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  1. Jackie Lee - Darkest Days - Boot Or Genuine

    I must say that the first scan above looks very much like a legitimate ABC press from their factory on Long Island NY, which was called True Sound. It may be the case that the only first pressing of 1968 was done on styrene at Monarch with delta number ...
  2. Montgomery 'beloved' Scepter "RARER" title Q?

    The west coast one must be pretty scarce. Never seen one in the flesh.
  3. Montgomery 'beloved' Scepter "RARER" title Q?

    Thanks! As I thought the My Dear Beloved variant is an Indianapolis press.
  4. Montgomery 'beloved' Scepter "RARER" title Q?

    These look like they were all pressed at RCA factories. I'm guessing they are as follows: First image: RCA Hollywood. The use of Franklin Gothic for artist and title is consistent with some of the Fantasy/Galaxy label releases which RCA pressed there at ...
  5. Fred Mark

    This topic deals with this group of labels.
  6. But was it 'A Big Thing' after all ?

    Most of the cover versions of this seem to come from the Carolinas and surrounding areas. The Radiants original presumably made a larger impression there than in other markets. It must have become a standard in the live sets of practically every Beach Music a...
  7. WANTED Dorothy Moore "One Day You're Gonna Hurt Me" c/w "Same Old Feeling" Avco 4590 Issue Please PM with price and condition. TIA for any leads. gareth
  8. Those both look OK, although the image above does seem a bit overexposed, thinning out the type a bit. The ballad side has the lower master number which is sometimes indicative of what was indented as the promoted side. Wonder if this is a case of the record ...
  9. Never seen the variant of the Sam Williams Tower 45 with an A on the label you mention. As far as I know there is only one original pressing of this, a white demo on styrene. Label artwork done by Bert & Co. in Los Angeles and pressed at a plant call...
  10. If I recall correctly the UK issue of this didn't come out until 1987. The USA copies from 1979 only feature the rap intro on the reverse of the white demo copy. The Canadian 45 issue from 1979 apparently features the rap intro but I've never seen one in the ...
  11. ^ The great Godoy Colbert on vocals.
  12. The Free Movement version of this is the best of the 'soul' versions by a country mile.
  13. gerri granger on ebay

    The clues are all in the runout grooves and the label artwork Julian.
  14. gerri granger on ebay

    There are at least two different legitimate pressings of the demo. The red text copy is pressed at Monarch from a Bestway lacquer. The black text copy pressed at Columbia Terra Haute from a Columbia lacquer.