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Towana & Total Destruction


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Need some cash so I'll be letting go of some stuff cheap! ranting_1.gif

I'll add more stuff later tonight....

Any questions PM me or e-mail recordwanted@aol.com

Towana & The Total Destruction-Wear Your Natural Baby/Help Me Get That ROMARK

Rare all blue design / wol on label / vinyl VG++ plays great $275.00

On Manships auction at the moment....get it before it goes stupid!

The Profiles-I Still Love You / Be Careful BAMBOO

white demo / bb hole / vinyl EX+ $125.00

Superb tune thats yet to have it's day....!


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I Still Love You - The Profiles - BAMBOO 

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fabulous tune on lots of playlists...

shame on you if you don't buy this!

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fabulous tune on lots of playlists...

shame on you if you don't buy this!

As good a reason as any not to buy the record.

Jumped in price to a stupid amount... remember this being a £15 record.

If I was Psychic I'd have bought a handfull.

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I don't see how records like this can jump in price so much. Maybe 2 and half years ago I was selling this for 35 quid tops. Same as that Toni & The Showmen - Try My Love, never sold a copy for more than 50 quid now I see it's like 300. Is this all down to one freak auction price, like The Masqueraders - How?

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Guest kermack

I dont think there is a list or internet site that dosen't have one of them for sale plus the fact that every other week there's one on the bay as well, must be shit loads of them around.

Can a £300 asking price really be justified ?

Who's buying them ?

(Mind you the other side is very good !!)


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