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    if you're actually selling your entire collection pm me 20k waitin
  2. Northern Soul Newbie

    If you're looking to buy start with Spyder Turner I can't make it anymore you'll get it for ab a tenner would be thousands on a obscure label Northern Soul don't get much better
  3. People's choice savin my lovin for you

    This might help a bit more http://collectorsfrenzy.com/details/272684352643/Rare_Northern_Soul_The_Peoples_Choice_1967_orig
  4. Chris Jackson 'Forever I’ll Stay With You' Soul City

    Sorry for being an ass i saw chris jackson and just thought i'll never forget you and thought of nothing else so yes having owned this for the past 20yrs and listening to the flip again i agree its deffo jerry williams
  5. Chris Jackson 'Forever I’ll Stay With You' Soul City

    sounds nothing like jerry williams it was well documented that chris jackson came over to do this for dave godin
  6. Betty Lloyd - I'm Catching On - BSC

    why? http://collectorsfrenzy.com/search?q=betty+lloyd&search-button=
  7. Female "big Beat" Ballads - Your Faves?

    does it for me everytime
  8. Dodgy eBay bidding

    I know on a lot of reggae listings there are 'far right/white supremacist types who try to scupper sales by bidding ridiculous amounts and not paying. They need to get out more IMO agreed the reggae listings have been stupid for years £5 records supposedly s...
  9. A few years ago i got 50p for the wade flemons boot of jeanette on ebay a few yrs later it sells for £60 collectors or just plain idiots make your mind up? i guess demand but wtf
  10. Your Current Must Watch Tv ?

    any season of any show is available online you dont need netflix to watch just search
  11. Joe Dunlop List 19/052017

    I always look at your lists with great interest,but yes i think you'll keep em all
  12. Ransomware attacks

    xp is fine it all depends on what security you've got malwarebytes c cleaner etc and as for paying for norton shite
  13. Frankie & Classicals

    Anybody who calls this tune rubbish is sorely misguided this along with the Casualeers and Jerry Williams if you ask me are tunes which got an awfull lot of ppl into this scene go hide your cloth ears its a fantastic song and always will be
  14. Northern soul collecting!! Is it a con?

    ^ ^ idiots abound no wonder people selling carvers get high prices
  15. Hifi Sean Ft. Crystal Waters - Testify

    sorry to offend anyone but i freakin loveeee it