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  1. Ashley beedle remixing one of the classic techno tracks. I love this.
  2. Which one is going out Mike ?
  3. You would get so many conflicting numbers but its a great idea in principal. and whats considered rare to one person would be fairly common to another. i have taken a break from watching prices and records appearing for sale and so many easy to pick up 30 to 50 dollar records are now 200gbp plus. This also adds large gaps to any detail i hsed to have. The word rare seems to get used more as the price increases. i couldnt name any new records from the last 10 years and i'm sure plenty of others could.
  4. From Wikipedia A cover version was recorded by Aretha Franklin's sister Erma Franklin in 1970 as the B-side to a pair of Jackie Wilson songs (A-side: Whispers (Gettin' Louder)) and was part of a 1986 NME Northern soulcompilation cassette, Feet Start Dancing. is it this one or another ?
  5. All English teams to qualify for a first thought.
  6. Used to enjoy a trip to Manchester end of 80s and early 90s to visit the record shops and afflecks palace. Good times. went back many years later but the magic had gone.
  7. I love this record and think it’s rare but also found it a tricky one to sell so an odd one to guage. good luck.
  8. My guess would be the stitching is for a welted sole that could be replaced. Like a Goodyear welt. modern cheaper made shoes will be glued together so not stitched.
  9. Fantastic record and a good point on over pricing.
  10. Not northern but Chicago players streetsounds was turned into bucket heads to great effect. there must be thousands of soul and disco used in house music and hip hop. cypress hill used gene chandler duke of earl. freddie Scott you got what I need has been used more than once in hip hop. shapeshifters used Johnnie Taylor fairly recently by recently in mean 15 years ago !!
  11. The intro to invitations “look on the good side” is very atmospheric and uplifting flame n king “happy days” is another atmospheric feel good track

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