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Hip City Records Sept List

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Subject: sept list (e)

Date: 9/27/2004, 15:33





SS17 8JY

Tel: 01375 640951 / 07808 253553 - 8am – 9pm (GMT)

e-mail rob@hipcity.freeserve.co.uk

I can accept payment via cash (your risk), cheque or credit card.


September here already !!! Here's a new list with some nice UK bits on it this time. Then some special U.S. 45's with

nothing over £20. Amazing how many great records are still relatively cheap. Biggies of the future maybe ? I remember

buying Constelations for £6, Terry Callier for £12, Bud Harper for £10, Frank Beverly for £5 etc and look at the price of

those now…..Buy the the tape this month and get £4 off your order. Cant get fairer than that.

Cheques payable to MR. MESSER Those marked (T) available on a tape for £4 incl. P&P (Overseas £5) T2 is the 2nd tape !

Subs for the list are now £3 for 10 lists. (£4 Overseas) Or send an S.A.E. - or a few.


1 DORIS TROY Please little angel (Nice mid pacer) Atlantic EX £7

2 BOBBY WELLS Lets cop a groove(Classic northern oldie)white label-sm.T.O.L. Beacon EX £6

3 REPARTRA & THE DELRONS Panic (Wigan favourite - hard on UK) Bell M- £25

4 BRENDA LEE Time and time again (hard to get on UK - great 45) Brunswick M- £35

5 BUNNY SHIVEL You'll never find a love like mine (Lovely mid tempo) Capitol (demo) VG £30

6 THE APPLEJACKS You've been cheatin (great UK version) CBS (Demo) EX £30

7 BO DIDDLEY Hey good lookin' (Good R'n'B dancer - 1st UK Chess 45) Chess EX £10

8 MAJOR LANCE Hey little girl (Class 6T's soul gem) Columbia M £15

9 JIMMY JONES Walkin' (Top notch 60's soulful dancer rare UK demo) Columbia(demo) M- £50

10 MILL EVANS Aint you glad (great double sider) Kent M £25

11 THE COASTERS Love potion no.9 (Mod club classic) London M £8

12 ARTHUR ALEXANDER A shot of rhythm & blues (Classic early 60's R'n' cool.gif London EX £20

13 MIKE COTTON SOUND Soul serenade (Great 60's inst - big mod spin) MGM EX £30

14 MARVIN GAYE Stubborn kind of fellow (Hard UK Motown 45) Oriolle VG+ £60

Would swap this for "Pride & joy" on Oriolle which is the one I aint got !!!

15 THE CARROLLS Surrender your love (Ashford / Simpson penned dancer) Polydor M- £12

16 CHUCK JACKSON I only get the feeling (Great 70's) Probe M £12

17 MITCH RYDER Little Latin lupe lu (Good 60's club soul) Stateside EX £6

18 THE JAYNETTS Sally go 'round the roses (Rare 60's shuffler) Stateside M- £15

19 KIM WESTON When something is wrong with my baby (Nice version) Stax M £7

20 IKE & TINA TURNER I cant believe what you say (Mod club classic) Sue VG £15

21 FRANK WILSON Do I love you (No explanation required !) TMG 1170 M- £40

22 THE FOUR TOPS It's the same old song (Classic motown) TMG 578 EX £20

23 TOMMY NEAL Goin' to a happening (Stomping Detroit dancer) Vocalion EX £35

24 JUNIOR PARKER These kind of blues (Great R'n'B - rare demo) Vocalion (demo) EX £25

25 THE MARKETTS Out of limits (Old mod spin - good inst) Warner Bros EX £12

SECTION 2 - 60's & Northern soul - US labels

26 THE IMPRESSIONS (T) I love you (yeah) (Superb tune) ABC EX £7

27 THE IMPRESSIONS Talking about my baby (Dancer) ABC VG+ £7

28 THE IMPRESSIONS Woman's got soul (classic 60's soul) ABC M £8

29 THE IMPRESSIONS (T) I need you (Beautiful mid tempo) ABC EX £8

30 THE PERFORMERS (T) Love is the answer (Clip clopping dancer) ABC (Demo) EX £15

31 FLORENCE BALLARD (T) It doesn't matter how I say it (Bouncy girlie dancer) ABC EX £15

32 MIGHTY MARVELLOWS (T) This town's too much (Great group soul dancer) ABC (Demo) EX £20

33 JAN BRADLEY (T) Back in circulation (Great Chicago soul) Adandti M £10

34 BEVERLEY HILLS (T) I don't care anymore (Heartfelt soulful crossover) Air play M- £20

35 BETTY WRIGHT If you love me like you say you love me(Good 70's dancer) Alston M- £10

36 GARY & GARY (T) I'm leaving(Stafford mid tempo - label missing on A side) Arock(Demo) VG+ £10

37 ARTHUR CONLEY (T) Aunt Dora's love soul shack (Great club soul pounder) Atco M £5

38 BEN E KING What can a man do(Great uptown soul) Atco EX £10

39 THE IKETTES (T) Troubles on my mind (Girlie fingersnapper) Atco EX £8

40 THE LOLLIPOPS (T) Nothing gonna stop our love (Good uplifting soul mover) Atco (Demo) M- £10

41 BARBARA LEWIS (T) If you love her (2 Great sides) Atlantic M- £10

42 BARBARA LEWIS Pushin' a good thing too far (Superb) Atlantic EX £10

43 SHIRLEY MATHEWS (T) You can count on that (Ace mid tempo) Atlantic EX £15

44 SOUL BROTHERS SIX (T) You better check yourself (Thumper) Atlantic EX £12

45 THE DRIFTERS There goes my baby (Early soul mover) Atlantic EX £5

46 THE DRIFTERS (T) In the land of make believe (Very good mid tempo shuffler) Atlantic EX £12

47 CARL CARLTON (T) Why don't they leave us alone(Great dancer) Back beat M £10

48 GINO JOHNSON (T) I'm aware of your love affair (Detroit groover) Bailey M- £12

49 THE VOICEMASTERS (T) You've hurt me baby (Fabulous group dancer) Bamboo M- £20

50 THE LOVELITES (T) You better stop it (Fast girl group shaker) Bandera M £15

51 JOHNNY DAVIS (T) You got to crawl to me (Nice Chicago mid pacer) Bandit M- £20

52 ROSCOE SHELTON My best friend (Cookin' slice of soulful R'n' cool.gif Battle EX £20

53 SOUL PARTNERS (T) Lose the one you love (Great group soul dancer) Bell M- £12

54 BAD BOYS (T) What took you so long (Good group soul dancer) Bell (Demo) M £15

55 THE FALCONS Standing on guard (Good Detroit double sider) Big Wheel M- £15

56 SAM HAWKINS (T) Hold on baby (Great mid tempo N.Y. soul) Blue Cat EX £10

57 THE SOUL BROTHERS (T) Keep it up (Nice Group soul ) Blue Cat EX £8

58 DEE DEE WARWICK Gotta get a hold of myself (So atmospheric) Blue Rock M - £12

59 JOHNIE MAE MATHEWS Here comes my baby (Great 6T's soul dancer) Blue Rock EX £15

60 SWINGING BRIDGETTES Secret spy (Lovely soulful girl group mover) Bronze M- £20

61 BARBARA ACKLIN Love makes a woman (Classic 6T's) Brunswick M- £6

62 BILLY BUTLER (T) Thank you baby (Great Chicago soul) Brunswick EX £10

63 FRED HUGHES (T) Oo wee baby I love you (Atmospheric late 60's soul) Brunswick EX £7

64 JACKIE WILSON You brought about a change in me (Fabulous soul) Brunswick M £10

65 JACKIE WILSON (T) I get the sweetest feeling/Nothing but heartaches(blue skies) Brunswick M- £10

66 JACKIE WILSON (T) This love is real (Brilliant song beautifully sung) Brunswick M- £15

67 JACKIE WILSON What'cha gonna do about love (Oooh pure class!!) Brunswick M £15

68 THE ARTISTICS (T) Just another heartache (Extremely soulful group sound) Brunswick M- £10

69 THE ARTISTICS (T) The chase is on (Great group version of Johnny Howard) Brunswick EX £20

70 BONGI & JUDI (T) Lets get together (Good crossover dancer) Buddah(Demo) EX £12

71 TIMOTHY WILSON Pigtails (Dancer) Buddah M- £15

72 THE CHEVELLS (T) Another tear must fall (Early girl group shaker) Butane EX £12

73 THE DELLS There is (Club classic) Cadet EX £5

74 DORA HALL (T) Pretty boy (Punchy horns catchy dancer) Calamo VG+ £20

75 J.J. JACKSON (T) Four walls (Really nice builder) Calla EX £8

76 JEAN WELLS I feel good (Femme soul shaker) Calla EX £8

77 JEAN WELLS (T) After loving you (Great soulful tune) Calla (Demo) EX £12

78 H B BARNUM (T) The record (Awesome beat ballad) Capitol EX £20

79 LOU LAWTON (T) I am searching (Great gritty dancer) Capitol EX £15

80 LOU RAWLS Love is a hurtin' thing (Superb big voiced beat ballad) Capitol VG+ £6

81 LOU RAWLS (T) You can bring me all your heartaches (Great beat ballad) Capitol M- £12

82 NANCY WILSON Where does that leave me (Smooth 'n soulful) Capitol M £10

83 NANCY WILSON The end of our love(Rare demo -Northern soul anthem issue £12) Capitol (demo) VG+ £20

84 VERDELLE SMITH (T) Walk tall (Punchy early 60's dancer) Capitol M £8

85 JOHNSON HAWKINS TATUM & DURR (T) Your love keeps drawing me closer (Superb) Capsoul M £18

86 LEE WILLIAMS & CYMBALS (T)+B132 I'll be gone (Class slowie) Carnival M- £20

87 THE MANHATTANS I call it love (Really soulful) Carnival EX £6

88 THE MANHATTANS (T) All I need is your love (Great New York soul) Carnival EX £15

89 THE MANHATTENS I wanna be (Your everything) Carnival M- £8

90 SUPERBS (T) Happiest girl in the world (M.O.L.) Girlie dancer Catamount EX £10

91 DOBIE GRAY See you at the "go go" (Club classic) Charger M- £5

92 DOBIE GRAY Out on the floor (All time northern soul fave) Charger EX £8

93 BOBBY MOORE Chained to your heart (Good Chicago club soul sound) Checker EX £12

94 DODIE WEST In the deep of night (Lovely beat ballad - UK recording !) Checker M £15

95 FONTELLA BASS (T) Leave it in the hands of love (Excellent mid tempo) Checker EX £5

96 MARY & DESIRABLES (T) Hurting hurts (Nice Chicago girlie floater) Checker M- £12

97 THE CLICKETTES (T) I just cant help it (Super catchy girl group mover) Checker EX £15

98 GEMS All of it (Nice early girl group soul) Chess EX £12

99 JACKIE ROSS (T) Honey dear (Superb soulful mid tempo) Chess M £15

100 TONY CLARKE The entertainer (All time great ender) Chess EX £8

101 LARRY HALE Shout and do the duck (Catchty uptempo dancer) Columbia EX £10

102 OC SMITH (T) Double life (Great version of Jerry Fuller) Columbia M £10

103 TONY & TYRONE (T) Turn it on (Pumping dancer - nice harmonica break) Columbia EX £10

104 MAXINE BROWN I cant get along without you (Superb soulful crossover) Commonwealth M- £15

105 GREATEST LITTLE SOUL BAND IN THE LAND Something for my people (Good soul inst.) Congress EX £12

106 GENE CHANDLER Nothing can stop me (Classic northern oldie) Constellation EX £10

107 JUNE CONQUEST (T) What's this I see (Lovely Chicago mid pacer) Curtom M- £10

108 TED TAYLOR (T) I lost the best thing I ever had (Dancer) Dade EX £20

109 TYRONE DAVIS Can I change my mind (classic crossover tune) Dakar EX £6

110 THE GLORIES (T) Give me my freedom (Uptempo double sider) Date (Demo) EX £10

111 BRENDA LEE (T) Ain't gonna cry no more (Great !!!) Decca M- £15

112 ANN CRAIG (T) The life of the party (Catchy mid paced dancer) Decca (Demo) VG+ £20

113 BUDDY SKIPPER Restless breed (Driving rhythm 'n soul) Deesu EX £12

114 THE ZODIACS (T) Dont ever leave me(Great dancer) Deesu M- £10

115 CHERRIES & RHYTHM KINGS (T) You know you're gonna need me (Nice girl group sound) Della EX £20

116 RUBY WINTERS Just like a yo yo (Nice dancer - warp -NAP) Diamond M £7

117 THE PIROUETTES If you see my baby (Nice girl group sound) Diamond(Demo) EX £15

118 DIAMONETTES Rules are made to be broken (Nice mid tempo girl group) Dig M- £12

119 BRENDA & TABULATIONS (T2) Hey boy (Class Philly soul) Dionn EX £6

120 THE CALIFORNIA GIRLS (T2) Did I give up too much too soon (Slightly funky late 60's) Doorway M £12

121 ARTHUR ALEXANDER You're the reason (Early 60's southern soul) Dot EX £8

122 BRENTON WOOD (T2) Great big bundle of love (Great crossover dancer) Double Shot M £10

123 BRENTON WOOD Two times loser (Superb mid tempo) Double Shot EX £12

124 THE CHIMES (T2) The beginning of my life (Superb crossover) Down to earth M £15

125 BOBBY BLAND Gotta get to know you (Good late 60's gritty soul) Duke EX £10

126 BROTHERS & SISTERS OF SOUL (T2) I don't like it (Dancer) Duke (Demo) EX £10

127 JOHN ROBERTS Be my baby (Good dancer - T.O.L.) Duke (Demo) M- £12

128 THE LAMP SISTERS Sweet daddy soul (Punchy girl group dancer) Duke (Demo) M- £12

129 MITCH RYDER (T2) Blessing in disguise (Superb soul - orig of Hal Miller) Dyno voice M £15

130 MAJOR LANCE The Matador (Club classic) Epic M £12

131 VIVIAN REED (T2) I wanna be free (Nice uplifting soul) Epic EX £8

132 MAJESCTICS Send my baby back to me (Superb group mid tempo) Equator M £20

133 THE LINTONS Don't you ever walk away (Sweet soul slowie) Erica M £10

134 THE INTRUDERS (T2) All the time (Great group soul) Excel EX £8

135 JERRY WASHINGTON (T2) Set your soul on fire (Incredible early 70's dancer) Excello M £15

136 THE AVONS Since I met you baby (Great girl group) Excello M £20

Anything to sell or trade – give me a call ?

137 SHIRLEY VAUGHAN (T2) You don't know (Great northern) Fairmount EX £12

138 JIMMY HUGHES A shot of rhythm and blues (Good version) Fame M- £6

139 NATHANIEL MAYER Well I've got news (Early Detroit soul) Fortune M- £20

140 NOLAN STRONG (T2) Mind over matter (Good early Detroit soul) Fortune M- £20

141 BILL CODAY (T2) When you find a fool bump his head (great late 60's) Galaxy M £20

142 THE JAGGERZ Bring it back (Soulful group dancer) Gamble M- £20

143 JO ARMSTEAD (T2) I've been turned on (Good Chicago soul) Giant M- £8

144 BROOKS O'DELL (T2) Watch your step (Ultra soulful beat ballad) Gold M- £20

145 JOHNNY STEELE Danger zone (Horn driven dancer - nice harmonica too) Golden City M- £6

146 HOLLYWOOD FLAMES Elizabeth (Popcorn soul) Goldie M- £12

147 PEOPLES CHOICE (T2) Ease the pain (Heartfelt slowie) Grand land M- £12

148 J J BARNES Chains of love (Great Detroit) Groovesville EX £10

149 STEVE MANCHA You're still in my heart (Class Detroit mid pace) Groovesville M- £15

150 LARRY HOUSTON (T2) Let's spend some time together (Great 70's ) HFMP M- £15

151 THE JERMS (T2) I'm a teardrop (Great blue eyed group sound) Honor Brigade M £15

152 SHADES OF BLUE Oh how happy (60's classic) Impact M- £5

153 BABY RAY The house on soul hill (Good club soul mover) Imperial EX £10

154 JACKIE DESHANNON (T2) Nobodys home to go home to(Wonderful mid tempo) Imperial VG+ £8

155 JACKIE DeSHANNON Find me love (Wigan oldie) Imperial VG+ £15

156 THE O'JAYS Lipstick traces (All time great 6T's mid pacer) Imperial EX £12

157 THE QUOTATIONS (T2) Havin' a good time (Great girl group dancer) Imperial(Demo) M- £15

158 THE NEPTUNES House of heartaches (Great dancer - Stafford spin) Instant M £15

159 LOVEMASTERS (T2) Pushin' and pulling (Great dancer) Jacklyn M £15

160 PAL & THE PROPHETS Peace pipe (Stomping inst) Jamie (Demo) M- £10

161 EIGHT MINUTES Take my love don't set me free(Obscure Chicago soul dancer) Jay Pee VG+ £20

162 JIMMY ROBBINS I cant please you (Classic R'n' cool.gif Jerhart M £12

163 CUTRIS GRIFFIN (T2) I got a lump (Good R'n' cool.gif Jewel M £20

164 JERRY McCAIN Love aint nothin' to play with (Great R'n'B dancer) Jewel M- £20

165 GLORIA GAYNOR She'll be sorry (Rare demo of this great dancer) Jocida (Demo) EX £20

166 BOBBY BLOOM (T2) Love don't let me down (Uptempo dancer) Kama Sutra M £20

167 LENNY WELCH Darling take me back (Very soulful beat ballad) Kapp M- £8

168 LENNY WELCH Coronet blue (Great uptempo) Kapp EX £12

169 RUBY & ROMANTICS We can make it (Beautiful floater) Kapp VG+ £15

170 RUBY & ROMATICS Much better off than I've ever been(Great crisp dancer) Kapp EX £15

171 THE HESITATIONS If you ever need a hand (Good group soul) Kapp M- £15

172 TWO TONS OF LOVE Brown and beautiful (Wonderful crossover floater) Kapp M £15

173 THE CAPITOLS Take a chance on me baby (Great Detroit northern) Karen EX £15

174 THE C.O.D.'s Michael (Heard this out recently - sounded great !!) Kellmac EX £4

175 FOUR TEES (T2) One more chance (Lovely group soul mover) Kent EX £20

176 CHARLIE McCLENDON Put me down easy (Sam Cooke penned thumper) L Rev M £20

177 STARTELS (T2) What more can I ask for (Ultra soulful mid tempo) Lamarr M £20

178 LEE EDWARDS & HIS CONTINENTALS (T2) Need I say more (Superb falsetto voiced dancer) Lantic Gold M £20

179 DAVE GIBSON (T2) Cant do nothin' (R'n'B tune with girly backing) Leweld M £12

180 TIMI YURO (T2) Count everything (Lesser known mid tempo gem from Timi) Liberty VG+ £10

181 LITTLE JOE COOK Dont you have feelings (Good dancer) Loma M- £15

182 LUCAS LOLLIPOP Don't hold on to someone (Slowie) Loma EX £12

183 THE MARVELLOWS You're such a sweet thing (2 great soulful group dancers) Loma EX £15

184 THE LOVELITES (T2) Bumpy road ahead (Great late 60's girl group dancer) Lovelite M £10

185 TINA MARVEL I cant love no one but you(Early 60's soul with group backing) Lu-Pine EX £10

186 THE VAN DYKES (T2) What will I do (if I lose you) Classy group sound Mala M £10

187 PERIGENTS Let's get into something (100mph Detroit girl group) Maltese EX £15

188 THE YOUNG FOLK Lonely girl (Class Chicago mid pace mover) Mar V lus M- £8

189 BOB AND EARL Puppet on a string (Harlem shuffle / Bobby Garrett sound) Marc M- £6

190 THE FASCINATIONS (T2) I'm in love (Beautiful Chicago soulful mid pacer) Mayfield VG £6

191 THE FASCINATIONS Hold on (Excellent Aretha styled screamer) Mayfield EX £10

192 LINDA RAE I don't see my baby (Another Detroit obcurity - dancer) Meadowbrook EX £15

193 SPYDER TURNER (T2) Stand by me (Great version and good flipside) MGM EX £7

194 THE PARTNERSHIP Not for love nor money (Superb uptempo northern) MGM EX £15

195 THE ROYALETTES Only when you're lonely (Great mid paced girl group soul) MGM (Demo) EX £15

196 JACKIE LEE Let your conscience be your guide(Rare demo- 2 good sides) Mirwood (Demo) EX £10

197 LARRY HOUSTON I've got to start my life (nice 70's mover) Mobile M £12

198 MARY LOVE Hey stoney face (Classic oldie - hard to find now) Modern M- £20

199 LES CHANSONETTES I almost left you (bluesy girl group sound) Mon'ca EX £8

200 THE LARKS The skate (Excellent uptempo mover) Money EX £12

201 ROBERT KNIGHT Love on a mountain top (Rare demo - classic oldie) Monument(demo) M- £10

202 HAROLD BURRAGE (T2) A long way together (Great shuffler with R'n'B feel) M-Pac M- £20

203 JUNE TAYLOR (T2) Jealous heart (Nice dancer) Music now M £10

204 WALTER SCOTT (T2) It's been a long time (Excellent blue eyed dancer) Musicland M- £20

205 RAY CROSSEN JR Try some soul (thumper) Musicor M- £15

206 THE PLATTERS Washed ashore (All time classic northern) Musicor M- £8

207 THE PLATTERS Sweet sweet lovin' (Stompin northern dancer) Musicor EX £10

208 TONY DRAKE Lets play house (Lovely slowie) Musicor M £15

209 RUBY JOHNSON Jerk shout (Dance craze type pounder) Neb's EX £12

210 JOAN PROCTOR (T2) Everything's going to be alright (nice mid pacer) New Art (Demo) EX £10

211 BOB KUBAN BAND Jerkin' time (Catchy 6T's soul dancer) Norman VG £8

212 BILLY BUTLER (You make me think) You aint ready(2 class sides) Okeh M- £20

213 ERNIE LUCAS (T2) What would I do without you (Nice late 60's mover) Okeh (Demo) M- £15

214 JOHNNY WATSON She'll blow your mind (Funky balling guitar driven tune) Okeh EX £8

215 LITTLE JOE COOK Meet me down in Soulsville (Club soul shaker) Okeh EX £8

216 MAJOR LANCE I'm so lost (nice soulful slowie) Okeh VG+ £6

217 MARGIE JOSEPH Why does a man have to lie (Funky late 60's mover) Okeh M- £15

218 WALTER JACKSON After you there can be nothing(Great beat ballad) Okeh (Demo) VG+ £8

219 THE WOODEN NICKELS Should I gove my love tonight (Girl group sound) Omen (Demo) EX £10

220 ADMIRATIONS Wait till I get to know you(Good group dancer) One der ful M- £8

221 LIZ LANDS Don't shut me out (Very soulful mid tempo floater) One der ful M £8

222 SHARPEES Tired of being lonely (Great Chicago group soul cheapie) One der ful M £8

223 PAULINE SHIVERS (T2) Wont you come back home (Ultra soulful mid pacer) O-Pex M £20

224 PAULINE SHIVERS You better tell him no (Great R'n'B flavoured dancer) O-Pex M £20

225 COOKIE SCOTT (T2) Funny changes (Nice soulful crossover floater) Orr M- £20

226 MASTERS OF SOUL (T2) Do you really love me (Class Texas soul crossover) Ovide M- £20

227 MASTERS OF SOUL (T2) Sad face (Fabulous record) Ovide M £15

228 INNOCENT BYSTANDERS Frantic escape (Classic thumping inst - T.O.L.) Pameline EX £12

229 EDDIE HOLMAN A free country (Great uptempo mover) Parkway M £8

230 ARRON NEVILLE (T2) She took you for a ride (Nice mid pacer) Par Lo EX £6

231 AL'TNT'BRAGGS Take a look at me (club soul shaker) Peacock EX £8

232 DON FLETCHER Two wrongs don't make a right (Great R'n'B mid tempo) Peacock EX £20

233 JACKIE VERDELL Hush (Gospel flavoured dancer) Peacock (demo) EX £10

234 KRIS PETERSON (T2) I believe in you (Great Detroit girlie northern) Pelikin M- £20

235 THE CHEERS Mighty mighty lover (good Chicago group soul) Penny EX £10

236 AD LIBS (T2) Don't ever leave me (Early group soul dancer) Philips (Demo) VG £12

237 BOBBY LEWIS Give me your yesterdays (Gritty southern soul) Philips (Demo) M- £20

238 CHARLES WRIGHT Keep saying (Great uptempo northern dancer) Philips M- £20

239 MADELINE BELL Picture me gone (Classic) Philips EX £8

240 JAMES BROWN & LYN COLLINS What my baby needs now is a little more love (Superb dancer) Polydor M- £12

241 THE WEBS Tomorrow (Superb male group harmonies) Pop side EX £10

242 FABULOUS PEPS Why are you blowing my mind (Poppy sounding Detroit) Premium Stuff M- £12

243 LEE ROGERS I need you love / Jack the playboy (2 decent sides) Premium Stuff M- £8

244 WALTER SCOTT Soul stew recipe (Funky west coast mover) Pzazz VG+ £12

245 RHYTHM AND SOUL (T2) Bread and water (Superb uptempo dancer - heavy - W.O.L.) R & S EX £20

246 FOUR TEMPOS Come on home (Good dancer) Rampart EX £12

247 FREDDY & THE JADES (T2) Too much (Horn driven groover) RCA (Demo) M £12

248 JOE WILLIAMS Lonely man (minor warp) Nice mid tempo dancer RCA (Demo) EX £20

249 LEN BARRY Rainy side of the street (Catchy blue eyed soul) RCA M £12

250 THE INSIGHTS (You're just a) someday girl (sticker on label) Good dancer RCA (Demo) EX £15

251 THE PRIME MINISTERS I don't know no more (Superb group soul) RCA (Demo) EX £20

252 RODDIE JOY Come back baby (Same as Stoppers on Jubilee) Red Bird M- £15

253 PEGGY GAINES (T2) Sweet way of living (Excellent crossover) Ref-o-ree M- £15

254 DARROW FLETCHER (T2) We cant go on this way (Great late 60's mover) Revue M £12

255 FANTASTIC FOUR Aint love wonderful (Good Detroit) Ric Tic EX £5

256 FANTASTIC FOUR As long as I live (Good Detroit) Ric-Tic M- £4

257 LAVELL HARDY Don't lose your groove (Funky dancer) Rojac M £15

258 GERALDINE HUNT Push sweep (Uptempo mover with nice slowie on flip) Roulette M- £20

259 LITTLE NATALIE & HENRY Teardrops are falling (Good soul shaker) Roulette EX £15

260 SWEET SOULS (T2) I want to make it with you (100mph dancer) RPR(Demo) M- £15

261 THE WILD ONES I've been crying (Obscure group soul dancer) S.P.Q.R. (Demo) M- £20

262 ANNABELLE FOX (T2) Getting through to me (Nice mid tempo floater) Satin M £12

263 DEAN SCOTT Gotta have losers too (Mid tempo) Scepter(Demo) EX £10

264 WILBERT HARRISON Near to you (Piano driven dancer) Sea-horn EX £10

265 WITCHES & WARLOCK Which way did he go (Dancer) Sew city M- £20

266 DEENA JOHNSON & RICKY DAVIS There's gonna be a showdown (Good R'n'B duet) Simpson (Demo) M £15

267 DAN BRANTLEY (T2) I cant take no more (Dancer) Sims M- £10

268 JAY & THE TECHNIQUES Keep the ball rollin' (Great dancer) Smash M- £7

269 THE SWEET Got to have more love (Great uptempo dancer) Smash M- £15

270 CHARLIE GRACIE (T2) Walk with me girl (Good solid dancer with girlie backing) Sock & soul M £10

271 BILLY HAMBRIC New York city baby (Ben E King styled shaker) Soho M- £7

272 LESLIE UGGAMS Love is a good foundation (Classic Wigan oldie ) Sonday(Demo) EX £20

273 THE WHISPERS Needle in a haystack (Lovely mid tempo) Soul Clock M- £6

274 THE WHISPERS I'm the one (Incredibly soulful mid pacer) Soul Clock M- £10

275 WATSON & SHERLOCKS Standing on the corner (Great funky soul mover) Soulville M- £15

276 THE AMBASSADORS If you don't know (Uptempo group mover) Sound stage 7 M- £8

277 JACKIE DAY Whats the cost (Knockout late 60's dancer) Speciality M- £12

278 KENNY SPRINGS & SCAT CATS Nobody else but you (Obscure southern soul groover) Spot M- £15

279 MAMIE GALORE Too many memories (Fingersnapping Chicago mover) St Lawrence M- £12

280 OSCAR MACK (T2) You never know how much I love you (Great dancer) Stax(Demo) EX £20

281 BILL WITHERS Harlem (Atmospheric soulful 45) Sussex M- £10

282 THE SAPPHIRES Gotta be more than friends (Lovely mid tempo girl group) Swan M £15

283 THE SAPPHIRES I've got mine you better get yours (Another nice dancer) Swan EX £15

284 THE SAPPHIRES (T2) Who do you love (Great mid tempo) Swan EX £10

285 INEZ FOXX He's the one you love (good club soul dancer) Symbol (demo) M- £10

286 THE TURNAROUNDS (T2) Somewhere in this world (Great mid tempo crossover) Tangerine M- £12

287 BRETHREN Happy feeling (Great crossover) Teentown M £20

288 RHETTA HUGHES Hip old lady on a Honda (Ignore title - great crossover) Tetragrammaton M- £12

289 DEWI CHEETUM & HOWE (T2) This is my country (Version of Impressions - super soulful) Thomas M £10

290 THE DAYLIGHTERS For my baby (Great Chicago group sound) Tip Top M- £10

291 OSCAR WEATHERS (T2) Just to prove that I love you (Fabulous mid tempo) Top & Bottom M £15

292 THE MANDELLS How to love a woman (Great group harmonies) Trans world sound M- £12

293 AZIE MORTIMER Untouched by human love (Heartfelt mid pacer) Troy M £10

294 LITTLE RALPHIE D Take me back (Good dancer) 20th cent(Demo) M £15

295 SYL JOHNSON Try me (Solid soul sound of Chicago) Twilight EX £8

296 BOBBY GOLDSBORO It's too late (Great blue eyed northern oldie) U.A. EX £10

297 CORNELIUS BROTHERS & SISTER ROSE Too late to turn back now (Crossover gem) U.A. M- £12

298 JIVE FIVE Main street (Class group sound) U.A. EX £15

299 JIVE FIVE I'm a happy man (Early transitional group sound) U.A. M- £10

300 JOE BATAAN Crystal blue persuasion (nice 'n soulful) Uptite(Demo) M- £10

301 FINNIGANS WAKE You blew it (100 mph dancer) Val EX £15

302 CHIS BARTLEY (T2) Baby its wonderful (Nice Van McCoy fingerclicker) Vando (Demo) EX £15

303 FRED HUGHES You cant take it away (classy Chicago mid tempo) Vee Jay M- £6

304 JERRY BUTLER Make it easy on yourself(All time great slowie) Vee Jay VG+ £7

305 BETTY EVERETT Trouble over the weekend (Great Chicago dancer) VeeJay M- £10

306 THE DONTELLS In your heart (2 great sides) VeeJay M- £10

307 JOHNNY NOBLE You're so smooth (Great dancer) Veep M- £10

308 HOWARD TATE Glad I knew better (One of the great cheapies) Verve M- £5

309 THE TRIUMPHS Walking the duck (classic inst.) Verve EX £10

310 ANN BYERS (T2) Gotta get you back (Nice mid paced crossover) Virtue EX £15

311 JOHN WESLEY You're gonna miss me (Rockin' club sound) Vivid M- £15

312 DUKE BAXTER I aint no schoolboy (Dancer) VMC M- £6

313 THE FOUR SHELLS Reputation (Cool sounding group dancer) Volt VG £8

314 CHUCK JACKSON I keep forgettin (Quality 6T's dancer) Wand EX £8

315 CHUCK JACKSON I don't wanna cry (Early blue label design) Wand EX £8

316 MAXINE BROWN One step at a time (Classic) Wand EX £10

317 MAXINE BROWN & CHUCK JACKSON Baby take me (Great duet) Wand EX £8

318 ROSCOE ROBINSON That's enough (Classic - W.O.L.) Wand VG+ £8

319 SOUTH SIDE MOVEMENT Have a little mercy (Funky late 60's mover) Wand M £8

320 TIMMY SHAW Gonna send you back to Georgia(Ctr hole slightly damaged) Wand EX £8

321 THE N GROUP Keep on runnin' (Grooving 60's dancer) Wes Mar EX £15

322 EMANUEL LASKY More love (Soulful slowie) Westbound EX £12

323 LUVENIA LEWIS You're love is all over me (good 70's soul) Wet soul(Demo) EX £10

324 LEE ROGERS Love can really hurt you deep(Good Detroit) Wheelsville EX £20

325 THE TYMES This time it's love (Motownesque dancer or VG £8) Winchester M- £15

326 SAM BOWIE/BLUE FEELINGS (Think of) the times we had together(Great ender) WinGate M- £8

327 FLORENCE DEVORE He's got the money bags (Late 60's organ led mid tempo) Yew EX £10

328 CLAUDIA BARRIE Any way that you want me (Killer slowie) Yorkville M £20

329 ADA RAY Give our love a chance (Great girlie dancer) Zells M £20

SECTION 4 - Club sounds / R'n'B / Latin / Jazz / Funk etc.

331 ANDREW BROWN If we try (Good R'n'B dancer) 4 Brothers M- £10

332 G.L. CROCKETT It's a man down there (Great R'n' cool.gif 4 Brothers M- £10

333 BEGINNING OF THE END Funky nassau (Funk classic) Alston EX £7

334 LEE DORSEY Working in the coal mine(W.O.L.) Amy VG+ £5

335 DONNY HATHAWAY The ghetto (Funk classic) Atco M- £10

336 CLARENCE CARTER Looking for a fox (Mod club fave) Atlantic (Demo) EX £10

337 EDDIE HARRIS Listen here (Classic jazz fusion) Atlantic EX £8

338 BILLY LAMONT Shake and jerk (Good club soul) Bang EX £10

339 AD LIBS The boy from New York city Blue Cat EX £6

340 YOUNG HOLT UNLIMITED Give it up (Great old mod spin) Brunswick M- £10

341 SOUL TORNADOES Go for yourself (Good funk inst) Burt M- £20

342 TOMMY TUCKER Hi heel sneakers (Club classic) Checker EX £6

343 TOMMY TUCKER Long tall shorty (Club classic) Checker M- £8

344 CHICAGO CUBS Slide (Funky hammond groover) Chess M £10

345 EARL GAINES Good good lovin (Great dancer) DeLuxe(Demo) M £10

346 BOBBY BLAND Aint nothing you can do (Great R'n'B dancer) Duke EX £8

347 BOBBY BLAND Turn on your lovelight (R'n'B classic) Duke EX £8

348 SLIM HARPO Baby scratch my back (All time classic) Excello EX £10

349 CHRIS JONES I'm the man (Funk) Goodie Train M- £20

350 HARVEY SCALES Get down (Classic funky inst) Magic touch EX £8

351 IRMA THOMAS I gone got over it (Good New Orleans R'n' cool.gif Minit VG+ £6

352 LITTLE RICHARD Poor dog (Good 60's club sound) Okeh VG+ £10

353 RUDY MARTIN Love must go on (rare west coast R'n' cool.gif Roach EX £15

354 THE VALENTINOS Its all over now (Club classic) Sar EX £10

355 JIMMY MCGRIFF I've got a woman (X.O.L.) Sue EX £8

356 AL PERKINS Love me baby (Good R'n'B dancer) USA EX £15

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