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  1. Daved

    100Club 6TS 5th Onliner


    Thoroughly enjoyed this set. Some stuff on there right up my street like Ronnie McNeir, The Exits, Cecil Shaw and Sam Dees.
  2. The Rick James episodes were hilarious. Especially when one of the Stone City Band referred to Prince as "a itty bitty muthafuc£a"
  3. A quick whizz through the decades, from the 70s, 80s, 90s to 00s, to pay tribute to the late, great Betty Wright who sadly passed away this week. This is just the tip of the iceberg of such a great career with so much material to choose from over such a great length of time. People forget she wrote a lot of her great songs too and you can certainly tell her style if you listen to enough of her songs.
  4. I drove from Chatham to Fleetwood (283 miles) for my first full weekender in 2001 which I was dead excited about. Before I left, I checked the oil and water levels on my car and thought I was fit to go. As I got to the M1, the temperature started to rise until it got undrivable so I pulled up at Newport Pagnell services. Opened up the bonnet and there was oil everywhere. I didn't screw the lid back on properly. A recovery truck took me to a garage who had to clean the engine and replace the oil. They were already busy so it took bloody ages. I was getting so agitated. I had planned to get to Fleetwood about 5 but didn't arrive until 10. I was told that the bar shut at midnight, so the first pint went down in one and the others went down quickly after. It wasn't until about 1am, I realised they were still serving and I was well pissed by then. The bar stayed open until 3 or 4am. It all worked out well in the end
  5. Very sad. She's only 66. So many great LPs. I saw her live at the Jazz Cafe in 2012 and she was fantastic.
  6. It sounds a bit like Sam Dees but I'm not certain it's him. Mind you there are similarities to Fragile, Handle With Care on a couple of lines.
  7. I love Spike Lee movies. Do The Right Thing & Jungle Fever in particular.
  8. Some of my favourite northern soul records from going out and about over the last 35 years and all they still sound great today.
  9. I saw the Diego Maradona film which was on Channel 4 recently. Highly recommended documentary. I didn't realise how significant the semi final at Italia 90 was in his career. I remember watching the match but was too excited about England's semi final the next evening. I guess the Italians were four years behind us in terms of hating him. Whatever you think of him, this film goes a long way to better understanding him.
  10. Kill List on Film 4 is worth a try, directed by Ben Wheatley. It's actually pretty disturbing.
  11. I saw him live at Hammersmith in 1989 on a treble bill with Gerald Albright and Pieces of a Dream. I was looking forward to him the least but he was great, telling stories before each song sitting on a stool, fully justifying his headline status.
  12. RIP Ronn. I didn't know until two days ago that he wrote this little gem
  13. Luther Vandross is a contender and this live performance justifies his nomination

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