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  1. [SOLD]

    Everything on hold.
  2. [SOLD]

    ALL ITEMS NOW SOLD THANKS Bulk may end up on ebay, but thought I could list them here for a first glance. contact me with anything of interest. I've a good idea of their value, but as they may end up on an auction site inevitably it's offers for now. So ...
  3. North London is ours.....

    Good luck at Wembley next season..

    This was the Soul Source view 7 years ago;
  5. Your Fave Motown Track.

    Paul Williams.
  6. 6TS Cleethorpes 2017

    We were at the top of the Rockefeller Centre in New York last November and happened upon on a couple from Cleethorpes. They were amazed at our gushing admiration of their town and as I made mention of Mablethorpe, the chap said "that's one word I wasn't expec...
  7. R.I.P Steve Aldo

    Saddened to hear of the passing of Edward Bedford (AKA Steve Aldo). The '60s singer from Liverpool was Merseybeat's own black R&B/soul guy and had a cracking voice.
  8. News/Article/Feature Highlight: R.I.P Steve Aldo View full article
  9. Seen Any Good Films Recently

    Saw this last night. Bit silly, but plenty of funnies and well worth a watch.
  10. The Paramount Four - SOLD. Dee Dee Sharp - Deep dark secret / Good. Ex £150. 100 Club 36th anniversary single Nancy Wilcox - More than a memory / Johnny Adams - A star in the ghetto M- £45.
  11. Internet car sales sites

    They used to do a Maestro Turbo in my day. Get one of those! I use Gumtree for car selling, ebay for car buying.
  12. Saddened and shocked to hear this at Palma Airport yesterday. A sickening end to a wonderful singer.
  13. Simsy