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  1. I just started a rough price total for the list , ( from Popsike ) got to about £90,000 for the first 20 odd titles before Popsike decided I'd used up my quota of searches for the day ... Might take a while to complete at this rate but I'm too tight to go 'pro' ...
  2. until

    Nice one Simon , It'll be great to hear them , I've been so preoccupied saving the 100 Club on-liner sets that I've missed out on a lot of the Bury offerings , multi-tasking's not my forte ... especially on Saturday nights when I'm full of Guinness ...
  3. until

    Surely you can record/save the sets and put them up on Mixcloud for listening to at any time in the future ... ?
  4. A very Google quick search would get you to plenty of copies .
  5. Heard you the first time sir ...
  6. One thing is certain regarding "reputation" features , it is held as pretty much vital for vendors to have absolutely spotless ratings otherwise buyers get decidedly nervous about pressing the buy button. It doesn't matter whether it be on here , e-bay or discogs ; that number in the box is vital , once it dips below 99% folk get awfully twitchy . For the most part it's the only clue as to the standing/reputation of the vendor , who in general are completely anonymous . Same applies here in as much as it's a quick tool to use to get an initial insight as to who you might be dealing with/answering. I feel that removing the feature is a knee-jerk reaction reaction to a one-off case brought about by the general eggshell-walking that engulfed everything a while back , I daren't even mention the case for fear of upsetting someone somewhere .... There's obviously been a lot of hand-wringing going on behind closed doors regarding this matter , a situation it has to be said , ultimately brought to the fore by the powers that be changing things for that one thread and now suffering because of it , there has been so much discussion regarding moderation on here of late that maybe judgement's getting a little clouded. Maybe now it's time to eliminate the cause of all the grief , let the political crap get discussed elsewhere online on a more appropriate platform , restore the reputation feature knowing the contentious issues are no longer going to lead to misinterpretation/'misuse' and get back to discussing more civilised matters. Just my two penneth.
  7. Can't see the point of having a 'like/thumbs up' button if the 'likes' are not shown on the profile , I'm sure I'm not alone in being quite proud that my '+' points outweighed my post count before it was removed.
  8. As a 1967 record this certainly doesn't qualify as 'modern' ...
  9. @Russ Vickers One man I do know who has an ear for great modern soul is Mr Russ Vickers , hopefully as I've tagged him he'll pop in and give us some benefit of his knowledge ...
  10. Your memory doth not serve sir , nothing remotely like the Arter Set monster ...
  11. And for a great range of contemporary stuff check out the "Colemine Records" offerings on YouTube.

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