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  1. Your Current Must Watch Tv ?

    Just watched the second series of The Crown on netflix - one of the best things Ive seen, superb
  2. The Shakers

    Surely it's "just near enough for me to see" ?
  3. I'm the only person Ive ever heard it played out, only known it for about 10 years though - didn't realise it went back to wigan days
  4. Comedy Sale Of The Day

    It just gets worse......... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/The-Vibrating-Vibrations-Surprise-Party-For-Baby-Right-On-Brother/132423240244?hash=item1ed50a4a34:g:Lm4AAOSwYxBaIpPM
  5. Northern Soul In the Mainstream

    Ive seen many people comment about this situation over the years saying words to the effect - "when all the tourists have lost interest and disappeared then the scene can go back to being underground" Wishful thinking I'm afraid, they aint going nowhere....
  6. Postage cost to spain

    Yes thats what I've ended up doing mate, gave him the option of signed for or at his risk
  7. Postage cost to spain

    Cheers mate
  8. Postage cost to spain

    For one single please?
  9. Fantastic record, no idea why its never been a massive tune on the scene.....
  10. Age is just a number

    All nighters Paul?
  11. Age is just a number

    75ish I think? Unbelievable...... I think Ted Massey is around 67/8 as well Who's the oldest regular all nighter attendee? I know one or two in their early 60s
  12. Poll: Russ V Richard - Wigan 1973-81

    Looks like you're on your own.......
  13. Poll: Russ V Richard - Wigan 1973-81

    Can we have a poll between these two records to see who agrees with you? Cant get over these memories is one of the finest records ever played on the scene. I just needed to say that...........