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Midas Touch Records List #13

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Hi All,

Welcome to list #13. I`ve just got back from a record buying trip in

the US, take it from me that if anyone thinks the prices of rare soul are

about to drop you have got no chance! More and more of our American cousins

are becoming experts on the prices of soul 45s, with the Manship book and

ebay there are no secrets anymore and dealers are having to pay higher

prices just to get the records in the first place. I`ve also heard that

another price guide is about to be published, I just wonder what the

intention of publishing another book is? Anyway, I had a good trip, covered

5000 miles and bought some nice records for you!

The sales Cds are still going strong and more people are finding this a

great way to buy records. All of the records marked with *** are available

on this issues CD, the price for 3x Cds is a very reasonable £5.00 and

you`ll receive the CD a day or so before the regular list comes out. Just a

reminder that if you subscribed for the first set of 3 your subscription is

now due.If you have received a complimentary CD in the past then you MUST

Subscribe to receive any future sales CDs.

I always try to grade records accurately although its impossible to

play every record, that's why I offer a money back guarantee if not

completely satisfied for any reason.Gradings are as follows; M-Faultless,

probably unplayed, E- Very clean and a nice copy. VG - Used but plays

through ok with some light noise, great for DJing with. Please order ALL

RECORDS by email, first come, first served, however if you need to call me

please do so. P&P is £1.25 for 1x 45 and £2.40 per LP, obviously cheaper if

you buy more than one item. Please pay by cheque, cash, IMO or by using your

credit card through, although there will be a 3% charge for

this facility. Please pay within 7 days and I`ll get your records out as

soon as I can.

I`ll be guesting at my local soul night in Willington, Derbyshire on

Friday October 16th, the venue is the Power station social club, 8 til 1.00,

cheap bar and ALWAYS a great night, I hope to see some of you down there.

Resident DJs are Rob and Austin and Denmac, been looking forward to this one

for ages!

OK, On with the list..........

1.Jimmie Reed Jnr-I aint going nowhere-Mercury M- 275

2.Marie Knight-Come on Baby-Okeh M 100***

3.Gino Washington-Girl Here I am-Atac M- 350

(Super Detroit soul)

4.Howard Tate-You`re looking good-Utopia E- 200

5.Hazel Martin-Out of my life-Marco M 50

6.Anthony Raye-Give me one more chance-Impact WD E- 40

7.Bud Harper-Mr Soul-PeacockE+ 25

8.Erma Franklin-Abracadabra-Epic M 150***

9.Al Hudson-When you`re gone-Atco M 75***

10.Steve Mancha-You`re still in my heart-Groovesville M 15

(Forgotten Detroit double-sider-Awesome!)

11.Otis Clay-Show Place-Onederful M- 15***

(Storming R&B dancer)

12.The Dells-Its all up to you-Cadet M- 15***

(Brilliant Chicago Crossover soul)

13.Jimmy Castor-Block party-Jetset E 40

14.Ace Spectrum-Dont send nobody else-Atlantic VG+ 25

15.Little John-Heartbreaking time-Martay E+ 150***

(Massive all over again)

16.The Startells-I`m falling in love with you girl-Lamar M- 20***

(Wonderful group mid-tempo Chicago soul, check out the CD!)

17.Jackie Wilson-I can feel the vibrations-Brunswick E 10

18.Jackie Wilson-Whispers-Brunswick E+ 10

19.Syl Johnson-Try Me-Twinight M- 10***

20.The Apollas-Mr Creator-WB E+ 100

21.Jimmy Robins-I cant please you-Jerhart-M- 10

(Every home should have one!)

22.Teddy Pendergrass-You must live on-TSOP E+ 10***

23.Soulmasters-I`ll be waiting here-Raven E 250***

24.Johnny Nash-I`m leaving-Groove E+ 20

25.Jean Wells-What have I got to lose-Calla M 20***

(Always sounds like a £100 record to me, just pure class)

26.Al Hudson-We must make it happen-Atco E 25

27.Miss Madeline-Behave yourself-Marvlus M- 20

28.Herb Ward-Hands off she`s Mine-Buddy E 100***

29.Sharron Scott-How can I get to you-Wild duce E- 40***

30.Jean Shy-We`ve got a good thing going-FoxCar M- 20***

31.Clarance Carter-Messing with my mind-Ichiban M 30

32.Leon Haywood-You and your moody ways-Evejam M 15

33.The Impressions-Cant satisfy-ABC E+ sol 8

(Great classic oldie!)

34.The Four Pros-Just another girl-Carla WD E+ 80***

35.Percy Milem-Call on me-Goldwax E+ 20

36.Leroy Hutson-Right or wrong RSO WD M- 15***

37.Martha and Vandellas-One way out Gordy M- 8

38.The Spinners-Its a shame-VIP M- 8

39.Bobby Bland-Shoes- Duke M- 20

40.Bobby Bland-Yum Yum tree-Duke M- 10

41.Bobby Bland-Getting used to the blues-Duke 10

42.Ben E King-Too bad-Atco E 20***

43.Esther Phillips-Home is where the hatred is-Kudu M 20***

44.Jackie Moore-Sweet Charlie Babe-Atlantic M 20***

45.Superlatives-Dont let true love die Dynamics M 20***

46.Imaginations-Strange neighbourhood-Fraternity Demo VG+ 150

(Looks pretty rough but plays like a dream, remember its guaranteed!)

47.Gordon Keith-Look ahead-Calumet-E+ 70

48.Barbara and the Belivers-What can happen to me now-Capitol demo M 25

48.The Kittens-Hey Operator/aint no more room-Chess E 20***

49.Harry and Keyavas-If this is goodbye-IPG M 60***

50.Vernon Harrell-Baby dontcha worry-Decca E 20

51.Wilson Pickett-How will I ever know-WR M 10***

(forget midnight hour-awesome crossover soul!)

52.Johnny Taylor-Friday night-Stax M- 10

53.Mary Wells-Stop taking me for granted-20th Cent E 5

54.Baby Washington-It`l never be over for me-Sue E+ 15

55.Bobby Jones-Talkin about Jones-Expo M 20

56.Mary Moultrie-They`re trying to tear us apart-KIng WD E+ 75***

57.Aretha Franklin-I cant see myself leaving you-Atlantic M- 101***

58.Little Charles and the sidewinders-Talkin about you babe-Decca Demo M 100

59.Liz Damon-You`re falling in love-White Whale M 8

(Getting spins again)

60.Betty Swan-Make me yours-Money E 8

61.Pat Clayton-Someone elses turn-Silver tip E+ 100***

62.Porgy and the Monarchs-Thats my girl-Sylves E+ 25

63.Carol JonesProblem child-Mutt-M- 20

64.California Rock Choir-Whoever you are-Cyclone M 80

65.Mamie Gaolore-It aint necessary-St Lawrence M- 15***

(Great mecca oldie, sounds sooooo good!)

66.Undisputed Truth-You got the love I need-Gordy E+ 10***

67.Joe Matthews-Sorry aint good enough-Thelma E+ 40

68.Esther Phillips-While it lasted-Lennox E+ 10

69.Etta James-Mellow Fellow-Argo M 25

70.The Soulset -I dont want her but I need her-Johnson E+ 50***

71.GC Cameron-You`re whats missing in my life-Motown E+ 10

72.The Artistics-Trouble Heartache and pain-Brunswick M- sml wol 8

73.Phylis Hyman-You know how to love me-Arista M- 10

74.Four tees-One more chance-Kent WD M 25***

75.Keith Barrow-You know yoiu want to be loved-Columbia WD M 8

76.Bobby Womack-Tried and convicted-Minit E+ 15***

77.Reggie Soul- I feel so bad-Red baloon M- 10***

78.The Italian asphelpt pavement-Chjeck yourself Colossus VG+ 20

79.The volumes-I got love-Twirl E 100***

80.The Spinners-I`ll always love you-Motown M- 8

81.Chuck Jackson-I only get this feeling-ABC WD M 10

82.James Spencer-In-Law trouble-Taurus E- 30***

83.Jesse James-If you want a love affair-20th Cent M- 75

84.Fire and rain-Hello Stranger Mercury M- 15***

85.Bob Brady and the Con-Chords-Goodbye baby-Charriot E+ 60

86.The Shirtails-The Ceiling-Prime-M 40***

87.The Dells-Make sure-Cadet M 10

88.Gary Sole-Holding on-Knight E+ 150

89.Bobby Womack-Across 110th st-UA 10***

90.Eddie Holland-Candy to me-Motown M 15***

91.Maxine Brown-One step at a time-Wand E+ 15

92.Bessie Banks-Dont you worry baby the best is yet to come-Quality WD E 100

(has a very slight edge ward, does not affect play at all, absolute


93.Bobby Patterson-My babys coming back to me-Jetstar Yellow vinyl M- 20

94.The Mob-I`d like to see more of you-Colossus-M 20***

95.Beverly Shaffer-Where will you be boy-Onederful VG+ 20

(Wonderful Chicago mid-tempo dancer, plays great!)

96.Duke Baxter-I aint no schoolboy-VSV E 5

97.Harold Melvin-Where are all my friends-TSOP E 5

98.Jackie Wilson-Just be sincere-Brunswick E+ 10

99.Aaron Neville-A hard nut to crack-Parlo M 25***

100.Casuals on the Square-End of time-ISP M 80

101.Doris Duke-Congratulations baby-RRG M_-15***

102.Natures Devine-I just cant control myself Infinity- M- 10***

103.The Ethics-Look at me now-Vent E 8

104.Barrett Strong-Is it true-Capitol M 25

105.Junior Walker-Aint that the truth-Soul E+ 10***

106.The Fantastic Puzzles-Come on back New moon M- 75***

(Great 70s dancer, check out the CD)

107.Soloman Burke-Stupidity-Atlantic E 20

108.Luther Ingram-Trying to find my love-Koko M- 10

109.The Formations-At the top of the stairs-MGM Demo E+ 10

110.Etta James-Payback-Argo E 15***

(Getting big R&B spins, absolute stormer!)

111.Major Lance-Without a doubt-Okeh VG 15

(Plays fine, looks like its been in a fight)

112.Randy Jackson-How can I be sure-Epic M- 25***

(70s soul anthem, great x-over)

113.Lee Rogers-My one and only-D-Town E 10

114.The Volumes-Aint that loving you-Inferno VG+ 15

115.The Dells-Show me-Cadet M- 10***

116.Little Dooley-Its got to be now or never-North bay M 15***

117.Barbara Mercer-Doing things together with you-Golden world M- 15***

(Old Gilly Spin from Bretby, great Detroit dancer)

118.Little Milton-Dont leave her-Checker M- 10

119.The Spinners-I just want to fall in love-Atlantic M- 35

120.Betty Everett-Please love me-One-derful M- 30***

(Fantastic R&B dancer, set to take off and so hard to find in the US)

121.Chris Clark-I want to go back there againVIP E+ 8

122.Soloman Burke-Cry to me-Atlantic E 20

123.Billy Stewart-What have I done-Chess 10***

(Superb Cross-over mid-tempo)

124.Gloria Gaynor-This love affair-Polydor WD M 40

125.Timothy Wilson-Pigtails-Buddah 15***

126.Jay and Americans-Livin above your head-UA E 10

127.George Allen-Come on home-SoloplayVG+ 40***

(Big Buzz on this R&B dancer at the moment, plays fine, check out the CD)

128.Natural 4-You cant keep running away-Curtom-M 10***

129.Sebastian Williams-Get your point over-Ovide M 20***

130.Crystal Motion-You`re my main squeeze-Sound gems-M- 20

131.Eddie Parker-I need a true Love/ Crying clown-Tripple B M- 20***

132.Patti Drew-Stop and listen-Capitol E+ 30

(Just one more copy, be very quick!)

133.No No Starr-Swing your love my way-Midas M- 15***

134.Garland Green-Aint that good enough-Revue E+ 90

135.The Chi-lites-Living in the footsteps-Brunswick M 15

(So over ordered from the last Sales CD, be quick!!!)

136.The Mandells-Dont turn your back on me-Hourglass 20

137.The Girls-The Hurt is still there-Memphis M 30

(Big spin for Sean Chapman, nice X over)

138.Otis Brown-Will you wait-Lujuna- M 15

139.Lucky Laws-Who is she-Onederful M- 20***

140.The Prophets-My kind of girl-Stephanye M- 20***

141.Arthur Conley-I cant stop-Fame E- 8

142.The Temptations-Check yourself-Miracle VG+ 10

143.The Kittens-Lookie Lookie ABC VG 15

144.The Thrills-Underneath my make-up-Capitol Demo M 20

145.Bobby Womack-Daylight-UA E+ 10***

146.Betty Lavette-Let me down easy-Calla M- 30

147.Reggie Milner-She`s alright-Ronns E+ 40

148.The Casinos-If I told you-Delval M- 25***150.The 21st Century-I just

cant forget your name-JOY E+ 25***

149.Jackie Wilson-Since you showed me how to be happy-Brunswick M- 10

150.The 21st Century-I just cant forget your name-Joy E+ 25***

151.Lovelace Watkins-Dreams-Sue M- 140

152.Aretha Franklin-Day dreaming-Atlantic M- 10

153.The Impressions-You`ve been cheating-ABC M 20

154.Pure Pleasure-By my side-QC E+ 80

(Amazing modern soul dancer-so soulful)

155.Bobby Caldwell-What you wont do for lve-Clouds-M 8

156.Joe Simon-I got a whole lotta lovin-SS7 M 15

157.Johnny Otis-Hey boy-Jazz world E+ 15

(Getting spins again)

158.Himer Strickland-I`ll get over you-Jadan M- 30

159.Don and Juan-What I really meant to say-Bigtop M- 15

160.We the people-Making my daydream real-Lion E 70

(Wonderful Crossover anthem)

161.Edwin Starr-Dont tell me I`m crazy-Soul M- 15

162.The Startells-What more can I ask for-Lamar M- 20

163.Linda Clifford-Runaway Love-Curtom M 8

164.The Daydreams-Easy baby/Here and now-Dial-M 20

165.Lashawn Collins-What you gonna do now-Sincere E+ 275

166.Frederick Knight-Betcha did`nt know that-Truth E+ 10

167.The Quadraphonics-Betcha if you check it our-Innovation M- 10

168.Garland Green-Angel baby-Uni E+ 20

169.Syl Johnson-One way ticket-Twinight-E+ 8

Got some nice in-demand LPs for this list;

170. Garland Green-Jealous kinda fella-Uni E+ 60

(inc. Girl I love you, aint that good enough)

171.George McCrae-Same-TK E+15

(inc. Never never girl. Same as Rockie Mizzell)

172.Delegation-Same-Mercury E+30

(inc One more step to take)

173.El Coco-Same-AVI E+ 25

(inc.One more step back from love)

174.The Originals-Portrait-Soul E+ 20

(inc Dont stop now)

175.Mandrill-New worlds-Arista E+ 15

(inc too late)

176.Peabo Bryson-Tyrn the hands of time- Capitol E+ 15

(inc. Why dont you make up your mind)

177.Clyde McPhatter-Welcome home Decca Still Sealed 70

(inc Please give me one more chance)

178.RJs Latest arrival-Same-Ariola E+ 20

(inc.Made up mind)

179.Jackie Wilson-Beautiful day-Brunswick E+ 50

(Faultless Albumn, inc. Because of you, it only happens,this love is mine)

180.Willie Hutch-Soul Portrait-RCA E+ 25

(inc Lucky to be loved by you

181.Martha Reeves-Black magic-Gordy E+ 30

(inc. No-one there)

182.Wilson Williams-Up the downstairs-ABC E 20

(inc.I like being in love, I think its gonna work out fine)

183.Al Wilson-I`ve got a feeling-Playboy E+ 15

(Great LP, I`ve got a feeling, be concerned,etc)

184.The Dells-Love Connection-Mercury E+ 20

(Inc. Trick me treat me, awesome crossover)

185.Smokey and Miracles-Flying high together-Tamla E+ 15

(inc.Great title track.)

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