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  1. Hi, trying to help a mate who's currently looking for a copy of this 2015 release: Jackie Dee / OC Tolbert – Who / Love Bandit on First Light Pls pm me, cheers!
  2. Looking for this one in decent condition: Lee Williams and The Cymbals – Please Say It Isn't So / Shing-A-Ling U.S.A. - Carnival Pls pm me! Thanks in advance! Take care, Matt
  3. Hi, anyone got a nice copy of The Webs - Keep Your Love Strong on Atlantic for sale? Please pm me. Cheers!!
  4. Hi guys, anyone got a copy for sale: Memphis Underground - Make it with you - Century Thanks in advance! Take care, Matt
  5. Hi. Looking for The Invaders – O Lord / Wildroote on Da Gail Records Anyone? Thanks in advance!!! ATB Matt
  6. Hi. Anyone got a nice copy for sale? Cheers! ATB Matt
  7. Hi guys, anyone got a copy for sale: Memphis Underground - Make it with you - Century Thanks in advance! Take care, Matt
  8. Hi, it's been a while but finally a new podcast is online incl. some unreleased acetates and one c/u. PLAYLIST LeRoy Hutson - Intro Millie Jackson - I Got To Try It One Time Arthur Alexander - Sharing The Night Together Harold Celius With Flex - Don't Ever Break My Heart LT & The Soulful Dynamics - Crazy About You Baby Brilliant's - What You Gonna Do Jimmy Radcliffe - Carousel Stopped Turning (Unreleased acetate) Archie Hodge - I Really Want To See You Girl Delicates - You Say You Love Me Four Voices - With A Lonely Heart Mystics - Bring Back The One I Love (Unreleased acetate) Carla Whitney - I've Been Hurt (So Many Times) Roger Hatcher ‎— Your Love Is A Masterpiece (Unreleased acetate version) Gladys - Back For Love (Cover up) Emanuel - Back Stabbers Ron Henderson & Choice Of Colour - I'll Be Around Jessie Butler - Let My Love Brings Out The Woman In You Universal Love - It's You Girl Pretenders - I Call It Love Ice - Reality Pete Symphorien - State Of Mind (Nigel Lowis Mix) Cliff Curry - Let Love Come In Enjoy!!!
  9. Hi, looking for Chuck Wood - Seven Days Too Long (only US issue pls) It's a pressie, so it should be a clean copy. Please no overpriced offers. Thanks! Take care.
  10. William Bell - Don't stop now / Crying all by myself - Stax 45 Anyone? Pls pm me! Cheers
  11. Linzy Washington ‎– If You Want To Cry (Like A Baby) / You Don't Know - United Aaron Broomfield - I‘m gonna miss ya - Mountain both sorted too!
  12. Hi, looking for the following German only LP: Various Artists - Rhythm & Blues - RS Pls pm me. Thanks!

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