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  1. Jay Player - Love Is The Answer (Reduced Price)

    It has to be the 12" as its got the great dancing bit in the middle, which is sadly relegated to the b-side on the 7"
  2. Fame recordings - suggestions welcome

    There were many artist/labels who used fame, but didn’t release product on the Fame label. There was a lot of selling music to labels. Aretha Franklin – Various releases – Atlantic Laura Lee – Various releases – Chess Etta James – Vario...
  3. Blue-eyed Soul?

    Does it really count with an instrumental?
  4. Archer Pressing Plant

    Try this http://www.45rpmrecords.com/press/AR.php
  5. Hi John, thanks. I’ll take it. Please send me your PayPal details.


    Dave Harrison

    23 London Rd, Lyme Green, Macclesfield, Cheshire, SK110JX

  6. I do, send me a pm and we can exchange details
  7. Alfie Kahn Sound Orchestra - Law Of The Land

    It was an LP track originally released in 1974.

    The original had Message To Martha instead of Unsatisfied
  9. Millie Jackson - A House For Sale

    An that one was the 1979 reissue as well.
  10. LP only tracks?

    Mighty Fire - Sweet Fire also got a 7" release.
  11. O.T. Sykes Stone crush on you

    If you look at a few Fun City releases there are 5 different Memphis addresses
  12. I have a copy of The Theatrics - I Got Cha/We Got A Love - Sadly its cracked through to the beginning of the run out. I have been able to get both sides to play through where you cant hear any clicks. Otherwise its virtually mint. For the UK only, ...
  13. steve parks - movin' in the right direction (7")

    Its very rare and a slightly shorter edit to the LP, the other side is All In A Day
  14. Bill Bush - I'm waiting - Whats the story

    Thought all of the Stan Lewis labels UK releases around that time were on PYE International

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