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  1. A few to clear .... 10 for the weekend,.... starting to thin the collection somewhat ... Payment can be Paypal as F&F or bank transfer Post £8 special delivery or £3.50 signed for PM ME...... ...........Thanks for looking johnny Adams - Your love is all i need - JB's VG+,......has a few marks on the "your love" side , and a visible scuff on the B side but both sides play Ex - £80 Gene Williams - Dont Let your love Fade away - Forte - VG+++ £65 Charles Drain - Is this really Love - RCA VG+ £35 outstanding not much more can be said Checkmates Ltd - All alone By the Telephone - Polydor (issue)- VG+ all time megga tune,- £100 Sebastian Williams - Get your point over - Ovide VG+2 slight marks not affecting anything - £120 Roy Smith - Dont Go away - Cutlass - VG++ £45 slight pen on Dont go away label side, other wise EX for this storming track Eugene Record - Overdose of Joy / mother of love - WB -VG+ £90 slight click at the very end of overdose of joy after the record finishes, but two excellent sides a big dancer and a great chillout track Billy Proctor - Keeping up with the Joneses - Epic Promo - Ex - £100, one of the most awesome tracks ever, totally under played The Impressions - Love Me - Buddha (german) - Ex £20 This is the one with Leroy Hutson on vocals , tough to choose between the curtom and buddha release .. Both Fantastic all the same
  2. Hi Looking for Sonny Crosby - Smelly feet - im in love with your love, biscuit or chimneyville heeeerrees hoping Geeeoooooorrdie
  3. One evening Dave Pinches called me and said theres an innersection let me love you about to end its at $40 buried in a none soul section of ebay... logged on two mins to go and won it for $40... yeeehhhhh two weeks later it arrived but the seller had put $200 on the customs ticket had to pay £70 duty... still a cheapie after all that... i gave the seller bad feedback for his fuck up
  4. Just a few for sale... but at the right price from Honest GeordieJohnson... Post and Packing 2nd class signed £4 PM ME and thanks for having a gander KLASS - Lets Make Love Tonight - Sahara, Ex - £100. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=evNEJzNh2KQ C.L Blast - Love dont feel like love no more - Juana - Ex £110 (hardest on the label to find) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kNqFk6JRlxY GORGEOUS GEORGE - Strange Book - Homark, Slight crease in label otherwise Ex - £180 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6JCpNosgIs SONNY TIL - I GAVE IT ALL UP - CLOWN VG ++ and label slightly off centre on "i gave it all up" as are most copies..plays superb £300.....
  5. Ive seen it go for more than £156 and sealed ones at £100 are the norm now ... for a limited deleted game should hold its price at that.... Stevegods someone got a bargain for a sealed copy and yes do see them selling however mainly used ones are around £30-£70, as a model & games collector from experience im sure the sealed limited edition games like dday monopoly, motown, beatles etc they will hold their value and increase with time. Geeoooooordie
  6. Tunes... at the right price.. P&P 2nd class signed for £2.60 Jesse Fisher - Your not loving a beginner - Way Out - has a mark on vinyl as though someone marked in felt tip, ... does not affect the play. (see pic) VG+ - £90 SOLD Gorgeous George - Strange book - Homark - VG+ £195 (class tune) Carolyn Crawford - If you move you lose - PiR VG++ (toughie only on an issue and not easy to find) £50 Klas - Lets make love tonight - Sahara - VG+++ (superb modern soul) £130 Smile street people - smile street - SSP - ex £100 ( very very hard to find ) SOLD Mark V unlimited - Gone - Sagport - VG+ - £40 C L Blast - Love Dont feel like love no more - Juana - Ex - £110 Thanks for looking- Geeeoooooordie
  7. 3 beauties for sale, Postage cost to be agreed, PM ME .. CHEERS FOR LOOKING ..... GEEOOOOORRRDIE.. SONNY TIL- I GAVE IT ALL UP - CLOWN VG ++ and label slightly off centre on "i gave it all up" as are most copies.. £375..... soundbite from my copy as it was D&B pinches copy SPADE BRIGADE - IM YOUR MAN - ACE OF SPADE - was unplayed store stock but has some marking on B side label (see pics) probably from storage but vinyl is EX EX. only played twice -... £130 SOLD C L BLAST - LOVE DONT FEEL LIKE LOVE NO MORE - JUANA EX.. £130.....
  8. dont know about the most hated song on the scene buy the most hated in Geordie's Space is this bag of shite... Geeeeeooooordie
  9. Thoughts on Re-edits of Northerrn Soul tracks? .... absolutely no thoughts whatsoever Geeeeeeooooooordie
  10. I think chalky was right in what he said a billion posts ago... unissued, newly discovered tracks like what grapevine and kent have found can be played because they have never been issued before so it is the original release they were fully licensed, dottie pearson bring it over baby for example never released until grapevine 2000 when it is played out its only on that label... in many cases the tapes are getting to the point of deterioration that if they dont get cut they will be lost forever, so as for whether it would be the discs cut from the tapes ... they would have been masters/tests for the releases so part of the production process for a bulk press so all legit just a nice to have if youve got a limited test press in your collection. Geeoooooordie
  11. Chalky hit the nail on the head on most of his posts.... and about everyone wanting to be a dj... in yorkshire this month on an already swamped venue scene there are 3 more NEW soul nights... and all catering for a crowd that will happily enjoy the big tunes and fiver reissues and care not one jot to what label its on.. and thats their choice I can listen to a dj all night playing great tunes.. nothing wrong with the tunes ..... but its an empty "souless" act for me if the dj hasnt got it on an original format, all this "its whats in the grooves" is relevant only to a section of the scene, who i dont dispute are music lovers .. but not collectors or they would care about the format. Myself and my friend Mark whiteley promoted the Friendship Pure soul nights for 11 years based on our priciples for OVO or original format only and thats where i stand, but ive been collecting for over 40 years from my paperboy days and i cant see it ending anytime soon but always looking for the right tune on the original labels Collecting an original has also got nothing to do with being rich etc as ive seen thrashed out as an excuse as to why people dont buy originals, and yes the price has sored but there are plenty of cheap fantastic originals around, but also i collect high price tunes and havent got a pot to piss in... i wait, save, trade, sell some stuff, to get that tune... many of my collecting friends are the same they arnt millionaires or even awash with cash, they have scrimped, paid on drip, (and would sell the wife if they could get enough for her LOL) and i see the passion in them as they chase that elusive real deal item... so when they dj and play the big sound that the £5 dj played at another night with no real effort.. theres Kudos and respect for the effort that person has given to give me the bonefide item and makes the tune just that bit more special. ... Its an emotive subject.. but i just stay away from venues that dont give me the real deal.. and i let the masses enjoy what they enjoy.. im not saying that the folk going to the "anything goes nights" are not real music lovers, they must be or they wouldnt attend.. they just dont care how they hear it and that again is their choice... So really its then down to the 3 trillion promotors running events in the UK to advertise your nights accordingly .. dont put OVO if you cant comply just advertise a "soul night" ... and then your giving me the heads up that its not one for me I'l be somewhere else listening to a penniless collector giving me their passion for playing the real McCoy .... served up with an equal amount of admiration for said collector DJ from myself for his effort, sometimes pain and the journey theyve taken to get where they are. Sub note real deal Collector / dj .. one track £500 hard earned blood sweat tears and bullshitting the wife it was a fiver thats taken years of chasing to acquire.. and can deliver a dj set based on a lifetimes dreams and hard work.........Admiration all round from me An anything goes DJ... £500 for 100 records bought in half an hour off ebay, that can give the begging to DJ folk an instant big hitter, big tune set (included in the pack is the Real deal collectors tune that he spent years acquiring)... doesnt have the same ring really does it..... Geeeeeoooooordie
  12. Genuine Ben Sherman long sleeved Block colour knitted polo - wine, new unworn with tags, Size Large, Cost Was £75... selling at £45 + postage £4 just added a pic of the guy wearing it from the ben sherman shop to show how snazzy it looks PM Me Cheers.. Geeeoooordie
  13. if youd have asked me 12 months ago would a soul event work in an ice cream parlour id have had doubts... but its does work and is a fantastic little venue with superb ambience and music by the bucket load... looking forward to hearing some choice cuts Geeeoooooordie
  14. Hi Darren 1964 imperial copy i assume, not the 1977 epic.. that lady... same tune different takes geeeeeooooordie

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