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Mercury Soul ... on CD


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The output of most 60's / 70's record labels has now been well covered by the reissue companies .. HOWEVER ... I find that there's lots of soul stuff on Mercury and it's subs (Limelight, Smash, Blue Rock) that doesn't seem to be available on LP or CD these days. 

Just as an example, Otis Leavill had about 14 released cuts out on Mercury labels (& no doubt there were a few more that didn't escape the vaults) .. yet I don't think the majority of these tracks have enjoyed a new life on CD ... wonder why ??  AND there are lots more soul acts on the label who's output deserves renewed attention ..

OTIS LEAVILL: Even ignoring the more obvious choices, he made some brilliant cuts in classic Chicago style ...





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There is a double CD of the label called 'Lost and Found' with both of these great tracks on and many more from the label.  It is a great set.


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Excellent shout! There's plenty of space for a few more comps like this, and not just for Mercury. There's still quite a few Epic singles that haven't ever made it, for example (e.g. Brenda and the Tabulations).

Eddie Floyd made a couple of singles on Mercury, and this b side alone is screaming for some kind of revival and reissue:


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That LOST & FOUND CD was great, but that was 20 years ago ... AND .. it's a bit of an expensive item these days ...

PLUS .. there are loads more great tracks Phillips / Mercury tracks that didn't escape originally on Blue Rock. 

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In many cases of CDs pressed before 1995ish the mastering is also suspect. Or, to say it more nicely, not as good as more recently pressed discs. There's an Epic compilation from around the same era that could do with a spit and polish:


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