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James "bull" - Bygones

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Would be happy about help:

Is the original Bell demo from this record only in red lettering or also in black???



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just to confuse you

there are

White demos with all red type

white demos with red and black type


white demos all black type.

never seen an issue


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no not re-issued at all

as Ive never seen the issue ..dont know if it was issued either.not counting the demo obviously

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  • 13 years later...

Firstly let me apologise if this has been covered since 2005 and perhaps someone can link any thread I have missed

I came across this thread while digging around about James "Bull" Parks. Here are scans of both Demos and Issue (which does exist 😀) from 1972

I think he is same man who lead Bull & The Matadors (who split in 1969), perhaps someone with more knowledge than me can help please


Bull Black.jpg

Bull A Issue 2.jpg

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