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    Trying to play Call of Duty with my son and failing miserably
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  1. John Reed

    Bobby Story - Storyteller - Proud

    https://www.discogs.com/Bobby-Patterson-Storyteller/release/6464336 Don't remember this for sale at the time of release.
  2. John Reed

    Entertainers on HMC

    The straight one I referred to was called the jukebox design. I'm sure the other layout was referred to by John Manship as the scroll design.
  3. John Reed

    Entertainers on HMC

    I think they were pressed around the same time. I remember John Manship talking about the rare scroll design and then I've also heard other dealers talking about the rare straight line design. So it could be just different plants, but it does look like the later releases from 1984 have the non scroll design.
  4. John Reed

    Djs on top of their game 2018?

    knowing how finicky "the scene" is, there doesnt seem to be that much support for new people, so you can probably just copy the 2009 list and paste it into the 2018 list. BTW, I don't really have a desire to be a DJ, so I havent written this with any green eyes of envy.
  5. John Reed

    Temptations & Four Tops

    I enjoyed last night, as you said they're more tribute bands than original bands these days. Saying that the Temps have always had lineup changes. One thing that frustrated me last night was the needless singing of cover versions of other peoples songs - They all did it in some way of form. All three groups have a back catalogue large enough not to need to do it. Why do people spend all the concert filming it on their phones? Surely they don't get full appreciation of the concert as they're focussing of the filming.
  6. John Reed

    The Exciters Blowing up my mind

    I've never really thought about the differences between the 1969 and 1972 releases, but as there has been heated debate recently and in the past. Looking at the two pictures it looks easy to differentiate the two as the reissue states Mono whereas the original doesn't. Is this always the case?
  7. John Reed

    Gloria Barnes Uptown orginal lp

    about a grand
  8. I'm after a copy of Lyn Collins – Things Got To Get Better / Women's Lib – People PE 613 Must be in at least EX+ condition Please PM me with condition and price, please don't ask for an offer.
  9. I'm looking for Jimmy Holiday - I'm In Love With You / A Man Ain't Nothin' Without A Woman - Minit 32097 (Issue Only) Must be in at least EX+ condition Please PM me with condition and price, please don't ask for an offer. *****Sorted*****
  10. John Reed

    ‘Wishing well’ Chuck Ray ?

    It's Chuck Ray. There are a few mispresses of Reconsider on Gemigo that play Wishing Well.
  11. Hard to pick just one, but I Keep Forgettin' is never far away from the deck.
  12. John Reed

    Difference in Benny Troy Label

    Original is the first one where the sound recording copyright symbol is very close to "1975" on the reissue there's quite a bit of space between the two and the text on the label is too modern for 1975.
  13. John Reed

    Difference in Benny Troy Label

    Its all about the text and spacing of the sound recording copyright symbol
  14. Sean & Kev posted on Facebook that they were packing and sending out the pre-orders on Friday, due to the weekend should probably land today.
  15. John Reed

    Message me if you have these 45s!

    Let me know


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