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  1. Urban Myths of Northern Soul

    I thought Anna Ford & others were invited for one of the Anniversaries by the management, apparently there was a cake n everything.... ???
  2. Urban Myths of Northern Soul

    Shane McGowan was the cloak room attendant for a bit....
  3. The 'upfront scene' ?

    Doesnt matter if it was, it may not have been right at the time....
  4. The 'upfront scene' ?

    We all have different tastes, thats all part n parcel n that break in the Sir Joe not so many years ago would have been unacceptable to a lot of people.....thank good ness some people dont always go with the flow.....
  5. The 'upfront scene' ?

    No mention of 'Upfront' here.....https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10212413164143242&set=a.10200175209802032.8133682.1205119204&type=3
  6. The 'upfront scene' ?

    No, I do understand Kirsty, not everyone likes every record & records like the Triads have to be placed correctly within a set to get the best response, but there have always been records that not everyone likes, its not just a more recent phenomena ...I ...
  7. The 'upfront scene' ?

    Try this for size too....took years to eventually break, but by all accounts is filling dance floors now.....
  8. The 'upfront scene' ?

    As for particular records, its difficult because different DJ's & venues could be playing lots of different things & 'Upfront' doesnt describe a genre....I dropped this into a set over Xmas, the crowd were a mix of soul people who only had one thing i...
  9. The 'upfront scene' ?

    I think 'Upfront' is just a loose term used to differentiate from the main stream, I dont know anyone personally that would describe themselves as an 'Upfront' DJ....I can't think of a venue either that describes itself as 'Upfront' either, altho I am happy t...
  10. Millie Jackson - A House For Sale

    It was originally played from the LP, the 45 was released in the UK due to demand, so theyre all re issues lol....
  11. Gatur label listing

    I think aal of them boots have the tell tale 'swirly' labels. Russ
  12. News: 6TS 100 Club 2018 Events Heads Up

    A sad state of affairs when an iconic club like this, playing literalily the best Rare Soul in the country cant sustain a monthly night any more, because of lack of support, then we're f*cked, I am deffo going to have to revue my personal position after this ...
  13. Sugar Boy & the Shades of Black - Free Man - Shades - Vg+ plays strong & loud, a fabulous copy of this super rare Texas in demander. No trades please. Offers being taken until 12.00 midway Friday 14th April. Latest offer is £1600. Plea...
  14. Jimmie Bo Horne - Sweet Love Power - Dig

    Money waiting fellas
  15. Jimmie Bo Horne - Sweet Love Power - Dig

    Anyone pleaae. Russ

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