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  1. It's Dave Dixon, Steve. I only had the pleasure of going to The Orwell once and I don't remember it from that night (nor much else)
  2. England will never win a trophy in my lifetime. No lessons whatsoever have been learnt in the last 27 years.
  3. Noel Gourdin – Patience Interesting choice. This track never really registered with me on the CD. Nice to see a new artist getting played.
  4. Never heard that before of heard of that CD. It's a good track.
  5. This has been going on for some time unfortunately Mike. Not helping the artist one bit.
  6. In other ridiculous sporting news, I read that Michael Phelps is due to swim against a shark
  7. Is "Hang Up" the Mark IV song?
  8. I quite liked it at the time it came out. Not so sure now though.
  9. I doubt it. I don't think any of the Ecko stuff comes out on vinyl.
  10. That's what I said earlier Alan about Kent.
  11. Brilliant record. Is it hard to find now? I see there's loads of the original LP around for reasonable prices. Ignore all the other tracks though.
  12. It's a fantastic book. There's a film about the Detroit riots in 1967 coming out later this year. I have no idea if it's coincidence or is an adaption of the main thread of the book - The Algiers Motel Incident..
  13. Where I live in Kent you don't have go far for a Caister revival night, some of which are equivalent to shit northern oldies nights. Loads of old gits and gals packing the dancefloor to Funkin' For Jamaica and We've Got The Funk regardless of how many thousands of times they've heard it. Most of the great, lesser played stuff posted on this thread wouldn't get a look in.
  14. Dockyard Gin is very nice. Made just down the road from me. http://www.ginfoundry.com/gin/dockyard-gin/
  15. Broken on BBC1 last night was very good. Quite sad.