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  1. That's a rare variation. Looks like a Monarch pressed (vinyl?) west coast variant. Does it have a delta matrix number in the run-out grooves?
  2. I've just uploaded a new episode of my SEVEN INCH DISCO podcast series! About an hour of me playing 70's and 80's soul/disco/boogie from my personal collection. Have a listen! TRACKLISTING McIver - Trying To Be True - VANTON Brutus - Fun Tonite - SUPER 7 Cojo - Play It By Ear - DESTINY New Horizon - I Get That Feeling - HQ Daybreak - Everything Man - PAP Clarence Carter - I'm So Tired - BIG C Don Scott - Love With Me - NOD TTOCS Vernon Cheely - Get To The Point (Don't Lead Me On) - BABS Tomorrow's Edition - U Turn Me On - ATLANTIC China Burton - You Don't Care About Our Love - LOGO [UK] Khaliq - I Never Had A Love - BROFEEL Russel Blake - Only Lover - XELA Sterling Void - It's All Right - FFRR [UK] Prestige - Cheating - ATLANTIC Odyssey & Co - A Whisper Away - CAM For more info, go to: https://soulthing.net
  3. OK, I've never seen one on vinyl. If anyone has got an image of it, please post it.
  4. There's a staggering amount of good stuff from New Orleans, it's hard to even know where to start. Here are two podcasts I did entirely focusing on New Orleans sounds, check them out if you feel like it. See tracklistings below. SOUL THING RADIO 017 : New Orleans special Smokey Johnson - I Can't Help It - NOLA Lee Dorsey & Betty Harris - Love Lots Of Lovin' - SANSU Barons - I've Got A Feeling - ETAH Danny White - Miss Fine Miss Fine - FRISCO L. Ruffin - This Stuff Just Kills Me - CROSS Toni Washington - Good Things - KON-TI Earl King - Don't Cry My Friend - POST Curley Moore - Soul Train - NOLA Eddie Bo - Every Dog Got His Day - RIC Irma Thomas - Hittin' On Nothing - MINIT Junior Gordon - Call The Doctor - JAY PEE Roy Brown - Slow Down Little Eva - IMPERIAL Eskew Reeder - Undivided Love - INSTANT Eldridge Holmes - A Time For Everything - ALON Lenny McDaniel - Something Out Of Nothing - SEVEN B Al Robinson - Sho 'Bout To Drive Me Wild - PULSAR Benny Spellman - This Is For You My Love - ALON John Williams - Do Me Like You Do Me - SANSU Ray Algere - In My Corner - TOU-SEA Chuck Carbo - Can I Be Your Squeeze - FIREBALL Charles Brimmer - Just Another Morning - CHELSEA Allen Toussaint - Soul Sister - REPRISE Willie Tee - Man That I Am - GATUR Tony Owens - Confessin' A Feeling - COTILLION SOUL THING RADIO 032 : New Orleans special Mac Rebennack - Storm Warning - REX Danny White - Natural Soul Brother - SSS INTERNATIONAL Benny Spellman - I Feel Good - ATLANTIC John Williams & The Tick Tocks - A Little Tighter - SANSU Willie Harper - But I Couldn't - ALON Jesse Hill - Mardi Gras - PULSAR Robert Parker - I Caught You In A Lie - NOLA Lee Dorsey - Four Corners (part 1) - AMY Eldridge Holmes - Pop, Popcorn Children - ATCO Warren Lee - Mama Said We Can't Get Married - DEESU Tommy Ridgley - In The Same Old Way - RONN Eddie Bo - I Found A Little Girl - AT LAST Elliott Small - I'm A Devil - A.B.S. Huey Piano Smith - Well I'll Be John Brown - ACE Betty Harris - Trouble With My Lover - SANSU Explosions - Hip Drop - GOLD CUP Ray J. - Right Place Wrong Time - HEP' ME Mary Jane Hooper - I've Got Reasons - POWER Meters - Be My Lady - WARNER BROS Las Vegas Connection - Can't Nobody Love Me Like You Do - HEP' ME Chocolate Milk - How About Love - RCA
  5. Regarding the "Steve Charles And The Statics" credit on the acetate, there are two mentions of that group in these two Frederick, Maryland newspapers from July 15, 1966 and July 23, 1966. If anyone of you has got a subscription to newspapers.com (I don't) you'll be able to retrieve the info: https://www.newspapers.com/newspage/7674216/ https://www.newspapers.com/newspage/7681268/
  6. The 45 on Ninandy is from 1968. The 45 on Hem is from 1966 (both songs copyrighted in October '66.). The 45 on Hubba Hubba is noted as being from 1965 in discographies, certainly earlier than 1968 in any case.
  7. O'Kaysions "Soul Clap" and The Trends "Soul Clap" are versions of the same tune, but they are not the same recording. It's not an instrumental.
  8. A new SOUL THING show just went up on Mixcloud! 60 minutes of me playing soul/r&b/funk 45's from my personal collection. Have a listen! TRACKLISTING Herb Hardesty - Just A Little Bit Of Everything - FEDERAL Gwen Owens - I Lost A Good Thing - VELGO Bobby Byrd - I'm Lonely - SMASH Leroy Harris - I'm Gonna Get You - SWAN Mickey & Ernie - Baby I'm In Love - HOT LINE MUSIC JOURNAL Contributors Of Soul - Look What You Done For Me - NEW MISS Hit Pack - Never Say No To Your Baby - SOUL Rodger Collins - I'm Leavin' This Place - GALAXY Arthur Adams - Fight For Your Rights - SAME SEED Cross Bronx Expressway - Help Your Brothers - ZELL'S Dynamic O - You Touched Me And I Bump You - LIGHTNING Lee Shot Williams - Our Thing Is Through - SHAMA Davis Two Plus One - Momma, I Been A Bad Girl - FLAMING ARROW Odyssey - Battened Ships - MOWEST/MOTOWN (JAPAN) Whispers - In Love Forever - SOULTRAIN Sampson & Delilah - You Bring The Tears - POLYDOR Isley Brothers - If You Were There - EPIC (UK) Belita Woods - Magic Corner - MOIRA Toussaint McCall - I'll Laugh Till I Cry - KENT SELECT Luther Ingram - Trying To Find My Love - KOKO Moses Smith - Keep On Striving - COTILLION Sunday - Where Did He Come From - ALTEEN For more info, go to: https://soulthing.net
  9. If it was released in 1967, it wasn't on Moira. The first release on Moira, which is FIVE releases ahead of "Magic Corner", was released/mastered sometime between January and June of 1968. Most discographies say April 1968. The release on Moira just ahead of "Magic Corner", #105, was released in April 1969.
  10. Would be extremely surprised if this doesn't go $10000+. If it can be danced to it is beside the point. It's just an incredible, attitude packed piece of powerful music.
  11. I'd say that the visual condition of a record this rare is almost entirely irrelevant as long as it plays fine. And this one does. Absolute monster of a tune.
  12. The artist/title info turns up when you listen to it. The second track is either "Time Will Tell" by Eddie Holman" or "Lucky Fellow" by Maurice Jackson.
  13. I've just uploaded a new episode of my SEVEN INCH DISCO podcast series! About an hour of me playing 70's and 80's soul/disco/boogie from my personal collection. Have a listen! TRACKLISTING Mascara - See You In L.A. - MERCURY [HOL] Charles Drain - Lifetime Guarantee Of Love - RCA J's - When Did You Stop - DANTE Jerry Washington - Don't Waste My Time - GLADES Hott Ice - Dance Freaks - BLUE WAVE Jerry Blackshear - Defected (From Your Love) - ERAL Carlena Williams - Soulful Drop In The Bucket - CRATES OF SOUL Al (Alonzo) Wilzon - Love You Girl - NASHVILLE Love Committee - I Made A Mistake - MCA John Simmons - Ain't Nothing Like The Love - SABRINA Jones Girls - 2 Win U Back - RCA David Sea - Night After Night - CROWN LIMITED Backyard Construction - I Want Your Lovin' - B.Y.C. PRODUCTIONS Gary Taylor (G.T.) - Just What I Have In Mind - A&M Harold Dickey - Dance - DBF For more info, go to: https://soulthing.net

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