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  1. Just to add a little information to this , I believe Keith had originally posted a message on here back in 2015 , asking for help regarding his book project . As Rick rightly said , Keith Gildart is Professor of Labour and Social History at Department of History, Politics and War Studies, at University of Wolverhampton . He has had a few books published, and also looked at the impact of youth culture within the labour movement . I contacted him solely as he expressed a desire to copy a lot of printed material from early Blues and Soul magazines, and I offered him the use of my first 100 copies. He duly travelled to London and sorted through all the printed matter I had available for him , which he copied. Ricks post is very accurate in all aspects, as Keith tried many times in many ways to gain as much insight as he could from various sources not just this forum. And again as Rick stated, some did not wish to take part but many others did and offer him various other pieces of printed matter and information from that time , and yes sadly some of those are no longer with us . I know Keith travelled the country trying to gain as much insight and information as he could and I had pretty much forgotten about this until now. My understanding was / is also that the cut off date for this piece of work is around 1980 - and I had pretty much left the clubbing scene after Wigan closed its doors . Karl you are 100% right though in thinking there should be more focus on the post Wigan years , on all the clubs and diversity that grew after Wigan and maybe it does leave it open for a Volume 2 ... fingers crossed either way , just hope it’s a good read .
  2. Stevegods


    Anyone else badly hit by yesterday’s downpours ? Didn’t get to watch any for the footie last night as I was working away with a wet vac in school till gone midnight . 4th time in 20 years it’s happened in the time I’ve been here we have been hit bad, and still the local authority or Thames Water do nothing . The school building sits lower than our surrounding roads and the local rain water drains could not cope with the amount of water. It blew drain covers right off and swept away grit and litter bins. I must get none return valves fitted on our outflow lines . Keeps me employed I guess . Insurance goes through the roof ... so now we have had to close half of the school and the clear up starts for real. Shame I missed Spurs ... didn’t know Lorraine Kelly was a supporter
  3. Yes , they changed it rightly or wrongly , nearly 3 years ago. I also saw the last two bidders on the 100 clubs 40th anniversary single ... very doggy .
  4. Things change I guess , but another sad demise of another high street / household name . Even playing our Waddington’s travel game at Christmas won’t be the same - although seems they might have know something . No luck cards for them .!
  5. Myddelton House Gardens in Enfield on Saturday. Lovely botanic gardens .
  6. Don’t discount Ireland or Wales. Great to see countries like Japan not just hosting but putting up a great start to the tournament ... great quick positive handling and can’t wait to see more .
  7. Just thought you’d like to see these . Some early , from 60’s and some later from early 80’s
  8. Me too . Early alldayers after Wigan made it a very heavy weekend
  9. “ L.N.T. “ I have worked at festivals all my life , Glasto since the late 70’s ... and now my son and younger daughter are now following in my wake. I was mortified the first fest (Reading ) my son did by himself , as he left his tent behind . No more - even when raining - get it packed away and take bin bags with you everywhere . They also can act as something to sit on when it gets muddy - many many Glasto’s ... “ Leave No Trace “
  10. This issue hits me really hard Mike ! We may not be a nation of litter louts but things have changed 100 % over the last few years . I have seen both our local neighbourhood and the primary school that I work in, drop in the values and standards . This is not just an old codger ranting on about litter and fly tipping ... this is someone that try’s to instil the good moral behaviour and also teach the young ones around to take care of their environment . Things have changed so much that I now have to constantly sweep up broken bottles that have been thrown over our school perimeter fence into our playgrounds. Litter bins outside our school become a dumping ground for our local HMO’s ( houses of multiple occupancy ) to tip their excess waste ... because they know the council will come and pick it up . Im a neighbourhood champion Edgware where I live and am responsible for local 10 roads ... it’s a constant nightmare. Litter is everywhere , all the council gave me where some extra litter pickers and some “ do not litter / dump your rubbish “ signs . I now have started, after a long protracted conversation with my Head , a “Litter Squad “ ... children with high viz jackets, gloves and litter pickers , so that they all get a sense of right and wrong from day one here . Took me ages to get the senior management team to agree to this , because they didn’t want to use the children, but I persuaded them that’s it’s not a punishment... it’s about having pride in your environment . Im fighting a loosing battle though im afraid .. council only come once every 6 weeks to clear the litter , unless I report excess or a fly tip .. I could go on and on about this as I feel so strongly ... but you know what . The area where I live will never change now .. and thankfully I haven’t got long at the school . Back to school to pick up more litter ..
  11. Big time of bringing film / music and the mod scene together . Roy Barrett still takes his iconic Union Jack scoot to loads of small festivals and meets around the country. Brighton was a bit far to go on my scoot from Liverpool ... so Bank Holidays where spent at Rhyl .
  12. That is the Royal Iris - used to plough it’s trail across and up and down the Mersey from the early 60s up until the early 90’s when it was taken out of service ... sold to a consortium in Bristol to be opened as a club at the docks but didn’t get a licence . It’s been rotting away at the Thames Barrier ever since ... No codding
  13. A guy by the name of Morgan Howell aka Soulpersona has done some really sort after limited edition CD’s from £20 to £100
  14. At the end of a beautiful long walk along the Thames with Granddaughter yesterday , we ended up at the Thames barrier and found an old friend in a sorry sate . I remember some really nice days out on this old girl , that used to be called the big Fish and Chippy . So so sad to see .
  15. Well Steve , next time you go , take a metal detector , cause your old prodigal sons wife , chucked her engagement ring in those woods - £25,000 worth ... after Granniegate . Its in there somewhere

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