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just checking something -

a threads on hold till checked


sick of dealing with shite like this

as the member was actually responsible for the taping and as it featured on site in past he has to be well aware of what the site response would be to posting up clips

add that has been recently warned and suspended due to his past actions on here

then taking it that the only reason why he would feel fit to post up full clips is to deliberatly cause grief and hassle

as such his account has been closed and looking at taking actions as per the terms of use


the thread will be looked at reopened

its not hard working out what is acceptable and what is not on here and while try and keep moderation down to a minimum it does seem that some are out to deliberatly shit stir and cause damage to site

As such am taking a zero tolerence approach to any such actions and the response to such deliberate abuse of the site and its features as this will reflect this

anyone who has any problem with this or any other decison by all means post up in site section

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