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Would you agree that before the major labels “bought up” the soul music in early/ mid 70s, one can roughly divide the soul music issued on 1) (both small and bigger) independent labels, 2) smaller “mom-and-pop” labels, and 3) “private” pressings done by artists themselves?

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Not sure if I've got your point there, there were absolutely loads of releases on major labels, Columbia, MGM ect in the 60's, possibly outweighs the amount released on independents in the 60's.

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I would think there's:

the major labels

The large independent labels (Motown / Brunswick / Chess / Scepter / I am not sure of all the labels that would qualify, we could debate, Motown probably needs to be treated separately)

the bigger local independent labels (I am thinking labels like Arctic & Phil-la of Soul since I am near Philadelphia, but others that are similar)

the mom & pop / local labels with a handful of releases (I like the thought of a group or artist recording in the back or basement of a hair salon, which I read some where)

private press I am not sure about, would need some examples (unless you mean the package deals that some studios had where paying for the session would also get the artist a 45 on the studio's label, like my neighbor's brothers band)

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Posted (edited)

Thanks Djr! 

I found an earlier discussion about "private press" here: 

I like the explanation from Razadesoul: "A private pressing is not an indie label, exactly. Its a record pressed by the band/artist. Usually a a private press "record label" is generic and is 100% funded and released by the band/artist, and never bothers signing other acts. This is what makes private press different from an indie label press. An indie label signs multiple acts and strives to become a bigger label. A private press is just a band or artist that is not gonna wait around for a label and self fund their own music."

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