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  1. Thanks. Interesting read ahead of the film.
  2. Thanks Chalky. I'm completely guessing that the licensing ran for only a period of time. The site hasn't been updated since 2016 on it.
  3. I recently completed buying this series on CD at last. I wonder if the Toddlin' Town one will be released in future.
  4. To answer one of the questions only sixteen years later - it is on the first Jack Ashford's Just Productions CDs by Kent Records.
  5. When I got to know Rob Smith really well, he used to allow me up in the old, somewhat dangerous atrium. I used to sort the bags and piles of records to see if I could find anything he had not spotted he should sell separately or keep. I spent hours, sometimes days up there going through the endless piles and bags with a tiny record player there at one stage to play them on as I went through. After a while it got too dangerous and the safe area was much less. There was no record player then and I suspect the electrics up there were dodgy too. Those were very happy days indeed. I was just a kid but he told me labels to look out for and so on and I found some ace stuff tucked away. He gave me huge discounts and free cheap records for it. I would happily spend weeks going through vinyl. Something to get back too now I am in my fifties
  6. I walked past the King John today which is being redeveloped along with the whole Broadmarsh area. The door was open as the workers had lunch and it is exactly the same inside still. Took me back! I remember the Milton's Head at Victoria Centre front - that became popular to go to as a less Mod revival pub, especially Saturday afternoon early 80s before we went off somewhere. I live not far from Dancing Slipper which is now an English and Maths training centre.
  7. Thanks for posting. I like the mention of the 'Northern Soul Charts'. As we all know playlists would of been more accurate.
  8. As much as Wigan is pivotally important, it will be great to have something else on the cover for a change.
  9. Ah nicely done there. That heading made me click!
  10. Never heard the Chants version out and not compiled but had the wonderful 'I Don't need Your Love' on 7" demo. I adore that song. Someone doesn't like JW. Gosh!
  11. I was a young Mod soon after Quadrophenia and it was ultimately my route towards Northern Soul. My first allnighters were as a Mod which then dropped away as I stayed with Soul music. As a young kid at first it was all very confused and to me, the same thing - so I can understand the young Mods turning up and Wigan trying to accomodate them in some way (frustrating as that would of been to the existing members). It was the Kent LPs and Rob Smith who started to educate me and Mod dropped away by late 1984 for me.
  12. It looks like Lamont Dozier also has his own separate book out two weeks later: How Sweet It Is: A Songwriter's Reflections on Music, Motown and the Mystery of the Muse Hardcover – 22 Oct 2019 by Lamont Dozier (Author), Scott B. Bomar (Author) I'll get both - be interesting to compare them.
  13. Kashif. What an artist, writer and producer. Deserves a thread on his own (as does Leroy Burgess).

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