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  1. WoodButcher

    Rubbish, but funny news reports...........

    No more or less than any other year ... you can pretty much tell it's going to be a bulls**t story when the 'video' contains only images of bees and hoverflies and not a hint of a wasp ...
  2. WoodButcher

    WANTED Voices From The Shadows Issue #3

    So is it #2 or #3 that you're after ... ?
  3. WoodButcher

    Sugarcube sc-1 anyone tried one ?

    I'd rather spend the grand on a big pile of old soul records , complete with pops and crackles ...
  4. WoodButcher

    Backstreet Boutique Norwich

    See you up there later Mark ...
  5. WoodButcher

    So...age before Beauty TV show tonight!

    Remind me to avoid the nights you attend then , cos it sure ain't a 'scene' that I could embrace and love ... never have been one for fancy dress , reminiscing about the old days or bigging myself up with hints of 30 year-old gangster reputations .... I'm glad to say ....
  6. WoodButcher

    So...age before Beauty TV show tonight!

    You lot make me laugh so hard ... you know full well it's going to be another cringe-making portrayal of a cringe-making clown-outfit 'scene' but you still find yourselves watching it ... albeit in the hope that it will actually be a winner ... It's like popping into your nearest pub based free 'Northern and Motown' night in the ludicrous hope that it'll actually be a decent experience ... even though you know there'll only be twenty people in ... the 'promoter' , the three regular jocks , three guests jocks , all of their WAGS and half a dozen pissed-up students .... and yourself of course. You'll force yourself to stay for a while and then spend all week whinging about how much of an afront it was to the great scene you remember .... rather than just turning on a sixpence and walking straight out of the door ... or just turning off the box after three seconds of the trailer and finding something better to do. No doubt you'll all watch the whole series too ... maybe you need to Google Albert's quote regarding insanity before next week's episode comes round ...
  7. WoodButcher

    Whatever Happened To............................?

    Supper , dinner , tea , whatever .... South , middle , north ... as was , is now and ever shall be ...
  8. WoodButcher

    So...age before Beauty TV show tonight!

    So that'll be a bunch of grumpy old so 'n' so's sitting in a dark corner of a run-down studio , illuminated only by the light of their 'smartphones' , coughing and spluttering into their beers about the price of records these days ... ? Think I can get that anytime on SS or FB without having to waste any of Auntie's precious licence fees ...
  9. WoodButcher

    Whatever Happened To............................?

    Never 'eard of owt like it ... but always eager to learn ... good ol' Google ... http://www.tradgames.org.uk/games/knur-spell.htm
  10. WoodButcher

    Whatever Happened To............................?

    Was "Moonbase Alpha" not in Space 1999 ... ? ... UFO's was just plain old 'Moonbase' ...
  11. WoodButcher

    Your Current Must Watch Tv ?

    "Better Call Saul" ... Season Four now airing ...
  12. WoodButcher

    spencer wigginns-lets talk it over

    Minsh drove me mad with it , miserable grumpy git never did let me have his carver despite repeated promises ... Sounds kinda "Meh" when heard on YT these days but by crikey it was a different beasty altogether full blast at 3 am .... Keele was my earliest 'recollection' but CD was '91
  13. WoodButcher

    spencer wigginns-lets talk it over

    Was plenty legit enough for me to go mental to when it was played out first off a CD ... ( B Rae at Keele before K Minshull started hammering it off a carver ... ? )
  14. WoodButcher

    spencer wigginns-lets talk it over

    Japanese CD original release , just to piss the OVO boys off ...


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