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  1. Poll: Russ V Richard - Wigan 1973-81

    Looks like you're on your own.......
  2. Poll: Russ V Richard - Wigan 1973-81

    Can we have a poll between these two records to see who agrees with you? Cant get over these memories is one of the finest records ever played on the scene. I just needed to say that...........
  3. Poll: Russ V Richard - Wigan 1973-81

    Cant comment on pre 78 but from then onwards there was no contest......
  4. No one really knows which is which do they?
  5. Just come back to the UK and it will..............
  6. Northern SOUL BO-LL-OX...!!

    Maybe not under collectors radar but if you played it at a typical oldies venue I reckon a lot of people wouldn't know it...
  7. Blue-eyed Soul?

    Phyllis Brown (was in the Babies) - Oh Baby
  8. I admire your optimism mate but can't agree with the logic you're applying. Its the volume of collectors willing to pay money that will affect the value of records, which is what we're talking about, the number will inevitably decrease - lets not beat ar...
  9. Absolutely, its inevitable. People who argues otherwise (and there are a lot whenever this subject comes up) are deluding themselves
  10. So pleased I held on to my original copy of this

    Yes you were ripped off there mate, mine cost me a fiver around the same time! As has been mentioned someone had hundreds of mint copies and was knocking them out week after week on eBay fetching maybe a tenner on average? Sums up the sad state of ...
  11. Gucci Does Northern soul

    I wasnt gonna say anything till i saw this, now I feel physically sick. You know that thing where someone takes something thats sacred to you and shits all over it? yeah that...............
  12. Milton Wright on Satiron

    Thanks again Mick
  13. Milton Wright on Satiron

    The one I've got looks exactly like the discogs one Mick but with different matrix. Do you mean the bootleg has a different typeface?
  14. Milton Wright on Satiron

    Thanks Mick, life's full of disappointments
  15. Milton Wright on Satiron

    Has anyone got a proper one of these so I can compare the run out details?