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  1. The Tippi Saunders that just finished on the bay ... crept up from £5.99 to £181.50 over a few days as would be expected . The two 'finishers' jump in with $2222.22 and $2472.22 to end it .... And the jump from $181.50 to $2222.22 came from the same bidder ... ! Expensive for someone Snipe cock-up or malfunction .
  2. "The Spinners - What more could a boy ask for" off the "From the vaults" LP. Has such sweet memories for me personally as it was the tune that was playing as I walked through the doors of the Wirrina back in 1980 or so on my first ever all-niter experience ...
  3. "If looks could kill" at 2:10 ... someone thinking of nicking your pint ... ?
  4. Hi Richard , E-mail sent regarding non-Paypal. Regards , Steve.
  5. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/55551720 I despise the thing that football has become these days but as a kid in the seventies Colin Bell ruled the roost in what was a proper sport.
  6. But they wouldn't be 45's then they'd be 33's ... Apologies Karl , but I have to start the year the way I mean to continue .... a twat ...
  7. So the venerable 'Lard' starts off wrong at square one by inferring that acetates and test pressings are one and the same and are the first stage of record production .... no wonder folk get it wrong if so-called 'popular experts' keep filling them with false info ...
  8. The traditional Christmas party was not going to be missed , a sublime evening in the company of Ady , Tomas and Keith ...
  9. No need , subject's been covered amply in the past on here ... on both occasions using the correct title in case you have a job finding the threads ...
  10. The word you were looking for is "Christmas" , no need for the purely lazy version ...
  11. Methinks thoust needest some of these for Christmas ...
  12. OK , Colin's buffering sets now removed and replaced with his re-recorded set ...
  13. Pre-Christmas knees-up with the 45s team inc. special guest Colin Law ... N.B. Colin's set is a tad "Norman Collier" thanks to some tech issues , but I think Colin's going to re-record his set later so I'll replace that section in the near future.

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