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  1. WoodButcher

    Any Ideas?

  2. WoodButcher

    Northern Soul - vintage live videos

    You lot do realise that all these videos are already here on Soul Source ... ( along with many others in the sixteen pages of video archives there ) in the conveniently titled "Videos" section , just saying ...
  3. WoodButcher

    Northern Soul - vintage live videos

    Thought it might just be easier to just post a link to his channel rather than umpteen individual tracks as there are loads to see there ... https://www.youtube.com/user/ILMJXXX/featured?pbjreload=10
  4. WoodButcher

    R.I.P. Pete Shelley ...

    Another great leaves us far too soon ... Before I 'discovered' this 'ere soul stuff I was more musically inclined towards something a tad faster and rawer , and they didn't come much faster and rawer than the Buzzcocks . Rest in peace Mr Shelley , you will be sorely missed but your music will continue to stir souls forever. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-46476369
  5. WoodButcher

    Record Adaptors

    They claim it's a one-of-a-kind item so sole vendors , hence the price I guess. Any decent machine shop could turn one up in ten minutes so I'd be hunting around for a local machinist if I wanted one.
  6. WoodButcher

    Djs on top of their game 2018?

    And two guys based in the East that deserve more widespread 'work' are Ely's Phil Rains and Norwich's Frank Webster , both have immaculate taste and are not afraid to avoid the run-of-the-mill and spin great lesser known , underplayed but classy tunes ...
  7. WoodButcher

    Djs on top of their game 2018?

    Kev and Denise Draper are very much on form still ...
  8. WoodButcher

    Djs on top of their game 2018?

    Must add Alan Kitchener and Colin Law to the list ...
  9. WoodButcher

    Little Richie on Manship

    Find another mint unplayed copy .....
  10. WoodButcher

    John Cooper Clarke-Mad man or sheer genius

    Got the UK Decay "Black 45" EP along with their first outing the 'Split single' alongside Pneumania ...
  11. WoodButcher

    A.I. and that...

    Don't worry there'll be a grown-up along soon to decipher it for you while you're hiding behind the sofa ...
  12. WoodButcher

    A.I. and that...

    Fear not jobs-wise though , it'll still take three new graduates in Media Studies and Culinary Arts to put your items in the robot and two or three hundred more to keep the bloody thing's batteries charged up ready for action. Can't wait for our nearest star to reawaken from it's period of low activity and start firing some decent sized CME's in our direction again to see how folk will cope when the grid goes down for a while , or for someone to set off a nice EMP device and send some tumbling helplessly back to a time before 'smartphones' ruled their owners every waking moment.
  13. WoodButcher

    How many events?

    Perhaps there should be a mandatory box to fill whilst listing a do in the Events Guide , i.e. "Number of attendees at the last one (not including DJ's and their box-monkeys and bar-staff)" ... that would certainly be a good pointer as to whether a roadtrip was in order ...
  14. WoodButcher

    How many events?

    As I've said in the past , there are way too many events on these days , but it's very easy to separate the wheat from the chaff and probably 80% of the things listed can be dismissed as 'to be avoided' by the ones who care. Can remember when a whole few months worth of soul nights and nighters could be listed on a two page event guide in Manifesto ( and 1/3 of the space was taken up with a bloody great map ) , whereas today one Saturday night's worth would fill three pages of said comic.
  15. WoodButcher

    How many events?

    Can see new wannabe promoters setting up events while being blissfully unaware or uncaring of what else might be on locally to them , but I find it hard to believe that anyone would deliberately waste their hard-earned starting up a night just to deliberately ruin another promoters event ... Do you have hard evidence to back the claim that you will share or is this just the product of an overactive imagination ... ? Long gone are the days of calling in bomb-scares to scupper niters , can still remember standing outside the Wirrina shivering that night ...


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