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  1. dylan

    Yanny yanny yanny

    Derbyshire is a funny place....
  2. Did somebody say mood ?
  3. dylan

    Short list with images

    Anybody ?
  4. dylan

    this is america

    I do prefer to crash through things quicker than one show a week so i will have a look.
  5. dylan

    Yanny yanny yanny

    There is a video that plays it with very heavy bass and it does become laurel then. its quite clever really. Our house is split on what we hear on the normal pitch version. its like those who appreciate a good soul record v those who dont....
  6. dylan

    Yanny yanny yanny

    https://www.standard.co.uk/news/world/yanny-vs-laurel-what-do-you-hear-the-mysterious-audio-clip-is-dividing-the-internet-a3840291.html its taking the internet by storm...
  7. dylan

    Yanny yanny yanny

    Laurel.... well i hear yanny every time cant get laurel at all with normal pitch.
  8. dylan

    this is america

    Season one of his drama atlanta is currently running on bbc2 season 2 has started or is about to start in the states so we might get that straight after season 1. i've only seen parts 1 and 2 but its very good and carries on well with the social commentary.
  9. dylan

    Short list with images

    Quick list by pm please with questions or to reserve prices in gbp lee shot williams mt ex 10 nice updated modern version of earlier release gene williams forte ex 30 2 x killer sides one mid one uptempo stanley williams ex 10 great modern willie and anthony ex 70 fantastic southern soul for dancefloor with an even better deep soul flip al wilson ex 8 great soulful slowie fantastic stuff bobby womack ex 6 fantastic from a true soul superstar Excell wonsley ex 20 obscure and strong 70s ballad betty wright ex 6 great 70s lovely production Ruben wright ex 25 teriffic northern with classic deep soul flip. Excellent stuff. zingara ex 5 great modern heaven and earth ex 12 2 fantastic sides. Promises is a straight up soul record with great harmonies. Flip is a track with added electronic spice. Must have sou ded so fresh at the time it was made. Great record.
  10. dylan

    Bobby Smith

    Yes maybe stomper is the wrong word it has a hard edge to it.
  11. dylan

    Bobby Smith

    There is a mountain of music for them to get there teeth (or dentures) into then.... i bought loads of those dodgy bootleg cd’s when I first got into northern they had some very good stuff from Stafford era on them. this is one I really like but haven’t heard out too often more recently. Full on stomper. .
  12. dylan

    Bobby Smith

    Plenty of youngsters on the scene where you are ? that can only be a good thing.
  13. dylan

    Bobby Smith

    It’s been hammered for 30+ years it’s amazing there a people who don’t know it.
  14. dylan

    Is it me, but?

    I would say it needs at least 2 people to generate a high auction end and on some cases there are plenty of other high bidders. but I do agree a high auction on one example of something does not mean that is what it is worth
  15. dylan

    Mixed bag for weekend

    Reminder for these. some nice cheapies and a couple of nice obscure 45s. flip to sparkz is fantastic. Bags of potential.


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