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  1. Big difference between £7,000 and £882 for this one ...
  2. Well if it works OK I might just treat myself to one ... Gotta be a better bet than trying to find a complete and working Neumann lathe for less than £30,000 ...
  3. Now this is incredible ... https://gripsweat.com/item/202792295294/carolyn-crawford-mickey-stevenson-100-club-40th-anniversary-6ts
  4. Pretty sure that the profanities are completely unneccessary on a family forum ...
  5. @Mark Bicknell You've posted in "Wants" ...
  6. You're welcome sir , have a great night.
  7. P.S. Don't forget to check the AA travel site to see of any roadworks or closures beforehand as it can really foul up a journey when you get diverted off Oxford St and have to negotiate all the one-way streets to get back on track.
  8. Usually pretty tight in Berner's Place right behind the club but Berner's Mews opposite this is never a problem . Any single yellow on the side streets is fine after 6:30pm if you can't get in the Mews. Biggest thing to remember is the new ULEZ fee which is £12.50 per day payable online , be aware that the fee covers midnight to midnight so if you are there after midnight you need to stump up for two days fee , i.e £25.00. It's a really unfair way of charging but numerous conversations with Westminster Council have fallen on deaf jobsworth ears so far , makes it a sod when you're attending a niter that runs 23:00 to 06:00 but it's not going to stop me any time soon ....
  9. Not tourists popping in on the off-chance , unless you were there at the niter the month before or were very quick off the mark after you'd not have got a ticket. ( All sold out on the Sunday lunchime at £25.00 a pop ) I'll wager that the buyers of these first seven 45's through e-bay are now at home ( probably somewhere well north of the Gap ) bigging it up about going to the 40th anniversary despite never having set foot in the 100 Club or even knowing where it is ...
  10. Been half a dozen through for silly money since the Monday after the nighter. A number of moneygrabbers simply went down the first flight , handed over their ticket , took the single and went back up and out ...
  11. Gutted that I can no longer make this one , have a great day to all involved ...
  12. But if you hit the "Automatic bids" button you'll see the top two bidders more accurately ...
  13. Best you grab one as quick as you can sir , the one copy on e-bay is now sitting at £201.00 with a finish at 10:02 on Saturday ... https://www.ebay.com/itm/Carolyn-Crawford-Mickey-Stevenson-100-CLUB-40th-ANNIVERSARY-6TS/333337927867?hash=item4d9c7d20bb:g:fc0AAOSw6eRdiIjs No amount of cash would tempt me to part with my copy , too many great memories attached to it and all the others I have been handed over the years half way down those hallowed stairs.

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