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  1. daved

    The blurred line...

    I didn't know she covered it. Interesting - thanks for putting it up. Her version is much better though.
  2. daved

    The blurred line...

    I wouldn't have thought there was much overlap between Blackpool Mecca and Studio 54.
  3. daved

    Denise LaSalle R I P

    Here’s a short tribute I did for her last year.
  4. daved

    Art Deco Buildings

    Apparently this building in London will be going up for sale soon
  5. daved

    Clydie King R I P

    Soft & Gentle Ways is a brilliant piece of music
  6. Love Starved from the posthumous Beautiful album is fantastic. Also, First Class Love which was also released posthumously and included her previously unreleased pre 1979 Motown material, mostly produced by Ronnie McNeir, is well worth checking out.
  7. But surely not everyone who wants to own this 45 is a DJ? Even one that will play records only.
  8. I kinda agree. It's readily available on all sorts of formats at decent prices so there's easy ways for everyone to listen to it whenever they like. Why pay big bucks for a very recent 45? It's not worth the price difference. Also, personally, I think there's much better recent stuff out there on 45 that you can get for a decent price e.g. Super Disco Edits
  9. Yeah she did lose her way a bit in the 80s/90s but she was bang on form again with her albums in the 2000s. La Dona, Sapphire and Congo Square are all excellent.
  10. I picked up two of the Marvin Gaye’s on the night at Bretby in 1996. Only got one left though. Traded one for a CD on the night.
  11. Déjà vu is my favourite of hers. So sad listening to it considering her early demise. I saw her last ever concert in London 11 months earlier and she was fantastic.
  12. daved

    Mourinho Gone

    Now if we're talking about great goals, it won't get better than this during the season. Up the Palace
  13. daved

    Favorite two-step tracks/artists?

    I often get confused about what is classified as two step but would've thought this qualifies
  14. daved

    Mourinho Gone

    You mean like Alex Ferguson?


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