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  1. Lucifer is Nicke Andersson's "new" group together with his wife Johanna. Nicke used to be in Hellacopters, Imperial State Electric an death metal pioneers Entombed. This choice of a tune to cover doesn't surprise me, as he's a big r&b/soul fan. The Hellacopters, a garage group that I absolutely loved when they came onto the scene in 1995-1997, covered Silky Hargreaves "You're Too Good To Me Baby" and another one of his groups, the heavily soul influenced The Solution covered Fantastic Four's "Can't Stop Looking For My Baby", Albert King's "Had You Told It Like It Was" etc.
  2. The same bidder bought 48 items from that latest auction, expensive ones but also some on the cheaper end of the spectrum. A few others were Little Jimmy Tyson, Les Getrex, Tony Troutman, Inell Young, Liberation, Frankie & Johnny, RB Hudmon, Noel Owen, Magic Morris, Fantastyk, Downtime, the "other" Bileo 45 (Bill Williams & Billeo) etc. etc.
  3. All three Charay issues of "Talk About Love" are pressed from the same stamper/mother if I remember correctly. It is mastered loud, but my copies sound OK. Might be a case of sounding better with some styluses etc.
  4. D8E20082-C563-4388-9870-E01A01C865F0.jpg
    I used to collect Pic & Bill. Both "What Does It Take" and the Fiery Spartans 45 are incredibly scarce. I also have the Pic & Bill credited "Talk About Love" 45 on Charay (exists with two different flipsides though). I probably should get rid of one of those "TAL"'s, as I don't need two!
  5. @Pat Bleasdale and @Tomangoes, big thanks for listening and for your kind comments. I'm glad you enjoyed listening!
  6. seveninchdisco007.jpg
    I've just uploaded a new episode of my SEVEN INCH DISCO podcast series! About an hour of me playing 70's and 80's soul/disco/boogie from my personal collection. Have a listen! TRACKLISTING Homegrown Syndrome - Confrontation - ARISTA Sun - Just A Minute Of Your Time - CAPITOL Vincent Godfrey - I'm The One You Need - VIN-DALE Central Power System - Masters' Plan - AJANA Edith Moreno - You Better Get Ready For The Judgment Day - SAVOY New World - Lolita - EARS William Bostic - What You Do To Me - SOR Pazazz - So Hard To Find - IN-ROADS Bobby Thurston - Very Last Drop - EPIC [UK] Manhattans - Locked Up In Your Love - COLUMBIA Sorokas - Gentle Touch - SOROKAS Roz Ryan - Boy Where Have You Been - MIRAGE Velvet Touch - Mystery Lady - WILDCAT Roney Canada - I Don't Believe It - AJ'S Theryl - Open Up Your Heart - PYRAMID For more info, go to: https://soulthing.net
  7. Yes, that's a modern day bootleg. Another dodgy one from the same seller that auctioned the Anderson Brothers bootleg in the same batch.
  8. The copy on ebay is 100% the styrene bootleg. The ONLY release of this 45 which has got the "Arr. & Cond. by" credits THAT close to the "CORP. (BMI)" credit is the styrene bootleg from 1978 with scratched out delta number Δ100214. There are two other counterfeits as well, pressed on vinyl not styrene, that are much more similar to the original than the one up on ebay at the moment.
  9. Don't really know what Joe Medwick's tune has got anything to do with this, but neither Ides Of March or Blood, Sweat & Tears sounded like this at the time of release for the Medwick 45. Instead, I think Medwick's direct influence on Bobby Bland is really obvious in this track. If Medwick had still been on Don Robey/Duke's roster of writers it could just as well have been a Bobby Bland recording. You may not like it, but saying that it's an IOM or BS&T soundalike seems a bit rich.
  10. BMI/Ascap credits "Moses" as well: https://repertoire.bmi.com/Search/Search?SearchForm.View_Count=&SearchForm.Main_Search=BMI+Work+ID&SearchForm.Main_Search_Text=1841859&SearchForm.Sub_Search=Please+Select&SearchForm.Search_Type=all
  11. moses.jpg
    You're right! I should've checked that more thoroughly... When I did my previous post I just had a quick glance at my Castle label Lee Moses compilation from 2007, and it credits Moses, seemingly incorrectly:
  12. Great, super deep version of Lee Moses' "What You Don't Want Me To Be" on the flipside. Strange that Moses version is credited to himself as songwriter and the Nick Allen version is credited to Bobby Dixon though. I just assume that Moses was first, but might be the other way around?
  13. bottom.png
    It did, £613: https://www.raresoulman.co.uk/bottom-co-gonna-find-as-true-love-in-my-life-motown-m-1291f-187586.html
  14. Their "How Can I Tell My Mom And Dad" on Lock and UNI was also a big seller. Apparently more than 400.000 copies sold in the US.
  15. You're confusing the 45 in question with the "My Conscience" 45 which reportedly sold 70000 copies in Chicago. The "Get It Off My Conscience" 45 can't have sold anywhere near that.
  16. Ha! Never noticed that. Listened again and melodically it actually reminds me of "Blank Generation"!
  17. Perhaps you've recieved it as a gift. The Benn-X release was pressed in 2002 at United. The U-54857 matrix positions it as a 2002 press. A few other releases with nearby matrix from 2002: U-54815 = 2002 https://www.discogs.com/The-Agenda-Do-The-Crash-Crash/release/2175563 U-54868 = 2002 https://www.discogs.com/Hard-Skin-Black-And-White-Unite-And-Fight/release/5400530
  18. 396794_1fb8323a86254a2fa097bb20b734d8ac-855x1536.jpg
    Here is an image from Amnon Feldman's site, with him sitting by a piano and pictures of the Chess 45 on the wall behind him:
  19. Seems more likely that it's Artie/Arthur Feldman that wrote for Rotary Connection. He also wrote stuff for Tenison Stephens, Sonji Clay, Chuck Ray (on Buddah), Rastus (on GRT) etc.
  20. He seems pretty approachable, someone could ask him: https://www.amnonfeldman.com/
  21. Big thanks! The details on the bootleg are similar but everything is hand etched on the bootleg, and the "A1" is missing on the "Legend Of Otis Redding" side. The BOOTLEG has got the following in the dead wax, everything is hand etched: "Legend Of Otis Redding" side W4KM-0276--1 R "Got To Have Your Love" side: W4KM-0277--1 A1- R
  22. Thanks! Are those details machine stamped or etched by hand? Are there ANY other markings in the deadwax?
  23. I'm in the process of updating the Discogs entry for Roy Roberts "Got To Have Your Love" promo 45 on Ninandy so that people can differentiate between the original release and the bootleg made for the Dutch/Surinamese soul scene in the 1970's. The original has got crisp print on the label, the bootleg has got washed out, poor print. If anyone on here has got an original, could you please let me know the full matrix details for each side, or even better, pictures of it. Big thanks in advance! I was recently sold a bootleg as an original for a fair chunk of money on Discogs and I don't want other people to fall into the same trap.
  24. As I said: the fast version is an unissued Chess recording, originally released on a Kent CD. I can't see how whatever "remix" burt weedon did has got anything to do with the original question.

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