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  1. Copies of 45's can turn up anywhere. Labels sent promo copies of records all over the world for various reasons. For example one copy of this Tommy Dent 45 turned up in Sweden back in 2010 via a record company / publishers archive. Another copy has emerged through a UK publishers archive.
  2. No, the copy that sold two days ago on ebay is not the same copy as the 2012 one. The copy that sold now has got writing on the "Miss Woman" side, the copy that sold in 2012 didn't. Ofcourse someone could've written on the label during those 8 years, but that would surprise me.
  3. That would be a very wide definition of deep soul. Has got the same gravelly vocals, but the flipside is an uptempo dancer as well. It's the sixth track on this mix of mine if anyone wants to hear it:
  4. A new SOUL THING show just went up on Mixcloud! This time a Mardi Gras special with all New Orleans records. 60 minutes of me playing soul/r&b/funk 45's from my personal collection. Have a listen! TRACKLISTING Mac Rebennack - Storm Warning - REX Danny White - Natural Soul Brother - SSS INTERNATIONAL Benny Spellman - I Feel Good - ATLANTIC John Williams & The Tick Tocks - A Little Tighter - SANSU Willie Harper - But I Couldn't - ALON Jesse Hill - Mardi Gras - PULSAR Robert Parker - I Caught You In A Lie - NOLA Lee Dorsey - Four Corners (part 1) - AMY Eldridge Holmes - Pop, Popcorn Children - ATCO Warren Lee - Mama Said We Can't Get Married - DEESU Tommy Ridgley - In The Same Old Way - RONN Eddie Bo - I Found A Little Girl - AT LAST Elliott Small - I'm A Devil - A.B.S. Huey Piano Smith - Well I'll Be John Brown - ACE Betty Harris - Trouble With My Lover - SANSU Explosions - Hip Drop - GOLD CUP Ray J. - Right Place Wrong Time - HEP' ME Mary Jane Hooper - I've Got Reasons - POWER Meters - Be My Lady - WARNER BROS Las Vegas Connection - Can't Nobody Love Me Like You Do - HEP' ME Chocolate Milk - How About Love - RCA For more info, go to:
  5. My point was mainly that ALL of these LPs originally came out in mono, and you could without much effort get original copies of all of these for less than the price of this box set.
  6. What an incredible waste of vinyl/money/effort.
  7. Total madness. These are carvers. ANYONE can make a carver for about £15 plus postage if it's that important to have a tune on 7" format. That two people pay £77 and £136 for these Turley Richards bootlegs boggles my mind. Same seller sold both of these:
  8. "Where You Lead Me" has got a BMI entry crediting Arthur Conley and Rufus Mitchell (Ru-Jac owner) as songwriters. Also one entry crediting Conley/Redding. "Hoke" might be a pseudonym for Rufus Mitchell. Or it's "Holt" mis-spelled. K/L and E/T are pretty close together on a keyboard/typewriter.
  9. Great stuff. "I Wish There Was A Way" sounds very promising as well.
  10. That track you posted sounds fantastic!!! Please, post snippets of the other three as well. I don't know who the performer(s) are, but three of these tracks seem to have been written by June Jackson a.k.a. William E. "J.J." Jackson: NOT the "But It's Allright" JJ Jackson: Below are the BMI entries. "Black Daylite": "Wish There Was A Way": "Where The Sidewalk Ends": I can't find any writer for "Empty Chair". Below are some "Catalog of Copyright" entries:"E.+Jackson"+"black+daylite"&source=bl&ots=EDiH5mbQl7&sig=ACfU3U1vib0fwyJyOzTiKvz9Fxt05rnUOA&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwj-9fj58KrnAhUR0qYKHex5BosQ6AEwCnoECAoQAQ#v=onepage&q="E. Jackson" "black daylite"&f=false william e copyright catalog j.j.&f=false
  11. Always pack tight. These are the best mailers you currently can get from a European supplier in my opinion: 45s: LPs:
  12. A new SOUL THING show just went up on Mixcloud! 60 minutes of me playing soul/r&b/funk 45's from my personal collection. Have a listen! TRACKLISTING 400 Years Of What - Get Down People - COUNTERPART Dee Dee Barnes - Do What You Wanna' Do - ARCTIC Little Dooley - You Better Be Ready - KOKO Marlene & The Debanettes - Earthquake - SUNBURST Vibrations - 'Cause You're Mine - EPIC Creations - Footsteps - ZODIAC George Jackson - I Don't Have The Time To Love You - MERCURY Roz Ryan - You're My Only Temptation - VOLT Buster And James - Count The Tears - CEE-JAM Vontastics - I'll Never Say Goodbye - SATELLITE Inovations - Stay On The Case - HIT SOUND Chosen Few - Birth Of A Playboy - MAPLE Jeff Dale - A Suffering Pain - ATCO Oliver Cheatham - Don't Pop The Question (If You Can't Take The Answer) - SOUL JUNCTION New World - We're Gonna Make It - POLYDOR Curtis (Anderson) - How Can I Tell Her [1932 version] - CHARM CITY Jimmy Mack - A Woman Is Hard To Understand - HAMSTER Phillip Mitchell - Little Things - HI Emotions - Somebody New - TWIN STACKS Them Two - Am I A Good Man - DEEP CITY Cleo Randle - Big City Lights - STA-SET For more info, go to:
  13. I'm RytmMalmo on Discogs and created the entry. That was indeed only guesswork on my part and I shouldn't have written that it in the submission notes, but luckily it's not visible to the casual browser. I'm with you and Chalky, seems very probable that it's Bobby Freeman and Walter Williams.

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