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  1. Loving this release. Let's hope for many more. I'm looking forward to Steve Levine's mixes of Millie Jackson immensely.
  2. ThinkSmart

    Mtume / Lucas Picks

    Sunfire. Both sides on the above Expansion comp.
  3. ThinkSmart

    Articles: The Richard Caiton Story

    What a great article. A nice reminder to enjoy Richard's music which I'm doing as I type. The positivity and soul in Richard's songs endures. He more than emulated his heroes mentioned and is distinctive in his own right. 'Where is the love' is on now and creates an impression of Curtis at Philadelphia International, which sounds Richard's ideal along with Motown. Thank you Richard and those who enabled him to perform in UK to a..
  4. ThinkSmart

    John Cooper Clarke-Mad man or sheer genius

    Often mentions that he was a Twisted Wheel member.
  5. ThinkSmart

    HELP wav downloads needed

    FLAC is perfect digital format for backing up muaic no.loss of quality and reasonable file size. MP3 at ,320kbs 44.1khz is great as portable source.
  6. ThinkSmart

    saddened at the loss of Charles Neville

    Yes- a key contributor along with the wider family.
  7. ThinkSmart

    HELP wav downloads needed

    Not really many download sources, certainly not in wave format. Buy CDs with the tracks on and rip to WAV format. Mediamonkey is good for that.
  8. Ordered mine via the site too now. As was said, looking forward to it.
  9. I asked Richard on Twitter, the link will go up within the site by Friday, possibly before.
  10. ThinkSmart

    UK Southern Soul

    There were a few funk based nights and clubs in and around London in early 1970s mentioned in books on dance music. These were I think the inspiration that Chris, Froggy etc took to Goldmine. By all accounts that was a black music scene of great dedication but almost no attention at all. There definitely was crossover musically by mid-1970s onwards in some places. I've read Chris Hill extended interviews where we talked about the..
  11. Welcome to the role Simon. Keep us Keeping The Faith.
  12. Aw that was great. I remember chatting to Jerry Williams online in the early days of the internet and feeling like that stall holder must of.
  13. Finally got around to listening to this in one sitting. What a cracking, varied selection with some newly unearthed songs of the highest quality.
  14. ThinkSmart

    Sad News: RIP Yvonne Staples

    RIP and thank you.
  15. ThinkSmart

    Poll: Cd Buying in 2018

    Dave, I do the same. CD is my CD master ripped to FLAC twice and then put into my Google Play Music Cloud and on a Pioneer music player with 2 x 200GB cards inside. I use Chromecast around the house and can play to loads of devices quickly. It works really well and as you say, introduces that element of surprise.