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Northern Soul -The Film

Northern Soul -The Film magazine cover

Things now starting to show up for the talked about forthcoming Northern Soul Film entitled "Northern Soul" with the appearance of an interview on youtube involving two of the actors

Directed by Elaine Constantine web sources say that filming is planned to start shooting this summer/autumn.

Already the way it has been presented online does show that it's taking a different path than other recent similar projects, it could be said they are doing things in a way which owes more to traditional northern soul values rather than more recent ones

A few word clips below on the film, more can be read via the films website.

"In Summer 2010 Elaine will be returning to the North to direct 'Northern Soul', the project she has always dreamt about. Born in Bury, Lancashire, the youngest of a large Catholic family, Elaine grew up listening and dancing to Northern Soul. From hearing her elder siblings' record collections to her first youth club experience, Northern Soul was the soundtrack to her adolescence. It is her obsession with youth culture and a life-long passion for 60's American, independent soul music that inspired Elaine to work towards making her first full length feature film. Some ten years in the making, it aims to be an authentic portrayal of a quintessential northern soul experience."

"Elaine has been working with Northern Soul veterans Butch and Ady Croasdell along with recruiting promising young dancers from the North West, the Midlands and the South of England to represent the true essence, energy and passion of the scene, which was a hugely influential and exciting time for youth culture and Soul music in Britain."

Northern Soul Video Clip

Exclusive interview footage of actors Elliot James Langridge and Sam Benjamin on the set of Elaine Constantine's new film about Northern Soul talking fashion, all nighters and mastering Northern Soul moves.



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