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  1. living color gotta strange feeling

    living color gotta strange feeling Madhatter PM me cheers geoooordie
  2. PayPal error my fault

    It is illegal to keep money paid to yourself or bank account the law clearly states and here it is verbatim... Keeping any money wrongly credited to your account could lead to you being charged with 'Retaining wrongful credit'. The 1968 Theft act defines...

    Someone should snaffle that puzzles my sweet baby megga cheap
  4. Seven for a Sunday - top tunes

    PM Me, Paypal as F&F, Postage signed for £2.50 minimum- depending on tune to discuss on pm Thanks for Looking in advance Sir Charles hughes SOLD Marc Laroi Cummings SOLD Dynamic Tints SOLD Frankie Beverly ON HOLD ...
  5. Late 70's Jazz Funk Scene

    Cannot believe the British Jazz funk contingent surface has only been briefly scratched on this thread theses were Megga JF tunes back in the day
  6. Four for a Sunday

    Fifth Avenue Band SOLD Ian
  7. Four for a Sunday

    Four for a sunday Payment by Paypal F&F gift only Postage and packing registered £2.50
  8. Twenty for a Tuesday

    PM ME postage and packing 2nd class signed for £2.50 Payment paypal only Frank Lynch - Young Girl - My Records - Ex -Wol - £25 Jesse James - I can feel your love Vibes -Midtown - ex - £25 Fr...
  9. Skye Aint no need Anada

    Still Looking for a copy of Skye - Aint no Need - Anada 7" PM Me Cheers Geeeooordie
  10. No Andy it was the Compass club at the top of South parade that my Cousin Ken owned, i ran it for 4 years for him its now fitzgeralds downstairs that was books fashions the compass was upstairs above the shop Geeooordie
  11. Patto is spot on...northern soul is a dance style/scene not a music, and the music played is to meet that style/scene many of the tunes are from many genres including country and western etc, but they fitted the Rhythm and dance style and mood.. I r...
  12. when does a ''wanna be'' DJ become a DJ?

    ha ha, my conservatories a closed shop, . but i'l do you a playlist next time im in LOL
  13. when does a ''wanna be'' DJ become a DJ?

    I agree Nev, and of late i see people getting dj spots that.. lets face it they are soul lovers but not collectors or even djs who haveve started to buy a bit of vinyl, playing mediocre tunes, they self promote themselves on Fbook continually wanting attentio...
  14. Skye aint no need 7"

    Hi looking for a Skye - aint no need - anada- on a 7" only, don't reply if you have a 12" as it is a minefield of boots reissues etc Thanks in anticipation Geeooooordie
  15. 9th Creation on hilltak

    Looking for a copy of 9th creation on hilltak much too much thanks in anticipation Geeooordie