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  1. ANDREA HENRY - I need you like a baby/Grass is greener ********** MGM ***** 450 UKP Classic (and classy) northern midtempo dancer plus the often overlooked flip, top Detroit dancer with a killer open drum break! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oe8MdXnCH78 VG+ (some surface marks, sounds like a dream!). Comes complete with original label sleeve
  2. Two old sister funk classics * Ann Robinson - You did it (All Brothers) * Inell Young - What do you see in her (Libra) Original issues VG+ upwards only, please PM with price and condition Many thanks! Eduard
  3. JAMES LATELY - Love, friends and money/Tears running and falling from my eyes ****** Temple ********** OFFERS Stunner of a double sider, solid VG (some surface noise, bit more on B side, but perfectly fine for playing out) If anybody needs actual videos of both sides of the record please PM Thanks!
  4. Well, a nice one for Easter :) * GENE TOONES - What more do you want ***** Simco 30.000 (Bell Stamped, 6664 EY run out groove) ***** 3500 UKP OR BEST OFFER Very clean, couple of light marks but sounds and looks absolutely fantastic, both sides. Trades/part trades may be possible, but only with crossover/modern/lowrider 45s of similar value, rarity and quality, PM for a little list or feel free to offer what you got, you never know. Paypal as gift fine, can think of bank transfer too if i don't get charged fees on my side or the money takes years to arrive to my account, even hand delivery in BCN in a timely manner is possible :) Oh, one last thing: i think many people here can vouch for my integrity/honesty on record deals, so feel safe when sending the money or, in the case of trade, the records involved. If in need of more pictures let me know, tried to make one of the run out groove with the Bell details and so on but it's pretty blurred, not the best photographer on earth here, especially with a 90s digital camera that's falling to pieces XD Many thanks! Eduard
  5. * OTIS LEE - Hard row to hoe ********** Quaint USA **** 850 UKP EX condition, great copy! :D No introduction needed, one of the best northern meets R&B tunes ever, killer to start a spot with REGISTERED POSTAGE INCLUDED FROM SPAIN
  6. * LENNY CURTIS - Nothing can help you now ******** HIT Spain 1966 *********** 800 UKP or nearest offer ********* REDUCED Virtually MINT, you won't find a better copy, that's for sure, complete with the original HIT sleeve and inner plastic sleeve.
  7. Some nice offerings, all in SUPERB condition! Payment as Paypal Gift ********** 8 UKP registered shipping from Spain, no matter number of purchases * ED CROOK - That's alright ***** Tri-Sound ** M-**** 125 UKP * ENJOYABLES - Push a little harder ***** Capitol *** EX **** 75 UKP * GENE COOPER - Go Go Inn *************** Hi-Q ***** M- **** 40 UKP * TOMMY HAYES - Trance ******************* Philips ***** EX+ *********** 40 UKP * EXIT 9 - Miss Funky Fox/I love you.... ********** Brunswick Spain VG+/EX+ ********************** 50 UKP * TITO RAMÍREZ - Last Train ***************** Antifaz Spain *** MINT ************** 20 UKP * ARTHUR CONLEY - Hand in glove ******* Atlantic Spain EX/EX ******************** 20 UKP * DELLS - There is/Show me *************** Cadet Spain ***** VG++/EX+ *************** 15 UKP TIA
  8. * BARBARA MASON - I'm no good for you ***** Arctic 146 Preferably issue, but demo is fine too. Clean copy, doesn't need to me mint, but in good nick. Don't care about wirtting on labels, etc... Thanks!
  9. OG in nice playing condition wanted, thanks!
  10. Don't care much for the "What goes around..." side, but "You got to let me" needs to sound clean Two easier ones, just in case no Sammie Lee turns up: * Bill Brandon- Streets got my lady * Almetta Latimore- These memories Thanks
  11. On Acquarian Please PM if interested in selling/trading Thanks!

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