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List 68. Reduced...reduced...reduced...reduced

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Hi Guys,

Welcome along to list and another selection of soulful tunes for your perousal.

Sales Cds are always popular, they usually come out a few days before the main list is sent out. The Cds feature a sample of around 60 of the tracks from the main list, giving you first chane to buy the tracks you want and also enabling you to hear some tunes that may be new to you. You get 3x monthly CDs for only £5.00. I accept paypal to the usual address or you can send a cheque/ cash to the address listed below.

Grading is as follows......

M Faultless/ Probably unplayed

E Few light marks, still a nice copy

vg More marks, maybe some surface noise but plays thru ok

I will also use + or minus to indicate grades in more detail. I also offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with any record for any reason, so please buy with confidence.

Payment, I accept paypal to this address chris.soul@btinternet.com or you can send cash/ cheque to; Chris Anderton, 1 Jackson Av, Nantwich, Cheshire, CW5 6LL. I will now also accept a direct bank transfer, this saves the hassle of sending a cheque or needless paypal fees.Postage costs are... £2.00 recorded (only insured up to £39) or £5.60 by special delivery in the UK (fully insured up to £1000). Overseas £2.00 airmail or £5.60 signed for airmail, ask if you need insurance.

Events wise i will be guesting in the modern room at the "Groovin" event which is held at Rolls Royce club, Moor lane,Derby. This is always a very well supported (400+) 2-roomed event and takes place on Bank holiday Sunday 30th May from 4.00 til 12.00. Other DJs include Chic, Denmac and Rob Kay.Fiver for both rooms...just a great night everytime..see you there.

The Next Dab of soul session takes place on Saturday June 19th with special guests Dave Welding and Steve Guanori...put it in your diaries now!

On with the list......

1.Will Collins-Anything i can do-Bareback M-sold

(All time classic in MINTY condition)

2.Mel Wynn-Stop sign-Wand M- 120

(Storming 60s Northern)

3.Wizdom-So in love-Drive M- 160

4.Linda Jones-My heart needs a break-Loma M- 90

(The first record i payed over 20 quid for!)

5.Jaqueline Jones-A frown on my face-Loadstone M- 100

6.Larry and Accomadations-I wanna hold you-Holiday inn M- 50

7.Mel and Tim-Forever and a day-Stax M 90

(Getting big spins from Sam)

8.The Commands-Hey its love-Backbeat E+ 50

9.Dan Brantley-I`m so lonely-Hollywood M 100

(Rare deep soul)

10.Joe Valentine-I lost the only love i ever had-Val E+ 200

11.The Jones brothers-Thats all over baby-Seel M- 65

12.Clay Brown-Walk with a groove-Floretine M sold

13.Ketty Lester-River of salt-Era M- 35

14.Ric Martin-I travelled the road-MGM demo wol 30

(One felt pen line on label)

15.Innersection-Let me love Yuh/I`m in debt to you-Group 5 WD M- sold

(Mmm Mmm Biggie for Steve Plumb!...nice Minty copy))

16.Master four-Love from the far east-Tayster M- 100

(Rare cartoon design label)

17.Joe Tex-Old time lover-Dial demo M- 90

18.Norma Jenkins-Me myself and I-carnival E+ stkr sold

19.Jay Poole-I love you-Ne-bo M- 70

(Rare first label before mable)

20.Ike and Tina Turner-Dust my broom-TRC M- sold

21.Irma Thomas-What are you trying to do-Imperial M- 40

(Great uptempo R&B style dancer)

22.Hodges James Smith-Lets pick up the pieces-Mpingo M 40

23.Ruth Brown-You`re a stone groovy thing-Solid state M- sold

24.Moment of Truth-So much for love-Salsoul M- 25

25.Harvey-Any way you manna-Triphi WD E sold

(Great looking White demo, few marks plays fine)

26.Syl Johnson-Try me-Twinight WD M- sold

(Rare on white demo)

27.Tony Fox-Give it all up tonight-Emerald City M 50

28.The Modulations-I`m hopelessley in love-Buddah vg+ 15

(Few marks but lots of sheen plays great)

29.The Ovations-Qualifications-Goldwax E+ 15

30.Velvet-Bet you if you ask around-Perception M- 15

(Great uptempo 70s dancer)

31.Baby Lloyd-I refuse to cry-Wolfie WD E+ 20

32.Reggie Garner-That aint the way to make love-ABC E+ 40

33.Diane Hogans-Love is all around-Capitol M 15

34.Lloyd W Williams-I need you now-ABC WD M- 25

35.The Masqueraders-How big is big-Bell Demo E+ 60

(Still sounding great)

36.The Spellbinders-Help me-Columbia M- sold

(A truely great oldie)

37.Freddy Butler-This thing-Kapp WD M- 20

(Great Detroit..nice and minty too!)

38.Willie and mighty magnificents-Funky 8 corners pt2-All platinum E sold

39.Sister sledge-Love dont go through no changes on me-Atco M 10

(Sounds great, every home should have one!)

40.The Tymes-Here she comes-Parkway M 20

(Forgotten oldie)

41.Marvin Gaye-Come get to this-Tamla M- sold

42.Jackson Reese-Pretty girl-Parkway WD M stkr 20

(Cool looking Weldon Mcdougal sticker on label)

43.Timi Yuro-Aint gonna cry no more-Liberty E 10

44.Timothy Wilson-Loving you-Buddah M- sold

(Rumours of this going for a couple of hundred on ebay!!)

45.The Undisputed truth-You got the love i need-Gordy M-5

46.The Whispers-A mother for my children-Janus E+ 10

47.Johnny Bristol-Do it to my mind-Atlantic M- 5

(Buy the above 3 records and never spend a better 20 quid!)

48.Garnet Mimms-Prove it to me-UA M- sold

(Wonderful uptempo soul)

49.Lenny OHenry-Across the street-Atco WD M sold

(Lovely minty demo)

50.Billy Conn-I should have known-Federal WD E+ 40

51.Johnny Gillam-Find yourself another-BoMar E 150

(Plays fine...few marks)

52.The Spellbinders-A little on the blue side-Columbia E+ sold

53.The Dells-Run for cover-Cadet vg 10

(Plays ok)

54.Barbara Lewis-Pushin a good thing too far-Atlantic E 10

55.The Blossoms-Deep into my heart-Reprise M 20

56.Major Harris-Loving you is mellow-Atlantic E+ 20

57.Bobby Womack-Tried and convicted-Minit M- 15

58.Jeff Perry-Love dont come no stronger-Arista WD E- sold

(plays fine)

59.The Winstons-Color him father-Metromedia E+ 10

60.Vivlore Jordan-Put my loving on you-Sound gems M- 40

61.All the people-I wish i had a girl like you-Blue candle E+ 15

62.O.V Wright-Love the way you love-Backbeat M sold

63.J.R Bailey-After hours-Toy M- 10

64.Five Stairsteps-Little young lover-Curtom M- 15

65.Prince Harold-New found joy-Kapp WD M- 20

(Great version)

66.Emmett Garner-So much better-Maxwell E+ 20

(Great crossover track)

67.Ecstacy passion and pain-I`ll do anything-Roulette M- 10

68.Freddie Gorman-In a bad way-Ric tic M sold

(Rarely see this in minty condition)

69.Tavares-Never had a love like this before-Capitol M- 5

(A personal fave)

70.Gloria Gaynor-This love affair-Polydor WD E+ 25

71.Bud Harper-Let me love you/Mr Soul-Peacock M 35

(Two great sides)

72.Skip Mahoney-Town called nowhere-DC int E+ 35

73.The Cooperettes-Everythings wrong-Brunswick demo vg+ 20

74.Kellee Patterson-I`m gonna love you just a little more baby-Shady brook M 40

75.Margie Joseph-I`ll always love you-Volt M 50

(Great crossover)

76.Vic Waters-Taking inventory-Capitol demo M 15

77.The Lost family-Blow my mind-Innovation WD M sold

(Recent crossover biggie)

78.Major Lance-Without a doubt-Okeh vg+ 15

(Plays fine)

79.Roy Hamilton-Heartache hurry on by-RCA WD M 30

(Wonderful ender)

80.Barbara Mason-Oh how it hurts-Arctic WD E- sold

81.Martha and Vandellas-One way out- Gordy M sold

82.Nancy Ames-I dont want to talk about it-Epic M 15

83.Billy Gibson-What i need now is love-MGM YD M- 25

84.The Originals-Goodnight Irene-Soul WD M 20

(Lovely looking demo copy)

85.Peggy Gaines-Just to satisfy my baby-reforee E 15

86.Walter Jackson-Thats what mamma say-Okeh vg+ 8

87.Brothers of Soul-Hurry dont linger-Boo E+ sold

88.Larry Houston-Lets spend some time together-HFMP E+ sold

(Unstamped...needs more plays)

89.The Showmen-Our love will grow-Swan E 50

90.Larry Whittington-You can always count on me-Fun city M 25

91.The Joneses-Hey babe-Mercury E+ 15

92.Imperial wonders-Trying to get to you-Black prince E+ 20

93.Bottom and Co-Spread the news-Motown WD E 15

94. Rose colored glass-Cant find the time-Bang M- sold

95.Frankie and Classicals-What shall i do-Calla E 20

96.Darrow Fletcher-My young misery-Groovy vg sold

(Looks a bit rough, plays fine..so indemand)

97.Freddie Scott-Girl i love you-Probe WD M- sold

(Fantastic crossover)

98.Ronnie Mcnair-Different kind of love-Tortoise E+ 20

(Single sided...but what a side!)

99.Chuck Jackson-Hand it over-Wand E+ sold

100.Randolph Brown-It aint like it used to be-ix chains WD M- 50

101.Joe Tex-Under your powerful love-Dial M- 20

(Sounds great all over again!)

102.Robert Dobyne-Cabt get along without you-Kama Sutra M 25

103.Oscar Brown-Brother where are you-Fontana E+ 40

104.The Specials-You stood me up-Satch M- 80

105.Billy Scott-So glad you happened to me-Lamon M sold

106.Tomorrows men-Whos that lady-Congress M- 100

107.Tony and Tandy-The bitter with the sweet-Cotillion WD E+ 35

108.Hidden Strength-I dont want to be a lone ranger-UA E+ 30

109.Jackie Beavers-Hold on-SS7 M- 30

(Love this to bits, just right for today)

110.Johnny Gilliam-Tell your friend its over-Cancer M- 15


111.Jackie Wilson-Beautiful day-Brunswick E+ 30

(Inc. Because of you plus 3 other great crossover tracks)

112.The Younghearts-A taste of-20th Cent E+ 20

(Inc. You`re not here with me)

113.G.C cameron-Love songs and other great tradgedies-Motown E+ 20

(Inc. I`m gonna give you respect)

114.Aretha Franklin-You-Atlantic E+ 15

(Inc. It only happens when i look at you)

115.David Ruffin-In my stride-Motown E+ sold

(Inc. Questions)

116. RJs latest arrival-Same-Ariola E+ 15

(Inc. made up mind)

117. Willie Hutch-Season for love-RCA E+ 30

(Inc. Lets try it over again)

118.The Soul Children-friction-Stax E+ 20

(Inc. We`re getting too close)

119.George and Gwen McCrae-Together-Cat E+ 10

(Inc. Winners together losers apart)

120. The Persuaders-Its all about love-Calla E+ 15

(Inc. Trying to love two women)

121.Clarence Carter-A heart full of song-ABC E+ 12

122.Melba Moore-A portrait of-Buddah E+ 8

(Inc. Standing right here)

123.Jackie Wilson-Beautiful day-Brunswick E+ 30

(Inc. Because of you plus 3 other great crossover tracks)

124.George Mcrae-Same-TK E+ 10

(Never never girl)

125.Barbara Lynn-You dont have to go-Ichiban E+ 20

(Inc. Trying to love two)

126.Weapons of peace-Same-Playboy E+ 15

(Inc. This lifes bout to get me down)

127.298.George Benson-The best-A&M E+ E+ 10

(Inc. My woman is good to me)

128.Larry Santos-Just a man-Evolution E+ 15

(Inc. You got me where you want me)

129.Motherlode-When I die-Buddah E+ 15

(Inc. What does it take)

130.Young holt unlimited-Soulful strutt- Brunswick E 10

(Inc. Soulful strutt)

131.The Ojays-Super bad- Trip E+ sold

(Inc. Crossroads of life)

133.Lenny Williams-Lets do it today-MCA E+ 8

(Inc. Dont stop me now)

134.Millie Jackson-Caught up-Spring E+ 10

135.B. J Thomas-Everybodys out of town- Scepter E+ 10

136.Jackie Wilson-This love is real- Brunswick E+ 15

(Great soul lp)

137.The Moments-Sharp-Deluxe E+ 10

139.Townsend Townsend Rogers-Same- Chocolate city E+ 12

140.Harold Melvin feat Sharon Paige-Same-Source E+ 10

(Inc Prayin`)

141.100% aged in soul-Somebodys been sleeping in my bed-Hot wax M- 15

142.The Imperials-who`s gonna love me-power exchange M- 5

143. Mel and Tim-Starting all over again-Stax M- 15

(Inc. I may not be what you want)

144.Otis Clay-Watch me now-Waylo E 10

145.Freddie North-Cuss the wind-Mankind E 10

146.Jimmy Ruffin-I`ve passed this way before-Super sounds uk E+ 8

(Inc. I will never let you get away)

147.Margie Joseph-Sweet Surrender-Atlantic E 8

(Inc. Riding high)

148.Smokey Robinson-Flying high together-tamla E+ E+ 12

(Inc. Flying high together)

149.Mighty Joe Hicks-same-Enterprise E 10

150.Wornell Jones-Same-Paradise E+ 10

151.Chuck Cissel-Just for you-Arista E sold

(Inc. Dont tell me you`re sorry)

152.Gloria Gaynor-Park av sound-Polydor E+ 10

(inc. This love affair)

153.Jean carne-happy to be with you-PIR E+ 8

154.lamont Dozier-Bittersweet-WB E+ 10

(Inc. Tough act to follow)

155.Eddie Kendricks-Love keys-Atlantic E+ 10

(Inc. You dont want my loving)

156.Tower of Power-Urban renewall-WB E+ 12

157.Edwin Starr-25 miles-UK Tamla Motown E+ 20

158.Millie Jackson-A moments pleasure-Spring E+ 10

159.Gladys Knight-All our love-MCA E+ 8

(Inc. Love is fire love is ice)

160.Janice-Same-Fantasy E+ 10

(inc.I told you so)

161.Ronnie McNeir-Lucky number 12"-Motorcity E+ 10

162.Clarence Carter-Greatest hits-Ichiban E 10

(Inc. Messing with my mind)

163.Gene Chandler-Gene Chandler situation-Mercury E+ 10

164.Leroy Hutson-Feel the spirit-Curtom E+ 10

(Inc.Never know what you got)

165. Choice 4-Same-RCA E+ 10

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