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Warning System - Updated July 2019

Starting 1st Jan 2014 the warning system will be set up as below
It will be more point based and more automated
As in It will be set up to automatically follow the below..
automatic actions
1 warning point - no action
2 warning point  -  meant as a final warning before action
3 warning points - 24hr removal of posting permissions - can not create content
4 warning points - automatic 24hr suspension
5 warning points - automatic 7 days suspension
6 warning points - automatic 30 days suspension
7 warning points - automatic 90 days suspension
automated actions can be overriden
While the above is automated the site team can/may increase/decrease the above if felt needed
terms of use
All members do agree to follow the terms of use when joining
Members are expected to follow these - this concept is a major part of how the site works
If members don't follow the terms of use then the warning system may be used as a tool to inform/remind 
accept warnings
After a warning there is an "accept warnings" check box
If a member does not accept the warning then it is taken they no longer wish to follow the terms of use and thus no longer wish to be a member
the warning is meant to inform a member - no further discussion on the matter is required

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