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Bee Kays

Steve L

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Been digging through some old stuff and came across Bee Kays - Its Better/Eric the Viking ( Gamble )

Got this in a soul pack ages ago - spun the A side, thought it was poo and promptly put it away never to see the light of day for many years.

So I was surprised to see it on JM's site for £40 but the sound clip is the B side.

So my questions are -

Has this ever been played?

Does anyone rate it?

Would you pay £40 for it?

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For what it's worth I've played It's Better at Goodfoot as it was a nice pacy up tempo bit of soul. I must dig it out and play the B Side. A fellow Fresh Air DJ was known as Erik The Viking but that nmight have been after the book.

I paid about 50p for it.

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