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  1. Anyone know anything about this lady? Just for sticking it in the replies because there's loads of great information the poster passes on about Gold Star studios in particular thought I'd try return the favour.
  2. Rumour has it when Time Will Pass You By was given a UK release because the vast majority of the sales were 'oop North then the record was barred from the charts in the light of Payola etc or in this case massaged sales figures. As it would have charted at the time who knows??? A TOTP recording of her singing that would've been nice, even more so now with today's thirst for memorabilia.
  3. Blackpool Mecca's closing tune once upon a time.
  4. Sure this is an underplayed room candidate. Two better known but affordable. Mecca.
  5. Just wonderful, beautiful, haunting and uplifting. Haven't enough superlatives for this.
  6. 15 in '69 this got many a play in our youth club round about that time. Still play it occasionally great piano and bass, especially on the fade.
  7. Just a bit of British humour mate (or a poor attempt at such), such a highly regarded album I was surprised nobody had brought it up.
  8. Didn't Dusty Springfield cut a few tracks in Memphis and sling them on an LP?
  9. Forgot what a stir Pain Stain created as well, also loved Music To My Heart by Patti although apparently not to everyone's taste. Ghost In My House rocked the whole scene not just the Mecca, can imagine a few looks of horror if someone tried that now, Let's Go Somewhere also got quite a few plays and not forgetting Debbie Dean also went down a storm. Frankie Beverly anyone? Baby Mine Thelma Houston. Let Her Go may have been the Cats (again, [wish I'd gone there at least once]), first for me there though.
  10. For myself as well as others Bob Relf not only brought the house down but was the subject of conversations for months afterwards. Otis Smith of course even if the Catacombs has first claim the memories of it's first play at then Mecca are still with me. After that there's a whole host. Timothy Wilson's version of 'itching' doesn't get much of a mention but went down great. Detroit Sound Jumping at the Go-Go, Sons of Moses, Bobby Treetop, Little Joe Cook, Reperata's Panic, first heard Lorraine Ellison's Call Me Anytime there Lou Pride which other places laid claim to but a first for me there. Linda Jones Just Can't Live My Life just blew me away as it did the rest. Bobby Patterson My Baby's Coming Back, Lillie Bryant, Gwen Owens, Little Johnny Blair and keeping with the funkier side I always enjoyed Ladies Choice. So stretched the point a little perhaps not all Mecca firsts but first for me and to get that lot mixed in with some of the top notch sounds already playing elsewhere meant it was a good time to be around.
  11. Here's another telly memory or two. And of course the erstwhile 007 in an earlier guise.

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