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  1. Plenty of good stuff still available here.... masqueraders is top draw proper soul record.
  2. Probably after listening to rita lee and cresa watson tracks on youtube it sounds like same person to me.
  3. Has anybody been able to find the link on YouTube he mentions in the listing. Curious to hear this version.,,,
  4. There has to to be a lot of shill bidding going on with these listings. multiple accounts or people working together. then when they get a bid from a real bidder they take the money.
  5. Paypal as gift payment in gbp please. i will cover 1st class in the prices shown if you want recorded add 1gbp for special add 7gbp for overseas add 3gbp for normal airmail. For insured it will be more. webs "we belong together / i want you back" verve vg+ 20 northern soul billy webster "good people / jazz jerk" silver tone ex 25 stroming northern deserves some more attention bobby williams "its all over / when you play you gotta pay" sur shot vg+ 30 its all over classy northern a bit under the radar such a good track joey gilmore "somebody done took my baby and gone / do it to me one more time" phil la soul ex 40 2 brilliant soul sides somebody done laid back x-over, do it more upbeat. larry sanders "where did peace go / story of my life" sound of soul ex 25 brilliant ballads masqueraders "how big is big / please take me back" bell ex 60 how big is superb ballad style northern flip it over for a fantastic deep soul track superb stuff johnny white "you / beach music" elite ex 15 you is really nice 70s soul betty wright "life" alston ex 10 great 45 george franklin "satusfied / first good thing" faces ex 70 his rare one on the label he did 2 i am aware off on this label. satisfied nice x-over good thing a bit more funky, 2 solid sides james dee "my pride / jealous over love" enrica ex 60 SOLD my pride is killer deep soul, jealous is an in demand ballad and rightly so equally good side. sven zetterberg "heartaches was all you got" buzz ex 50 2004 soul release from sweeden such a great record timi yuro "when something is wrong with my baby" freq corp vg 40 great version of this often covered track this is nice x-over quite a few surface marks but plays really well. this flip is good deep soul but does have a few pops and clicks but also plays through. pm please to reserve or ask questions thanks for looking
  6. The message below the listing is also weird ? i would not be going anywhere near this. his feedback is bad as well.
  7. Sent you a pm....
  8. Sounds very good i cant believe i missed it....
  9. Where did this record first get played ? just come across it on ebay and it sounds great but i cant remember hearing it get played out late 90s onwards. Certainly not enough to stick in my memory which it would've done....
  10. How much does this sell for now please ? cond is M- thanks
  11. Paypal gift please free 1st class in uk add 1gbp for recorded and add 2gbp for 3gbp for further dan brantley "prove it to me / begging just aint my bag" federal vg- 50 priced down for condition lots of marks on vinyl but plays well would rate a m- at 150 ish great uptempo and deep sides here. brendetta davis "i cant make it without him / until you were gone vg+ 60 light marks plays great 2 stunning slower crossover style ballads hard to pick which is best one side featured on a dave godin deep CD volumes "my kind of girl / my road is right road" vg+ inferno 25 SOLD produced by duke browner 2 good solid northern soul sides bull and matadors "if you decide / love come down" vg+ Toddlin town 20 if you decide great group crossover clarence mann "come what may" ex susie q 20 an 80s release of a 70s classic really classy record recomendeD not got the 70s release to hand to check but i'm sure this is a touch different ? Somebody may be able to confirm.... andy butler "coming apart at the seams vg+ tangerine 20 nice northern soul dee edwards "you say you love me" vg+ tube 30 great early downtempo detroit ballad style northern c alexander and natural three "pay them no mind" ex 25 leo thia had a few releases at least 3 i know off. fantastic deep with a beat recomended. barbara and brenda "thats when youve got soul" vg+ heidi 20 strong duet northern ethics "look at me now / think about tomorrow" vg+ vent 20 SOLD look at me now strong uptempo soul think about tomorrow nice ballad with harmony backing any questions please ask. will add a few more later, thanks for looking.......
  12. A record can be classed as blue eyed and a classic soul sound. why not ?
  13. In the comments below this is a link to a picture of the poets. i tried to link it 3 times but for some reason a different picture comes through. its the 2nd link from zerosprite response...