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  1. Eddie Parker "I'm Gone" does he really sing "A B C D E F G" ? Can someone write 1 more line of a lyric please?
  2. Freddie's Dead is a great song, so many great lines in it. Especially "We're all built up with progress, but sometimes I must confess, we can deal with rockets and dreams, but reality, what does its mean" is fantastic. I'm partial to "Pusherman", especially the opening lines.
  3. one more photo, a must picture from any trip to Venice.
  4. I returned from Venice this past Wednesday after a week there visiting my sister. Fairly busy there for Easter Sunday and the day after but overall had a really good time. Turn down a side street and there's quite some views, or enter a church to witness every inch of the interior covered in religious-ness.
  5. I've been revisiting my ska records again recently, and I am not sure what Prince Buster is referring to in "Wine and Grine" when he talks about a "brush" " First thing she asks if you have your brush, If you have your brush you can avoid the rush" He also references the "brush" near the end of "Rough Rider" - "I wore me brush" OK, so what is a "brush"? If it's extremely lewd, send me a message. Thanks.
  6. I have a really nice copy on Discogs: https://www.discogs.com/sell/item/2099692844
  7. Going through another box, I found an old sales list from a seller I must have found through Goldmine or Discoveries, Social Insect Records from Danville, IL There was also another sales list from Lew Staley. Funny that I don't have any of the magazines. I did find a Scootering mag from 2000.
  8. I was active from the late 80s to the late 90s. Buying records from dealers across the USA who had their small square ad in Goldmine or Discoveries and then you would get on their mailing list for their future auctions or sales lists. I also bought a number of UK mod revival & related records in the early 90s from a dealer in Canada from one of those listings, everything in great shape, some sealed. It never seemed a hassle, you just had to have some patience to wait for the auction end + a week or two to (hopefully) get the letter or postcard with any of the records you won. When the migration to eBay happened, I remember seeing some of those same dealers and buying from off of them on eBay.
  9. was going through some boxes in my basement recently, and found a number of Discoveries magazines and a Lew Staley auction list in one of them. the Lew Staley auction has 2 pages of label scans and 3 pages front & back of 45s up for auction. Just having a flashback of record collecting before the internet. anyone remember the days of bidding on auctions through the mail? a money order or cash through the mail if you won?
  10. Heard it on Philly news radio yesterday, and this morning in the local paper: https://www.inquirer.com/obituaries/william-poogie-hart-delfonics-dies-sound-of-philadelphia-20220715.html
  11. I would think there's: the major labels The large independent labels (Motown / Brunswick / Chess / Scepter / I am not sure of all the labels that would qualify, we could debate, Motown probably needs to be treated separately) the bigger local independent labels (I am thinking labels like Arctic & Phil-la of Soul since I am near Philadelphia, but others that are similar) the mom & pop / local labels with a handful of releases (I like the thought of a group or artist recording in the back or basement of a hair salon, which I read some where) private press I am not sure about, would need some examples (unless you mean the package deals that some studios had where paying for the session would also get the artist a 45 on the studio's label, like my neighbor's brothers band)
  12. It's a good thing to find collectible records in battered shape. It means people were enjoying them before the 45s were discovered by soul 45 collectors.
  13. Really bummed out to hear this. I've known Dennis for years from Ebay as well as various record shows in the Philly to Lancaster area. Always had a smile on his face, good sense of humor, and willing to share recommendations and information. RIP Dennis.
  14. I started trying to get through the overflow 45s in my basement during the pandemic, and I'm still working on it and I noticed that someone modified the name of this 45 when I was cleaning it. I guess if he doesn't find a way, he'll have to find the modified song title. anyone else have any interesting modified labels?

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