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  1. I really like the idea of the scene going back underground, through word of mouth, illegal All Nighters....but the reality is, that it will never happen....we're all too old now to risk death or a £10,000 fine, plus confiscation of equipment etc....I do hope that the scene will condense into a smaller, less nostalgia based scene, with less div events & a handful of proper All Nighters attended by folk young & old who are passionate about soul music & hearing a diverse mix of Rare Soul, including new discoveries....if there is to be one good thing that comes out of this nightmare wi
  2. Just a handful that Ive been playing recently....its endless though, as limitless as 'Northern Soul' & then some....
  3. What a fantastic labour of love that is, thank you for taking the time & trouble to compile it. I feel very lucky to own 36 of these titles, hopefully more to add in the future too.... Russ
  4. It'll be another self promotional piece, full of half truths & worst, average attendance at the All Nighters 3000...load of sh*te...thing is, its national TV, it will all become NS history, we should be recording this stuff accurately, not basing it on a mans attempt to keep his pension flowing in....jeez god help us, the div forums on FB will lap this up....
  5. Fantasy - I'll Call You Every Morning - RG & Curia - VG+ £1200 - Signed by Joel Ramirez Jr. The vinyl has some fine hair lines & marks, which do not affect the sound reproduction in any way, shape or form, this is a beautifully playing copy of an extremely in-demand record. Arguably the biggest record in the UK, huge dance floor reactions for the few DJ's lucky enough to own this anthem. This is an extremely reluctant sale. PM to reserve or for any Q's. No trades or offers please. No holds & payment must be received within 24 hours. PayPal F&F or B
  6. 100 Cub couple of weeks ago, slightly quiet, but amazing as ever....
  7. Tiaras - Surprise/Foolish Girl - Op.Art - £5000 Conservative VG+ - has a slight edge lift, which DNAP in any way. Very small initials in biro at top of the label both sides. This is breaking my heart, so be quick before I change my mind. Please PM with any Q's No trades or offers. Bank Transfer Only no Paypal. I will only mail this fully tracked & insured. Thanks for looking Russ :-( Images & sound files from a actual copy for sale.
  8. Hi Eric, whilst I don't want to speak on Kev's (RareMusicDirect) behalf, I can assure you your opinion didn't offend him or anyone else, positive contributions & feed back is always appreciated & acted upon were appropriate by these guys. Happy to report that the event, as hoped, spoke for itself, numbers were healthy, the DJ's & music policy worked & was appreciated, judging by dance floor reaction & discussions in dark corners about lesser knowns & secret sounds. The craic was great too, lots of familiar faces from the scene, along with others & was pl
  9. I think that the event will speak for itself on Saturday. The promoters have definitely put together an event worthy of your attendance & a lot of thought, time, money & passion have gone into putting this event together for your enjoyment. I know some of the DJ's booked to entertain you personally & I have the utmost respect for them, they have the sounds, integrity & the professionalism to keep the dance floor moving & the record hounds guessing & entertained. I am personally really looking forward to the DJ's that I have not heard before, they all have their own
  10. Thank you so much for all the research you have done Tim, its very much appreciated & thank you for sharing it all with us, there should be a proper digital archive some where, where all of this information & photographs can be stored & shared for research & reference. Thank you & look forward to the further instalments, as a slight aside, I have the booklet that you produced about Robbie Lawson, would it be worth posting that up as well, if it hasn't already been digitally re produced already ? Kind regards Russ
  11. Triumphs - I'm Coming to your Rescue - Okeh - Ex £30 small '45' Okeh re issue. Small writing on label. Bobby Wilson - Feels Good - Stax - Ex £15 Wheel/Torch pounder that could do with some plays now IMO. Tiffany Wilson - Your Love - We Coast - M- £12 (Red Vinyl) https://youtu.be/LRu91Re5zKE Mighty Sam - Never Too Busy - Malaco - Ex £30 Joe Frazier - Try It Again - Jobo - Ex £40 Keith Chism - My Life & Song - Carrie - Ex £60 Rose Royce - Ooh Baby - Whitfield - Ex £6 (I love this https://youtu.be/ZFvS1APwfuw The Impressions - I'll Alwa
  12. I helped with the Cover Up title of the Clara Hardy
  13. Absolutely.....if you wanna stay in the game, you dig, dig, dig, then dig some more, its pretty much the same as its always been, one way or another....
  14. until

  15. Doesnt matter if it was, it may not have been right at the time....

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