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Motown Monopoly - New


Limited Edition Motown Monopoly Board Game, Brand New, Unopened - Still Sealed.

£100 including postage within UK

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Must be the first "soul-scene collectors item" that's halved in value in twelve months ... :ohmy:

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Don’t want to burst any bubbles , but you can regularly pick this up quite cheap - I bought mine for less than £20 - sealed and mint .

This one went for just over £30 this month .  

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Ive seen it go for more than £156 and sealed ones at £100 are the norm now ... for a limited deleted game should hold its price at that.... Stevegods someone got a bargain for a sealed copy and yes do see them selling however mainly used ones are around £30-£70, as a model & games collector from experience im sure the sealed limited edition games like dday monopoly, motown, beatles etc they will hold their value and increase with time.



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Not really ... they go fairly regularly on EvilBay for under £60 - mint & sealed. 

These ones just in the last month. They do pop up. Just have to bide your time. 

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