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  1. daved

    US 60's Garage bands

    Yeah . The first time I heard this was on the soundtrack of Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels
  2. daved

    Some car insurance Q's

    I've used Liverpool Victoria before and was quite impressed. They were named best car insurer by Which magazine at the time. The only reason I stopped was because they did he usual trick of hiking the premium up for existing customers. I may well go back next year if I can get a good deal.
  3. daved

    Ain't No Big Thing - Scotty Todd

    Great song though
  4. daved

    Your Current Must Watch Tv ?

    Agreed. It was the best piece of tv I've seen for years. Unimaginable conditions and to think how many simply volunteered for it. The part when they marched into France and turned from black & White into colour with the sound added on was amazing.
  5. daved

    Ain't No Big Thing - Scotty Todd

    That's a different song altogether.
  6. Good one. Howard G for me. Reminds of Alan H's set at These Old Shoes about 18 years ago.
  7. daved

    clocks go back this weekend

    I remember being at the King's Hall, Stoke allnighter about 18 years ago and insisting they keep the bar by the modern room open an hour longer because of the clocks going back. They wouldn't have it though
  8. Just been reminded of this. Haven't heard it in yonks
  9. daved

    Luther (Vandross' group before going solo) on AVCO?

    Since we have a thread about the great man, this is one of the best tracks of the year
  10. daved

    Luther (Vandross' group before going solo) on AVCO?

    All the the pre-solo work is fantastic including tracks with The New York City Band and Charme
  11. daved

    Mr. Floods Party on JM's auction

    Another version by John Legend here. Not as good as some of the others
  12. daved

    Young soul rebels

    I thought it was quite good, but the Detroit and Memphis books were fantastic. Almost everybody must've learned something from those.
  13. daved

    music streaming services... ?

    Aren't they all like that? That's why I won't support them. They're killing the music industry and it's been tough enough for years anyway.
  14. daved

    Good football match in London - 20 OCT??

    The Latics are Oldham Athletic, aren't they? I think you mean the Addicks (or Clowntown Pathetic )
  15. daved

    Your Current Must Watch Tv ?

    I'm enjoying Press very much too. Ben Chaplin is terrific in it.


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