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Anyone know anything about this lady? Just for sticking it in the replies because there's loads of great information the poster passes on about Gold Star studios in particular thought I'd try return the favour.


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Good question. Her vocals are great—particularly on this side of the record—so it would be nice if anyone could shed more light.

I know a few years ago Jimmy Radcliffe's son Chris sold a number of publishers demos which featured mainly his father's songs and vocals but also a few of Angelo Badalmenti's (or Andy Badale as he was sometimes known) which were apparently voiced by Stormy Winters/Stormie Wynters and Aldora Britton. In particular I coveted one which was supposedly a demo of "The Love That A Woman Should Give To A Man", most notably released by Patti Drew on Capitol but also by Phyllis Dillon on Treasure Isle in Jamaica. 

I kept the soundfile for years on my i-Tunes and considered it to be far superior to any of the other versions. Then I heard Lyn Roman's 45 release on Dot from 1969 and it's practically identical to the acetate version vocally and in terms of the arrangement. Doesn't mean that Stomie is/was Lyn Roman as that lot of acetates became notorious for a number of reasons but I thought it worth mentioning. 

Aldora Britton is also close in terms of the voice, maybe a bit sweeter in tone and could also be a candidate. Whoever Stormie was I feel it's a sure thing that there are other records. She's too good a singer just to be a demo vocalist.

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