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  1. The Carolyn Crawford side is miles better than any of the last 4 or 5 years anniversary singles IMO - thats what I'm putting it down to
  2. Little Buster - I Got A Good Thing Going (Jubilee) Girls Three - Baby I Want You (Chess) Both in lovely minty condition - only been played a few times. £15 each or £25 for both Paypal F&F Postage 2.70 for one or both
  3. Thanks for the answers - cheers
  4. Anyone know the current price for a single from UK to Australia?
  5. Problem solved, thanks for the replies
  6. Can anyone offer any advice, when I try to log in to Discogs the page won't load at all, the bar at the top goes about halfway across and stops. Using safari on a mac and also tried on my phone but exactly the same
  7. One of our party has dropped out so we have one spare wristband for sale at £40 We will be arriving on Friday around lunchtime
  8. Speak for yourself old codger, I am......
  9. George has just replied to my question, yes it is Earl Van Dyke
  10. Dunno mate, I'll ask George - he's on Facebook
  11. Its true, George talked about it in his Q&A session at Blackpool a couple of years ago...
  12. Just re-read this old thread, all those who said this record was "poppy" and not very good need to go & give their head a sheck to coin a phrase! One of the finest northern tracks ever to grace the scene, a perfect dancing record which sadly I haven't had the opportunity to do so for a long time now.......

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