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  1. So it’s Sunday - 10th March - 7.30 pm - Ch 072 National Geographic ... Free Solo. Sunday 10 March at 7.30pm Channel 072. A stunning, intimate and unflinching portrait of free soloist climber ...
  2. I know what you mean ... I too have an urge and a pull towards an edge and jump and there are many free climbers that take up other high adrenaline sports like wing suit para or slack lining ... some free climbers kind of cheat and wear a para on their back as their safety net ... but not Alex H . Will he go the way of Ueli Steck - John Bachar or the brilliant Dean Potter who all died , who knows . I hope not, because watching him is like seeing poetry in motion ... the art of a man’s stentgh , balance and agility put together with the conquest of fear in the mind is a true phenomenon to behold .
  3. Les , Sounds really good mate . Dont do Facebook at all , so can you keep us up to date on here please . Steve
  4. You know what , I too had a huge fear of heights before I started climbing and that’s one of the reasons I took it up , and even then I had to carry a roll of toilet paper round with me wherever I went .. but the views and areas of the world it took me to made it all worth while. Nothing like wild camping and waking up to a view .. other than the misses .
  5. Hiya Steve , hope alls well with you mate . No this is a new film . It was released late last year in the states and only just out here . There have been a few made but none like this .. No one has ever tried or dared to try Free climbing this route .. it’s epic .. The only climb I ever did free was a VD ( very difficult ) in Llanberris and that was scary enough for me even though it’s at the near bottom of the rating scale. Too sketchy .. I like to feel some kind of safety net .
  6. Just wanted to give you a heads up of a new documentary film that’s now showing in Cinemas but will have its TV premier on Sky - Nat Geo in early March - “ Free Solo “ it focus’s on one climber and his obsion to climb El Capitan in Yosemite National Park - 2,300+ meters vertical granit, the biggest monolith in the world . Not only does Alex Honnold want to climb this , but he wants to do it in record time , and with NO ropes or protection . Seriously sketchy stuff . I did the first 3/4 pitches of this climb back in 82 and at that time even the best climber in the world Ron Fawcett and his then girlfriend , took just over a day to climb it . This guy did it in just over 3 hrs .. with no ropes .. mental !!
  7. You’ll be very lucky .. I couldn’t get one , well not unless I shelled out £420 .. You wanna do that ? I know I wouldn’t . Final game of the season if we are still in with a shout maybe .
  8. Took my son to see the Curtom Orchestra at the Union Chapel on Sat night .. as a 19 yr old he’s more into Grime or D&B .. but he had heard my Superfly album and Move on up , so kind of new what he was letting himself in for . He was blown away , both by the tightness of the band and the music . But then again , who can’t be
  9. Well this for me, was at a time of experimentalism and questioning .. having lived in Holland and the States and back in London , looking inwards . RD Laing - The Divided Self Jack Kerouac - On the road / the Dharma Bums HermannHesse- Siddhartha Maybe too much drugs .. but food for thought
  10. Used to read a lot , and maybe now close to retirement will start reading more . In no order . Dune - Frank Herbert Who moved my cheese - Spencer Johnson Catch 22 - Joseph Hellier Jonathan Livingston Seagul - Richard Bach Zen and the art of Motorcycle Maintenance - Robert Pirsig
  11. It was my impression the Peter Bonetti was “ The Cat “ , stand to be corrected but that Chelsea team was my boyhood second team . Banks played on for many years with one one eye and was a real true gent of the game !
  12. What a goalie - what a person . Gordon Banks: World Cup winning goalkeeper dies aged 81 17 minutes ago Watch: Banks makes wonder save to deny Pele at 1970 World Cup England's 1966 World Cup-winning goalkeeper Gordon Banks has died aged 81. Regarded as one of the game's greatest in his position, Banks was named Fifa goalkeeper of the year six times and earned 73 caps for England. He is perhaps best known for his wonder save from Pele during the 1970 World Cup against Brazil. Born in Sheffield, he won the League Cup with Stoke and Leicester, before retiring in 1973. "It is with great sadness that we announce that Gordon passed away peacefully overnight," his family said. "We are devastated to lose him but we have so many happy memories and could not have been more proud of him." Obituary: '66 legend who denied Pele with wonder save four years later Reaction and tributes to Gordon Banks BBC Sounds replay: Gordon Banks' Save England and Manchester City forward Raheem Sterling was among the first to pay tribute, tweeting: "Of course there was that save, but it's so much more we are mourning today. RIP Gordon Banks. England legend, your legacy will live on." Former England striker Gary Lineker said: "An absolute hero of mine, and countless others, England's World Cup winner was one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time, and such a lovely, lovely man." "A World Cup winner, a legend. RIP Gordon Banks," tweeted Leicester and England defender Harry Maguire, while Watford keeper Ben Foster said: "Had the pleasure of meeting you as an 18-year old-with my Dad, and him being completely star struck by you. Total gent. You will always be a member of the Goallys Union."
  13. Forums can sometimes become a very difficult place to navigate through . However having helped to run one myself some years ago , I also know it’s takes a lot of time, dedication and love for the subject , without getting any real thanks or acknowledgement. But that’s not what you do it for. Forums rely on their members to help make them work and flourish whilst under the guidance and monitoring of its own staff volunteers. From time to time there will always be disagreements, and discussions because there are like minded passionate lovers of a particular subject . However there can also be an inbuilt, percived hierarchy that can form cliques or bonds and sometimes users can feel marginalised or outsiders . I came to this forum late in life, but have had a very long standing love of the music and all it’s venues. The fact that I may not frequent that many now , makes my option no more or less valuable than anyone’s else’s . I too have had a disagreement on here but it was just that , a different view on one particular matter , no more no less, and I respect the forums staff for the work that they do . We are all here ( well I hope all ) for the love of the music, and all have a duty to not forget that everyone else has the same love . Simon , take some time to reflect on what happened , as I read the thread yesterday , and whilst I know it’s a very thorny subject , it’s also one that has always been on the scene . What was said yesterday may have seemed to have been personalised but I’m sure that’s not what was meant at heart . Just people trying to protect in their eyes, the essence of what they and many think should be upheld. Emotions can run high and deep when dealing with things you care about , and we all sometimes forget that we all care , or else we wouldn’t be here . Stay true to yourself , and if you feel that you’ve had enough , fine , but I think your times not done here mate . Keep on Keeping on Steve
  14. Love the gravestone .. https://youtu.be/WkhfIIvZ40c
  15. TUNE ... push the volume up and play this 9mins + track out !

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