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  1. Yes , but only about £100 pledged today and only 46 backers so far. I hope it doesn’t fizzle out like it did last time.
  2. Now there's an offer that has me twitchin' already .. can't wait Mrs M' Keep safe
  3. Anyone who seriously collects vinyl should understand how John's auctions work and they have worked like this for some time - if you don't like it, you don't bid ... simples. Don't have one up my sleeve , but did go to the 3rd Anniversary and got the patch - always love a patch And I think its a great tune - wish I had a winning lottery ticket
  4. Do you have stuff stuck in a draw, or left in an old shoe box that's not seen the light of day for years. Membership Cards / Flyers / Patches / Posters / Tickets ... anything , well you could turn those old memories into hard cash. I know it is sometimes very difficult to let things go or move stuff on , but if you find that needs must, or you now think its time to let things go, then please feel free to PM me and see. I'm a life long collector and not a dealer, so these items are for me cherished pieces of the past, and bring back so many memories of places and times past. I
  5. Now that’s an interesting backstory , nice one . I used to sit by the phone when I was a kid , thinking UNCLE would call , as it said you could be called up for active duty on 12 hours notice . Still waiting
  6. Not sure that this is the way I want to remember David McCallum .. really only as Ilia K
  7. Correct .. and it won’t be long . He also has Richard S on board with help and support .. so fingers crossed might get a bit more publicity .. He only took 3 rolls of 36 shots and some I think are unusable .. but there are some classics as lots of us will have already seen. 40 years anniversary - might prove a nice combination .
  8. Ahh thanks mate .. as I don’t do any much social media - FB / Instagram , I’m a bit out of the loop , but prefer it that way to be honest . Hope all well with you and her indoors . Looking at getting to Blackpool Weekender in August all being well
  9. Thought this may be of interest , as this guys pictures really did do justice to nights back in the day. Especially in black and white , when most of us are left with old blurry instamatic faded memories . https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/wigancasino/last-night-at-wigan-casino/posts/3157301?ref=ksr_email_backer_project_update_registered_users Photographs by Francesco Mellina, from the last Northern Soul all-nighter at Wigan Casino in 1981 . The book failed to reach its funding targets a couple of years ago , but is now revived and trying again with a lower target to reach.
  10. Always been this one for me .. have the six original releases .. not great tunes but what a label and sleeve .
  11. Another legend is taken from us . The former England forward Frank Worthington has died at the age of 72 after a long illness. Worthington played for more than 20 clubs including Huddersfield, Leicester and Bolton during a long career that stretched from 1966 to 1991. One of English football’s great mavericks, he made his England appearances in 1974. His family said he died peacefully in hospital in Huddersfield on Monday.
  12. One of the teams that always challenged us on and off the pitch back in the day . Peter “ Hot Shot “ Lorimer was one of the main stays of the Leeds team .. yet another great player sadly taken away . RIP “Hot Shot “
  13. No bow or pat on the back needed here. Nigel may well be known to a lot of you old timers on the scene .. as he’s had a real long life going to venues , and not just that, he was also very good Martial Arts competitor .. very fit guy in his day . Then unfortunately, he had some serious health issues .. and is still suffering, which can never be good during lockdown. He’s a real true gent, like a hell of a lot on the scene and many on here. He had a big collection of memrobillia, a lot of which he swapped for a load of vinyl from me when I got him back into listening to wax agai
  14. John This is it pal I think “Good Good Feeling “
  15. So .. I messaged my old mate in Liversage , Nigel .. who’s a long time collector , about this patch . I found out that he was in A&E , so I knew he wouldn’t be able to do anything about it .. so I’ve bought it for him. He’s been through some shit of late so deserves a lift . Its going to a good home

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