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  1. The Last DJ Spot.

    Just do your own thing , no need to join the sheep that play the 'same old' , resist the temptation to play 'monsters' if you don't own them ...
  2. The Last DJ Spot.

    Judging by this thread you're just going to pick one tune and play it over and over and over and over again ...
  3. Snowing

    But there's a big difference between the excited seven year-olds that we were then ( the ones that never felt the cold and bounced when we hit the pavement ) and the somewhat jaded adults that we grew into , the ones that snap loudly upon contact with hard su...
  4. Snowing

    Heavy fall here at the moment in Newmarket , hoping it turns to rain later as forecast otherwise Monday morning will be a nightmare . I don't mind driving in it if it's absolutey necessary , but I'm long enough in the tooth these days to know that my ser...
  5. Seen Any Good Films Recently

    Just finished watching it here online , glad I never went to the cinema or wasted cash on the DVD next week ... Dreadfully wooden performances all round , dreadful editing and continuity , without doubt the biggest disappointment this year ... in fact f...
  6. Possibly THE Rarest Soul 45?

    Still haven't got an I.D. from the thumbprints yet though ...
  7. Possibly THE Rarest Soul 45?

    4914 and 4915 on both ...
  8. Northern Soul In the Mainstream

    Anyone who watches "Strictly" and "First Date" gets exactly what they deserve ...
  9. Comedy Sale Of The Day

    It's the same one , relisted after the first time round it was bid up to silly numbers to make a point to the seller ...
  10. Might as well edit the OP and ditch the "A-Z" part then and just have it as post your "favourite female" track thread then ... Too messy for me now so I'll bow out and refrain from further participation.
  11. Surely just common sense required not some 'ruling' by the thread starter ...
  12. Pity folk can't get to grasp with the generally accepted form of "Alphabetical" , spoiling what could have been a great thread ... Little wonder so many seem to have such problems finding information online ...
  13. comedy sale of the week

    Didn't sell for that at all , was bid up in protest 'til it got removed and then relisted ....
  14. Possibly THE Rarest Soul 45?

    4 years.
  15. Possibly THE Rarest Soul 45?

    Earlier today on FB Karl ...