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Wonder if the modern posse can give me some info on this fella. Just having recently spent some pennies on the Marvin Gaye mix by Paul Simpson (mighty fine it is too) just read some feedback about him doing another remix on something (can't remember what it was) Just interested in what else hes done, where he is from etc. Thanks


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In 89 he was involved with Anthony White covering Walk Away from Love (Cooltempo), which they really tried to push at "Stomp" at Dingwalls

Good artist, good song, but put together, IMO not a good combination.

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Been around producing & remixing since the 80s - he had a massive hit in 88/89 Musical Freedom with Adeva.....quality house / dance producer. Check here for a looonnng list of credits.


Personal faves include his remix of D'Bora - Honey, Serious Intention - You Don't Know, Simphonia - Can't Get Over Your Love, Merimaid - Luv Is....

Cheers Girth

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