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  1. He was a model professional , and you couldn’t miss him on the pitch with that distinctive hair. Another sad loss - RIP Mr Bell
  2. It’s one of those seasons - and anyone of 4-5-6 could eventually win it . We have just lost our mojo - and the only thing I don’t like and doesn’t do Klopp any justice , is him trying to deflect any criticism of the performance and players and focusing on penalties that weren’t given . I love the man , and what he’s done , but that kind of thing was “ Benitez “ moment .. and doesn’t help . Its going to be a rollercoaster season - and one that’s going to go down to the wire I think .
  3. And one of my favourites ... good shout. And written by him and his brother and famously covered by José Feliciano (1968) and then again by Rickie Lee Jones (1989) Great tune
  4. Gerry Marsden, singer of You'll Never Walk Alone, dies aged 78. Shame tomorrow’s game is not at home and in front of a full house to give him the sending off he deserves. RIP Gerry , for not just that anthem for LFC but for all the happy times you gave to many ... he always had time to give and a smile on his face . “Ferry Cross that Mersey”
  5. One of the true old school managers and players that came through the ranks and made it to the top . He certainly did sign some great players and had mixed fortune at Utd ... RIP Doc
  6. It seems that no one is able to put a run together and make a clean break . Draw - draw - draw . Rodgers did similar things at Liverpool - just one sandwich short of a picnic sometimes . No Man City - Everton - Is COVID going to rear it’s ugly head again and shut things down ? Hope not ...
  7. I take that as a major compliment Steve. Tar mate
  8. Evening all - Did think about putting my head down the toilet - to drown my sorrows .. Watched the first half and then had to go do my support / care bubble work and pick up my Granddaughter as she’s staying with me for 4 days while daughter works .. Had to listen to that bloody second half on the way down ... what a load of bull and I just knew that Big Sams team would nick a point -and I did think all 3 at one point . Funny old season it really is .. now Matip maybe out for a while .. who knows what next . Newcastle win ? Hey at least it’s not a boring season lik
  9. Southampton draw ( Fulham playing sone good stuff ) Arsenal 3-0 so far as Chelsea can’t put anything together ... But who was the last manager to win at Anfield ?
  10. Well done - good game - roll on Arsenal - Chelsea
  11. Good win for your lot .. let’s hope it’s a draw with 4 sendings off for today’s game !
  12. Watched a few lately .. If you get a chance check out “ Uncle Frank” .. just a nice road movie about a gay guy traveling back to his Dads funeral. Also struggling through “ The Irishman “ .. what a long film .. not sure that DeNiro or Peci could ever be made to look younger for the early clips but good biopic of the time I guess .
  13. Surprised it’s not £149 then as they probably bought all the remaining stock
  14. Don’t you just love some of our more entrepreneurial ebay sellers. I love this one especially
  15. Talk to us any time day or night on a free phone - 116 123 .

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