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  1. Despite what the clip says this is the 1988 remake which is much better than the 70s original
  2. Another tenous link........ https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/extra/XOd9gHAS6Y/gennaro_panzuto_mafia_boss_lancashire_caravan_park
  3. It just looked like a cardboard cut out inserted in a sleeve to me.
  4. Sad news. I don't really have any details . His work with the Urban Blues Project some great dancefloor hits. Deliver Me is my favourite.
  5. I don't get this thread at all. It ranges from the sublime to the ridiculous.
  6. Look like another great Luxury Soul compilation. One of the highlights of the year.
  7. I relly enjoyed Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and thought Leonardo DiCaprio, in particular, was great. The Bruce Lee scene was hilarious and there's no way that should've been cut. All Tarrantino films contain scenes that don't neccessarily have to be there but it's all part of the ride.
  8. Not many of the top 500 in that list. There are in fact quite a lot of exciting records way outside of the top 500 in that list.
  9. Got her Back In Time album about five years ago. It's ok but nothing prompted me to continue to search her out. The track you've posted is quite good.
  10. RIP Lorraine. Such a great artist and revered member of Soul Source. At least she knew how much she was loved in the UK and beyond.
  11. This thread prompted me to dig out the CD over the weekend. I wonder what prompted these particular tracks to come out on the 45 because there are even other better tracks on the album imo. Nice bonus for those who discover Calvin's work through buying this record.
  12. I did this earlier this year. Very easy and quick service.

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