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  1. Is it me, but?

    One of the funniest items I've seen recently is a guy selling a 1980 reissue of Sweet Soul Music and adding his Ebay link
  2. Modern soul records that seem too cheap

    You can pick this up a good price and it still sounds great today
  3. Late 70's Jazz Funk Scene

    Not sure I'd call it Jazz Funk but it's interesting. I prefer the Louie Vega version
  4. After hearing about the sad demise of Jerry Ross, it's got to be: It still puts a smile on my face
  5. News: Jerry Ross R I P

    RIP Jerry. I hope you get to do the 81 up there
  6. Pity it was just a snippet. I didn't want it to end. In fact I'd love to hear a full CD of demos with just the piano backing.
  7. Stereo. It's supposed to sound better, innit? As you can tell, I'm no expert.
  8. what would you expect

    I'd expect to be bored
  9. Articles: Keeping a Faith

    Good read, thanks for that. Some of my favourites listed there and there's so much more too.
  10. This is an edit of... ?

    Sounds like it
  11. Brilliant. Loved it. Great sound track too.
  12. Charles Bradley R I P

    RIP Charles. Hopefully there's one more album waiting to come out. The music was worth waiting for.
  13. Valerie Simpson thread

    I was also going to go for Roberta Flack's "Uh Uh Ooh Ooh Look Out (Here It Comes) but can only find the house mixes on you tube.
  14. Valerie Simpson thread

    Love this song and this mix:
  15. All or Nothing Mod musical

    Yeah, I’ve read that too and thoroughly enjoyed it. I learnt a lot about him. He was somebody I admire greatly musically but he came across as a complete arse personally. Somebody that would annoy you to the point of punching him if you spent too much time wi...