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  1. No help as to what was first as such but here's an interesting snippet from a Richard Searling radio show with Kev Roberts and Tim Brown discussing prices from around 1991 I think which gives a pretty small list of the most expensive tunes at that time ...
  2. This is the weekly JM auction prices squabble , how dare you let facts interrupt these good folks entertainment ...
  3. I bow to your deeper knowledge Karl , all I know is I love getting a sweat on to it down in the red basement and then getting annoyed when I hear the issued version and remember how 'weak and wishy-washy' it sounds in comparison to Marks gem , probably why I've never actually bought one ...
  4. And the one Butch plays is a different cut again , on a studio acetate of course ...
  5. No number for him John but he's on FB if that's any help .... ? https://www.facebook.com/garryj.cape
  6. Barbara Randolph - I Got A Feeling ... ?
  7. Nope , but it's very ellusive ...
  8. Maybe Shifty gave it to John to auction after it didn't sell ...
  9. Makes me laugh all this talk of getting back out to soul nites and niters in order to catch up with all their long-lost buddies ... Half the crowd at most events get themselves hunkered down at a table and spend the night ignoring all and sundry because they're staring down engrossed with their bloody smart phones ... A nice new policy would see drinks , talc and phones handed in at the door before entry is allowed ... Personally I shall not contemplate mixing it up anywhere until I've had both jabs ( first booked for Monday coming ) and seen a significant increase in common se
  10. Been covered on here since December ...
  11. Why does everyone get all knicker-twisted about John's auction results every bloody week ... ? Seems that most folk are stuck in 1992 as far as prices are concerned and get a real twist on when someone with deeper pockets than them outbids them in 2021 , it's a bloody auction for Pete's sake , no matter what auction you attend whether it be books , racehorses , cars , records , antiques , etc ,etc , there will always be someone in the room with more cash than you and if they want an item they'll get it . Simple answer ... if you have decent items to sell in tip-top condition then chu
  12. You might have better luck trying to find it on "Kyser" ...
  13. Big red envelope dropped through the letterbox just now ... have decided to leave it 'til Tuesday to open it ...

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