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Carroll Lloyd Price Help


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Are her 2 45s on Tower expected to fetch similar prices or is one much rarer than the other ?

and peoples opinions on prices they should cost would also be appreciated....

45s are

"I can't fight no longer / try my love"


"Poor side of town / great big thing"

thanks, dylan

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Most active in this topic

Most active in this topic

cheers Ricard. So what do you think for a price on the other one....

I did see the recent ebay copy but would like to know if that was a sensbile price. I expected them to both be about the same but that might not be the case.

I paid about £25 for Tryt my love only earlier this year and of the 2 I think this is the better record. But I think in trems of quality it should be higher as you say £50 or even more ?

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Guest Perry

Poor side of town is much rarer and for me the better of the two. You see the other one quite regularly. Paid Tim Brown about £75 for PSOT about 3 or 4 years ago and until the copy on ebay t'other night hadn't seen another for sale in that time. Fantastic version btw, builds and builds.

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Guest Richard Bergman

He certainly is.......

Dont have any idea on the the other prices Dylan. Try my love is his best side in my opinion.

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