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  1. It's Thee...

    More worrying is asking £899.00 for the Outasite Lorraine Chandler ...
  2. Help with a title for this r&b tune

    It's clearly stated in the original post ...
  3. Help with a title for this r&b tune

    I had a good old rummage around last night , he has "Money" as a recurring theme to his recordings but sadly none of the obvious looking titles came up trumps ...
  4. Help with a title for this r&b tune

    He's asking about the track starting at 30:40 not the first track ...
  5. Articles: Keeping a Faith

    Religion/faith/gospel may well have influenced the music we love , but considering that most Sunday mornings were/are spent travelling home from all-niters there's not many on the scene that would be found sitting on a pew instead ... That said , I had a...
  6. Local car boot find

    So where's the picture of your copy , instead of the one lifted from Discogs ... !
  7. Major Harris - Call Me Tomorrow

    Lots of Okeh releases have scratched in matrices rather than stamps ...
  8. Your Current Must Watch Tv ?

    Ken Burns' excellent new production "The Vietnam War" is by far the best thing I've seen this year , currently on the BBC which was a very welcome surprise as I thought I'd have a long wait for this one ... http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b096k7q7
  9. Country Music Festival Las Vegas

    Think you'll find it's the bad guys that have them over here too .... !
  10. Empires - You're on top girl

    No anti-slip ring , that's just light bouncing off the run-out grooves. Shows better in the orig image before I cropped it ...
  11. As it always has been it's the voice of the scared and the ignorant , whether it was targeted at the " M.V. Empire Windrush" generation , the Ugandan Asian refugees in '72 or more recently the Polish/Eastern european immigrants .
  12. Empires - You're on top girl

    Side by side with a real one the boot jumps out as being wrong ...
  13. Empires - You're on top girl

    Doubt it , stuff gets booted on a daily basis but I'm pretty sure that another "friends and family" set will not be emerging any time soon.
  14. Empires - You're on top girl

    Let's hope no-one gets fleeced with another one then , if there's an easy way of identifying the boot/repro then why not just share that information , there's no way that there is just the one copy of this repro out there ...
  15. Empires - You're on top girl

    Certainly wasn't one of that 'series' of lookalikes.