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  1. WoodButcher

    Unknown instrumental

    One of life's great modern mysteries that ...
  2. WoodButcher

    Unknown instrumental

    A very quick Google search leads to the '68 Firebird ad on YT and the music details are listed in the description ... That soon leads to this ... https://www.discogs.com/The-Syd-Dale-Orchestra-CMon-In-Disc-A-Go-Go/release/8893264
  3. WoodButcher

    Unknown instrumental

    Just a bit of early nasty elevator muzak/noise like thousands of other snippets found on adverts/movies throughout time , doubt very much whether this has a specific artist/title associated with it .
  4. WoodButcher

    5 Favourite Books

    Another nigh on impossible one to answer , probably read more books over the years than I've heard tunes ... but these are always up there at the top. "Shadow the Sheepdog" by E. Blyton. "Down to a Sunless Sea" by David Graham. Cecil A Hewitt's series on English Medieval Carpentry. Every "Biggles" adventure by W.E. Johns. Everything by Bernard Cornwell.
  5. WoodButcher

    The Best Record Ever Played By Soul Sam

    Wasn't saying 'first' sir , just best ...
  6. WoodButcher

    The Best Record Ever Played By Soul Sam

    Back on track , for a while at least ... The Poets on J2 and "Johnny on the Spot/I Didn't Have To" will do for me ...
  7. WoodButcher

    first three records to start a set

    Now I get the latest Met Office offering , little thing blows in , gets named Erik , gets all self-important , huffs and puffs a bit , then wafts away .............
  8. WoodButcher

    Greatest Movie Scene Ever Made

    Not a chase as such but one I just know you'll love , what's not to like about a Cobra , a young Angie D and the soundtrack to die for ... Clip starts 14:35 in but the whole movie's a great piece of the 60's and worth a watch ....
  9. WoodButcher

    CURRENT fave spins! 2019.

    Nasty weak and insipid IMO , if you can't dance to Melba's choppy splendour then you've possibly been going to the wrong dance classes ... Might be slightly biased after half a lifetime in a certain basement though ...
  10. WoodButcher

    Name of this track please

    Why not upload the track to SoundCloud and then post a link to it ... "Beginners Mindreading" and "ESP" were the only Cubscout badges I didn't get ...
  11. WoodButcher

    Butch C/u - Jean Carter

    Shhhuuussshhh ... Careless talk costs exclusivity ... keep mentioning what they're missing and you'll have them turning up at the best nights out there with their packed suppers and bulk bags of the substance that mustn't be mentioned ....
  12. WoodButcher

    For Sale: Sue Lynne - Don't pity me - UK RCA D/J

    You're welcome sir ...
  13. WoodButcher

    For Sale: Sue Lynne - Don't pity me - UK RCA D/J

  14. WoodButcher

    first three records to start a set

    Proof positive that pulling three random "dick-waving" 45s from a box does not a DJ make , kicking off with a stormer like Ray Agee and then going straight down the fluffy midtempo route might have the "glued to i-phone chinstrokers" getting semi's but it would not endear you to the dancers ...
  15. WoodButcher

    CURRENT fave spins! 2019.

    Cannot associate this with anywhere other than Len Dopson and the wonderful Embankment nights ...


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