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  1. Need to go some way to get to United’s dominance of the Prem’ but it’s a start. Just hope we keep the ball rolling next year . Got this from a United mate of mine . 17F5FD28-D5E2-4726-88BA-3C7D01930365.MP4
  2. So would mine god rest her soul . The last game she went to with me was the 0-2 defeat at Anfield by Arsenal in May of 89. She past away later that year believing she had jinxed that game .. she was 73 .. RIP Mum , last night we drank a few toasts to her memory . We did it at last, and now like Leicester , no one can take that away .
  3. No “Help” required . EB7E75D2-B561-412B-8BC3-3F88F8B431E0.MP4
  4. Finally !!! 55EA5463-4357-4E7D-A282-7667C4E6DE04.MP4
  5. Very sad news - one of the true legends . RIP Tony
  6. I echo the above , but for purely selfish reasons Ahhh ... now some sort of normality begins to return to daily life. But the moaning from the Misses will move from , “ go and wash your hands “ and “ I told you to use gloves “ to “ is it that kick around game again “ and “ you don’t even support that team “ .... ahhhh the joy !! And its LIVE !!! Sheffield U robbed of a goal and the 3pts . How is it that the goal line technology didn’t work .. isn’t it the refs job to take a ball and go to the both goal lines and check his watch beeps for before the start of the game . If not him , the assistant Ref - someone ! And then why didn’t VAR stop play check it .. everyone in the stands could see the ball was over the line - oh yea - no fans to complain and prompt VAR . Jack Grealish always stand out and dont think he’ll be at Villa come the summer transfer window. So off to a jittery start - although fan noise made it sound a lot better than just the shouting players in the stadium . Come on you Gunners .
  7. Totally agree - and I remember reading the same article . And Soul emanates from the horn of J. W.
  8. Great reply - and totally understand that, and agree with all of the above. However I would just maybe ask that it can sometimes be how you moderate and how you transmit that moderation to members. It was very good of Mike to maybe reflect on some of his PM’s and acknowledge this . “yep some food for thought there my style of online posting is clipped and yep can see how/why it may seem the way that you describe however do ask that bear in mind that the above posts I quoted are from pms that may have been done at speed and/or heated situations apologies for the rushed tone/manner “ and I would suggest that this could be a catalyst for a member thinking he is possibly being singled out or belittled. Like in Sunday League football , it’s how you Ref a deal with a game that counts , but you are right Fish F , you will always have disagreements.
  9. “But where is the defining line between arguing and debating? Are they not one and the same in reality.” Subjective maybe , but the use of language , how something is phrased CAPITALS ... but the issue with the written word in posts is that things can sometimes be taken out if context - or read without the writers initial meaning or intention . As for the moderation - it can be the way it is delivered or perceived by the original poster - some may see it as dictatorial / abrupt / personal in the way it is written , however right the warranted warnings may be . At least one thing has happened, more members have entered the discussion and I’m glad to see that , I was feeling a bit paranoid and waiting for a backlash Keep safe all and remember in the end - we are all here because of a huge passion for the same kind of music , be kind to one another even when we disagree !
  10. Looking for a decent copy that plays out well .. but don’t really want or am able to pay JM price .. PM with details Thanks in advance
  11. Mike / Len , Thank you for listing the numbers - this is an eye opening, transparent and complete list of information. It is always good to know that members can have an open and frank discussion on these matters. Have any warnings / points ever been rescinded after appeal ? Is there an appeal ? I’ve been trying to get my red card taken off for nearly a year at my 5 a side football team. No luck there . ( joking )
  12. Len / Mike , I do understand both the need for moderation and that the moderators themselves are selected from the forums users. It may well be that here we are dealing with a highly emotional subject during such unusual emotionally disturbing times , that can magnify something out of all proportion. And I think at least two people will think it’s been quite personal Len. However I think there can also be an understanding on both sides of how a preverbal slap on the wrist can be seen or handed out. It depends on how it’s done. Like anything maybe it’s a case of how someone reacts to the way they feel they are being dealt with. Saying - “A guy doesn't agree with a moderation decision, so he leaves.” Is a little bit unsympathetic to say the least. Is moderation about being sympathetic ? I think it can be if it’s done correctly. Listen , I’m a relative newbie on here , and don’t profess to know the ins and outs , but I have helped run and moderate a forum before, so I do understand all of the difficulties. Again please don’t take my posts as anything personal, I just feel the loss of two valuable contributors of late . Steve - Keep safe and well all
  13. Mike , i hope you read my post correctly, as it was one of asking a question and not making judgements on what has or has not happened. And you are more than welcome to disagree or agree with anything that I post , I would just hope that there is always room for an open frank discussion relating to opposing views. Not now being able to review the message stream that led up to this situation , does not help in making anything open or transparent. To be totally honest , I would not find the use of the word “ Animals “ regarding some of what could be described as “ Far Left “ young protesters the other day , as anything to be rebuked or given a warning for , even if used repeatedly. I have read far worse, week in week out on here by various forum members. The tearing down of EC statue in Bristol could be construed as some form of poetic justice given the events of the last few days / weeks. However the defacing of Churchill’s statue was maybe a step too far , even though some may say he had racist views back in the day . However . Leaving that all aside , all I wanted was to question all about the fairness and openness of both moderation and posting. Who moderators the moderators ? You have the power to end a discussion, to stop a thread , and erase the posts in the click of a button. We all say and write things in the heat of the moment, especially where political issues are raised. But we should be able to disagree vehemently with another member or moderator as long it is within the guidelines of the site. I guess it’s down to how you interpret those rules / guidelines.
  14. Just found the recent locked thread in “ Site Support “ of another member that has felt the need to up and leave this forum. Mike , please do not take this as a personal swipe at you or your forum , I am just a little saddened by the loss of yet another valuable member, who I grew to have a kinship and felt a close bond to. While not knowing the entire background of this individual case , is there a chance that this forum could possibly be suppressing opposing views and good hard debate and risking loosing both sides of the spectrum here Playing devils advocate , because I found Joey to be someone who was always balanced and very knowledgable and had a far better memory that I had about events back in the day. I do understand that both running a site like this and dealing with the thousands of posts of various members will always prove a difficult task at times, but is there a chance that the way moderation is handled defeats its objectives in the end ? I think we all understand that we must have moderators and checks on any kind of forum and on the whole I think it’s managed quite well. I just offer this open to debate but it may well be that this is what happens in life , people come and people go .... Its been a real pleasure my friend and we will keep in touch for sure, maybe see you in Cyprus

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