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Mattfox blog from 2009-12 - 2 of 2

Mattfox blog from 2009-12 - 2 of 2 cover

Is It Meant To Be? // Downloadable Soul Podcast Online

hi y'all,  there's a brand new downloadable podcast online...soul across the board!

Posted by mattfox, 16 February 2012

northern, crossover, modern

listen to it:



01. Bobby Cutchins - Intro

02. Ozz & His Sperlings - Can You Qualify

03. Maurice & The Radiants - Baby You've Got It

04. Volumes - I Just Can't Help Myself

05. Connie Questell - Give Up Girl

06. Charades - I Don't Want To Lose You

07. Phonetics - Don't Let Love Get You Down

08. Little Ann - What Should I Do

09. Archie Bell & The Drells - A Thousand Wonders

10. People's Choice - You're Mine

11. Kings Of Soul - Is Your Love For Me

12. Grey Imprint - Do You Get The Message?

13. Tornadoes - Won't You Forgive

14. Little Gregory & The Concepts - Get Away!!

15. William C. Belton, Jr. And Elcomb - Come On Back To Me Baby

16. Sampy And The Bad Habits - Stick With Me

17. Tower Of Power - This Time It's Real

18. Major Harris - Loving You Is Mellow

19. Ace Spectrum - Do You Remember Yesterday

20. Originals - I'm Someone Who Cares

21. Artistics - On And On

22. Banks & Hampton - Loving You

23. David Ruffin - Discover Me

24. Tom Brock - There's Nothing In This World (That Can Stop Me From Loving You)

25. Simtec & Wylie - Is It Meant To Be?

26. Genie Brown - My First Night Alone Without You

I'm Such A Lonely One | Podcast

Posted by mattfox, 03 December 2011

Hi y'all,

another brand new downloadable podcast available - for free!


Subscribe via iTunes possible right in the middle of the website (on the right side)...just click the iTunes button!

Playlist - I'm Such A Lonely One:

01. The Volumes - Ain't Gonna Give You Up

02. The Ascots - She's So Indifferent To Me

03. The Exits - Under The Street Lamp

04. Johnny Nash - Don't Take Away Your Love

05. The Yum Yums - Gonna Be A Big Thing

06. Lenny Curtis - Nothing Can Help You Now

07. Oxford Nights - I'm Such A Lonely One

08. George Byrd - I'm Available

09. The Rivieras - You Counter Feit Girl

10. Dynamite Singletary - The Same Way You Love Your Man You Can Love Me

11. Tyrone Davis - Where Have You Been

12. Eon - We'll Go On

13. The Younghearts - All The Love In The World

14. El Shobey & Co - Never Missed What You Got

15. Flowers - For Real

16. Bessie Banks - Don't You Worry Baby The Best Is Yet To Come

17. Life - Tell Me Why

18. Two Fellows - Stop (Don't Give Up Your Loving)

19. Anita Humes & The Essex - What Did I Do

20. Linda Elliot - A Little Girl Grew Up A Little Last Night

21. Eddie Hill - Nothing Sweeter

22. Lee Williams & Cymbal's - A Girl From A Country Town

23. Eddie Bo - You Are Going To Be Somebodys Fool Too

24. Friends Of Distinction - And I Love Him

In memory of my beloved mom - see you in heaven!

Too Late To Turn Back Now | Podcast Online!

Posted by mattfox, 15 September 2011

crossover, northern, oldies


after a summer break, I'm back in business that means: a brand new downloadable podcast is finally online! soul across the board...hope you'll enjoy it...

atb, m.




Playlist | Too Late To Turn Back Now

1. Nick Allen - Hard Way To Go

2. Charles Brimmer - The Feeling Is In My Heart

3. Purple Mundi - Stop Hurting Me Baby

4. The Composers - Let's Get To The Point

5. The Turks - The Bad Brought The Good

6. Richard Marks - Don't Take It Out On Me

7. Ray Scott & Scottsmen - Feeling No Pain

8. Jerry Cook - I Hurt On The Other Side

9. Benny Sigler - Who You Gonna Turn To

10. Main Change - Sunshine Is Her Way

11. Chapter 5 - You Can't Mean It

12. Freda Gray With The Rocketeers - Stay Away From My Johnny

13. Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose - Too Late To Turn Back Now

14. Larry Saunders - This Is My Prayer

15. The Alpacas - (Love Is) A Winner's Game

16. The Matadors - You'd Be Crying Too

17. Al Garner - I'll Get Along

18. Brother Love - I Can Be

19. C/U - Loving You

20. Step By Step - I Ain't Never Gonna Let You Go

21. H. P. Riot - I Have Changed

22. Ice - Hard Times

23. Carl Bean & Universal Love - Gotta Be Some Change

24. Gloria Scott - Just As Long As We're Together

Podcast - Across The Board!

Posted by mattfox, 20 June 2011


brand new downloadable podcast online! soul across the board...incl. sum rnb choons...hope you'll enjoy it...

atb, m.




Playlist: She Said Goodbye

1. Parisians - Twinkle Little Star

2. Little Nicky Soul - I Wanted To Tell You

3. Phonetics - Just A Boy's Dream

4. Martha Reeves & The Vandellas - I'll Follow You

5. Lorraine Chandler - I Can't Hold On

6. Doni Burdick - Whatcha Gonna Do

7. Billy Hambric - She Said Goodbye

8. Carl Underwood - Ain't You Lying

9. Dean Jones - Women (Ska-Da-La-De-Da)

10. C/U - Something On My Mind

11. C/U - This Feeling

12. Tommy Love - Your Heart Is Like A Swingin' Gate

13. The Escorts - I'm So Glad I Found You

14. Ray Pollard - Soulmate?

15. Jerry Butler - Ordinary Joe

16. Garland Green - Come Through Me

17. Trumains - Ripe For The Pickin'

18. Dreamflight - Time

19. Innersection - I'm In Debt To You

20. Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes - Where Are All My Friends

21. Charles Drain - Lifetime Guarantee Of Love

22. Touch Of Class - You Got To Know Better

23. Lou Ragland - I Didn't Mean To Leave You

24. Whispers - Seems Like I Gotta Do Wrong

Melvin Davis "the Detroit Soul Ambassador" And Leroy Emmanuel's Lmt (Ex Motown Musician) In Concert @ Soul City

Posted by mattfox, 08 June 2011


starring LIVE on stage:


Leroy Emmanuel has been a dedicated musician and entertainer for most of his life. Born in Atlanta, Georgia, and raised in Detroit, Michigan, he began his professional career at the age of twelve and has since toured all over the United States. Leroy endorses Rivera amplifiers. He has performed with: Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Edwin Star, John Lee Hooker, T-Bone Walker, Al Green, Sonny Boy Williamson, Funk Brothers, Bohanon, Dionne Warwick, James Brown Band, The Counts. In Concert With: Funkadelic, Sly and the Family Stone, Commodores, Kool and the Gang, Sister Sledge, Diana Ross, Natalie Cole, Grover Washington, Rufus, Jackson Five, Peaches and Herb, The Dells, Chick Corea, Rufus Thomas, Ben Vareen, Ike and Tina Turner, Ruby and the Romantics, Roberta Flack, Temptations, Booker T and the MGs, Hot Chocolate, Albert King, Martha and the Vandellas, War.

MELVIN DAVIS "The Detroit Soul Ambassador"

One of the most talented, dynamic and prolific artists in the history of Motor City music, Melvin Davis isn't so much a musician as he is a musical force: songwriter, drummer, performer, producer, arranger, label owner... His bands have included everyone from a pre-Temptations David Ruffin to a post-MC5 Wayne Kramer. His drumming helped define The Miracles' Motown smash 'Tears Of A Clown', drove the Lyman Woodard Trio's double-sided funk masterpiece 'River Rouge' b/w 'It's Your Thing' and became the stuff of legend on Dennis Coffey's seminal LP "Hair And Thangs". He's the evocative lead vocalist behind the 8th Day's million seller 'You've Got To Crawl (Before You Walk)' and the songwriter who penned JJ Barnes' desperate ode 'Chains of Love'. The genre that has come to be called northern soul could hardly claim a more qualified ambassador, for Davis penned many of its most crucial cornerstones: Johnnie Mae Matthews' 'Lonely You'll Be', Darrell Banks' 'I'm The One Who Loves You', Lonette McKee's 'Stop! Don't Worry About It', Edward Hamilton's 'I'm Gonna Love You', Ann Perry's 'That's The Way He Is', Steve Mancha's 'I Won't Love You And Leave You'.

SOUL CITY | Saturday 25.06.2011 | Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld | Cologne, Germany

After the concerts, the niter starts...this isn't a classic northern allnighter, it's an across the board nighter...mainly: classic northern & crossover soul, awesome r'n'b & popcorn...combined with a couple of modern SOUL and nice funk choons!



25th of June 2011

9pm (CET) doors open till Sunday morning

Club "Bahnhof Ehrenfeld"

Concerts: 16 Euro inkl. Niter

Admission Niter only: 6 âÅ¡¬ (23:30h)

Line-up for the nighter:

Mainly Northern, Crossover & R'n'B:

Kristian Auth

Matt Fox

Sir Faulker

Eric Kursiefen


how to get there via public transportation:

KVB CITY train: S 12 und S 13

KVB underground: 3, 4 und 13

KVB bus: 141, 142 und 143


BartholomÃÆ’¤us-Schink-StraÃÆ’Ã…¸e 65/67

50825 Koeln (Cologne)


pls join our fb site:


atb, m.

Songs by Melvin Davis:


and a nice live-video by Leroy Emmanuel's LMT:

Signs Of A Dying Love | Podcast

Posted by mattfox, 06 April 2011 ·

hi y'all,

there's a brand new downloadable podcast online...soul across the board!

for Signs Of A Dying Love and many more downloadable podcasts:



Matt Fox


1. Mark IV - Signs Of A Dying Love

2. John Edwards - Tin Man

3. Lou Bond - Why Our Eyes Must Always Be Turned Backwards

4. Willie Mallory - You Went Back On What You Said

5. Lil Soul Brothers - I've Got Heartaches

6. The Quotations - I Don't Have To Worry

7. The Masters - I Need Your Love

8. Willie Tee - Please Don't Go

9. The Tempos - (Countdown) Here I Come

10. Lovelace Watkins - Get Ready

11. Martha Jean Love - How To Succeed in Love

12. Florence Devore - Kiss Me Now (Don't Kiss Me Later)

13. Barrino Brothers - I Can't Believe You're Gone

14. The Four Pro's - There Must Be A Reason

15. The Tempests - I Don't Want To Lose Her

16. Dobie Gray - Walk With Love

17. Allison & The South Funk Boulevard Band - Pay Before You Lay

18. Barbara Mason & The Futures - Make It Last

19. Timothy Wilson - Gotta Fall in Love Again

20. Yvonne Hodges - Heavy Thing To Do

22. Bobby Patterson - Recipe For Peace

23. Ernie Hines - A Better World (For Everyone)

24. Larry Saunders - Where Did Peace Go

I Have No Choice | Brand New Soul Podcast Published!

Posted by mattfox, 24 January 2011 ·

hi y'all,

long time, no entry! sorry for that...

but I proudly present my latest podcast - soul across the board!

Podcasts | Matt Fox

Feedback welcome!

I Have No Choice | Playlist

1. Connie Questell - World Of Trouble

2. Rufus Wonder - Under The Moon

3. The Sapphires - It's Gonna Be A Big Thing

4. Wilson Pickett - Let Me Be Your Boy

5. The Tempests - Someday

6. Johnny Mae Mathews - I Have No Choice

7. Madeline Bell - One Step At A Time

8. The Chancellors - Everybody's Got To Lose Someone Sometime

9. Garland Green - You Can't Get Away That Easy

10. The Modulations - I Can't Fight Your Love

11. The Originals - Come Rain Or Shine

12. Eugene Smiley & The Essence Of Love - Yes! It's You

13. Sammy Gaha - Thank You, Thank You

14. Mandrill - My Kind Of Girl

15. The Ripple Blast Singers - Sadie Sadie

16. The Montclairs - I Need You More Than Ever

17. Deidre Wilson Tabac - Angel Baby

18. Jimmy Ruffin - Everybody Needs Love

19. Darrell Banks - Our Love Is In The Pocket

20. The Inspirations - Gotta Find A New Love

21. The Saints - I've Been Taken For A Ride

22. Natural Four - Going In Circles

cheers, m.

Across The Board Mix / Podcast Online!

Posted by mattfox, 20 October 2010

hi y'all,

it's time again for some mighty choons! across the board, from the just plain good ones to the hard to find 45s! pure soul for pure pleasure! enjoy this mix on

http://rare-rillen.de (click on the podcast link)

and feel free to leave some feedback! cheers, m.


1. Little Flint Feat. Wayne Perry - Pain

2. Bobby Jone's With Joe Hunter & Orch. - Talkin' 'Bout Jone's

3. Continental Showstoppers - Not Too Young

4. Barbara West - Congratulations Baby

5. Bob Collins & The Fabulous 5 - Inventory On Heartaches

6. The Charades - You Better Believe It

7. Timi Yuro - It'll Never Be Over For Me

8. The Originals - Don't Stop Now

9. David Ruffin - You Can Come Right Back To Me

10. The Twilights - You're The One

11. Marie Knight - That's No Way To Treat A Girl

12. The O'Jays - Hold On

13. Benny Sigler - I Can Give You Love

14. Lorraine Chandler - She Don't Want You

15. The Five Jays - Hey Hey Girl

16. Bobby Goldsboro - It's Too Late

17. The Presidents - Girl You Cheated On Me

18. Jeff Perry - Love Don't Come No Stronger

19. Beverly & Duane - You Belong To Me

20. Voices of East Harlem - Wanted, Dead, Or Alive

21. Al Supersonic & The Teenagers - It Must Be Love

22. George Campbell & Kools Five - Sugar

Hamburg Soul Weekender 2010 Review

Posted by mattfox, 05 October 2010

Well, what can I say,

went over last weekend to Hamburg to spin a few @ the fabulous alldayer sessions of one of the best weekenders in Germany. Had a superb weekend in a fantastic city. The weekender crowd were well up for dancing to everything: northern, r'n'b and modern, loved it. The atmosphere was BRILLIANT!!!! Ralf and The Jan played fabulous hosts for our 3 day stay in Germany's soul city No.1 !!!

Well worth a visit next year for anyone who's interested in a great weekend, such friendly people and loads of killer choons played by Butch, John Weston, Brett Franklin, Barbara Grassi, Marc Forrest, Lars Bulnheim, Tolbert, Peter Werhand, The Jan & Ralf and of course by all the other DJs that weekend!!! Great to properly get to chat to the soulies from all over Germany, England, Switzerland a.s.o.

Once again great great weekend..see ya at the next one!!! cheers, m.

Isn't It Just A Shame Podcast Online!

Posted by mattfox, 23 September 2010 ·

hi y'all,

there's a brand new mix online...incl. a nice version of "So Glad" by Toby Bullard and not the known one by The Lyrics. And a few LP only tracks. Enjoy!



1. September Jones - I'm Coming Home

2. The Four Sonics - Easier Said Than Done

3. The Hesitations - That's What Love Is

4. Troy Marrs - Rhythm Machine (Pt.1)

5. Kenny Wells - Isn't It Just A Shame

6. Toby Bullard - So Glad I'm In Love

7. Sam Dees - What's It Gonna Be

8. Channel 3 - Sweetest Thing

9. Isley Brothers - My Love Is Your Love

10. The Originals - Suspicion

11. Marcia Hines - You Gotta Let Go

12. Lord Large Feat. Dean Parrish - Left Right & Center

13. Magnificent Men - Keep On Climbing

14. P.J. Proby - Question

15. The Metros - Egyptian Love

16. Willie Small - How High Can You Fly

17. Garland Green - Love Now, Pay Later

18. James Spencer - In-Law Trouble

19. Jimmy McCracklin - Can't Raise Me

20. Jackie Shane - Comin' Down

21. Lee Rogers - Troubles

22. Tommy Tucker - Oh! What A Feeling

23. Bobbie Smith & The Dream Girls - Now He's Gone

24. Robert Parker - I Caught You In A Lie

25. Four Larks - Another Chance

26. The Wanderers - Somebody Else's Sweetheart

cheers, m.

Soul City Video | 28.08.2010 | Feat. Marc Forrest (Hip City Soul Club)

Posted by mattfox, 01 September 2010 ·

hi y'all,

for all of you, who might pop over the next time to Cologne, Germany and askin' themselves what to do there...here is the fokkin' answer.

SOUL CITY | Cologne's Brand New Rare Soul Nighter

This isn't a classic northern allnighter, it's an across the board nighter every 4th Saturday!

Feat. classic northern, crossover and modern soul, awesome r'n'b mixed with a couple of nice funk choons!

Sadly we got no wooden floor, but great atmosphere on two floors...

the second floor delivers the finest in mod sounds (like mod soul, garage, beat, psychodelic jazz), sometimes latin soul, rare grooves, boogie, soulful retro, classic 70s soul of well known artists, disco or funky vibes...depends on the guest djs, you never know whatcha get on this floor - lol!

Marc Forrest e.g. wrote on fb after spinnin' a few:

"What a great night, what a blast of a party, thanks to Matt und Kristian for puttig on this great event and to have invited me...enjoyed it BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG TIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIME ! Lost half my memory of the night from about say 4 am onwards so it must have been great LOL ! Thanks also to the great Cologne Soul ...Party people..amazing atmosphere! Something special! wonderful."



cheers, m.



Resident DJs: Matt Fox & Kristian Auth & guests

Every 4th Saturday

11pm - 6am (CET)

Club "Bahnhof Ehrenfeld"

Admission: 6 âÅ¡¬

Our fb-website: http://www.facebook....e?v=wall&ref=ts


how to get there via public transportation:

KVB city train: S 12 und S 13

KVB underground: 3, 4 und 13

KVB bus: 141, 142 und 143


BartholomÃÆ’¤us-Schink-StraÃÆ’Ã…¸e 65/67

50825 Koeln (Cologne)



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Brand New R'n'b & Popcorn Mix Online!

Posted by mattfox, 14 July 2010 · 26 views

hi y'all,

there's a brand new mix online...



1. Jimmy Dee - If It Wasn't For Pride

2. Mack Rice - I'm Coming Home

3. Ray Sharpe - Linda Lu

4. Roscoe Shelton - Question

5. Donald Height - Girl Do You Love Me

6. Jackie Shane - Stand Up Straight And Tall

7. Eddie Curtis - Those Foxes And Pussycats

8. Nelson Sanders - This Love Is Here To Stay

9. Wynonie Harris - Quiet Whiskey

10. Little Johnny Taylor - Somewhere Down The Line

11. Carter Brothers - I Don't Care

12. Jean DuShon - Feeling Good

13. Johnny Dunn - My Stupid Heart

14. Fabian - About This Thing Called Love

15. Malcom Dodds - Tremble

16. Z.Z. Hill - You Were Wrong

17. Frankie "Zhivago" Young - Teeny Weeny Bit

enjoy! m.

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Northern Soul Vs. Black Rockers Nighter Feat. Keb Darge In Cologne, Germany

Posted by mattfox, 15 June 2010 · 79 views

âËœ ââ"ž¢«ââ"ž¢©ââ"ž¢ªââ"ž¢¬âËœ ââ"ž¢«ââ"ž¢©ââ"ž¢ªââ"ž¢¬âËœ ââ"ž¢«ââ"ž¢©ââ"ž¢ªââ"ž¢¬âËœ ââ"ž¢«ââ"ž¢©ââ"ž¢ªââ"ž¢¬âËœ ââ"ž¢«ââ"ž¢©ââ"ž¢ªââ"ž¢¬âËœ ââ"ž¢«ââ"ž¢©ââ"ž¢ªââ"ž¢¬âËœ ââ"ž¢«ââ"ž¢©ââ"ž¢ªââ"ž¢¬âËœ ââ"ž¢«ââ"ž¢©ââ"ž¢ªââ"ž¢¬âËœ ââ"ž¢«ââ"ž¢©ââ"ž¢ªââ"ž¢¬âËœ ââ"ž¢«ââ"ž¢©ââ"ž¢ªââ"ž¢¬âËœ ââ"ž¢«ââ"ž¢©ââ"ž¢ªââ"ž¢¬âËœ 

another interesting nighter in Cologne, Germany for those of ya who will be in town the 2nd of July ... a pretty rare option to see Keb Darge spinnin' a few outside the UK on a bloody weekend...


This is Djs Choice (Compilation) Special - Funk Free!

Northern Soul vs. Black Rockers

The Stadtgarten in Cologne invites you to a "Dance" that is so not prom but in the superior league!

Finally a party where you don't have the feeling to only dance to tunes you already know and heard like a trillion times. Music just takes control of the situation and afterwards you'll feel like "WHOA?! What happened here... I feel damn fine!!!" ...given that you will give in to the music....

You know... Soul and R'n'B does that to you ...

âÃ…¡Ã‹" âÃ…¡Ã‹"  Djs of this ooga chakka night will be âÃ…¡Ã‹" âÃ…¡Ã‹"  :

âÃ…“ªâÃ…“ªâÃ…“ª Keb Darge âÃ…“ªâÃ…“ªâÃ…“ª - discoverer of Deep Funk, initiator of the legendary Deep Funk Sessions and most probably the best dancer of the UK - has switched lanes for a while now... he went from the funk road to the R'n'B of the 50s road - his new passion. Not all of his devotees like his going down that road.. but Keb wouldn't be Keb if he let himself be influenced by "opinions".... he likes to make the sweat drop from the ceiling... no matter WHAT kind of music he is playing. Mr Darge himself is most likely going to take over the dancefloor and show you where the skills and moves of the grooves are at! This is a spectacle you definitely don't want to miss. He is going to keep you entertained and sizzling with his taking over the mic and talking with what his momma gave him. A man as rough, raw and original as the music he will be spinning all night!

Keb is going to leave London for only one night to come to Germany... and to entertain the hell out of you! This is a pretty rare occasion because Keb does not come to Germany all that often. You might find yourself waiting for years before you have a chance to "experience" him again. So... July 2nd is a must and it would be best if you didn't have a lot to do the next day... you will need that time to regenerate! Believe me!

Once Keb has spinned his first record you are going to be his personal slave and do whatever the groove tells you to do.... Dancing for 3 hours without even the tiniest little break for example.. You don't believe it? Come and see for yourself!!!

Second combatant is Mr. âÃ…“ªâÃ…“ªâÃ…“ª Henry Storch âÃ…“ªâÃ…“ªâÃ…“ª - founder of UNIQUE Records (yeah baby!), Soulman for life and Keb fan. Like most of you know, Henry also is a vinyl junkie and will share the DJ throne with Keb.

Henry founded Unique Records (yeah baby round 2!) in 1988. Well... in this facebook group it's probably not necessary to write something about our fantastic label, right??? And you all know that Henry belongs to the main squad of popular Soul Djs, right? Right!

All good things come in threes: and âÃ…“ªâÃ…“ªâÃ…“ª Sir Matthew Fox âÃ…“ªâÃ…“ªâÃ…“ª will also be part of that fantastic music cake! YUM!

Matt Fox pops up in ones mind when thinking about his show Rare Rillen on Soulsender.de, a pretty important part of the German Soul scene, or when thinking about his podcasts that have a global fan base. As a DJ he takes care of "distribunting" smiling faces with his wonderful midtempo sound.

Soul across the board.. that's what he does! That's his trademark.

His regular nighter SOUL CITY (every 4th Saturday in a month) with his buddies Kristian Auth (Soul Inn, Berlin), Torge Draeger & Gabriel Riquelme (La Nuit De Phonque) @ the club "Bahnhof Ehrenfeld" is the new soul hot spot in Cologne.

Guests in this club will be greeted with sounds like 50s/60s R'n'B, 60s/70s Rare & Northern Soul and the occasional funk tune. An insider's tip if every once in a while you enjoy to be entertained by important European guest Djs. It's worth it checking out the program!

Facebook: http://www.facebook....58908466&ref=ts

When: July, 2nd 2010

Venue: Stadtgarten | Venloer Str. 40 | Cologne | GERMANY | web: http://stadtgarten.de

When exactly: 11:00 PM

how much: 7 Euro

What: 50s, 60s, R'n'B, (Northern) Soul, Rockabilly

See you there!


âËœ ââ"ž¢«ââ"ž¢©ââ"ž¢ªââ"ž¢¬âËœ ââ"ž¢«ââ"ž¢©ââ"ž¢ªââ"ž¢¬âËœ ââ"ž¢«ââ"ž¢©ââ"ž¢ªââ"ž¢¬âËœ ââ"ž¢«ââ"ž¢©ââ"ž¢ªââ"ž¢¬âËœ ââ"ž¢«ââ"ž¢©ââ"ž¢ªââ"ž¢¬âËœ ââ"ž¢«ââ"ž¢©ââ"ž¢ªââ"ž¢¬âËœ ââ"ž¢«ââ"ž¢©ââ"ž¢ªââ"ž¢¬âËœ ââ"ž¢«ââ"ž¢©ââ"ž¢ªââ"ž¢¬âËœ ââ"ž¢«ââ"ž¢©ââ"ž¢ªââ"ž¢¬âËœ ââ"ž¢«ââ"ž¢©ââ"ž¢ªââ"ž¢¬âËœ ââ"ž¢«ââ"ž¢©ââ"ž¢ªââ"ž¢¬âËœ 

New Soul Nighter In Cologne, Germany!

Posted by mattfox, 10 May 2010

hi y'all,

for all of you, who might pop over the next time to Cologne, Germany and askin' themselves what to do there...here is the fokkin' answer.

SOUL CITY | Cologne's Brand New Rare Soul Nighter

This won't be a classic northern allnighter, it's an across the board nighter (every 4th Saturday)...feat. classic northern, crossover and modern soul, awesome r'n'b mixed with a couple of nice funk choons!

pls join our fb site:

Soul City on Facebook


29th of May 2010

11pm (CET) doors open till Sunday morning

Club "Bahnhof Ehrenfeld"

only 6 âÅ¡¬

Line-up for the first nighter:


Henry Storch (Unique Rec.)

Kristian Auth (Soul Inn, Berlin)

Sir Matthew Fox (Rare Rillen Podcasts)


Sir Faulker (Beat d'action)

Dynamic Eric (Soundbar)


how to get there via public transportation:

KVB city train: S 12 und S 13

KVB underground: 3, 4 und 13

KVB bus: 141, 142 und 143


BartholomÃÆ’¤us-Schink-StraÃÆ’Ã…¸e 65/67

50825 Koeln (Cologne)


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