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  1. Couple of nice ones! Payment as paypal as F+F, free registered (with tracking) postage worldwide, low value for Customs if sent outside the EU FORTSON & SCOTT - Sweet lover (Pzazz) 1500 UKP - SOLD **** SOLD **** SOLD Absolutely top shelf dancer, timeless example of northern soul, superb condition too, EX+ MAJOR HARRIS - Call me tomorrow (OKeh) 300 UKP Late 60s classic northern on one of the most iconic labels, Surface marks and scuffs, visually VG, sounds a solid VG+ Any questions please PM, thanks! Eduard (Movin On Barcelona)
  2. BOBBY KLINE - Say something nice to me/Takin' care of business ***** MB **** 1500 UKP No introduction needed, VG copy with writting on labels and surface marks "Say something nice to me" has a bit of surface noise at the start but it's perfectly Ok for playing out, i've been doing it for twenty years "Takin care of business" has a couple of scuffs that make some intermitent surface noise for a minute or so on the middle of the song, so i'd say that side is VG- I'll provide videos for genuinely interested potential buyers, free registered shipping worldwide from Spain, low value and sent as gift for Customs, payment paypal as gift. TIA Eduard
  3. Couple of Spanish rarities! LENNY CURTIS - Nothing can help you now ****** HIT Spain 1966 ****** 1000 UKP Spotless promo copy with HIT sleeve. Nuff said ********************************************************************** EARL GRANT - Hide nor hair ***** Decca Spain 1967 ***** 150 UKP No sleeve nor tri-center, but record EX+ Paypal as F+F OK, free international registered shipping, low value declared for customs OPEN TO REASONABLE OFFERS
  4. EDWIN STARR - If my heart could tell the story **** Tamla Motown TMG 692 UK 1968 ***** 700 UKP OBO One sided demo, spotless condition, date stamped on label Paypal as F+F or Bank Transfer fine, free registered postage from Spain, will send low value and as gift upon request PM here or at black_whip@hotmail.com TA Eduard
  5. SONIC EXPLOSION - We belong together b/w I'm a believer (Big City) *** 2000 UKP Ultra rare monster modern dancer backed with a killer lowrider flip, record in great condition, VG++ Paypal as F+F, free registered postage anywhere from Spain, will send low value and as gift Any questions please PM, thanks!
  6. STEP BY STEP - I always wanted to be in the band ***** Brunswick-Zafiro Spain 1977 ****** 100 UKP Funky crossover monster dancer, only issued in Spain as 45! Issue too, much harder to find than demos Cover VG (tape on the upper seam and small radio stamp)**** Record VG++, great condition Paypal gift OK, postage from Spain 10 UKP registered **** Sent as gift, low value for Customs
  7. FRANKIE & JOHNNY - I'll hold you **** Decca UK 1966 DEMO **** OFFERS OVER 800 UKP Pristine, spotless copy of this bona fide northern soul oldie, trade offers welcome for same price range northern/modern/funk/reggae/rocksteady 45s Paypal F+F accepted, free registered shipping from Spain plus gift/low value stated for Customs Thanks! Eduard
  8. Archie Williams - Wait she's comin' A&W 45 *********** 800 UKP Spotless copy! Paypal as F+ F, free registered shipping from Spain Thanks!
  9. ANDREA HENRY - I need you like a baby/Grass is greener ********** MGM ***** 450 UKP Classic (and classy) northern midtempo dancer plus the often overlooked flip, top Detroit dancer with a killer open drum break! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oe8MdXnCH78 VG+ (some surface marks, sounds like a dream!). Comes complete with original label sleeve
  10. Two old sister funk classics * Ann Robinson - You did it (All Brothers) * Inell Young - What do you see in her (Libra) Original issues VG+ upwards only, please PM with price and condition Many thanks! Eduard

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