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  1. Desert Island Stevie Wonder Song

    I've played this a lot at home over the past 5 years or so. I never got into it originally. It could also be a good choice for the vocoder thread
  2. Desert Island Stevie Wonder Song

    I might have chosen For Once in my Life too. A song of great optimism. Instead I’ll go for Mon Cherie Armour which I still think of as a really happy love song. In terms of sad songs, they don’t get much sadder than Lately.
  3. The vocoder in soul music

    This is great recent use of it by Robert Glasper
  4. New releases 2018

    I'm sorry but that's bloody rubbish, even with that piano sample. Her voice is appalling
  5. This could also go on the Feel Good Friday thread. The late, great Luther Vandross - Are You Using Me
  6. Facebook.

    Banned already?
  7. The Starlight Club and The Small Faces

    It was in Paddington apparently
  8. New releases 2018

    I like this. Tail end of 2017 - new style music
  9. Can you imagine going home after work and quoting the first line to your wife on Valentines day?
  10. Luther Vandross For the sweetness of your love

    A fantastic record. One that does not need editing down or tampering with at all.
  11. Philly Sound Outside Productions

    Now that would be fantastic to hear
  12. Track identification

    The third one is a recent release that has nicked the riff from Cliff Nobles. Can't remember who it's by.
  13. leeds fans....

    Here's the advert for the Crystal Palace beer festival
  14. Tv Adverts & Northern Soul

    The Snake on a Lambrini advert

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