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Guest in town Mikey

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Guest rachel

"The reason it doesnt come up that much, is simply cos it jus aint that popular anymore!"

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Just look at the top 5's on there! shout.gif:ohmy:

Any possibility RETRO is PaulVanDyk, both live in northants? :lol:

:ohmy: ripvanwinkle live's in Peterborough - Cambrigechestershire :unsure:

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The silly thing is though there are some cracking tunes to be found. I've trawled my N S library and will start the ball rolling with my 5 tunes to take us back to Wigan Pier! teeth.gif

the above is a quote from that forum - wish i had a pound for every time people said to me 'you used to go to that wigan pier didnt you?'

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Guest Andy..

Looking at those suggested plays, I'm amazed they haven't been hired by GoldSoul :D

civilians what do you expect ! :P:ohmy:

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Looking at those suggested plays, I'm amazed they haven't been hired by GoldSoul :D

The fave non-soulie record is The Snake....whenever you get into a conversation that brings up northern soul with a non-soulie who think they know a bit about northern they always mention The Snake, almost sometimes to take the piss, therefore when I get talkin to them about their music, usually the 'newest' form of house, garage or whatever shite they call it these days I always tell them I like a bit of house too an d just love that 'Aceeeed' track or a bit of Kylie....usually dumbfounds the tossers!!

The really clever non-soulies in the know might even throw in Out On the Floor....another played at the WIGAN PIER :D

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