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  1. Chelsea upset with 1-0 win keeping out Leb’ and can’t see anything other than a Barca win with Messi back on fire . But as I’m second to bottom in the Fantasy league - nuff said .
  2. So no claiming great pictures - but interesting none the less . London Classic Car Show - at Olympia and some great motors ! Including this one .
  3. Unbelievable - !!! What a performance - I’ve just watched the whole fight, and from start to finish Fury and his corner masterminded a remarkable game plan and took Wilder apart . Will Wilder claim it was an illegal punch to the back of the head ... or that he didn’t quit his corner made him quit ... maybe. But that right hand to the side of the head that bust Wilders ear stopped everything . Incredible fight .. incredible win . Fury - Wilder 3 .... but can’t see any change in the outcome. What a turn around Fury has made to his life and whatever else you may think about him and past things he’s said , you can’t take away the work, determination and mental strength he’s put in .
  4. True ... I know .... Just that Willie Carr - he was the one that flicked the ball up ... he played for Wolves and Coventry .. and played brilliantly for both clubs
  5. Just wanted to give a big shout out to Wolves and their stunning 4-0 demolition of Espanyol ... with Diogo scoring back to back Europa League hat tricks .. No wrong ball / long grass issues here .. just a great game of footie with Wolves looking like the side I remember back in the day with Derek Dougan - Hibbitt - Carr anyone remember that free kick
  6. Finally we have a heavyweight scene that is becoming more and more watchable. If Fury boxes , and manages to stay away from Wilders bombs then him on points .. but I don’t think he will be able to somehow. I know he hasn’t had to shed the weight or battle his own demons like last time, but Wilder will take things a lot more seriously this time I reckon. Wilder to KO Fury in the 7-8th . Then what - Fury / Wilder 3 .. the UK rematch .. it’s going to be like Rocky. And AJ looks like he could be sidelined to fight Ruiz / Ortiz ... and with White / Pulev / Povetkin / Usyk .. all waiting along with our upcoming Dobois / Joyce ... it’s set for some interesting future fights . and that’s without Klitschko coming back in a couple of years time to try to be the oldest heavyweight champion ..
  7. Not counting any chickens yet ... but fingers crossed . Not C.L. I know but WTF was this about and how was it not indecent assault , let alone a pen ....” honestly Ref , I was going for the ball “ And where are the City fans ... deserting already
  8. Great to have CL football back .. and well done to Atletico and Dortmund . We lost it in the last third of the pitch ,not quick enough and no cutting edge. Ref didn’t help but hey , that’s the way European nights go sometimes . But it’s only half time and hopefully it will be a different story at Anfield, as it’s by no means over yet. I go for two away wins tonight .. can’t see Spurs doing it without Son or Kane .
  9. Yea , I have heard conflicting views on this ... Evidently some so called High-level sources say that this ban , if it is enforced , will force the Premier League to act due to their own licensing laws ,which pertains to Uefa’s Financial Fair Play regulations. The issue comes because any club has to supply true information to get a Premier League licence, and that information will have had to have matched that supplied to Uefa. I’ve read that Premier League committees had already discussed potential punishments on the provision that Uefa punished City, and a points deduction is could now be seen as highly likely. Watch this space .... What price Pochettino to City ?
  10. “I know the rivalry angle but what goes around comes around so be careful. “ Agree with you 100% , and it’s not Utd we are talking about here it’s City , a club that have played some of the best football we have seen in the premiership and given us some of the best ending moments to a season. My jibe was only aimed at one player .. and only in jest . I would not wish administration on any club ... even Utd ... as we need close rivalries in football. Well rivalries , not that close now hey Steve All said in the best possible taste
  11. Like I said , the whole things stinks of double standards and a corrupt organisation trying to show it’s doing something superficial . PSG have not yet had any kind of recriminations yet and they where supposed to be one of the worst clubs to have overstepped the FFP guidelines . City are also waiting on a possible penalty from the Premier League , which could see them be forced out in to the Championship or even league 2 !!! Its all been brewing behind the scenes and City have know this as do PSG and AC Milan. They all just feel it should have been investigated by an independent body .. and maybe they have a point . Watch this space .. glad Sterling moved now ... oooops that’s not very nice , sorry Raheem.
  12. I’m sorry to say that finances have a disproportionate influence on football, whether it be foreign money enabling clubs to buy whoever they want or tv and sponsorship money . The whole thing can be viewed as corrupt at source. FIFA and UEFA have double standards. While they sit back , take bribes and let cash rich countries buy the game we all love, it’s more and more just about the money. City will appeal ... for sure ... but it could mean it leaves us ( L’pool ) ever more dominant in the years to come .. and what price Sheffield U for a Champions League spot ... and Pep will leave if he can’t get a chance at Europe . Well done Wolves tonight .. but VAR to the fore again
  13. So glad Joaquin Phoenix won best Actor for Joker... by far the best performance I’ve seen in any film for a long long time .. shame it didn’t win best film but I’ve not seen Parasite , only the trailer so maybe one to watch. Went to see 1917 last night and there again , glad it won best cinematography , as shooting it as if you where in the film in one long shoot , was stunning . At least the cinemas have realised bringing the price down of seats will bring in the punters ..
  14. So - is this going to be shown on a Northern TV spot after the One Show .. looking through the guide here it’s “Inside out London” at 7.30pm Monday .. Got to persuade the other half to move back up to Chip butty territory . Iplayer catch up ...
  15. Not a new film , think it came out in 2017. It’s in black and white and has subtitles but if you can .... stick with it . “The Captain” tells the story of a German deserter during the end of WW11 and looks at the other side of the conflict . Compelling watching if you give it a chance.

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