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  1. Records you could listen to over and over again

    No not selling its one that stays put whenever i have a clear out wouldnt part with it..But you should be able to get it easily off the net for around a tenner but like i put in the post some are the studio and some are live, you want the live with the clappi...
  2. hope you and shell are well, isnt it about time you were having another shindig at yurs, LOL missing the curry and chilli,  hope to see you soon, weve been out of action due to family issues for a bit only getting out to the odd event for an hour or so, hoping to get back into swing soon,


    take care me old son


  3. Records you could listen to over and over again

    ey up Baz you lazy git shouldnt you be working LOL Heres another chiller.. i love from the master... Geeooooordie
  4. Records you could listen to over and over again

    Only down side to this if your djaying the track listing on the label is off to the record track 4 on label but is track 5 caught me out a couple of times after a few brown ales LOL but a brilliant choice Geoooooordie
  5. Records you could listen to over and over again

    Donnie Hathaway just chills me right out and this is wonderful the studio version is not as good as this live version, strangely enough the 7" single on atco has the studio and live on the same pressing cat number matrix etc had three copies two studio and o...
  6. Looking for 1. Living color thank the lord for love/gotta strange feeling - Madhatter 2. PURE FUNK - nothing left is real - planet earth 3. Chain reaction - Search for tomorrow - Blue wave Thanks Geeeoooordie
  7. How the hell is this not massive??

    has been played out and about over the years i played it when we did the friendship nights about 10 years ago, was classed more as a pop record many moons ago, i have a copy myself and i put an old mate onto it recently and hes playing it regularly at his ven...
  8. Gene Townsel 45

    Your probably right Dave... towld gene will tek it to his grave... anyway on my budget i'l just have to buy a crazy beat if i ever buy one... Geeooooordie
  9. Gene Townsel 45

    Looking across the net the earliest i can find of the balance town being sold on line is 2010... where were they until then... probably stuck in Genes garage LOL Geeeeooooordie
  10. Gene Townsel 45

    If your bootlegging and want it to appear legit it is logical to pick on the areas / names ie Balance town, that would create credibility, that's been done for years, that alone doesn't make it a legit copy, Also to quote sunny soul " but even as produc...
  11. 70's & 80's Stuff For A Thursday

    bloody hell no wonder ernie johnson flew out absolute steal of a price VG copies seen at £50 +all day long
  12. Some nice Bargains for a sunday

    Jimmy Reed, Alma faye, John Edwards and Frank Lynch SOLD
  13. Some nice Bargains for a sunday

    P&P £2.35 on top payment via paypal PM me if interested SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Thank you for looking Geeooooordie
  14. living color gotta strange feeling

    living color gotta strange feeling Madhatter PM me cheers geoooordie
  15. PayPal error my fault

    It is illegal to keep money paid to yourself or bank account the law clearly states and here it is verbatim... Keeping any money wrongly credited to your account could lead to you being charged with 'Retaining wrongful credit'. The 1968 Theft act defines...