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  1. So great to see them there. We all here enjoy their music. 'HIt & Run' as a duet?
  2. Sadly OVO commitments at venues tell them where to go.
  3. They've added an accordion and gone Modern Soul.
  4. It is top spin on the new part-dayer coffee morning scene, along with Seven Hours Is Too Long and Long After This Morning Is All Over. Coming soon to me and many of us.
  5. An interesting read once you get through the subscription clicks. That early 80s Prelude era influenced a lot of dance music. Glad to see he got paid after suing C+C.
  6. The boot of it is out already as G. Formby & The Souful Uke Strings
  7. Later than many, Peterborough Wirrina in '85 I think, age of sixteen . A group of us came down from Nottingham in a van - Simmo, Crewy, Tucker, Jo90 etc. It was in the big hall and well attended. I can't remember a single tune (and not for the obvious reason), just because I was taking it all in. It seemed so mysterious, intimidating and intoxicating at first and the music was ace. I was probably one of the youngest in there and looked it. I do remember being surprised by the 1970s and more recent music played, in my head being trained at Rob's Records and on Kent/Inferno etc LPs. I didn't appreciate that sound music then but of course here we are nearly thirty five years later and I'm into all areas of the style and associated music too. Arrived at the nighter a young Mod, left the all-nighter focused more about Northern Soul after that. By about '87 I was struggling to find local nighters in Nottingham and ended up in the early House scene for a couple of years (while still collecting Soul) before getting back to Soul as things seemed to take off again from about 1991.
  9. I do not think anyone has put up this classic yet so....
  10. That's sad. Too many to keep up with.
  11. For those interested, this isn't out at Amazon until 24th so plenty of options from our independent Soul sources of choice to get it now. I've got all of this series except 2004 and 2006 which are out of print and comapratively expensive which is a shame. I may end up buying them for completeness at some stage.
  12. There are two versions of this new Samsung, my wife has the one with its own SIM card inside. So it works as a full phone and uses full phone network access for GPS accuracy.
  13. The Great Pottery Throw Down thing seems to be used exactly the same music, same tracks even as last year, now it is on C4 not BBC. The first episode was The Creation, The Action and mid-sixities British early rock. Second one as you saw, was more Soul music.

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