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    Came to soul via jazz funk which I still enjoy. Enjoy attending weekenders and hearing the music played out with like minded people.

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    Helsinki, Finland
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    The Dells, "It's all up to you"

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  1. Beautifully said, Dave. I take my hat off to the people at Kent for producing this sort of quality compilation time after time.
  2. An apparently well-informed article in today's Guardian: https://www.theguardian.com/music/2021/apr/02/how-britfunk-overcame-racism-to-reinvigorate-uk-pop
  3. I've still to make up my mind on that after having spent most of the year's holiday budget on music of all eras. I filled a lot of holes in my Kent cd collection and was very pleased to keep up with various reissues and never-before-issued stuff, but of the newies so far I'd also nominate Light of the World's comeback album Jazz Funk Power as a strong contender. Of the latest reissues the Kenny Carter and Little Ann collections are top notch, and a lot of earlier reissues from Numero, Light in the Attic, Jazzman and others have turned up suddenly heavily discounted, so once again filling in va
  4. Mike, apologies if this doesn't make the cut but it might be of interest to get EU-based buyers' perspectives on how the new arrangements will affect matters. This article appeared in today's Helsingin Sanomat (leading daily newspaper): https://www.hs.fi/talous/art-2000007705994.html The trade agreement negotiated between the European Union and the United Kingdom marks changes in consumers' purchases from online shopping. On Christmas Eve, the EU and Britain agreed that trade in goods would be duty-free and not restricted by quotas, including online shopping. “From the turn of t
  5. It's not just France, it's pretty much global. Royal Mail has suspended all overseas delivery. I was hoping to make one last quick order to Finland before Brexit bites and UK sourced orders become subject to all that customs and money-hungry delivery firms can throw at them. So much for that. It will be interesting to see what sort of impact the new ex-EU arrangements have on labels, distributors and retailers/dealers. Based on casual discussions with various people at events over the last couple of years, not much thought has gone into this.
  6. Thank you to the SS team for continuing to put together this excellent forum. We can be a grumpy lot sometimes but as a source of knowledge about the best music in the world it is unsurpassed, and there is plenty of laughter and friendship to go along with that. Not a bad combo at all. Best wishes to everyone
  7. I had missed this, thanks for posting. He appeared on various well-regarded east coast soul/boogie productions in the early 80s and his bass playing was certainly enough to qualify him for a more substantial recording career:
  8. Stomp Radio on Fridays: Colin Brown 9-12 (40s to 60s, r&b, blues, jazz, doowop, ska, etc) Pete Collins 12-3 (mainly 70s soul) Stomp Radio on Wednesdays: Richard Soane 4-6 (mostly 70s soul with some jazzier stuff mixed in) Dave Smith 6-8 (eclectic across the board) also Terry Peters on London Music Radio Tue & Thu 10-1 (70s/early 80s soul, boogie, disco, reggae, northern, occasional new) Mick O'Donnell's show on TWR every second Saturday 4-6 as mentioned by Chalky above Shaun Louis on Solar Mondays 6-8 (on the mellower tip, 60s to current bu
  9. I enjoyed the hardback. The stories about trips to NY and the records brought back (and subsequently "discovered" by others ) are amusing. Was pleased to see a nice word for Mark Roman, the original Crackers dj who sadly passed away in June this year. Unlike many other clubs at the time there was not a racist door policy there, while the playlist did much to attract a lot of regulars. Add to that all the stories about the various clubs and venues visited and you've got a very informed perspective on a large cross section of the UK soul scene at a crucial time in its development. Recommended.
  10. He was by all accounts a good person: https://www.theguardian.com/media/2020/nov/18/letter-frank-bough-obituary ... unlike the hypocrites who manufactured and then profited from his misfortune.
  11. Perhaps you'd have seen it sooner if you got a pair yourself. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.
  12. Exactly. Looks like Manchester University Press is sharing the same marketing text book with the people responsible for Motown UK. Dave Godin was a much better intellectual than most, as was John Anderson. There's plenty of amazing archive work on this site and in releases by e.g. Kent that ranks with any academic history or social science re popular culture (and is often much better written). Glasses are cool.
  13. It's unlikely that this book is aimed at the typical punter (at least by its publisher). It's a study by academics for academics, and written to current academic standards/fashions, published by an academic press and priced (somewhat optimistically these days) for academic library budgets. In a way it's a pity because it looks decently written and not overly stuffed with pretentious jargon. A paperback edition at 20ish quid would likely increase the total sales by a few hundred percent. The pricing policy belongs to the publisher however. And given the likely sales numbers for these editi
  14. Is that Soul Sam second on the right?

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