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  1. Millie Jackson - A House For Sale

    It was originally played from the LP, the 45 was released in the UK due to demand, so theyre all re issues lol....
  2. Gatur label listing

    I think aal of them boots have the tell tale 'swirly' labels. Russ
  3. News: 6TS 100 Club 2018 Events Heads Up

    A sad state of affairs when an iconic club like this, playing literalily the best Rare Soul in the country cant sustain a monthly night any more, because of lack of support, then we're f*cked, I am deffo going to have to revue my personal position after this ...
  4. Sugar Boy & the Shades of Black - Free Man - Shades - Vg+ plays strong & loud, a fabulous copy of this super rare Texas in demander. No trades please. Offers being taken until 12.00 midway Friday 14th April. Latest offer is £1600. Plea...
  5. Jimmie Bo Horne - Sweet Love Power - Dig

    Money waiting fellas
  6. Jimmie Bo Horne - Sweet Love Power - Dig

    Anyone pleaae. Russ
  7. Divs are more abundant than ever......

    I agree Ken, didnt intend to tar everyone with the same brush....
  8. Jimmie Bo Horne - Sweet Love Power - Dig Nice clean copy wanted please. PM with condition & price. Imediate payment via Paypal for the right copy. Thanks Russ
  9. Divs are more abundant than ever......

    It started wayyyyyyyyyyy before the films....the returnees started their come back in the late 9ts onwards & its gradually got worst since.....money is the route of all evil & the BIG promoters want to appeal to the lowest common denominator punters, ...
  10. Divs are more abundant than ever......

    Thats how you spot the 'Divs' in the 21st Century lol
  11. Divs are more abundant than ever......

    To me Divs were the 'normals' we were trying to get away from, who were into mainstream pop music, going down the pub n Romeo n Juliets, the ones that might have gone to a couple of Nighters, cos it was the thing to do at the time n the local yoof club, where...

    Probably best not to answer that Pete, otherwise it'll end up in a whole new debate lol
  13. Uptown Down South Playlist Late 90s

    So pleased that people still remember those Nights fondly, we were all very naive at the time, but very passionate. I remember vividly the night I realised that we may have something here.....at the bar & one guy on my left says 'Russ there's too much Mo...

    100 Club still has a fair few clappers, in the right breaks I may add, always tell the divs, they have no idea where to clap or where you spin or drop....dead give away.....in an atmospheric venue, it creates an amazing atmosphere for sure. Russ
  15. DJ's day Jobs

    Rugby is in the Prem as an All Nighter....