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  1. Nothing wrong with jackie trent fine lookin woman back in the day
  2. watch I am the night on netflix true story 1950's america very dark very good and compelling https://www.imdb.com/title/tt7186588/
  3. Sorry Martin S i spelt neymar jr wrong and yes the same rules say it was a pen its not a basketball game and yes man u have spent millions like all prem clubs have but no team in Champions League history had overturned a 2-0 deficit from the first leg but united did with 19-year-old tahith chong and 17-year-old mason greenwood playing so forget psg and the 200 million they payed for neymar the cry baby and invest in youth
  4. as above was a deffo pen and its what psg deserve for paying that obscene amount of money for naymar as the guardian headline said PSG demise a lesson in the corrupting effect of money and arrogance
  5. Godfrey heard that name many times over the years and the amount of money he had and got a suspended ffs
  6. Great to see a guy getting a motown question right on popmaster today,the contours lil misunderstanding.which is soul.motown and northern soul all wrapped up into one fantastic slice of beauty
  7. Went to school with gabby and ikey drew,mr brown was a year up and friends with my late brother,gabby was a great guy rip
  8. if any of you liked the Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan season i suggest you watch Condor just as good
  9. What makes me smile is that 50.000 Colombian's made it to Russia white lines indeed
  10. who was the genius who listened to 3 mins of disco dross to discover the last minute of this was totally wonderful

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