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  1. ThinkSmart

    RIP Aretha

    Music 'Legend' is thrown around too readily. Aretha is. Not just the obvious Atlantic songbook, there is so much before and after too. I've been buying a lesser Aretha album a month for the past year and been delighted at how much great music there is. Imagine the harmonies now the sisters can sing together again!
  2. ThinkSmart

    Poll: Version Battle - The Chase Is On

    It's time to hit the poll vote button at the top everyone. Artistics for me.....
  3. ThinkSmart

    Another Poll version battle.

    I'm easy either way on this one. Need a third choice.
  4. Wow! Kent's curation of non-obvious Motown is great. I look forward to this immensely.
  5. ThinkSmart

    Summer listening - some unreleased stuff

    Nice! I'll go add that to my Mixcloud queue.
  6. Pre-ordered CD arrived from Ace today a couple of days ahead of formal release. I look forward to playing it tonight.
  7. ThinkSmart

    this is america

    Nor do I in this case, there are stylistic similarities but that is how rap trends work. Musically it's not similar, structurally its not identical. The early 60s Dance craze songs would of seen much legal action in this era, as many were almost identical.
  8. A forthcoming 3 CD release in August by Soul Time who did the Casino Classics CD update and Soul On Fire sets recently: https://www.cherryred.co.uk/product/the-contempo-story-1973-1977-the-original-home-of-soul-various-artists-3cd-boxset/
  9. Loving this release. Let's hope for many more. I'm looking forward to Steve Levine's mixes of Millie Jackson immensely.
  10. ThinkSmart

    Mtume / Lucas Picks

    Sunfire. Both sides on the above Expansion comp.
  11. ThinkSmart

    Articles: The Richard Caiton Story

    What a great article. A nice reminder to enjoy Richard's music which I'm doing as I type. The positivity and soul in Richard's songs endures. He more than emulated his heroes mentioned and is distinctive in his own right. 'Where is the love' is on now and creates an impression of Curtis at Philadelphia International, which sounds Richard's ideal along with Motown. Thank you Richard and those who enabled him to perform in UK to an appreciative audience.
  12. ThinkSmart

    John Cooper Clarke-Mad man or sheer genius

    Often mentions that he was a Twisted Wheel member.
  13. ThinkSmart

    HELP wav downloads needed

    FLAC is perfect digital format for backing up muaic no.loss of quality and reasonable file size. MP3 at ,320kbs 44.1khz is great as portable source.
  14. ThinkSmart

    saddened at the loss of Charles Neville

    Yes- a key contributor along with the wider family.
  15. ThinkSmart

    HELP wav downloads needed

    Not really many download sources, certainly not in wave format. Buy CDs with the tracks on and rip to WAV format. Mediamonkey is good for that.


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