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  1. source team

    Ernest Ernie & The Sincerities - 7" release

    posts from the want topic have now been moved and merged into this topic end result - one topic in the box forum please use this forum rather than the sales posts for any follow on discussion
  2. source team

    Ernest Ernie & The Sincerities - Do Something

    past comments moved from this topic into the one below as per earlier mod team request
  3. A reminder about our events policy - All promoters please follow! REVIEWS - No reviews by promoter please' policy. All promoters of events ( inc the event guide posting member) are requested to use the comments rather than the review feature once their event has ended
  4. source team

    Best Cover Versions

    where possible please follow this request
  5. source team

    pva glue record upgrade or scrapping

    @Stompingsevens@Martin S please take your current exchange to pms
  6. source team

    Obscure Jazz Fusion Artists At Work

    moved to freebasing as more suited for such 'loose' related topics
  7. source team

    Reissue and new release part2

    5 posts merged into one we do have a limit on sales posts per member per day please read https://www.soul-source.co.uk/source-help/soul-source-sales-feature-help/
  8. source team

    The Cheltenham Club Harrogate

    best if use the event guide comments for this
  9. source team

    Karl sales

    3 posts merged please read and follow our guidelines regarding sales - link below thanks
  10. Two posts by one member in this forum have been dropped Both posts contained many adverts for a website offering commision sales, third party sales and other services This record sales forum 'Record Sales' is set up for soul source members selling 45s via soul source, not for advertising other websites
  11. just a reminder of our policy this does include posts in the 'wants' forum a topic has been temporarily removed awaiting moderation
  12. source team


    can you note and follow #2 and #5 in future thanks 2. Sales posts are limited to two per day per member max!(note point 5 below) 5 .No unnecessary Sales posts where one post will do. Use the 1 post for multiple items, formatting and spacing can be used to draw attention to items of special interest.
  13. source team

    testing Twitter and Facebook feed

    tech test - please ignore https://twitter.com/Soulrecordsales https://www.facebook.com/selectsoulsales/
  14. News/Article/Feature Highlight: The features of this service have recently been improved, with the addition of forum signatures and exclusive posting use of our 'Ebay & websites' sales forums for Mint Subscribers View full article
  15. You may be aware that we do offer a Soul Source Mint member subscription service. This service allows us to offer improved membership benefits such as Google ad-free site viewing. The features of this service have recently been improved with two new additions. Now along with 'Google Advert free viewing' the service offers for all Mint Subscribers the use of 'Forum signatures' and exclusive posting use of our 'Ebay & Websites' sales forums Main Features Signatures - All mint members can now use the forum signature feature Signatures offer a quick and effective way to spread the word on any soul related projects that you may be involved with. After every post you can now your own forum one line signature - you can add/edit a line of text and one link Your 'signature' will then show to all members/guests underneath your forum posts Ebay & Website Sales - Posting Access The Ebay and Websites Forum is part of our sales feature and offers advertising of sales on third party websites. With a Mint subscription you can post your current Ebay or other third party website sales adverts in this forum. No Google Adverts No google adverts will be shown - so better and speedier browsing/loading/Use of Soul Source! Information The Mint Subscription page link follows below, as before you can read info and sign up here... https://www.soul-source.co.uk/subscriptions/


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