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  1. Darrell Banks Open The Door - bootleg info

    Tony Rounce once gave a very helpful explanation of the process by which US discs were dubbed at EMI studios by expert engineering staff for UK release. These dubs had their own mastering details machined in. I'm pretty sure this is the case with DB on States...
  2. Jean Carter Like one

    These were pressed at two Decca plants. Gloversville NY and Pinckneyville IL. Pinckneyville used a ◆ symbol at the end of the b-side master number. Gloversville used a ✤ symbol at the end of the b-side master number. It would be interesting to...
  3. Darrell Banks Open The Door - bootleg info

    The majority of the later pink Revilots on vinyl are pressed at ARP in Michigan.
  4. Darrell Banks Open The Door - bootleg info

    I think Kris's summing up is correct. To add to the above all the legit US copies are pressed at the three Columbia plants which existed at the time: Pitman, NJ; Terra Haute, IN; and Santa Clara, CA. All these plants had the ability to press styrene and vinyl...
  5. Hardly 'extreme lengths': waving a used teabag back and forth across the label for twenty seconds doesn't take too much effort.
  6. johnny truitt -question?

    Interesting record. I can see its appeal from a 'scene' point of view but can equally see why it is sometimes seen as awful to fans of Truitt's other records, as it takes a decidedly Middle Of The Road approach. I love it, but it took me a while to appreciate...
  7. johnny truitt -question?

    Note different writer credit, publisher and timings on Mal's scan. Would have to question the legitimacy of that variant.
  8. johnny truitt -question?

    Also another press: same typesetting as the grey/amber but same label stock as above.
  9. Possibly THE Rarest Soul 45?

    Is it possible to lock this topic now? There's the risk that any of the genuine info on the record in question is getting buried beneath a mountain of off-topic chit-chat.
  10. Possibly THE Rarest Soul 45?

    ^ I agree strongly with this. How can you crab this record from a Northern Soul perspective?
  11. I don't think the Soussan theory is correct in this case.
  12. The Steinways other title on Oliver has "The Steinways" and the title set in Franklin Gothic on the west coast demo:
  13. The real west coast demo has different typesetting of artist and title.
  14. There are legitimate white label copies of this 45 without the green stripes, but they are on styrene and pressed at the Monarch factory. Yours looks like some kind of carver with a botched homemade label where someone has tried to emulate the typesetting rea...

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