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Midas Touch Records List 21

Chris Anderton

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Hi Guys,

Well, just back from another trip stateside, bloody hard work as usual but found some tasty tunes for your aural stimulation. The Sales CDs return this month, so its back to business as usual after my personal disasters of the last few months.

Don't forget you can now you can pay by credit card at no extra cost. If you don't have a paypal account just go to www.paypal.com and sign up, its so easy!

I always try to grade records accurately although its impossible to play every record, that's why I offer a money back guarantee if not completely satisfied for any reason. Gradings are as follows; M-Faultless, probably unplayed, E- Very clean and a nice copy. VG - Used but plays through ok with some light noise, great for DJing with.

Please order ALL RECORDS by email, first come, first served, however if you need to call me please do so.(01283 536359) P&P is £1.50 for up to 2 x 45 and £2.60 per LP, obviously cheaper if you buy more than one item. Please pay by cheque, cash, IMO or by using your credit card through www.paypal.com. PLEASE PAY WITHIN 7 DAYS or risk losing your reservation.IMPORTANT;WITH EVERY ORDER PLEASE INCLUDE A NOTE STATING EXACTLY WHICH RECORD YOU ARE ORDERING,THE RECORD NUMBER AND YOUR ADDRESS, FAILURE TO DO SO WILL DELAY YOUR ORDER .Please make all cheques out to C.Anderton and send to; C.Anderton, 1 Swan Court,Stapenhill Rd,Burton on trent,Staffs,DE15 9AY.

I`ve got a few Gigs this month, In about 4 hours I`ll be spinning at the Belvedere Club all dayer in Burton on Trent. Next Friday, June 2nd I`ll be guesting at the brilliant Stafford Rangers soul night, across the board music policy and i get the chance to spin some of my new finds too! If you haven`t been to this yet I can highly recomend it as a great night. I`ll be spinning at Birmingham all-nighter on June 24th, again this event has a progressive policy and, looking at the DJ line-up,promises to be a great night.

I`ll be set up to sell at the Cleethorpes weekender on the weekend of 10th June as usual, hope to meet a few more faces there......

Stop press: Just found out there are still a few passes available for Cleethorpes weekender, if you are interested in going to this ever-brilliant event email Ady on ady.croasdell@btinternet.com .

On with the list;

1.Shirley Lawson-One more chance-Backbeat M 250

2.Ernestene Eady-the change-Scepter M 150

(Stone mint, classic oldie, sounds great)

3.Darrow Fletcher-What good am I without you-Jacklyn E+ 80

4.The Opals-Does it matter-Okeh WD E+ 70

5.Dean Parrish-Bricks, broken bottles and sticks-ABC E+ 160

6.The Ultimates-Girl I`ve been trying to tell you-Br.roma VG+ 250

(Looks a bit rough, plays almost perfectly)

7.Joey Heathererton-When you call me baby-Decca demo M- 225

8.Skip Easterling-Keep the fire burning-Alon M- 100

(Great R&B style dancer)

9.Quotations-You dont have to worry-Divinus E+ 80

10.Gene Stridel-Tomorrow is another day-Atlantic Demo M 40

(Great mid-tempo, a real "builder"!)

11.The Fantastic Four-Live up to what she thinks-Rictic E 40

12.The Groom Brothers-Give it all we`ve got-Jerree M- 50

13.Fantastic Johnny C-Waiting for the rain/Dont depend on me- Phila of soul M 25

(2 great sides, "Rain" getting big spins"

14.Bobby Holly-baby I love you-Weis E 30

15.Ruby Winters-Better-Siamond vg+ 40

(Few marks, plays perfectly)

16.Barbara Wells-Pretty boy-Coral E+ 50

17.Patti Jerome-No more tears-American arts WD E 15

18.The O`Jays-Back stabbers-PIR M- 10

19.8th Day-you got to crawl-Invictus E+ 15

20.Charles Johnson-Never had a love so good-Alston E- wol 250

(One of the greatest ever.....Few marks, lots of sheen, plays fine)

21.The Soul Shakers-I`m getting weaker-Loma WD E 200

22.Bud Harper-Wherever you were-Peacock demo E+ 225

(Classic floor filler, demo copy)

23.Dorothy Morrison-I cant go without you-Brown door M- 75

24.April Young-Run to my lovin arms-Columbia WD M-60 (or vg+ at £35)

25.Godoy Colbert-I wanna thank you-Revue M- 50

(2 Great sides)

26.Joe Kincaid and soul bros-You dont love me no more-Normar 100

27.The DeCrescendos-One of the crowd-Prism M- 100

28.M.S.Q-Save a place for me-Rainyday M- 65

29.The Cavaliers-I really love you-RCA WD M- 40

30.Mark ivs-The tide has turned-Barry WD E 70

(Seen at 200, great mid-tempo)

31.Martha Reeves-You`ve been in love too long-Gordy M- 10

32.Natural Four-Try love again-Curtom E+ 10

33.The Volcanos-Storm Warning-Arctic WD E 25

(Stunning looking Demo, just one mark on vinyl...NAP)

34.Sarah Vaghaun-I need you more than ever-mainstream M- 25

35.Marvin and Tammi-Aint no mountain high enough-Tamla M- 20

36.Geraldine Hunt-Two can live cheaper than one-Bombay vg+ 75

(Looks rough, plays great)

37.Wade and Jamie-Dont putt off til tomorrow-Polomar WD E+ 30

38.Jerry Butler-Lets make love-TSOP M- 20

(Just perfect Philly mid-tempo)

39.Byrdie Green-Get a hold of yourself-20th Cent E+ 30

40.Irma and Fascinators-lost love-scepter M 30

(Wonderful classic Northern)

41.Walter Jackson-Its an uphill climb to the bottom-Okeh vg+ 10

42.Hearts of stone-If I could give you the world-VIP M 30

43.Mac davis-I`m just in love-Columbia M 100

(Getting spins....Awesome 70s, check out the CD!)

44.Irma Thomas-What are you trying to do-Imperial E+ 50

45.Tommy Mosley-Exit loneliness enter love-Era M- 40

46.Teddy Pendergrass-Do me-TSOP M 15

47.Michael Henderson-Take me i`m yours-Buddah M- 8

48.Joe Simon-Long hot summer-ss7 E 15

49.The Masqueraders-How big is big-Bell E+ 80

50.Marva Whitney-Dont let our love fade away-excello E+ 40

(Slight edge warp, plays fine, wonderful)

51.Issac Hayes-Wonderful-Enterprise E+ 20

52.The Moments-Nine times-Stang M- 10

53.Herman George-Mental high-Bet M- 60

(Midtempo perfection)

54.Al Reed-Sorry about that-Axe E+ 50

55.The Tams-Take away-ABC E 10

(Sold out, got a couple more, be quick)

56.The Brothers-Are you ready for this-RCA E 20

(Classic oldie...packs the floor)

57.Aretha Franklin-I cant see myself leaving you-Atlantic M- 10

(Beautiful mid-tempo)

58.Timi Yuro-Insult to Injury-Liberty M- 15

59.The Carolinas-Cant stop loving that boy-Roulette WD 75

60.Delores Gibson-I got a feeling-Ultra sonic M- 30

61.Soloman Burke-Stupidity-Atlantic VG 10

(Plays ok)

62.Ted Taylor-I lost the best thing i ever had-Soncraft-M 40

63.Wales Wallace-Whatever you want-innovation 2 E+ 20

64.Sister Sledge-Love dont you go through no changes-Atco M- 20

(Classic, getting spins again)

65.Cody Black-Going going gone-Ramrock M 15

66.The Diplomats-Theres still a tomorrow-Wand M 30

67.Cleveland Martin-I dont want to slip away-Single B 15

(Nice mid-tempo crossover)

68.Ray Pettis-Questions and answers-Teaco E+ 30

69.Fire and rain-Hello stranger-Polydor M 15

(Great version of Barbara Lewis)

70.Belita Woods-I just love you-Epic VG+ 10

71.Ray Paige-Aint no soul in these old shoes-RCA WD M- 50

72.Tavares-Never had a love like this before-Capitol M- 15

(Fantastic 70s, becoming hard to find)

73.Marie Knight-You lie so well-Musicor WD E- 90

(Some marks but lots of sheen, plays great)

74.Danny White-Keep my woman home-atlas M- 40

(Great R&B, can only go up in price)

75.Barbara Lewis-I remember the feeling-Atlantic E+ 20

76.Archie Bell-My baloons going up-Atlantic M- 10

77.Art Forms Ltd-What did i do wrong RCA E+ 25

(Nice mid-tempo)

78.Creative Source-You`re too good to be true-Sussex M- 20

79.The Butlers-Laugh, laugh, laugh-Phila 25

(Blue lettering, great tune)

80.Eric and Vikings- I`m truley yours-Gordy WD M 40

81.Bettye Swan-Fall in love with me- Swan M 15

(Great Northern, getting spins)

82.Ernestine Anderson-You`re not the guy for me-Sue WD E+ 50

83.Cal Bright-My love is good for you baby-Azetta E+ 30

84.Bobby Womack-Across 110th st-UA M- 15

85.Brenda Lee-Time and time again-Decca E+ 15

86.Billy Shields-I was a boy-Harbour M- 30

87.The Dealers-Baby you got it-Big bunny 30

(Great classic northern)

88.General Johnson-Please dont walk away-Arista WD E+ 10

89.Brown Sugar-The gane is over-capitol E 65

(Few light marks, both sides play ok)

90.Margo Thunder-Mamma You`re alright with me-Haven E+ 20

91.Betty lavette-Stand up like a man-Calla M 30

(Getting spins)

92.Benny Johnson-Visions of paradise-E+ 8

93.The five Stairsteps-The girl i love-Curtom E+ 20

94.Gerri Granger-castles in the sky-Big top vg+ 30

95.The Continental Four-The way i love you- Jaywalking M 30

96.Ella Washington-I can afford to lose him-ss7 E+ 15

(So Soulful)

97.C.B Overton-Superstar lady-Shock 10

98.Carl Carlton-You cant stop a man in love-ABC M- 15

99.Barbara Lewis-Ask the lonely-Enterprise E+ 15

(Great version)

100.The Chancellors-All the way from heaven-Cap city WD E 80

Some Nice LPs this month;

101.The Tempests- Would you believe-Smash E+ 70

(Inc. Someday.....Great sould lp)

102.Luther-This close to you-Cotillion E-

(Cover is rough but Vinyl is fine....Dont wanna be a fool)

103.Linda Jones-Hypnotized-Loma E+ 30

(Inc.If only we had met sooner)

104.Clyde McPhatter-Welcome home-Mercury-E+ 60

(Inc. Please give me one more chance)

105.Supremes and 4 tops-Double dynamite-Motown E+ 15

(Inc. Dont you miss me a little bit honey)

106.David Ruffin-In Stride-Motown E+ 15

(Inc.Rode by the place, waiting for the rain and Questions...)

107.Ronnie Dyson-Love in all flavours-CBS E+ 15

(Inc.I want to be where you are)

108.Gladys Knight-A little Knight music-Soul E+ 10

(Inc. No one could love you more)

109.Bobby Taylor-Taylor Made Soul-Gordy E+ 55

(Inc. Don't be afraid,)

110.Spinners-Love trippin-Atlantic E+ 10

(Inc. I just want to fall in love)

111.Mandrill-New Worlds-Arista E+ 15

(Inc. Too Late)

112.Peabo Bryson-Turn the hands of time-Capitol E+ 15

(Inc.Why dont you make up your mind)

113.Shades of Blue-Happiness is-Impact E+ 40

(Great Lp inc. Millionaire, a way to love. slight label tear)

114.Barbara Lewis-The many grooves of-Enterprise E+ 40

(Inc. The Stars)

115.Various-Motown from the vaults-Tamla E+ 20

(Spinners-What more can a boy ask for...Original issue)

116. G.C Cameron-Love songs and other great tragedies-Motown E+ 25

(Inc.I`m gonna give you respect)

117. Marcia Hines-Marcia Shines-Wizzard

(Inc. Gotta let go)

118.Sonny Till-Returns-RCA E+ 15

(Inc.Tears and misery)

119.Ron Matlock-Love city-Cotillion E+ 25

(Inc. I cant forget about you)

120.Solid Solution-Loving you-Silverspoon- E+ 60

(Inc. Think about it girl...going massive)

121.JOB Orquestra-Open up your heart-Govinda E+ 25

(Inc.Dont want that illusion)

122.The Presidents- E+ 25

(Inc.Girl you cheated on me)

123.Jackie Wilson-Beautiful day-Brunswick E+ 40

(Inc. Because of you/This love is mine...awesome LP)

124.Delegation-Same-Mercury E+ 25

(Inc. One more step to take)

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Do ya still have the solid solution mate. Let me know Chris. Also wondered if you would mind trying to remember any shops or contacts you might want to share on the West Coast. Im going Vegas, San Diego, Los Angeles, quite a few stops up the coast & then San Francisco................is Oakland safe ????. PM or email me mate.

Great speaking with you when you were over here, did you get a Johnson Family ????.

Speak soon buddy

Best Russ

Edited by Russ Vickers
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Hi Mate, Yeah got a few Johnson Familys....all gone now though......sold both copies of solid solution too I`m afraid......

Not sure about Oakland, seemed ok when i was last there, found a half decent store but god knows where it is or what its called....I`ll mail you off-list re the other places but its tough on that west coast mate, lots of competition for good records too.....

Good to chat as always, maybe see you again at Allentiown in Sept? good times last year!


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Hi Mate, Yeah got a few Johnson Familys....all gone now though......sold both copies of solid solution too I`m afraid......

Not sure about Oakland, seemed ok when i was last there, found a half decent store but god knows where it is or what its called....I`ll mail you off-list re the other places but its tough on that west coast mate, lots of competition for good records too.....

Good to chat as always, maybe see you again at Allentiown in Sept? good times last year!


Thanks mate


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