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  1. vaultofsouler

    Steve Mannion

    rang and spoke to steve last wk bout this mike wen I was first told bout it.... he answered on one of my calls and his reply was sed he not been on here or facebuk as been pooly, but wud sort wen can.... I av been pointed towards this post so tried fonin hm agen tonite, just now, but no reply.... strait to ansafone.... gi me coyple or so days to sort calln on him.... i k, cheers, mark
  2. vaultofsouler


  3. vaultofsouler

    Remembering Joe Dutton - SOLD OUT

    Please note that this event is now SOLD OUT.... sorry.... Thanks to all who have bought tickets.... Don't forget we now are doing a bit of a meet up "chill out" session at the Riverside pub beforehand, 4pm-7pm, which is 5 minutes from the Yellow Arch studios.... See you at one or both of these....
  4. vaultofsouler

    Remembering Joe Dutton - SOLD OUT

    Please note this event is now SOLD OUT A night of all things soulful to remember our mate Joe Dutton (Pikeys Dog). The nite starts and 7.00pm thru til 2.00am @ Yellow Arch Studios, 30-36 Burton Road, Neepsend, Sheffield, S3 8BX. Featuring Northern Soul, R&B, xover, 70s, Modern, Funk DJs for the nite: Roger Banks, Ralf & Tolbert (Hamburg Weekender), Mik Parry, Graham Wright, Mark Etheridge, John Moffatt, Jonny Monk. Joe was booked to appear at the Hamburg Weekender this year so it's fantastic that Ralf & Tolbert are making the trip over here instead. Other things are planned for this bank holiday weekend and I will update folk as I get updated. Tickets £5.50 (total) for the nite are available from HERE. Joe's "Life of Pie" FB page Facebook Event Page
  5. vaultofsouler

    Darnall Horti Soul Club

    Just to add that Cliff Dale is now able to make it over from Manchester So that will now be the original four all back under the same roof since Ponds Forge
  6. vaultofsouler

    whitchurch soul club

    Friday 31st May, 8.00pm til 2.00am.
  7. vaultofsouler


    Just dustin a few off Terry so see you later at the bar.... Should be a good night and lookin forward to it ;-)
  8. vaultofsouler

    Template For Printing 7" Labels

    Yeh, in Sheffield Pete.... think you originally asked via the KTF email group if anybody was savvy enough to edit scanned labels to leave them blank for a project (or sumat) you were doing.... that's how you got the link, lol.... Do you still need it again.... and feel free to pass on to whoever, it ain't mine to say not to, lol....
  9. vaultofsouler

    Template For Printing 7" Labels

    Pete, it was me who emailed you the link and password about (?) 6-7 years ago now I think.... I was given it about a year before that on the understanding it wasn't for general distribution and only to be shared sparingly.... hence that's why I also told you that at the time.... think I only ever passed it onto Chalky also.... all seemed a bit "cloak and dagger" at the time, lol.... Anyway, just checked and like Neil (tsu) I also still have the link so if anybody wants it let me know....
  10. vaultofsouler

    Pete Jay Rip

    Gobsmacked.... Unbelievably sad news :-( Heartfelt condolences to all Pete's family.... Keep it soulful upstairs pal....
  11. vaultofsouler

    Just Heard Whitney Houston Died Tonight

    f**k me.... 48.... no age.... any news how or why.... RIP Whitney.... wot a voice even tho "pop" to most folk....
  12. vaultofsouler

    Will The Real Salvadors Step Forward, Which One?

    The dimples are actually on the playing surface, not the deadwax....
  13. vaultofsouler

    Lost Soul Club, Sheffield, Sept 3Rd

    Doesn't look like I'm gonna get off from work as early as hoped.... so I'll be joining you guys later around tea time I reckon.... will give Brett a ring to find out where you are at that time.... Catch up later and have one ready on the bar ....


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