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  1. This was an item of clothing going from uk to canada to send it tracked was going to cost about 20 quid just under 1/2 what i sold the item for and a lot more than what i used as a postage amount. I didnt factor in having to ship it that far pretty much all ...
  2. Its the same as this one http://www.popsike.com/JOHNNY-HOWARD-THE-CHASE-IS-ON-RARE-NORTHERN-SOUL-RB-PROMO-DJ-45-RPM-LISTEN/260975680782.html
  3. So if you post an item on ebay and dont send it either tracked or signed for then are you leaving yourself open to be shafted ? buyer could receive item but say they havent and open a case on ebay. Ebay then issue them a refund and you have lost ...
  4. PayPal error my fault

    Has it definetely gone to somebody else ? i had a buyer spell my name wrong but the email as he typed it didnt exist so he was able to simply cancel the transaction. its really unlucky to get it wrong by a letter and for that wrong ema...
  5. Rhonda Davis Can You Remember Duke

    When i think back to the late 90s early 2000s in hindsight there were still some good deals to be had. even though it was very late into the scene lots of good stuff was available.
  6. Show us your great photos (2017)

    Nice photos of the red arrows we were watching this whilst camping at tregedna farm near meanporth.
  7. Frank Wilson on old list

    Kev roberts bought or traded with jonathan for it.
  8. Frank Wilson on old list

    I've forgotton the time line of this a bit but would this be the sale that saw it go to jonathan in nottingham ?
  9. And a great modern cheapie that can probably still be had for 10 dollars or less. can see this having its 5 mins of fame one day....
  10. A great beat ballad from oliver joy overshadowed by his other on the label ?
  11. Rhonda Davis Can You Remember Duke

    Yes i agree that first price is crazy. so many records just going daft lately.
  12. How you got into northern soul

    Deep soul is the genre I relate to the most. I have never really got into the early stuff.
  13. How you got into northern soul

    Started listening to northern after. I stopped going to house music clubs and drifted away from that scene. it had gone completely stale and I was looking for something different. Listen to all genres of soul now.
  14. Value of Three Records Needed Please

    Ralph weeks is in demand ballad / low rider style soul. dont know the other one.
  15. The top 500

    A new top 500 should include things like Robert tanner and Rudy love.