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  1. Supercorsa

    Darrow Fletcher Secret Weapon

    Already sold out on the Ace/Kent website!
  2. Supercorsa

    Good football match in London - 20 OCT??

    Brentford match isn't sold out. Tickets restricted to season ticket holders at the moment. They will go on general sale soon, my son has gone a few times recently and paid on the gate.
  3. Supercorsa

    Good football match in London - 20 OCT??

    Chelsea v Man Utd on the Saturday, although probably sold out. Brentford v Bristol City (Championship ) Saturday afternoon. Old fashioned type ground, still got standing terrace behind one goal. Always good atmosphere and direct trains every 15 minutes from Waterloo.
  4. Supercorsa

    northern soul - the current state...?

    I don't really concern myself with "the scene" as such, as I've never considered myself as being part of it. As for the state of northern soul, there seems to be a vast number of events on every week, with a lot of the time what appears to be no consideration or cooperation between promoters/events when deciding where or when to host an event. The Internet has enabled everybody who likes the music to be able to either buy records/cds, discover new songs, find events, so much easier than years ago. With most people having a smart phone there is no longer the need to get flyers printed and handed out at every venue in a 100 mile radius to find out what's on. I believe for most punters, they choose the events that they enjoy either for the music or being with their friends. When they find the venue that combines the two for them, then they tend to stick to those places, without having to visit a different venue every week. People have got to realise it is no longer the underground scene it once was. In some cases it seems it's now an industry for some people and like all industries there's always someone somewhere willing to exploit people to make a profit.
  5. Supercorsa

    bettye swann .. kiss my love goodbye

    One in sales for £100
  6. Hand It Over, probably my favourite. Although I recently managed to obtain...
  7. Supercorsa

    the magicians just a little faith and understanding

    Or did you want the anniversary single?
  8. Supercorsa

    Comedy Sale Of The Day

  9. Supercorsa

    An hours worth of tunes

    Day off from work, spinning a few tunes and knocking up a cd for the car. Usually upload to Mixcloud. Only 25 tracks about an hours worth, nothing rare or too expensive, but hopefully one or two you may like.
  10. Supercorsa

    Hosepipe Ban

    Saw this earlier...
  11. Supercorsa

    Worst Compilation Ever

    What about the tracklist for the other 2 cds? You never know they may sway me into buying a copy
  12. Supercorsa

    Harry kane

    Going back to the original post, at least Kane scored. What about Olivier Giroud? Missed more shots than any other and still ends up a World Cup winner!
  13. Supercorsa

    Poll: Version Battle - The Chase Is On

    Johnny Howard for me, although I heard the Artistics version long before Howard version. First heard it on a Kent LP, possibly Soul Agents alongside numerous other Brunswick releases.
  14. Supercorsa

    26th Cleethorpes Rare Northern & Modern Soul Weekender


    Great review by Geoff. The wife and I were accompanied this year by a couple of friends (Cleethorpes virgins), who are both now looking forward to returning next year! Thought Willie Kendrick and Frank Bryant were both superb, thoroughly enjoyed their performances Saturday night. Not to mention them judging the DJ dancing competition on Sunday evening, everyone was a winner! Pleased I got to meet and speak to them both on Sunday. What I like about Cleethorpes is the relaxed atmosphere, even though there is some serious collectors and DJ's present, there is no air of cliques or superiority, everybody is there to enjoy themselves. Sunday nights are my favourites. I'd also like to thank whoever it was that handed my mates phone into the organisers, after he lost it in the modern room Friday night. Saying of the weekend, was the lady walking towards the modern room late Saturday night/Sunday morning "I don't do modern!" Thanks to Ady, Phil and Neil for organising it all and thanks to the DJ's for the sounds.
  15. Supercorsa

    The Oval Ball Haxby Rd York

    The Tavern Bar looks like it's' worth paying a visit.


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