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  1. stevegods

    What's the best thing you ever won in a competition?

    Signed Liverpool football from the 1976/77 season ... same season we won European Cup ... won on a Golden Goal ticket when I had the ticket which was 1 second out of the winning goal . Stevie Highway scored the first goal in a 3-1 win against Everton at home and you couldn’t wipe the smile off my face for the rest of the season . I slept with that ball knowing who had touched it to write their names ! and yes Steve ... I know Man U beat us that year in the FA Cup , but we won the European Cup too .
  2. stevegods

    Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    Steve , all good here mate thanks .. hope same for you and yours ? Well it’s a coastline I don’t know that well ... but yes , some stunning beaches and walks .. retiring in two years at the most , and not sure where , but away from Edgware - N London that’s for sure !
  3. stevegods

    Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    Not biased but any pics of Cornwall do it for me .... so well done you two .. and o was at the Minac this summer ... great show again ..
  4. stevegods

    Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    That time of year I guess , waiting for the snow .
  5. stevegods

    Temptations & Four Tops

    Agree with both the comments above and maybe i was being a bit too harsh on what I saw and heard. Musicaliy the harmonies of the Temps where great and it’s not possible to ever replace the voice of Mr Stubbs from the Tops , and yes line up have always changed. I think , looking back in hindsight , it was more about my own faragility with coping with age ... I just hope I can look half as good as the Duke does at nearly 80 . Hat - coat - Zimmer frame
  6. stevegods

    Temptations & Four Tops

    Fair call ... I sometimes wish we did .. maybe a zimmer frame in the box would give Salah even more time to score .
  7. stevegods

    Temptations & Four Tops

    Ok .. so how many members of an original group do you need to still call it by the same name ... 1 ? Well it was never going to be what it was 10 years ago let alone 40 years ago, but with now only 2 original members out of a line up of 9 ( one in each group ) was it ever going to rock the house. And didn’t help the “ Duke “ Fakir sang most of the set in a chair as he’s not long recovered from a broken hip. I made the only gig that didn’t include Tavares .. Southend and they still have 3 original members I think. It was maybe a sign of the times to see how many wheelchair users where being ushered in before the gig started and even a couple of punters with their portable dialysis machines ( fair play to them ). So I have to say my white hair didn’t look out of place. Was the music up to scratch, shame to say not really and defiantly didn’t match the £50 a seat price tag but then it’s really a very good tribute band. Backing band where great , helped by Earl Van Dykes son .. Bigg T . Great version of Silent Night to end with by the Temps . Shows that a lot of us are all nearing the end of our careers , and that you need your imagination to run away with you sometimes or was it my ball of confusion.
  8. stevegods

    Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    Not Antoney Gormely statue at my home town ..Crosby ? Either way what a great idea ... wish I’d done it !
  9. stevegods

    £10K Donated to Prostate Cancer by Charity Soul

    Stunning guys and girls ... what a result . I lost my Mum to cancer and sadly it was a long drawn out protracted affair .. not nice . My partner also lost her former husband to the dreaded “ C “ after another long 7 year battle . Really well done to all
  10. stevegods

    White Wigan patch with green trim.

    Yea ... I know what you mean mate ... the number of cards I went through ... don’t know how many I lost in my Mums washing machine ...
  11. stevegods

    White Wigan patch with green trim.

    I have number 22 original Red ... and Pink Ladies .. and even back in the day fakes where made ..
  12. stevegods

    White Wigan patch with green trim.

    As far as I know Steve , they officially came out in two shades of Blue ... light and darker - Pink ladies - Red old original -and kind of two shades of Yellow but might just be age ) Wonder if anyone else know different .. ?
  13. stevegods

    White Wigan patch with green trim.

    Same seller has come up with this idea ... not sure ... but he certainly is trying
  14. stevegods

    Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    Planks ... no ... not me Steve I’m a member of the Scottish National Trust ...
  15. stevegods

    Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    Great post ... don’t you just love what the weather can be like ... or not if you live in Scotland . Sorry north of the boarder ..


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