regulars Andy Rix and Rob Thomas - due to Andy Rix taking a break from dj-ing this had to change -

our policy is 3 main spots

- 1 top guest/monkey dj,

- 1 rotating regular Andy Killick or Ritchie Andrew,

- 1 monkey dj member spot

and myself and Steve and others filling in gaps

we are compling a list of long term future monkey djs and future dates

in past we had likes of Carl Willingham, Mick H, Bob Hinsley,Jumping Joan, Chic, Chico, Mark Speakman, Kev Spittle, Robbo, Colin Wood, Anne A, Ritchie Andrew, Keith Williams Andy Killick, Johnny Jones, Steve Jenks
all have walked thru door as punters and of course havent forgot that there are even more djs in the regular crowd and hopefully be getting chace to hear them soon

Along with guests such as
Keith Money, Ion, John Weston, Andy Dyson, Dave Rimmer, Dave Thorley, Brian Ellis,

(apoligies if missed anyone its getting late)

and then throw in the policy of quailty rare soul, we like to think are offering a selection and variety of djs and quality rare soul that is unmatched round this part of the world. This is simply what we are going to continue...

4th Rare Soul Weekender Rhyl
Flyers out for this one and a lot of interest, full details here along with booking form recently added in news section at www.soul-source.co.uk

drunken monkey team

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