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  1. Another want Aaron Broomfield - I‘m gonna miss ya - Mountain Org. 7“ preferred. 12“ alright too. Pls pm me, thanks in advance!
  2. Hi, looking for this one: Ray Goss - If you need somebody Pls pm me price and condition! Thanks in advance!! Take care, m.
  3. mattfox

    New Soul Podcast Is Online

    PLAYLIST - JUST SOUL #9 LeRoy Hutson - Intro Masqueraders - Prophet of love Bobby Harris - Password is love Leroy Taylor - The marrying kind The Gee's - It's all over Lockettes - I love the boy who lives next door Mildred Harrison - You've got a good thing goin' Tony & Lynn - I'm hip to you baby Roscoe Robinson - Don't pretend Tony Owens - I need, I need your love Bull & The Matadors - A part of my life Fabulous Four - If I knew Simon Barbee - The wind Gloria Taylor - Freedom Unifics - Sentimental man Donald Wilson - I've gotta get myself together Steelers - I'm sorry 125th Street Candy Store - More today than yesterday Victones - Somebody really loves you (guess who) Johnny & The Expressions - Something I want to tell you Eddie Taylor - Just the way you are 11th Commandment - Have you had any heartaches lately Coalitions - Instead…how are you
  4. mattfox

    Dynamics on Trex

    Hi, looking for a copy of The Dynamics - Please think it over - Trex Please pm me price and condition! Cheers!!
  5. mattfox

    New Soul Podcast Is Online

    My latest mix! Enjoy!! JUST SOUL #8 Leroy Hutson - Intro The New Young Hearts - The young hearts get lonely too (acetate take) Stereos - Mumbling Word Rhythm Rascals - Why do you have to go Johnny Nash - Don't take away your love Scott Mac Kenzie - Look in your eyes John Washington - Burn the calendar Marvin Gaye & Kim Weston - I want you 'round Gene Chandler - River of tears Desmond Dekker & The Aces - My precious love Johnny & The Expressions - Something I want to tell you Cheers - (I'm not ready to) Settle down Wyle Dixon & The Wheels - Sad times Virgil Henry - I can't believe you're really leaving George Jackson - Macking on you Festivals - So in love Soul Brothers Inc. - I saw forever my love Pat Jarvis - Guess who I'm fooling Fred Moss - I'll always love you Moments - Won't do anything The Ones - You haven't seen my love Magictones - I'll make it up to you Mitchell Braithwaite - My woman needs me Mighty Marvelows - Fade away
  6. Hi, looking for a copy of Fats Gaines Band - Livin’ For You on Stereo pls pm me price and condition, cheers!
  7. Hi, missed the copy two days ago...so I hope someone can help me out with this want: Doris Duke - I'll Make A Sweetman on Beantown pls pm me price and condition, cheers!
  8. mattfox

    New Soul Podcast Is Online

    Hi, my latest mix! Something for the weekend! Enjoy. JUST SOUL #7 Leroy Hutson - Intro Inner Thumb - Soul Ecstasy Marvin Gaye - Trouble Man Angelo Bond - Eve Zillanova feat. Cisco Tavares - Suicide Charlie Whitehead & Swamp Dogg Band - Shaft's Mama Rimshots - Takin' It Philadelphia - Inner City Blues Lost Generation - This Is The Lost Generation Moments - Sexy Mama Willie Hutch - Out There Tommy Tate - I'd Really Like To Know J.J. Barnes - The Time Has Gome Chicago Gangsters - Don't Be Gone Esther Phillips - Baby, I'm For Real
  9. Hi, looking for a clean copy of: FATS GAINES BAND - LIVIN' FOR YOU - STEREO Missed the one on Anglo American list in August for £15.00.... Pls pm me price and condition! Cheers!!
  10. Certainly I can't afford all of these at once...lol...pls pm me price and condition...thanks in advance! LPs Centaura - Lawdy, Lawdy, Lawdy - Spiral Series on Equity Recording Co. Milestone - Milestone on Univers Disques ‎ Africa's Children - Black Oppressor on Black Music 45s Doris Duke ‎– I'll Make A Sweetman / What Will Tomorrow Bring on Beantown International Fats Gaines Band - Livin’ For You on Stereo Ultimates - Why I Love You on Valentine Barbara Jean & The Lyrics - Why Weren't You There on Big Hit Intentions - Blowing with the wind on Tiki Experience Unlimited - It's Alright on Gaynote Theola Kilgore - It's Gonna Be All Right on Mercury Capitals - I Can't Deny That I Love You on Omen Superlatives - Won't You Please (Be My Baby) on Dynamics Pamela Beaty ‎– Talking Eyes on Tip Chuck Stephens - Paying For Your Love on Leo Mini George Pepp ‎– The Feeling Is Real Label on Coleman Vanguards - Before You Take Another Step Girl on Lamp Smoke, Inc. - Waitin' For Love - Smoke Casual-T - All out of breath on Rita Marley Music Natural Resources - Nothing Lasts Forever / If There's A Tomorrow on Dee Dee The Americans of '70 - Sugar Bear Options on Libra
  11. mattfox

    New Soul Podcast Is Online

    My latest podcast! https://www.mixcloud.com/sirmatthewfox/just-soul-6-lowrider-oldies-deep-soul-midtempo-crossover-monthly-podcasts-august-2018/ Playlist: JUST SOUL #6 Leroy Hutson - Intro Hector Rivera & The Latin Renaissance - I want you, I need you, I love you Lovelles - Pretending dear Carla Thomas - Love among people Lost Generation - Pretty little angel eyes Mystique - Fill you up Leroy Hutson - I'll be there, I'll still care Herbs - Put a hurting on my heart Howard Tate - Half a man Big John Hamilton - Take this hurt off me Glenn Watts - My little plaything Escorts - I'll be sweeter tomorrow Shirley Brown - Even if the signs are wrong Tyrone Davis - Was I just a fool Gene Chandler - Here come the tears Tommy Yates - Darling, something's gotta give Flaming Embers - Children Hot Chocolate feat. Lou Ragland - We had true love Yvonne Hodges - A heavy thing to do Aretha Franklin - That's the way I feel about cha
  12. mattfox

    New Soul Podcast Is Online

    Yesterday's radio show on www.dublab.de - Crossover & Deep Soul recorded live on t'radio...enjoy!
  13. mattfox

    New Soul Podcast Is Online

    A new podcast is online, enjoy!! JUST SOUL 5 Leroy Hutson- Intro Joe Hinton - Don't tell her the truth Kenny Wells - I can't stop Versatiles - Where did you go Joe & Los Silvertones - You call me by my name Black & Blue - Off all the hearts to break Barbara Lynn - Give him his freedom Maurice Long - That day Royal Knights Combo - Too late to cry Natural Resources - A-train a-leavin Four Sonics - The greatest love Ruby Winters - We're living to give (to give to each other) Willie Walker - Two paces ahead of love Jackson Five - Big boy Bobby Barnes - You make my life (a sunny day) Allison & The South Funk Boulevard Band - Mind somewhere else Bernard Purdie - Don't go Millie Jackson - A child of god (it's hard to believe) Soul Sensations - When I had you baby These Gents - Yesterday standing by


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