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  1. I don't recall one, but feel like there is too. The song is now my earworm of the day.
  2. Yes sad news, a singer who has been appreciated increasingly in Modern Soul over recent decades.
  3. To keep this thread going I also welcome quality reissues on CD of: Gary Taylor' - G.T. Rockie Robbins - first album Ronnie McNeir - S.T. 1975 Thanks Mark
  4. Great music across a number of Soulful styles, thank you.
  5. Yes I have the bootleg ones but I do not know of any official ones done from the masters as you confirm. The Bootleg ones are generally bad in terms of sound quality.
  6. I don't think we have had any high quality CDs dedicated to Ric Tic or Golden World. The songs are compiled but spread across others. But getting the original singles from the masters compiled properly on CD would be welcome. There are the usual less-than-official compilations with the usual murky quality, but they do not do the job.
  7. Indeed. Those first two Luther albums are a must. Like some of those Aretha albums, I think I read it was the artist themselves who blocked their reissue. I could be wrong on that. The Four Tops ABC singles have now been issued in a good CD set, so I hope for the albums too soon.
  8. There were all those Cam-Park CDs. I always felt they sounded a touch muddy and their origins were dubious. I posted the original item here as it seems to be the first CD dedicated to Northern Soul for the label, even though the songs are distributed amongst other CDs and almost now available legally online I think.
  9. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2020/jul/01/martha-reeves-dancing-in-the-street-motown-protest
  10. You Got The Power - Cameo Parkway Northern Soul CD Cameo Parkway was late to CD but the Northern Soul selections have been trickling onto CD/LP compilation releases legally now for a couple of decades, starting first with the 'Introduction to Northern Soul' boxset I think. Here is the first official CD dedicated entirely to the Northern Soul releases on the label I envisage, I could be wrong. In theory these are out now, but I haven't seen them anywhere and the big A lists them for September. Although I think I've got just about everything there from other compilations, it's still worth a buy for a couple of songs. There are separate Dance Craze and Chubby Checker CDs too. https://www.abkco.com/news-feed/cameo-parkway-compilations/ "You Got The Power: Cameo Parkway Northern Soul 1964 -1967, showcases the numerous Cameo Parkway singles that would go on to become part of the soundtrack of Britain’s Northern Soul lifestyle phenomenon. Northern Soul’s emphasis was on obscure yet danceable records, a number of which became the focus of a cult-like worship years after they were first issued, partially due to the rarity of the 45s on vinyl. Recordings by Frankie Beverly & The Butlers, Bunny Sigler, The Orlons, Evie Sands, Candy and the Kisses, Christine Cooper and Eddie Holman are highlights of the 20-track collection." You Got The Power: Cameo Parkway Northern Soul 1964-1967 You Got The Power – The Four Exceptions Because Of My Heart – Frankie Beverly & The Butlers (Whoa, Whoa) I Love Him So – Nikki Blu Girl Don’t Make Me Wait – Bunny Sigler It’s Rough Out There – Jerry Jackson Envy (In My Eyes) – The Orlons Picture Me Gone – Evie Sands Country Girl – Vickie Baines Night Owl – Bobby Paris Village Of Tears – Ben Zine You Just Don’t Know (What You Do To Me) – Chubby Checker The 81 – Candy And The Kisses Shake And Shingaling (Pt. 1) – Gene Waiters S.O.S. (Heart In Distress) – Christine Cooper Eddie’s My Name – Eddie Holman Pass Me By – Hattie Winston The Grass (Will Sing For You) – Lonnie Youngblood (Your Love Was Just A) False Alarm – Tari Stevens Who Do You Think You Are – The Soul City You Didn’t Say A Word – Yvonne Baker
  11. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Cameo Parkway was late to CD but the Northern Soul selections have been trickling onto CD/LP compilation releases legally now for a couple of decades, starting first with the 'Introduction to Northern Soul' boxset I think. View full article
  12. I know we are a vinyl based scene, but I really like CDs and think they are maligned incorrectly. As you say, some CDs trigger the same memories and time as vinyl also does. When done well, they are wonderful - the compilations have been wonderful since late 80s giving us access to a huge range of music, with extensive notes, sound quality. They also last far better than we all feared a decade or two ago. I have plenty of CDs that are now over thirty years old and still as good as new. Quality reissue and new artist labels have added hugely to my enjoyment, including these days getting the reissues from such as Japan that have never made it to UK/USA issue. Today I still use the old notion of 'pay day' to work out which old and new releases I'm going to get on CD this month. It's nice to see new reissues and releases come back during this year for issue in coming months too. Some great ones on the horizon.
  13. I buy almost every Soul related CD that is issued (certainly in the reissue space, but most of the new releases too). For me it depends on the rarity of the music, quality of the sound, respect I have for the issuing label, the research put in and the notes. But I think about £15 is the most for a single CD. A number of 3CD sets are going for around £27 new by such as SoulMusic. There are CDs I'd paid more for to unearth some rare music or labels that it isn't worth doing unless the price is more. It is important that the royalty holders are paid to me, so I do factor that into the price. Inexpensive isn't always right. There are still key 1970s albums by such as Jerry Butler and The Originals with enduring scene plays that still haven't been issued on CD. There are hundreds of albums issued in Japan on CD that never saw issue in UK/USA. The UK CD pricing of £17+ we see around for some new release, single artist CDs by someone unknown feels too high to me. I do understand there is a need to make a decent mark-up to fund music shops and also import costs too - which can add to the cost for some sellers. As I've bought just about every Soul CD from the 80s onwards in UK, but also importing globally where needed - I will be happy to provide any input I can. Feel free to PM me and I'm very happy to chat on this.

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