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  1. John Reed

    Curtis Mayfield - Move on up (Curtom demo)

    This release can only be post 1974 as Warners took over distribution from Buddah in January 1975
  2. John Reed

    Ernest Ernie & The Sincerities - 7" release

    We had that with the JD Hall's, as he used the same masters 25 years later. If I like a new release I tend to buy it either when issued or on pre-sale, but even then I do miss some. I think its the norm for independant labels to only press between 250/300 copies as in reality the market is quite small and they don't want to be left with a load of unsold dead stock. It's great for a label where interest its sales requires a re-run, but I don't understand the snobbery of why people to want a clear distinction between the two presses when there is only a few months between the runs. If people pay an inflatied price for a record, surely that's just between the buyer and seller. Even if someone paid a large amount for a recent release, surely they're going to say they bought it at its initial sale price?
  3. John Reed

    Salt and pepper & the cheques

    From Discogs: https://www.discogs.com/artist/2075147-The-Cheques The Cheques were a 60's garage/soul band from Louisiana. The band were compromised a group of mostly young white Air Force personnel. Members included Tony Nardi (keyboards, vocals), Mike Ventimiglia (now also known as Dagger) on lead vocal, Sam Ryland (bass guitar, vocals), Chuck Parrino (drums, background vocals) and Matthew Joshua (rhythm guitar). Joshua was later replaced by Wayne Pagels. Salt and Pepper looked to be a mixed race group made up of Air Force personnel, so there may have been more than just Tony Nardi in both groups. https://www.saltandpepper1969.com/bio
  4. John Reed

    Label Variations "John Gary Williams"

    The top two are demo's, there is also an issue of the middle one too. Stax used different pressing plants so there could be differences there. Also one layout could be vinyl and the other styrene
  5. John Reed


    I'm unsure if the song when played out has the same impact as it did before it's release in the HDH singles box set and I think this might be reflected in the closing price. Saying that, I fully expect my comment to be blown out of the water once the auction closes.
  6. John Reed

    Northern does swing

    Call Me was never a soul record to start with, it was written by Tony Hatch and originally recorded by Petula Clark. When it was when it was covered by Chris Montez, its production was akin to the Eddie Bishop version. Always classed this as a more of a Jazz record as I remember Call me being played on Jazz radio shows then I was young. For me its always been abount the production and delivery of a song that makes it Soul, not where it originally came from or what happened after it was first recorded.
  7. John Reed

    Sporting Heroes Who Cut Soul / R&B Records

    Hoddle and Waddle - Diamond Lights . Seriously, Roosevelt Grier apart from singing and doing needlepoint also played American football.
  8. John Reed

    Who were they?

    On the back of the LP it states they were Tresia Cleveland and Ann Gissendanner and were from Alabama and Pennsylvania respectively.
  9. John Reed

    Bobby Story - Storyteller - Proud

    https://www.discogs.com/Bobby-Patterson-Storyteller/release/6464336 Don't remember this for sale at the time of release.
  10. John Reed

    Entertainers on HMC

    The straight one I referred to was called the jukebox design. I'm sure the other layout was referred to by John Manship as the scroll design.
  11. John Reed

    Entertainers on HMC

    I think they were pressed around the same time. I remember John Manship talking about the rare scroll design and then I've also heard other dealers talking about the rare straight line design. So it could be just different plants, but it does look like the later releases from 1984 have the non scroll design.
  12. John Reed

    Djs on top of their game 2018?

    knowing how finicky "the scene" is, there doesnt seem to be that much support for new people, so you can probably just copy the 2009 list and paste it into the 2018 list. BTW, I don't really have a desire to be a DJ, so I havent written this with any green eyes of envy.
  13. John Reed

    Temptations & Four Tops

    I enjoyed last night, as you said they're more tribute bands than original bands these days. Saying that the Temps have always had lineup changes. One thing that frustrated me last night was the needless singing of cover versions of other peoples songs - They all did it in some way of form. All three groups have a back catalogue large enough not to need to do it. Why do people spend all the concert filming it on their phones? Surely they don't get full appreciation of the concert as they're focussing of the filming.
  14. John Reed

    The Exciters Blowing up my mind

    I've never really thought about the differences between the 1969 and 1972 releases, but as there has been heated debate recently and in the past. Looking at the two pictures it looks easy to differentiate the two as the reissue states Mono whereas the original doesn't. Is this always the case?
  15. John Reed

    Gloria Barnes Uptown orginal lp

    about a grand


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