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  1. I’m not a fan of the record but can appreciate it has a cult status on the scene and would always get a good response in a club. there was a time after first hearing it I quite liked it but the more I heard it the less I liked it. It has a lounge singer feel to it for me.
  2. Will there be examples of rare soul where nearly all the stock of certain titles ended up in the U.K. via northern dealers and collectors and they are very rare elsewhere ?
  3. Lady is green also having a brilliant flip. and tomangoes along with Eddie Parker must be the very best classic oldies just simple out and out northern. They define the genre to me.
  4. There was a sam Moore on here set sale for 600 in 2015 and another inviting offers.
  5. That Sam Moore is a great record is that a fair / reasonable price in today’s market ?
  6. Sunshine could be the problem then.
  7. I usually do well with tomatoes but it was an after thought this year as I’ve been buying plants that will hopefully flower year on year. this is a little project that I believe may take 3 to 5 years to produce its first flower. A bird of paradise.
  8. Not even a great photo but the view over meanporth, Falmouth from tent. So glad to finally get away. russ we’ve had loads of beans from the garden but so far only ONE tomato. Good fun all the same.
  9. If only... the song I have in mind isn’t that one like you when I hear it again to remind me I will add it here.
  10. Love the charades a great uptempo side for younger more energetic dancers. I don’t remember hearing it too often so lots of life in it IMO.
  11. That’s excellent do you use special equipment to get these shots ?
  12. I think in the past it’s been a case of mistaken identity by the buyer thinking it’s lazy They are getting which is the dearer 45. But I’ll be gone is the superior side out the 3 for me and lady beats lazy.
  13. Camping in Cornwall next week. Can’t wait !!

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