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  1. Doris did live in London in the 1990s for a while, recording with James Hunter on his first album. The song is on the Kent CD collection of Doris's music I think.
  2. If you do an autotune it should set them up so you can save them as presets. Glad it is working now.
  3. Great music. The Van McCoy CD starting us off is sublime.
  4. Your radio has only found the local not national transmitter. It should find both. Extend the aerial and relocate the radio before returning. That radio is not a patch on your Robert's unfortunately. DAB+ is meaningless as a promise in UK right now, there is only DAB transmitted. Your radio will not be impacted by this at all. It is the aerial and location and that this will possibly be a weaker receiver overall. Ruark, Revo, Pure, Robert's, Sonoro etc and even John Lewis own brand are great, plus many others.
  5. I always enjoy the latest Ace label releases. A monthly highlight in my life for many decades now. I'm next looking forward to Masterpieces of Modern Soul volume 5.
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  6. i really enjoyed this new and final album. The songs, production and deliver are spot on. The lyrics are still considering life today. A short but fitting final album. Start Stoppin' has the classic UK appreciated style.
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  7. "Woman’s Liberation by the Topics on the Castle label. I remember being up on the balcony by the snack bar and asking someone what it it was. Bought it soon after as it was available as an original issue. Great tune and one you never hear played out. Don’t think it’s been put on any compilation LP or CD to the best of my recollection. Wondering if the group is the same as the Topics with a string of good records?" The Topics - Women's Liberation was compliled on CD by Goldmine, on C'mon & Dance 2, then Trippin' On Northern Soul and later Golden Memories of Northern Soul.
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  8. Tomangoes - check out the Roger William's DJ events at such as Filling Factory in Buckshaw, Services club nearby in Leyland, that is 80s to today Soul dance with the right feel. Great music. You would appreciate the Luxury Soul weekender (and releases) that Ralph Tee and Richard Searling put on. Anytime Ralph is on at any event, good times with modern Soul are ensured.
  9. Interesting mid 80s is mentioned, after that the feel of Soul changed towards the staccato New Jack Swing style. That doesn't flow like Soul dance we appreciate had before. It's a different emphasis on the beat. It took a while before the Organic Soul and international appreciation of old Soul evolved and merged where flowing Soul will often be on the same set as some funk or staccato R&B styles. This opened up for modern Soul with the original feel to reemerge. So for me it's all about the flowing feel, rhythm emphasis, song structure and so on. I'm at a point where the terms don't matter to me anymore. But I do think in a Northern Soul setting for people who do not appreciate sounds beyond the 60s, that another term is helpfully available. I once compiled a set for an associate at his request and he later exasperatedly said to me 'how can this be modern soul? A fair number of the songs were made before I was born'. To him the term meant contemporary R&B of about ten years ago. So I stopped using terms at all from then on.
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  10. Eddy Edmondson has picked contemporary soul in the right style for a long time along with Roger Williams and others in the Chorley-Leyland-Blackburn area. The crowd in that area are very receptive and I find it has expanded my appreciation. The playlists at his Soultime site and downloads of his Solar Radio show are worth investigating as are the Mixcloud Modern Life and Ralph Tee sets. Colin Curtis plays new Soulful House too (which is slightly different). I buy loads of new Soul,with great stuff at such as Simply Soul. Today's Modern Soul becomes tomorrow's oldie as we all know.
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  11. Hi all, a few weeks a go I started a thread on songs with Soul Power or Love Power in their title (I still have a load to add to that). Inspired by the recrnt Harlem '60 book y Stuart Coagrove, here for some Friday enjoyment ans beyond is my next one l. So welcome now are songs with Soul Brother, Soul Sister or Testify in the title or lyrics. Extra kudos for songs with more than one of those aspects. Let's also open up to the phrase Right On too as in Right On Soul Brother. While we have fun now those statements of assertion and pride had meaning at the time and the read in the book mention is recommended. So suggestions welcome .... from Jr Walker to The Parliaments I am sure there are many options.
  12. https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-46971610
  13. Hi all, Listening on the train and just noticed how similar the backing instrumental of 'There Can Be A Better Way' by Smith Brothers (issued recently on the Jack Ashford Just Productions Volume 2 CD by Kent) is to 'Scrub Board' by The Trammps (which itself of course went on to be the backing to 'Hold Back The Night' a couple of years later). There is a lot in common between them. Never noticed before but the vocal track had nagged at me for years. Check the links here: There Can Be A Better Way (instrumental) Scrub Board Anyone else found this or other unmentioned similarities on other songs?
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  14. I really enjoy the Len Barry version.
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  15. To avoid Soul Power! busting the page loading - for further links click on the hyperlink above (fourth from left) and use that to paste your link like this: Chubby Checker - You Got The Power (Youtube) Thanks

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