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Just come across a copy of this on Stanson in nice nick and I'm trying to get any info on it so I can sell. JM guide lists it at £75 and one sold for £68 (popsike) in 2006

Apart from that I can't find out much about it, can't see any for sale on ebay at the moment.

So any funk fans - is it in demand and would I be best to put it on ebay or are there any funk forums where I could put it up?

Cheers steve.

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Try... the funk forum.


Although most members seem to lurk round here, anyway, trying to hoover up funk bargains. Like yours! Copies have always knocked about, decent track - you should probably get £70 for it. Now, anyone got any OTHER Apple & Three Oranges singles from old soul packs??? :rolleyes:

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