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  1. Supercorsa

    26th Cleethorpes Rare Northern & Modern Soul Weekender


    Great review by Geoff. The wife and I were accompanied this year by a couple of friends (Cleethorpes virgins), who are both now looking forward to returning next year! Thought Willie Kendrick and Frank Bryant were both superb, thoroughly enjoyed their performances Saturday night. Not to mention them judging the DJ dancing competition on Sunday evening, everyone was a winner! Pleased I got to meet and speak to them both on Sunday. What I like about Cleethorpes is the relaxed atmosphere, even though there is some serious collectors and DJ's present, there is no air of cliques or superiority, everybody is there to enjoy themselves. Sunday nights are my favourites. I'd also like to thank whoever it was that handed my mates phone into the organisers, after he lost it in the modern room Friday night. Saying of the weekend, was the lady walking towards the modern room late Saturday night/Sunday morning "I don't do modern!" Thanks to Ady, Phil and Neil for organising it all and thanks to the DJ's for the sounds.
  2. Supercorsa

    The Oval Ball Haxby Rd York

    The Tavern Bar looks like it's' worth paying a visit.
  3. Supercorsa

    Poll: Version Battle - Stubborn Heart

    The Sheppards for me. First tune I paid over a ton for, a result of drunken bidding on ebay.
  4. Supercorsa

    The rise of the 'NEW' soulie and the soul revolution.

    I'e read this entire thread, but can someone explain it to me please, because I haven' got a clue!?
  5. Supercorsa

    Most inappropriate request to a DJ....

    I was once asked if I had any Elvis!? To which I replied no, but ask the next dj.
  6. Supercorsa

    Camino De Saintiago (The way of St James)

    There is a film starring Martin Sheen, made by Emilio Estevez based on this pilgrimage walk. Its' called The Way.
  7. Right here's my plays from last night, between 9pm and 10pm. Shirley Wahls - That’s How Long (I’m Gonna Love You) - King Mamie Lee - I Can Feel Him Slipping Away - MGM Sissie Houston - Bring Him Back - Congress Irene & The Scotts - I’m Stuck On My Baby - Smash Johnnie Mae Matthews - Lonely You’ll Be - Atco The Exits - You Got To Have Money - Gemini Tommy Navarro - I Cried My Life Away - De Jac The Majes..
  8. Supercorsa

    The first ever northern allnighter was at the 100 club....

    The 100 Club made this top 10 list of music and literature influences in England.
  9. Thanks for answering. I don't have much to say on the subject. As I stated I don't attend allnighters, my point was the speculative initial post. As for my views on nighters, I'm on the outside looking in so to speak. From looking on here and Facebook I can see news and reviews of allnighters, but as you know two people could attend an event and you'd get two opposing views. It's down to the individual whether they like it..
  10. I'm not an allnighter attendee, but I have some questions. 1. Which allnighter was it? 2. What was the attendance figure? 3. What date was it? 4. Were there other allnighters on the same night? 5. Did you attend? 6. Why start a topic on speculation rather than facts? I find topics like this bemusing, it's all spurious rumour mongering. Same as all those old topics about venues that may or ma..
  11. Supercorsa

    Jackie Paine / Johnny Copeland

    I don't' think so. Funnily enough been playing the Kent Cd with Johnny Copeland version which is different to Jackie Paines. I have a demo copy of the Jackie Paine release on Jetstream. In the Cd notes Ady states Johnny Copeland wrote the song, so assumes that would've been original version, but wasn't' released at the time. I'm sure someone more knowledgeable than myself may have more information.
  12. Supercorsa


    I managed to win one of the cheaper records and have just received it today. Arrived on a box with just one card stiffener, my record is fine, but wonder how well packed the more expensive ones are?
  13. Supercorsa

    Soul Source Allnighter

    I remember the SSCDT alldayer in Derby.
  14. Supercorsa

    Advice on hosting a possible weekender

    Without nearby hotels I don't' think it would work. I'm aware some people have campervans/caravans, but would think they're in a minority. Most other weekenders have either on site caravans or chalets, or are held in town centres/resorts with hotels nearby. Speaking for myself couldn't' imagine kipping in a tent ever again. Maybe 30/40 years ago. Sorry.
  15. Supercorsa

    best under priced record under 20 pound

    Paid £8 for this class tune from Jackie Wilson, absolute class tune.