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  1. That ken williams is one to watch. with the way oldies are selling now a record of that quality could shoot up to 500 in ten years time....
  2. Snowfall

    I enjoyed it plenty of developing story lines. Lots of different people whose paths still need to cross. ten pin bowling into champagne bottles made me chuckle that guy is funny. i dont know the track played at the end in the club.......
  3. Selling my collection help wanted.

    Getting a list up would be a good start. maybe in batches and not all at once ? but i appreciate you just want to sell the job lot. But chances are 80% of the value will be in 20% of the records and the rest will gain littl...
  4. Snowfall

    Just catching up on episode 2 heard union "strike" A pretty obscure record for a bbc2 show somebody selecting the soundtrack has good taste. Have to say its one of the best things on tv right now imo.
  5. 3 sold items so far list updated. plenty more here to go...
  6. Selling my collection help wanted.

    I’ve got a patchy history of the records I have had. I think what you have done is a good idea. when I was a lot more active I had all sorts of lists for buying and selling prices like you but I don’t keep any records now.
  7. J Manship Auction Results 18-10/2017

    Yes i think that would be fair.
  8. J Manship Auction Results 18-10/2017

    Ray pollard just madness it’s got a naught on the end of what it should be.
  9. Selling my collection help wanted.

    What to help the sale or for you to remember what you've had in the future ?
  10. fairly long list with a mix of styles have a good look some nice records here that don't break the bank. far more fun than throwing piles of cash at played out oldies IMO. payment by paypal gift if possible please free recorded deliver...
  11. Selling my collection help wanted.

    Getting all your records typed up omto a word doc so you can copy and paste that info onto forums etc is a good use of time. Graded and with brief descriptions if necessary. Once its done once you have it forever so its not wasted time. ...
  12. Selling my collection help wanted.

    Do you know the values or rough values of what you have ? a bit of time researching first might be good. selling a collection off is hard work and time consuming.
  13. Beer

    Yes ipa is certainly taking over. craft being the other buzz word. still lots of great beers so not a bad thing. Can get pricey though. I’ve dipped my toe into Belgium beer as i’ve Needed a break from ipa but it is my favourite style...
  14. Beer

    This from waitrose 8.4% so not one to have too many of but very nice. https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/tripel-karmeliet/5368/
  15. Not soul related but the best jeans are all made in japan. they have the old looms and make them how they used to be made before mass production and cost cutting saw high street jeans turn into what they are now. A shadow of what they used to be.