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Anybody Know This ?


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Quite like this ,I thought it was a decent female beat ballad opinions?

Beat-Ballad?,Beat-Bollox is the word your looking for yes.gif Lena Zaffaroni is it?

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not quite a bit too old for Lena huh.gif

Surely Bassy?surely not :D

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I like it and she can come round here and wash me pots and pans! But i do get a spaghetti western Sergio type feeling?

Sort of Good the Bad and the Ugly mexican stand off thingy going in there?

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Quite like this ,I thought it was a decent female beat ballad opinions?

Sorry.... if it's supposed to be a "soulful" beat ballad it deffinately ain't....

It's just sounds like one of many "sixties" sounding records out there.... there's tons of them....

To me it seems more and more people are either flipping over a well known track to "find" the latest thing "hoping" for something "soulful", which it just isn't.... OR the other option today seems to be, as I've known happen, people buying any 60's looking record and hoping it is "soulful" sounding or "has that certain" beat to be picked upon, which often it doesn't....

Occasionally it has happened (by very few DJs/collectors) and does happen (by curiosity) when an old tune is flipped or a new one found, and may still do in the future, but not often....

We all know from the past when we've naturally flipped over a record "out of interest", the other side has been shite.... because there ain't too many jaw dropping "soulful double siders" that aren't already known.... usually the "double siders" found today are only "double siders" of today because we now seem to have broadened our listening powers and now "accept" the more mid tempo kind of stuff that was once always overlooked when a record was "flipped" in the past.... now if it's a "soulful" mid tempo it's acceptable AND not always a bad thing IMO....

Perhaps this opinion is another thread in itself, pobably so.... but I got carried away with my thoughts on listening to this absolutely awful record potrayed as "SOUL"....

Sorry "givemesoul" you did ask for an opinion huh.gif ....

Next time.... GIVEMESOUL :D ....

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