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45s Up For Grabs

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I've listed a new batch of records on eBay.

All of them has got sound clips and label scans.

Check them out at:


Some examples:


JACK HAMMER on Tamla Motown ("Swim")

WILLIE HIGHTOWER on Capitol ("Because I Love You")

MIRACLES on Tamla ("Shop Around", ORIGINAL WITHDRAWN version)

HERMAN KELLY on RCA Italy ("Share Your Love")

SHIRLEY MATTHEWS on Atlantic ("Private Property")

LORD KITCHENER on Melodisc ("Drink-A-Rum")

DENNIS COFFEY on Warner Bros. ("Theme From Black Belt Jones")


JAMES DUNCAN on Federal ("Too Hot To Hold")

IMPRESSIONS on Curtom ("Love Me")

IMAGE on Verdy


STEVE MARSHALL on Reynolds ("Maintain")

LILLIAN OFFITT on Excello ("Miss You So")


SYL JOHNSON on Federal

...plus more... and a stack of rare and obscure FREAKBEAT / GARAGE / PSYCH 45s for those of you who are into that kind of stuff as well.

Thanks for looking! :thumbsup:

Take care.



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The above auctions ends in about 48 hours or so and for those of you who don't have the time to scroll through and listen to all the soundclips on the actual auction pages, I've put together two MP3-mixes featuring many of the tunes I have up for sale on eBay at the moment. There's one mix for the freakbeat/garage/mod type stuff and one mix for the more soul/r&b/funk oriented tracks.

If you'd like to have a listen, click on the below links:

SOUL / FUNK / R&B MIX [listen here]

Herman Kelly - Share Your Love - RCA ITALY

Impressions - Love Me - CURTOM

Barbara & Brenda - If I'm Hurt You'll Feel The Pain - DYNAMO

Equals - I Can't Let You Go - STATESIDE SWEDEN

Junior Gordon - Call The Doctor - JAY-PEE

Merit Hemmingson - Watermelon Man - SONET SWEDEN

Jack Hammer - Swim - TAMLA MOTOWN SWEDEN

Kaloum Star - Maliba - SYLIPHONE FRANCE

Roy Meriwether - The Seventh Son - COLUMBIA

Dennis Coffey - Theme From Black Belt Jones - WARNER BROS.

Lillian Offitt - Miss You So - EXCELLO

Nate Holmes - You're Still On My Mind - ABC

Shirley Matthews - Private Property - ATLANTIC

Steve Marshall - Maintain - REYNOLDS

Roy Roberts Experience - Let's Wrap Up Tonight Baby - HOUSE OF ROTON

Syl Johnson - I've Got Love - FEDERAL

Northernaires Of Akron, Ohio - People Who Live In Glass Houses - UNITED AUDIO

GARAGE / FREAKBEAT / MOD MIX [listen here]

Namelosers - But I'm So Blue - COLUMBIA SWEDEN

Countdown Five - Shaka Shaka Na Na - POLAR SWEDEN

Red Squares - You Can Be My Baby - COLUMBIA SWEDEN

Namelosers - Land Of A 1000 Dances - COLUMBIA SWEDEN

Jerry Williams - Boogaloo Baby - SONET SWEDEN

Shocking Blue - Send Me A Postcard - I.M.A. SWEDEN

Love Affair - I'm Happy - CBS SWEDEN

Merit Hemmingson - Watermelon Man - SONET SWEDEN

Jack Hammer - Swim - TAMLA MOTOWN SWEDEN

Equals - I Can't Let You Go - STATESIDE SWEDEN

Juicy Lucy - Who Do You Love - VERTIGO GREECE

Namelosers - Susie Q - COLUMBIA SWEDEN

Nashville Teens - Tobacco Road - DECCA UK

Aphrodite's Child - Air - MERCURY FRANCE

Cheetahs - Russian Boat Song - PHILIPS UK

Roy Meriwether - The Seventh Son - COLUMBIA

Fabulous Four - For You And For Me - HEP HOUSE SWEDEN

Shakers - All I Want Is My Baby - ODEON SWEDEN

Even if you're not interested in buying anything, that should make for some pretty decent listening, I hope. ph34r.gif

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