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  1. I've just started a new podcast series called SEVEN INCH DISCO! 60 minutes of me playing 70s/80s soul/disco/boogie from my personal collection. Have a listen! TRACKLISTING Lo-End - Le-Beat - NEW WORLD Billy Peterson Jr. - Party Man - SPLIT Bileo - Let's Go - M.T.U./WATTS CITY Manujothi - Shake Your Body - MANUJOTHI Exodus - Together Forever - CHARLOTTE AMALIE Spice Of Ice - Joy To The World - KICKBACK Bobby Finch - Get A Hold Of Yourself - BEVNIK Garry Glenn - I Need You In My Life - PPL Brief Encounter - What About Love - CAPITOL High Frequency - Summertime - NIA Brotherly Love - Whole Lotta You In Me - ROBINSON & SON Leroy Hutson - Now That I Found You - ACID JAZZ Wanda (Walden) - I Must Be Dreamin' - ELEKTRA Larry Wu - Let Me Show You - ATLANTIC Charles McCormick - I Want You For Myself - MON-TAB
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  2. Some great soulful tunes on that LP. Have played this out a couple of times:
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  3. Pat (& Lolly) Vegas also produced (and co-wrote one of) the AGC label recordings by Joe Hicks.
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  4. A new SOUL THING show just went up on Mixcloud! 60 minutes of me playing soul/r&b/funk 45's from my personal collection. Have a listen! TRACKLISTING James Booker - Big Nick - PEACOCK Curtis Johnson - If You Need Love - WHURLEY BURLEY Volumes - I Just Can't Help Myself - AMERICAN ARTS LaCleve Milon - Take A Giant Step - SELECT-O-HIT Vernon Garrett - We People In The Ghetto - KAPP Specials - I Can't Find Another - SATCH Larry Davis & The Marvels - The Magic Is Gone - DECCA King Coleman - Crazy Feelin' - TOGO Dusty Wilson - Can't Do Without You - BRONSE Count Demon - Why Did You Leave Me - PO' BOY'S Mose Allison - Wild Man On The Loose - ATLANTIC Billy Larkin - Looking - VISTONE Majestics - Strange World - LINDA Mighty Lovers - Ain't Gonna Run No More - SOULHAWK O'Jays - Now He's Home - LITTLE STAR Voice Masters - Never Gonna Leave You - BAMBOO Willie Walker & George Jackson - All In My Mind - KENT 6T'S H. Andrews And Company - Steppin' Out - BALANCE Weldon Irvine - I Love You - RCA Eddie & Ernie - Turn Here - EASTERN Freeman Brothers - I'm Counting On You - MALA For more info, go to: https://soulthing.net
  5. It is O. Stanford J. Vaughn "Angel Eyes" on the BLUE SOUL label. https://www.discogs.com/O-Stanford-J-Vaughn-C-Bryant-Angel-Eyes-So-In-Love/release/8200485
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  6. A new SOUL THING show just went up on Mixcloud! 60 minutes of me playing soul/r&b/funk 45's from my personal collection. Have a listen! TRACKLISTING Mongo Santamaria - Get The Money - BATTLE Eddie King & Mae B. May - Please Mr. D.J. - CONDUC Towanda Barnes - If I'm Guilty - GROOVE Charles Spurling - Let Me Be (A Steppin' Soul) - KING Cautions - No Other Way - SHRINE Bobby Bland - Honey Child - DUKE Rivingtons - Years Of Tears - VEE-JAY Jimmie Ellis - Happy To Be (The Man You Like To See) - CENTURY CITY Spencer Wiggins - I'm At The Breaking Point - KENT SELECT Jackson Sisters - Boy You're Dynamite - MUMS Patti Austin - Didn't Say A Word - COLUMBIA Vibrettes - Humpty Dump - LUJON Lonnie Lester - You Can't Go - NU-TONE Bobby Long & The Dealers - I Gotta Have Love Too - OLD TOWN Valentinos - I Can Understand It - CLEAN Traffic Jam - I Can't Get Over You - TOEHOLT Jesus Alvarez - Please Stay, Don't Go - VIBRATION Bobby Hebb - You Want To Change Me - PHILIPS DeDe Warwicke - Everybody's Got To Believe In Somebody - ATCO Lee Fields & The Expressions - Will I Get Off Easy - BIG CROWN Nick Allen - Don't Make Me Be What You Don't Want Me To Be - WALAS For more info, go to: https://soulthing.net
  7. Indeed. The "Stop Girl" 45 is from January 1968.
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  8. See my previous post above. The faked "Nashville Matrix" on the ebay copy is placed in the wrong postion. It should be placed between two grooves in the run-out.
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  9. The Nashville Matrix stamp on the record on eBay is definitely faked. It's not placed where it's supposed to be. It should sit BETWEEN two grooves in the run-out. "Being Without You" side stamp on the ORIGINAL looks like: "Baby, Baby" side stamp on the ORIGINAL looks like:
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  10. Great 45. Don't know the identities of the vocalists sadly. There's at least one other 45 on the Velvet Sound label, by Billy Soul: https://www.45cat.com/record/2685us
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  11. A new SOUL THING show just went up on Mixcloud! 60 minutes of me playing soul/r&b/funk 45's from my personal collection. Have a listen! TRACKLISTING James Rivers - It's All Over - KON-TI Staple Singers - Power Of Love - EPIC Jimmy Bee - If It Wasn't For Love - 20TH CENTURY FOX Bob Brady & The Con Chords - Goodbye Baby - CHARIOT Bogis Chimes - I Think You'll Find - CHAMP Mill Evans - Why, Why, Why - KING Otis Clay - Nothing To Look Forward To - ONE-DERFUL Rex Garvin - You Don't Need No Help - WSJ SOUND Black Sugar - Too Late - SONO RADIO Taurus And Leo - I Ain't Playing Baby - VELVET SOUND Vibrations - Keep On Keeping On - OKEH Tommy Dodson - One Day Love - UPTWOWN Fenton Robinson - I Believe - PALOS Eugene Gamble - Without My Baby - JET STREAM Morris - Can We Melt The Ice - PLUSH Wild Fire - Check It Out - KALA LOO Blair - Nightlife - SOLAR SOUND Renee Geyer - Be There In The Morning - RCA Dalton Reed - Giving On Into Love - SWEET DADDY Major Lance - Don't You Know I Love You - CONTEMPO Skip Jackson & The Shantons - Promise That You'll Wait - DOT-MAR Timothy Wilson - Baby Baby Please - BUDDAH For more info, go to: https://soulthing.net
  12. Yes, the MONA label release is the first local issue of this 45. The Houston Records pressing plant matrix on the MONA release, "LH-4693" and "LH-4694", places it as being a mid-to-late 1968 release. It probably sold well locally (or as someone suggested, was part of the Peppermint Harris deal) because JEWEL picked it up for national distribution and it seems to have been released in November or December 1968 (the cat# preceeding the Ola V. Harper 45, JEWEL 796 "Wig Wearing Woman" by Lightnin' Hopkins is mentioned in an issue of Billboard Magazine from November 1968). JEWEL seems to have had a big seller on their hands with the Ola V. Harper 45, because it's a common 45 with at least 5 different label/pressing plant variations. Although the MONA issue is more desirable, both the MONA and JEWEL releases would be considered OVO to all but the most rigid puritans in the same way that IMPEL and SOUND STAGE 7 issues of Ann Sexton's "You've Been Gone Too Long" and DESPENZA and WAND issues of Ivorys/Ivories "Please Stay" are considered OVO. As for copies of the MONA 45 being sold, here are 7 copies sold during the past 10 years, with prices ranging from $32 to $61: https://gripsweat.com/item/381699769602/tx-rb-northern-soul-ola-v-harper-mona-7001-resisting-i-wanna-weep- https://gripsweat.com/item/310879445306/rb-soul-45-ola-v-harper-i-wanna-weep-mona-hear https://www.popsike.com/RB-45-OLA-V-HARPER-I-Wanna-Weep-MONA-HEAR/310675938006.html https://www.popsike.com/NSoul-Ola-V-Harper-I-Wanna-Weep-MONA-HoustonTX-djcopy/170577162573.html https://www.popsike.com/OLA-V-HARPER-I-Wanna-Weep-Houston-Texas-Hear/170566241603.html https://www.popsike.com/OLA-V-HARPER-RESISTING-MONA7001-PROMO-NORTHERN-SOUL/390243428295.html https://www.popsike.com/LISTENRare-RBNorthern-Soul-45Ola-V-Harper1st-Press/180295570631.html
  13. A new SOUL THING show just went up on Mixcloud! 60 minutes of me playing soul/r&b/funk 45's from my personal collection. Have a listen! TRACKLISTING One-Derful Band - Honey In The Bee-Bo - ONE-DERFUL Eddie Bo - Oh-Oh - CHESS Billy (The Kid) Emerson - Every Woman I Know - TARPON Frank Butler - The Love I Need - J.V. Gene Chandler - After The Laughter - CHECKER Casanova Two - We Got To Keep On - EARLY BIRD Frankie Seay - All I Want Is Loving You - TROPICAL Ultimates - Girl I've Been Trying To Tell You - BR-ROMA Clay Brown - Why You Want To Change - FLORENTINE Trumains - I'm At The Breaking Point - VIGOR Patti La Belle & Bluebelles - Trustin' In You - ATLANTIC Wild Honey - I Can't Go On - HOUSTON INTERNATIONAL Five Keys - Stop What Your Doing To Me - LANDMARK Lovelles - Pretending Dear - ATCO Saxie Russell - El Monkey - RAN-DEE Temptations - Oh, Mother Of Mine - MIRACLE Gino Parks - Fire - TAMLA Andre Williams - You Got It And I Want It - RIC TIC Reggie Garner - Hot Line - CAPITOL Bobby Bland - Gotta Get To Know You - DUKE Marv Johnson - With All That's In Me - UNITED ARTISTS Green Berets - (Lord) Send Me Somebody - UNI For more info, go to: https://soulthing.net
  14. A new SOUL THING show just went up on Mixcloud! This time a special all New Orleans edition! 60 minutes of me playing soul/r&b/funk 45's from my personal collection. Have a listen! TRACKLISTING Smokey Johnson - I Can't Help It - NOLA Lee Dorsey & Betty Harris - Love Lots Of Lovin' - SANSU Barons - I've Got A Feeling - ETAH Danny White - Miss Fine Miss Fine - FRISCO L. Ruffin - This Stuff Just Kills Me - CROSS Toni Washington - Good Things - KON-TI Earl King - Don't Cry My Friend - POST Curley Moore - Soul Train - NOLA Eddie Bo - Every Dog Got His Day - RIC Irma Thomas - Hittin' On Nothing - MINIT Junior Gordon - Call The Doctor - JAY PEE Roy Brown - Slow Down Little Eva - IMPERIAL Eskew Reeder - Undivided Love - INSTANT Eldridge Holmes - A Time For Everything - ALON Lenny McDaniel - Something Out Of Nothing - SEVEN B Al Robinson - Sho 'Bout To Drive Me Wild - PULSAR Benny Spellman - This Is For You My Love - ALON John Williams - Do Me Like You Do Me - SANSU Ray Algere - In My Corner - TOU-SEA Chuck Carbo - Can I Be Your Squeeze - FIREBALL Charles Brimmer - Just Another Morning - CHELSEA Allen Toussaint - Soul Sister - REPRISE Willie Tee - Man That I Am - GATUR Tony Owens - Confessin' A Feeling - COTILLION For more info, go to: https://soulthing.net
  15. A new SOUL THING show just went up on Mixcloud! 60 minutes of me playing soul/r&b/funk 45's from my personal collection. Have a listen! TRACKLISTING Soul Toranodoes - Hot Pants Break Down - MAGIC CITY Harvey Scales - Funky Football - CHESS Billy Nichols - Shake A Leg - SUE Tommy Bass - (Can't Help It, Baby) This Is My Thing - SOULFUL Ollie Jackson - Just A Little While - PEPPER Sharpees - Take Me To Your Leader - ONE-DERFUL Johnny Moore - Haven't I Been Good To You - WAND Norma Jean - I've Taken Over - HEP' ME Fellows - Let's Make It Last - SOLID HIT Louis Curry - I'll Try Again Tomorrow - M-S Jimmy Ellis - Puttin It On Your Mind - SALEM Cash McCall - I'm In Danger - CHECKER Curtis King - Bad Habits - COLUMBIA J.R. Bailey - Love Won't Wear Off (As The Years Wear On) - CALLA Richard Marks - Love Is Gone - SHOUT Exits - You Got To Have Money - GEMINI Four Tees - One More Chance - KENT Sisters Love - You've Got To Make The Choice - MOWEST Clausel - Let Me Love You - UP RIGHT Harvey Scales - I'll Run To Your Side - CADET CONCEPT Mighty Travelers - I'm Not Tired Yet - MIGHTY TRAVELERS For more info, go to: https://soulthing.net

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