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  1. Hi all, a few weeks a go I started a thread on songs with Soul Power or Love Power in their title (I still have a load to add to that). Inspired by the recrnt Harlem '60 book y Stuart Coagrove, here for some Friday enjoyment ans beyond is my next one l. So welcome now are songs with Soul Brother, Soul Sister or Testify in the title or lyrics. Extra kudos for songs with more than one of those aspects. Let's also open up to the phrase Right On too as in Right On Soul Brother. While we have fun now those statements of assertion and pride had meaning at the time and the read in the book mention is recommended. So suggestions welcome .... from Jr Walker to The Parliaments I am sure there are many options.
  2. ThinkSmart

    Edwin Birdsong RIP

  3. Hi all, Listening on the train and just noticed how similar the backing instrumental of 'There Can Be A Better Way' by Smith Brothers (issued recently on the Jack Ashford Just Productions Volume 2 CD by Kent) is to 'Scrub Board' by The Trammps (which itself of course went on to be the backing to 'Hold Back The Night' a couple of years later). There is a lot in common between them. Never noticed before but the vocal track had nagged at me for years. Check the links here: There Can Be A Better Way (instrumental) Scrub Board Anyone else found this or other unmentioned similarities on other songs?
  4. ThinkSmart

    You baby

    I really enjoy the Len Barry version.
  5. ThinkSmart

    Songs with 'the Power'

    To avoid Soul Power! busting the page loading - for further links click on the hyperlink above (fourth from left) and use that to paste your link like this: Chubby Checker - You Got The Power (Youtube) Thanks
  6. ThinkSmart

    Songs with 'the Power'

  7. ThinkSmart

    Songs with 'the Power'

    Exactly....Sock It To Me.... Be good to get a load up in the thread. Plenty with the same name as the Dorothy Berry... a great one on Stax... I have two fun follow on threads ready once we exhaust this one.
  8. ThinkSmart

    Songs with 'the Power'

    Hi all, there are many dance Soul songs that evoke the concept of 'the power', Love Power' or even 'Soul Power' more specifically. Examples jump to mind by The Esquires, Lee Rogers, Willie Hutch, Chubby Checker and more. It extends into 'Powerful Love', a concept in a few songs with Joe Tex notable. Examples are welcome, I think there's a fair few songs that mention 'the power' in some form. So to get us going here's a very early Willie Hutch song and 'Can't Fight The Power'. So get involved, get into it.... it's Soul Power!
  9. ThinkSmart

    Eddie Holland - Old news but sad news

    At initial glance I thought that's terrible, how can that be? Reading the text, trying to monetise the royalty income before it is earned and this being turned into a financial instrument makes it all less clear. It worked for David Bowie but he did it first, once and at the right time. It looks like there is money still somewhere in those companies mentioned, whose it is and how to access it looks incredibly tangled. Still it's a shame to see such a pivotal person to popular music (and Soul more specifically) going through this at all.
  10. ThinkSmart

    Markus Sichter on the radio

    Well done. I will take a listen.
  11. ThinkSmart

    Books of The Year 2018?

    Nice tips on those books. Added to the list!
  12. ThinkSmart


    Best wishes for a great event. I'll be back nearby in Buckshaw village every week from end of the week, but will miss this excellent looking way to bring in the New Year. No doubt a few of our friends around Chorley, Leyland, Buckshaw and area will be there tonight. Have a good one!
  13. ThinkSmart

    Books of The Year 2018?

    Even the first few pages of Harlem '69 are jaw dropping in linking soul music, the city, politics. Soul artists woven into the hustle of Harlem. Richard Searling's book was a dip in and out then finally a solid proper read over Christmas. In there was a lot behind the music that was great, I was ready for a second book already though, I'd especially like to read his take on the years after Wigan. I found it interesting how much Richard focused on plays in the '78-'81 period of Wigan Casino (which is primarily what the book is about rather than his own life specifically). I have a load of Soul books and modern design books from recent years still to read (the two recent Thames and Hudson books on design could last years on their own). I think the Dave Rimmer books will be read first though after Harlem '69. There are about five books on Southern Soul and Stax from Christmas last year still looking up at me. For completeness I also ought to get the Gethro book. I enjoyed reading the mammoth book on Philly Soul this year, it was ace and I would of enjoyed an extended section or follow-up covering the seventies and onwards more. I also enjoyed the book on early Motown in UK with lots about Dave Godin in his early years.
  14. ThinkSmart

    News: Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2019

    Merry Christmas everyone. Plenty of new and old Soul to hear in the Santa sack this year plus Stuart Cosgrove's new book Harlem '69. I put on the radio getting ready and Donny Hathaway's This Christmas was playing. Pass it on and shake a hand this Christmas. Best wishes Mark
  15. ThinkSmart

    Prisoner Soul

    This was mentioned earlier but worth linking to


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