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  1. stevegods

    Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    Steve mate , hope you are well ... I love Ness , and we took a stoll around Burton Mere before we went ... I have never got round to visiting Bodnant , but think we must next year. and I don’t know what a Cat Bird looks like , but I’m in Sennen every year , so will I’ll keep an ear out for a bird that meows
  2. stevegods

    Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    Ness Gardens on the Wirral , Sat morning , before going to see Soul ll Soul at the Philamonic Liverpool .... very disappointing ... as was the warm up DJ . Whoever did the sound wants his hearing tested . I know the Phil has an acoustics all of its own , but surely they should have had it sorted better than it was. Quite a few punters left well before the end.
  3. stevegods

    White Wigan patch with green trim.

    It’s a hand made one off design , and really should have stated that in the listing . The seller has sold a few like this over time and some originals .... and his own hand made ones where made back in the 80’s I believe . Never like private listings myself , as it’s always make me a bit suspicious of who is bidding ... its hard to know if shill bidding goes on at the best of times , but that said the guy that made them does have a real good collection of old Wigan stuff and is not just doing this to rip other off . And there where loads of odd designs back then , that didn’t sell big or made in big numbers , with different coloured edges or backgrounds. When they ran out of cotton or used up what stock they had left sometimes designs changed slightly .
  4. stevegods

    record shops in London

    Kevin , Most has been said by values posts above , but if your sightseeing and just want to pop in to a few then in around Berwick Street is a good bet with places like Reckless Records - Sounds of the Universe - Sister Ray and If ... But “ out on the floor “ in Camden is more likely to have more NS kind of stuff . http://outonthefloorrecords.com/ Hope you have a good fruitful trip mate
  5. stevegods

    Good football match in London - 20 OCT??

    Doh .. Madeline Bell v Latics - Close in both but = what do I know
  6. stevegods

    Good football match in London - 20 OCT??

    Yea ... always had a bit of a soft spot for her , with that hair and those lips ... or was I thinking of Madeline Bell - doh ..
  7. stevegods

    Good football match in London - 20 OCT??

    The Latic’s Ground has changed a few times at The Valley but not sure it ever got 110,000 ... it did manage 75,000 a couple of times , and back in 74 , hosted a really good music concert that saw the Who top the bill to 75k . My daughters partner is a massive fan and goes home and away with his Dad and I’ve been taken a couple of times, good crowd . New owners now and they are trying their best to turn things around and won 8-0 last night - against Stevenage in the Checkatrade T
  8. stevegods

    Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    Any sign of Coleen Rooney’s engagement ring ?
  9. stevegods

    So - who will last longer ? M or M

    Both have parties / teams that seem to be worlds apart on policy and professionalism and seem to not unite behind their leader . So, who will last longer, Theresa May or José Mourinho? We’re repeatedly told that their days are numbered. But will it be this season, before Christmas? Next year? Tomorrow?
  10. stevegods

    UEFA Champions League Oct 2018

    So another very interesting night of football with a good win by Roma over weak opposition and another weak performance over average opposition by Utd . Mourinho even had difficulty with something he usely gets right, “ Parking the bus “ as it took them 75mins to drive to the stadium and the match had to be delayed for 5 mins ( theres a fine coming I think) But for me the most telling stat is the distance covered by the United players throughout each game . They have covered the fewest meters than every opponent they have faced , both in the PL and CL this season. Quite simply , those players are not doing their job, both for the club and the manager . And Sanchez , well he was awful , lost the ball 26 time and only made 1 tackle . Ok enough of the United bashing , they are doing enough of that by themselves , some mouth watering games tonight , none more than Spurs v Barca ... a chance for Kane to strut his stuff . Any predictions you Spurs fans ?
  11. stevegods

    UEFA Champions League Oct 2018

    Steve hope all is well with you mate, other than having to suffer this start to the season . I too can’t see it changing without the Special One leaving , and I’m not too sure that you now have the unity of a good squad to turn things around should someone like Zidane decide the jobs for him. As for City and us , I just think City and a different class and we are still a few players short of matching them , in the league anyway . But id love to see one of the underdogs go on a good run ... Valencia maybe
  12. stevegods

    UEFA Champions League Oct 2018

    I can see it only getting worse for United I’m afraid . I think he has lost the dressing room and once that happens and results don’t go your way , it’s only a matter of time , but saying that , in 10 games , he’s never lost a game against Valencia. As for year of the underdog .. who do you have in mind Pete ? ... Early kick offs aren’t a great idea as I never finish work till 6pm.. but let’s hope it throughs up some great games like last year and we go one better. Can’t wait for that music to start .
  13. stevegods

    Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    Last night
  14. stevegods

    No bootleg/pirated or illegal material

    Well to be very honest Mike this is the first time you have tried to explain. On other occasions you have just referred me to the policy . The above comments do help a little , yes , but also make the policy open to contradiction and the guidelines blurred . But I guess that this one is a prickly subject . 70s boots, have now to a lot of us , become an acceptable part of the history of the scene , whereas anyone trying to do the same thing now , well . Tricky one Mike but thank you for having the patients and finally getting there with me .
  15. stevegods

    No bootleg/pirated or illegal material

    So it could not work like Discogs manages to do there’s ? And how then do “ bootlegs “ from the 70’s become acceptable to sell on but others not . So where and how do you draw a line on a bootleg regarding the SS policy ? How or why do you allow some “ bootlegs to be sold on here and others not ? What qualifies as a saleable “ bootleg “ ?


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