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  1. Feel Good Friday - Get them up now!

    A brilliant 1998 remake by Reuben Wilson:
  2. Late 70's Jazz Funk Scene

    Bill Summers released a lot of stuff during the JF era, both solo and with the Summers Heat group. He also appears on many sessions for other JF artists, including Eddie Henderson:
  3. Late 70's Jazz Funk Scene

    According to his bio Deon Estus was tutored by James Jamerson. Lamont Johnson was the original bass player with Brainstorm and left to make a solo LP in 1978:
  4. Late 70's Jazz Funk Scene

    But I wonder how a Wigan audience would have responded to Hi Tension in 1979 - the clip posted on page 9 of this thread maybe gives a clue, even it if was filmed in Brixton. Would love to hear from anyone who can remember being at the Wigan event. Meanwhile, ...
  5. Late 70's Jazz Funk Scene

    The Tony Rallo track was very big at the time. Alec Costandinos is remembered more for his camp disco (Love and Kisses) than for some other stuff that's now picking up overdue attention on the modern scene - this track from John and Arthur Simms, from a 1980 ...
  6. Late 70's Jazz Funk Scene

    That explains the rapid unsigning of the Sex Pistols! Mr Lydon is still upset about that, as he expletes in his latest book (which is worth a read, btw). Would also explain the support given to Brenda Russell, who never fit into any industry categories. And t...
  7. Late 70's Jazz Funk Scene

    He also turns up on a later Harvey Mason album for Arista, but I've always loved this, from 1989 - should have been a massive hit:
  8. Late 70's Jazz Funk Scene

    A combination of memory and tenacious googling Al Matthews was for me at the time essential Saturday night listening on Radio 1 (!) and so an early education. It seems he's living in Spain these days and auctioned off his record collection about 18 month...
  9. Late 70's Jazz Funk Scene

    Is there anyone here who remembers when Radio 1's Al Matthews along with Hi Tension showed up at the Wigan Casino? http://www.radiorewind.co.uk/sounds/discobatin2.mp3 That might count as evidence of how fluid or even non-existent the boundaries were...
  10. Late 70's Jazz Funk Scene

    Staying with New York, I'm pretty sure we haven't had this, and this was a big tune in 1980 and since, from Revelation:
  11. Late 70's Jazz Funk Scene

    Some mid-70s New York dancefloor action from the Rimshots:
  12. Late 70's Jazz Funk Scene

    Quincy Jones was another of an older generation who stayed hip and in so doing gave a lot to the jazz funk scene. For instance, this from the Brothers Johnson:
  13. Late 70's Jazz Funk Scene

    Miles Davis was already concerned about this in the mid 60s when for some reason Charles Lloyd was popular with teenagers. That came and went, but the issue of how to engage youth never did for Miles. At a different end of the scale Creed Taylor's efforts to ...
  14. The Early Show - Colin Brown - Stomp Radio


    https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/colin-brown/episodes/2018-02-20T10_21_17-08_00 www.stompradio.com, 28 January 2018 Every Sunday, 07:00-09:00 UK time Aretha Franklin, "Closer to you" (1957) The Caravans, "Walk around heaven" (1964) Bertha Tillman, "Oh my angel" (1962) Ketty Lester, "Please don't cry anymore" (1964) Brooks O'Dell, "Watch your step" (1963) The Matador, "You'd be crying too" (1962) Maxine Brown, "All in my mind" (1960) J.J. Barnes, "She ain't ready" (1964) Ray Charles, "A fool for you" (1957) Sunny and the Sunliners, "Talk to me" (1963) Big Maybelle, "Candy" (1956) Solomon Burke, "No man walks alone" (1956) Ray Charles, "Hallelujah, I love her so" (1962) The Diplomats, "Help me" (1964) The Cookies, "I never dreamed" (1964) Jackey Beavers, "I need my baby" (1967) James Brown and the Famous Flames, "Why do you do me" (1956) Peggy Scott, "When the blind leads the blind" (1969) Bobby 'Blue' Bland, "I can take you to heaven tonight" (1991) Joe Simon, "My special prayer" (1966) Richard Hartley and Soul Resurrection, "Jesus I'll never forget" (2003) Katy Taylor (sp?) "Everything" (1997) Monique Miller, "Hold on" (1998) Olu, "Sweet melody" (2000) India Arie, "India's song" (1998) The Whispers, "It's you" (2006) Joe Chapman, "Beautiful lover" (1978) Bettye Lavette, "He made a woman out of me" (1969) Al Green, "Loving you" (1977) Tower of Power, "Move you lose" (1982/1999) Carol Bell, "Ain't gonna cry no more" (2005) Johnnie Taylor, "This is your night" (1984) Ann Peebles, "If this is heaven" (1977)
  15. The Early Show - Colin Brown - Stomp Radio


    https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/colin-brown/episodes/2018-02-20T10_07_44-08_00 www.stompradio.com, 14 January 2018 Every Sunday, 07:00-09:00 UK time It's been a couple of months since anything was posted, and there's now a backlog of shows, which will be handy for when there's a break. For now we'll post up this and the following show on 28 January, with February shows to follow in the coming weeks. Some real crackers in this set, including James Fry, White Heat, The Dells and Freddie North. Also a tribute to Denise LaSalle. Al Jarreau, "Call me" (1979, recorded in 1973) James Fry, "Still around" (1968) Ellerine Harding, "Write me if I'm wrong" (1972) Leela James, "Miss you" (2009) Gwen McCrae, "Let nature take its course" (1976) The Hesitations, "Gotta find a way (released in 2005) Tavares, "Let me heal the bruises" (1978) Willie Hobbs, "how could my baby know" (1974) Sam and Dave, "This is your world" (1968) White Heat, "If that's the way you feel (then let's fall in love)" (1975) Eugene Record, "Laying beside you" (1977) Joe Tex, "A mother's prayer" (1971) Alicia Keys, "Distance and time" (2009) The Dells, "Do what you gotta do baby" (1972) Chicago Gangsters, "Don't be gone" (1975) Phyllis Hyman, "The night bird gets the love" (1977) Ashford and Simpson, "I waited too long" (1977) The Masqueraders, "Be for real" (1977) Edwin Starr, "I can't replace my old love" (1970) The Emotions, "Boss love maker" (1972) Little Ann, "Deep shadows" (released in 2008) Dorothy Moore, "Being alone" (1978) Bobby Womack, "I'm a midnight mover" (1968) Little Milton, "Baby it ain't no way" (1976) The Fiestas, "I'm gonna hate myself" (1977) New Birth, "Fallin' in love" (1976) Denise LaSalle (with Latimore), "Right place, right time" (1984) Denise LaSalle, "Lady in the street" (1983) Ruby Wilson, "Seeing you again" (1981) Freddie North, "Oh Lord, what are you doing to me" (1968)

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