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    Trying to play Call of Duty with my son and failing miserably
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  1. I'm looking for Jimmy Holiday - I'm In Love With You / A Man Ain't Nothin' Without A Woman - Minit 32097 (Issue Only) Must be in at least EX+ condition Please PM me with condition and price, please don't ask for an offer. *****Sorted*****
  2. John Reed

    ‘Wishing well’ Chuck Ray ?

    It's Chuck Ray. There are a few mispresses of Reconsider on Gemigo that play Wishing Well.
  3. Hard to pick just one, but I Keep Forgettin' is never far away from the deck.
  4. John Reed

    Difference in Benny Troy Label

    Original is the first one where the sound recording copyright symbol is very close to "1975" on the reissue there's quite a bit of space between the two and the text on the label is too modern for 1975.
  5. John Reed

    Difference in Benny Troy Label

    Its all about the text and spacing of the sound recording copyright symbol
  6. Sean & Kev posted on Facebook that they were packing and sending out the pre-orders on Friday, due to the weekend should probably land today.
  7. John Reed

    Message me if you have these 45s!

    Let me know
  8. John Reed

    Futures - Aint No Time For Nothing

  9. John Reed

    Leon Debouse - A fine instrument

    The reissue has a bar code at the bottom of the back cover, the original doesn't.
  10. Futures - Ain't No Time For Nothing - 7" PIR issue only, Minimum EX+. Can't find it in my collection, but I don't remember selling it. Please pm me with price and condition.
  11. I have no idea who the target market is, because it had little or no appeal to a soul music fan.
  12. Looking for the Identity Crisis - The Spanish Afro - Tabu LP from the 1994. I'm not interested in the CD as I've already got it. If you have one to sell, please Pm me with fixed price and condition, must be a minimum of Ex+. Cheers John
  13. John Reed

    Maxine brown

    Originally unreleased, first single release was on Kent in 1985, b/w I Got Love. Also on the Maxine Brown Kent LP Like Never Before which also came out in 1985. Can't remember which came out first. Think the Flying Witch release is a boot, but could be mistaken.
  14. John Reed

    Record Store Day 2018 21st April

    From a Soul and Funk perspective theres nothing apart from the pointless reissues on different coloured wax. If companies focused on unreleased stuff it might be of more interest.
  15. John Reed

    Jay Player - Love Is The Answer (Reduced Price)

    It has to be the 12" as its got the great dancing bit in the middle, which is sadly relegated to the b-side on the 7"


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