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Tamla 101,come To Me,marv Johnson,original Or A Boot,?


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i have had a copy of "come to me"/"whisper" by marv johnson on tamla 101 for quite a few years its a yellow issue with the detroit address under the tamla label on the whisper side run-out groove its has a scratched in, tam 101-g2 also etched/scratched on the same side in very small writing it reads i think sheldon on the come to me side run-out groove it has a scratched in tam 101 then a bit further round it has a scratched in g-1,its in near mint condition and it came from detroit a few years ago is it a boot or the real deal any ideas soul-sourcers,thanks...

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I have 2 original copies. Both have "Tam 101 -G1" and "Tam 101 G-2" etched. No Sheldon stamp. 1719 Gladstone Ave. was the first address of Tamla Records, and was the address of Ray-Ber Music (and RayBer Records. That record was booted in the 1980sor early 1990s. I don't know if there were 2 or more pressing orders for local Detroit distribution, but as soon a many orders were coming in that Gordy couldn't fill, he made his pressing/dist lease deal with United Artists. So, I wonder why your copy had a Sheldon stamp or "Sheldon" scratched in the trail. I have NEVER seen "Sheldon" on ANY 1959 Tamla Record. NONE of mine have that, and I don't remember seeing a stamp (Sheldon or Bell Sound) on any 1959 Tamla. My first is 54030 from 1960. As the record was also mint, I suspect that it was a bootleg. Motown never issued any legitimate re-issued 45 of it.

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thanks for the reply rob,my copy deffo has sheldon etched in the run-out groove of the whisper side its about an 1" to the right of tam 101-g2,i had to use a magnifying glass to read the sheldon mark...

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