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  1. A few years ago i got 50p for the wade flemons boot of jeanette on ebay a few yrs later it sells for £60 collectors or just plain idiots make your mind up? i guess demand but wtf
  2. any season of any show is available online you dont need netflix to watch just search
  3. I always look at your lists with great interest,but yes i think you'll keep em all
  4. xp is fine it all depends on what security you've got malwarebytes c cleaner etc and as for paying for norton shite
  5. Anybody who calls this tune rubbish is sorely misguided this along with the Casualeers and Jerry Williams if you ask me are tunes which got an awfull lot of ppl into this scene go hide your cloth ears its a fantastic song and always will be
  6. ^ ^ idiots abound no wonder people selling carvers get high prices
  7. sorry to offend anyone but i freakin loveeee it
  8. i wouldn't buy it even for 10p pure disco .............end of story
  9. the top pic is 70's London then 60's on reverse strange indeed
  10. if you copy and paste the videos into this using the us server they will work
  11. surprised june adams is still there if i didn't have it already i'd buy fantastic record
  12. the guy listed it as a bootleg copy telling the morons it wasn't real but they still bid on it
  13. like the yank posted you can search to your heart's content something you can't do on popsike
  14. totally legit i bought it when it was released,_JIMMY_c.WITH.w_PATTI_AUSTIN
  15. remove this post from a guy who just wanted to show off his scoot with no intention of selling it