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  1. link now sorted the flyer does have ordering info via email/phone along with paypal details
  2. source team


  3. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Tony’s Empress Ballroom, Blackburn was a cornerstone of the Northern Soul scene. Martyn Ware, is calling out for memories, mementoes and music for a new art experience that leads right back to... View full article
  4. A request concerning a place that am sure many like myself have emjoyable memories of... Producer Martyn Ware Seeks Memories of Tony’s Ballroom Dancing the night away – Memories, mementoes and music from Tony’s Empress Ballroom, Blackburn sought by mu...
  5. source team

    Moving house with a record collection

    photos have been removed at request of member
  6. source team

    Northern Soul & Motown @ The Royal Hall, Harrogate

    this event has been locked by the original poster so no further comments or reviews can be posted as said many times if you are going to lock content etc then do suggest that you post a reason ehy locked to avoid any misunderstandings
  7. If posting sales lists please post them up in text format as part of the sales post not as an attachment/file Non-members cannot download files/attachments so they will not be able to read your list if posted as a file
  8. article comments now closed please use the event guide post for discussion etc link follows https://www.soul-source.co.uk/calendar/event/52580-wigan-empire-all-nighter-wigan-casino-anniversary/
  9. source team

    No bootleg/pirated or illegal material

    'recent' bootleg for the purpose of moderation is taken to be a recently (as a guide this century) manufactured 45 that is known to be illegal
  10. News/Article/Feature Highlight: The latest monthly catch up of all that went high last month on Ebay. February 2018 High Flyers. The most valued ebay record auction results... View full article
  11. The latest monthly catch up of all that went high last month on Ebay. February 2018 High Flyers. The most valued ebay record auction results... Soul Record Auctions - Recent Completed Soul Auctions Jimmy Mack - My Worl...
  12. source team

    My tracks put onto a cd

    a reminder that we do have a policy of no illegal goods trading which includes bootlegs mp3s cds etc etc this does includes personal requests such as the above topic closed - please do not repeat
  13. via contact us feature Lemar to present his own show on Magic Soul Magic Soul Classics with Lemar Weekends – 8am-10am, Saturday & Sunday 9th March 2018 Lemar is set to swap his ice skates for headphones, with the news that he will host his o...
  14. source team

    Idiot seller

    topic just moved to the support forum as this the place for site related stuff as been said above there is a inhouse 'feedback' feature where you can share your soul source trading experiences with other members https://www.soul-source.co.uk/feedback/
  15. just a reminder of this recent request

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