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  1. feel good friday in a start again way.... what a classy record.
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  2. Yes it is its all over google and lots of links between that quote and what happened on GOT aside drom dany are the any real bad guys left ? I considered her one of the good guys until the last episode but not too suprised with what she did.
  3. Was there a previous quote something like "death rides a white horse" i do feel as if its racing to the end this could all have been spread out over more episodes.
  4. That was my thought when I watched it we haven’t seen the dead body. the writers have commented online that she is dead so she probably is. who will kill daenny in last episode that was her loosing the plot completely.
  5. Will mikatarian play in the final ?
  6. Incredible 2 nights of football
  7. Artie golden
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  8. Listening to some CD’s I made years ago this amongst others sounding good
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  9. another small list covering most genres prices in GBP by PM please to reserve or ask any questions bottle tops "ain't love trouble" pink bird Ex 70 seems quite obscure this one and is a nice feel good dancer sylvester boyd "I don't want nobody (telling me nothing)" king ex 12 great strutting southern / northern soul lee williams "what am I guilty of" Rapda Ex 25 fantastic group soul lowrider style slowie soul shouting tommy "i'm the man / to be loved" Anla Ex 30 hard funky ghetto soul with bags of potential backed with great deep soul. Phil flowers 'discontented" Dot ex 20 classic northern with strong deep soul flip clifton white "if you loved me / are you ready" anla Ex 20 as the other anla on list one strong hard funky gritty ghetto soul and one deep side Tony Ashley "i'll never be satisfied / all along i've loved you" Forte Ex 40 more fantastic gritty hard edged ghetto soul with a great deep soul flip. Great record. George Freeman "Why are you doubt this to me / i'm like a fish" Shout Ex 50 fantastic uptempo northern a really great record and a su[perb deep soul built around change is gonna come Lee Shot Williams "It ain't me no more" M&T Ex 30 a modern soul remake of this track that came out previously on 2 or 3 labels. This is a nice freshened up version only available on this label I think. Recommended. Debbie taylor "Lets prove them wrong / never gonna let him know" GWP Ex 15 fantastic beat ballad very soulful with a strong mid tempo flip thanks for looking
  10. Used to have the lon rogers paid 150gbp for it after year 2000. that price is crazy.
  11. 2 sold items marked above still some great soul available here.
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  12. Hello not been on for a while but here is a small list with some nice affordable records. Its all currently live on eBay but would prefer to sell here if possible. i'll try and get a small list done once a fortnight or so. prices in gbp postage based on value of order. by PM please with any questions, offers etc. Rayons “do you love me / I’m giving up” Decca vg 200 Outstanding female group soul one of the very best. Diplomats “I’ve got a feeling / love ain’t what it used to be” Wand vg+ Toby Lark “Shake a hand / 24 hours” Cotillion Ex 50 Superb double sided uptempo northern Roger Hatcher “I want your love / let love shine” Super Bad Ex 10 Nice modern soul Gene Middleton “When a boy becomes a man / you need love” D&B ex 100 When a boy is superb deep soul and a rare one to find Superiors band “Darling I love you / amateur love” Barvis Ex 50 SOLD Darling is messy northern (messy in a good way) with some appeal flip is great deep with a beat soul Big Daddy Green “You gave me a reason to love” Anla Ex 20 Great deep soul lots of strong records on this label Bill Brandon “Full grown lovin man / self preservation” South Camp Ex 60 Thumping southern soul that deserves a much stronger reputation as a northern soul side backed with a deep soul classic Carroll Lloyd “I cant fight it / try my love” Tower Ex 60 Great mid tempo soul again backed with a deep soul classic Chicago Pete “I’m begging you” Valerie Ex 50 Great mid tempo modern soul Gloria Walker “Gift of love / when my baby cries” Federal Ex 12 SOLD Great mid tempo with fantastic deep soul flip. Notations “judy blue eyes” Mercury vg+ 40 Great toe tapping slow to mid tempo modern soul. Willie Johnson “Its got to be tonight” cat Ex 60 Fantastic mid tempo crossover style. So so soulful. thanks for looking
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  13. Derbyshire is a funny place....
  14. Did somebody say mood ?
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  15. Anybody ?
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