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  1. Not currently as we're all in the same customs union. Following Brexit import duties will have to be paid.
  2. Who is the target market for this release? I would have thought it was people like us, but as many have said, its too expensive for what it is.
  3. I noticed that the label design and text of the one sold on Sunday is different to the one pictured earlier in the thread. Also the typed details are also different. I understand differences with different pressing plants, but would that be the case with an acetate, would they not be all pressed in the same place?
  4. As the article states a lot of these pressing plants are in mainland European countries. It will be the same as any other company in the UK that imports goods or raw materials from Europe. If import duties are imposed, that cost will be passed through to the buyer, so the sale price of these records will go up.
  5. The reason why I used the words ""potentially shady" was on the back of a previous thread. There doesn't seem to be a consensus as whether the Balance Town release was was official or not.
  6. Originaly an LP track and then there was a potentially shady release on Balance Town, unsure if people know where it originated from. Then Gary Dennis released an authorised reissue on his Carzy Beat label.
  7. If something goes wrong and you need to claim from the postal service, you can only claim for the value you have declared.
  8. I've got no issues in receiving a record in a second hand mailer, but do not expect to pay for the cost of the used mailer.
  9. It sounds like it might be a copy from Soul Bowl when it was a new discovery. John Anderson did that to protect his sources and I don't think it would affect the price that much and still thinking you should get around £6/700 for it.
  10. All my notifications for Diggin' Deep releases are via email, which contains a link to the web site. So you don't have to be on facebook to be in time to order their product.
  11. Think these were done when Ian Clark contacted the group or Label owner, so I believe they're legit.
  12. Personally, I think there are a lot of misconceptions about new releases. Generally speaking most new releases are pressed in quantities between 250 - 500 copies, so in the grand scheme of things and the size of the market this amount of records in initial circulation mean that these releases aren't rare. As some of these releases are currently in high demand and people want them means the price goes up and has little to do with actual rarity.

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