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  1. Best live performance

    This takes some beating
  2. Connie Clark My Sugar Baby

    Must be totally crap in the eyes of the Frank Wilson condemnation
  3. Probs with Pc - Malwarebytes ?

    Never upgrade always use an older version
  4. I'm out of this discussion too many self righteous ppl who think their soul is the only soul slag off david & the giants next or epitome of sound then i'll be back
  5. Somebody called Frankie & the Classicals a crap record not long ago and i stood up for that record too unless of course that doesn't fit into what you think Northern Soul is
  6. Thats exactly what i meant and i stand by it
  7. Possibly THE Rarest Soul 45?

    Anybody who says this record is crap might as well call Connie Clark my sugar baby crap as well and if you do, you don't obviously know what the term Northern Soul means
  8. best under priced record under 20 pound

    This is the best northern record you will ever find on issue for under £20 beats anything else hands down,pure northern soul
  9. Just been on ebay

    the NR is a clue and it don't mean do not respond
  10. Just been on ebay

    Is there one guy who bootlegs every northern sound out there no way he has the rights to every one NR
  11. Glad you liked baz1 its pure quality atb
  12. 5 x UK 45s

    50 for this thing called love I got a fiver for mine,good luck with that

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