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World Column So Is The Sun

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Guest allnightandy

Just Released By Soulful Records By Kind Permission of Millbrand Music Ltd

World Column - So Is The Sun

This Limited Edition 45 is available @ £14.50 Post Free.

Sent by Recorded Delivery First Class


Is this a legal copy ? these reissues are getting ridiculous they are only going to rip off the unwise / newcomers to our scene

Why do they have to put them on the original lables ?

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This particular repro is a legitimate issue.

Via Selrec I issued a non-exclusive license limited to the manufacture of 500 copies. Mechanical royalties have also been paid to Millbrand Music.

Because the licensor wanted to issue it as a US style repro of a Tower 45 (which is none of my business) I didn't ask for a Selrec licensing credit on the label but I insisted on a publisher credit for Millbrand.

Personally, by the way, I'm not a big fan of repro label 45s or US style 45s which are manufactured in the UK or EU. Most of them just don't look right (in my opinion) but I accept that a lot of people like them and some sell quite well - even titles which have had previous issues on other labels.

But as there are always many dubious repro or US style 45s out there, it isn't always easy for buyers to know which are legitimate.


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I saw that it was a legit reissue Paul and can understand on the back of the "Soulboy" film that it will be of interest to some people.

I think most of us fall into the dubious category, but also realise that if someone reserves the right to release, then they can, whether there is a market or need.

After release though, I have just seen legit copies being sold side by side with unlicenced items, which blurs it all.

You have probably answered my thoughts in your last sentence though :)



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Guest allnightandy

I have complained for years about this sort of practice to Ebay , but they do FA

My argument is that i can spot this no problem but the young people which we need to keep the scene going will not

i have seen examples where the younger ones try to sell these records that they think are so rare

god knows what they were told or how much they paid but they put these pressings up for sale at ridiculous prices and get humiliating comments

for eg i saw a Lee Roy Tears on the 70's MCA on Ebay for £150 !

i contacted the seller to tell them it was only worth about £5 and they went ape !

It's Crap and i hate it !

Oh and no , i've never been burned , not for 30+ years anyway !

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