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Ace Records - August 2020 Crib Card

Ace Records - August 2020 Crib Card magazine cover

Latest releases for August 2020 from Ace Records

Our regular Soul Source catch up of the month's new releases from Ace records...



In Memphis
Southern Soul
George Jackson
LP £15.60
The great singer/songwriter's essential Sounds of Memphis 70s recordings.



New Breed R&B - Saturday Night Special
New Breed R&B
Various Artists (New Breed R&B)
CD £11.50
The master tapes reveal more great New Breed R&B dance exclusives – fully augmented by rare records and elusive CD offerings from the past.



Dirty Work Going On - Kent & Modern Records Blues Into The 60s Vol 1
Various Artists (Kent/ Modern)
CD £11.50
The blues didn’t stop with the end of the 50s and, as soul ruled the charts, the grittier end of black music was well represented by the nine artists on this compilation.



Saint Etienne Present Songs For The Fountain Coffee Room
70s Rock
Various Artists (Saint Etienne)
CD £11.50
This is the soundtrack for a bar in mid-70s Los Angeles, the kind of place where Warren Beatty and Julie Christie might meet in the afternoon for a secret rendezvous. There’s a high quotient of blue-eyed soul, some airy R&B and the odd singer-songwriter. The pace is strictly mid-tempo; it’s too warm for anything faster.



Girls With Guitars Know Why!
Various Artists (Girls With Guitars)
LP £21.94
“It always bothered me when people would say, ‘You’re not bad for girls’. What does that mean, we can’t play? We would prove them wrong.” Cindy Wilhelmi, Girls Take Over


Full details on all THEabove releases can be had via Ace Records fine website along with information on Ace 45th Anniversary Singles due out later this month


A more deliberate look at some of the above new releases will follow very shortly.

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