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  1. fantasy football

    I'm in, wouldn't miss it for the world...;o))
  2. Any interest here in these 3 Vocalion demo's, i'm a bit out my comfort zone with these, so hoping that someone can help out with prices. Otherwise open to offers here, before I stick em up on Ebay. Each is a strong VG+ and play fine, clean labels aside f...
  3. Fantasy football league

    Im interested to see how it pans out on Fridays, but already a winner for me...ditched the Mrs & kids and watched in a Turkish bar by the sea with a couple of beers, til about midnight here......the only way it would have been better, if Sot had been more...
  4. Fantasy football league

    Inspired captain choice Gary....
  5. Fantasy football league

    Thanks for the heads up Smudger, i'm in....still room for more, come on Soul Sourcers....
  6. Girthdevon

  7. WIZDOM so in love (P5OULH)

    Worth looking for a vinyl copy, my demo is but most issues ive seen are the dreaded 'styrene'...cheers Girth
  8. Fully expect to pay more than £20 Dave, been looking for one since walking in on Blake Helliwell spinning it it in the back room at Essence and everyone having a right good sing song....RIP the Raynescourt
  9. After a copy of Lorraine Johnson - If You Want To Be More Of A Woman on Atlantic issue, vinyl copy much preferred. Unsure on going rate, but I would be more than happy if someone were to offer up a copy at the price sold for on Discogs last year, the sum of £...
  10. Got a few CDs to clearout, almost all are £5 each, just a few priced individually....£1.50 p&p for one CD, £3 for 2 or more All are EX+ minimum, most are NM or M....payment with Paypal or Bank Transfer.....PM for availability. Village Sou...
  11. Discogs

    Had this as well in the past with customers, which is why I always send reminders and be patient. Possibly the email is going straight to your junk folder.....check your settings, you can select which messages you receive to your email inbox - although I thin...
  12. Discogs

    I think i'm the opposite, I like dealing with the buyers...after working in a record shop for years, I miss the personal touch and dislike the instant buy it now way of Ebay and other sites. Sending a personalised invoice and opening up conversation, i've got...
  13. Discogs

    Contacting the seller is the thing to do, have heard of this a few times, and can usually be resolved by showing the seller you are a serious buyer.
  14. For Sale, classic 80s modern soul album - Karin Jones - Under The Influence Of Love, original Handshake LP....VG+ vinyl, sleeve has some minor discolouration on the opening and a bit of creasing on the top right of the sleeve....£100 + shipping....paypal / ba...
  15. I think this is quite a rare one. How much would you be offering ??

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