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  1. Rest in peace Ronnie. Remember seeing him perform at Solid Hit Soul, some years ago now, and buying a copy of On and On, which he signed the sleeve of.
  2. Here's my input to proceedings. I was on between 9:00pm to 10:15pm just after the resident DJ Ann Taylor and sandwiched between Charlie Rees & Paul Dunn's early Cleethorpes Caravan spot and their later turns. I managed to clear the floor a bit to begin with, but recovered enough bodies on the floor before Paul took over. TSU Toronados - Please Heart Don't Break - Rampart Street Odyssey - Our Lives Are Shaped By What We Love - Mowest The Notations - I Can’t Stop - Twinight Philharmonics - I Need, I Need Your Love - Soulin Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose - Big Time Lover - United Artists Darrow Fletcher - (Love Is My) Secret Weapon - Kent The Paramount Four - Sorry Ain’t The Word - Kent Anniversary The San Fransican TKO’s - Make Up Your Mind - Kent Anniversary The Intentions - Dancing Fast, Dancing Slow - Kent Jimmy Robins - I Can't Please You - Jerhart Joe Simon - Long Hot Summer - Sound Stage 7 Etta James - Seven Day Fool - Argo Irene & The Scotts - I’m Stuck On My Baby - Smash Albert Washington - I’m The Man - Fraternity The Metros - Since I Found My Baby - RCA Tommy Neal - Goin’ To A Happening - Pameline Emanuel Laskey - I’m A Peace Loving Man - Thelma Martha Starr - No Part Time Love For Me - Thelma The Shalimars - Stop And Take A Look At Yourself - Verve Terri Bryant - Geni - Verve Moses Smith - The Girl Across The Street - Dionn The Capitols - Don’t Say Maybe Baby - Karen Jackie Lee - Oh, My Darlin’ - Mirwood The Sheppards - How Do You Like It - Mirwood Herbert Hunter - I Was Born To Love You - Spar Frank Beverly & The Butlers - If That’s What You Wanted - Sassy The Majestics - (I Love Her So Much) It Hurts Me - Linda The Epitome Of Sound - You Don’t Love Me - Sandbag
  3. Should be a good night, Charlie Rees and Paul Dunn doing a Cleethorpes Caravan themed slot early doors, before returning later in the evening, with no doubt plenty of quality northern. Not forgetting myself doing a slot at some point in the proceedings.
  4. Thanks, Mike. Finally managed it.
  5. The wife has discovered a track on youtube that she likes. To be honest I quite like it as well. Apparently only available via mp3. I've tried buying download from Amazon, but no joy as I'm not in America??? Can anyone help?
  6. Already sold out on the Ace/Kent website!
  7. Brentford match isn't sold out. Tickets restricted to season ticket holders at the moment. They will go on general sale soon, my son has gone a few times recently and paid on the gate.
  8. Chelsea v Man Utd on the Saturday, although probably sold out. Brentford v Bristol City (Championship ) Saturday afternoon. Old fashioned type ground, still got standing terrace behind one goal. Always good atmosphere and direct trains every 15 minutes from Waterloo.
  9. I don't really concern myself with "the scene" as such, as I've never considered myself as being part of it. As for the state of northern soul, there seems to be a vast number of events on every week, with a lot of the time what appears to be no consideration or cooperation between promoters/events when deciding where or when to host an event. The Internet has enabled everybody who likes the music to be able to either buy records/cds, discover new songs, find events, so much easier than years ago. With most people having a smart phone there is no longer the need to get flyers printed and handed out at every venue in a 100 mile radius to find out what's on. I believe for most punters, they choose the events that they enjoy either for the music or being with their friends. When they find the venue that combines the two for them, then they tend to stick to those places, without having to visit a different venue every week. People have got to realise it is no longer the underground scene it once was. In some cases it seems it's now an industry for some people and like all industries there's always someone somewhere willing to exploit people to make a profit.
  10. Hand It Over, probably my favourite. Although I recently managed to obtain...
  11. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1184919668278396/
  12. Day off from work, spinning a few tunes and knocking up a cd for the car. Usually upload to Mixcloud. Only 25 tracks about an hours worth, nothing rare or too expensive, but hopefully one or two you may like.

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