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  1. You're Falling In Love - Betty Everett
  2. I went a couple of times in 2001/2, mainly for the modern room. Really enjoyed it. Well worth the trip up from Kent. On fact quite a few of us southerners travelled up on both occasions.
  3. Back in the early / mid 80s, I was surprised when the occasional new record started to get played in the northern soul rooms. Although it took a bit of getting used to at the time, these sounds soon became the most popular of the night. Some got mainstream recognition, some became anthems and others not really discovered until over 15 years later. This mix includes some big well known names like Harold Melvin, Detroit Spinners and Gladys Knight, northern soul stalwarts like Chuck Jackson, Barbara Lynn and Mary Love to the usual obscure artists that nobody has ever heard of since.
  4. Album of the year imo is Ledisi's - The Wild Card featuring this dancer. A real solid album with lots of great tracks. She's been pretty consistent for 20 years now.
  5. They never played together in the UK, but they did in the States. I saw Luther 3 times and Anita twice during that period and they were separate gigs.
  6. I saw The Black Stuff too - brilliant tv. The tv series was even better. I've started to watch the new series of The Crown too which continues to be excellent. One episode covers the Michael Fagan incident and how a lot of young people were struggling in the early 80s and were totally disaffected with Thatcher's Britain.
  7. Sweet Things is the much better record imo. Proper uptempo Detriot Northern.
  8. Luckily, my firm have given me the opportunity to take a test. A pack is on its way to me to submit a blood sample, which is a relief because I was thought it entailed putting some kind of cold implement up your bum.
  9. I've been trying to think of the sample on this for 30 mins now. I've got the tune in my head from verse to chorus and still can't think what it is. I know it's very well known. Somebody help me please? I'm going to kick myself.
  10. Roadkill on BBC1 is very good. I'm really enjoying Criminal on Netflix too. Some great acting and it's very well produced. Each episode has a completely different story.
  11. Palace have got 7 games in a row on PPV - ridiculous. I resisted paying for the Fulham match on Saturday and I'm intending to swerve them all at £15!
  12. Sorry for your loss. That's no age. I'm so pleased you have those happy memories. Not all non soul loving wives are so accommodating.
  13. I'm amazed. When he was at loan to Palace, he was terrible. He didn't trouble any defender at all. I was considering putting a bet on at the beginning of the season that he wouldn't get one goal all season. Just as well I didn't.
  14. Jimmy James & Vagabonds is it - thanks. It's a really good version, I think. Also I had no idea that B.J. Thomas was before Chuck's.

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